Enthusiasm, part 6

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Your Happiness-Child

My Lord, make me
Your happiness-child.
— Chinmoy

My Dear Lord, I Have Forgotten

My dear Lord, I have forgotten:
Do tell me if You have given me anything
To bring down from Heaven to earth.
“My child, I have given you My Vision-Eye
To bring down from Heaven to earth.”

My Dear Lord, What Will You Give Me?

My dear Lord,
What will You give me to carry
From earth to Heaven?
“My child, I shall give you
My Manifestation-Feet
To carry from earth to Heaven.”

When I Die

My Supreme Lord, when I die
Will I be able to go to Heaven?
“My child, if you live in your mind-confusion, no.
But if you live in your heart-devotion,
Then, definitely, yes.”

My Dear Lord, Please Tell Me

My dear Lord, please tell me
What is ahead of me?
“My child, the Beauty
Of My Compassion- Eye.”
And what is behind me?
“The Assurance
Of My Forgiveness-Heart.”

Dearer Than the Dearest

Dearer than the dearest
To God’s Heart
Is my heart
Of cheerful self-giving.

I Pray and Pray and Pray

I pray and pray and pray
When my life needs God.
I meditate, I meditate, I meditate
When my heart loves God.

Time Immediately Disappears

Time immediately disappears
When my Lord Beloved Supreme
Appears before me.

My Heart's Only Dream

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme
Your Victory is my heart’s only dream.

Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest (2)

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest,
Pure, purer, purest
Are gratitude-tears.

My Lord, My Only Prayer to You (1)

My Lord, my only prayer to You
Is this:
Do continue to remain
Fully in charge of my life.

Forgiveness Is the Only Real Happiness

Forgiveness is the only real happiness
That lasts.

"God, Give Me!" (2)

“God, give me!”
This is a wrong and improper prayer.
“God, take me!”
This is the right and proper prayer.

I Love God Because

I love God because
That is the only thing worth doing.

God Desires My Life to Be

God desires my life to be
His Lotus-Heart-home.

God Loves to Be Chased

God loves to be chased
By my heart-cries.

Keep Singing

Keep singing, keep singing!
God will soon be arriving.

I Have Only One Mantra

I have only one mantra:
My Master will never desert me.

I Want to Worship God

I want to worship God,
But God wants me to amuse Him.

Our Comedies and Tragedies

Our comedies reach
God’s Mind-Door.
Our tragedies reach
God’s Heart-Room.

By Entertaining

By entertaining,
God makes His Heaven-children happy.

By Enlightening

By enlightening,
God makes His earth-children happy.

A Real Joke

When we tell God that we love Him only,
God, in silence speaks, “A real joke.”


Humour is my life’s
Fear and tear-killer.

God's Sense of Humour

God’s sense of humour
Is my life’s protection-armour.

God's Way Is Always Flooded

God’s Way is always flooded
With good humour.

A Sense of Humour

If you do not have a sense of humour,
Then God will not choose you
To be in His close company.

The Heart of Every Real God-Seeker

The heart of every real God-seeker
Is God-obedience.

Each Seeker Is an Unhorizoned Dream (2)

Each seeker is
An unhorizoned dream
Of God’s Vision-Eye.

My Utter Desire-Failure

My utter desire-failure
Was the very beginning
Of my aspiration-success.

May My Heart Remain Always Hungry

May my heart remain always hungry
For oneness-happiness.

My Surrender-Victory-Drum

God Himself proudly beats
My surrender-victory-drum.

God's Vision-Eye

God’s Vision-Eye is the home
Of all my sweet dreams.

My Heart Is a God-Made Flute-Melody

My heart is a God-made

The Heart-Flute Plays Only Angel-Notes

The heart-flute plays only

The Music of a Drum

There was a time when my life was
The music of a drum.
Now my life has become
The melody of a flute.

When My Mind Salutes God

When my mind salutes God,
He immediately plays
His Rhapsody-Flute.

O My Life-Flute

O my life-flute, dream.
O my heart-flute, sing.
O my soul-flute, smile.

God's Loud Organ-Waves

In the morning, I love
God’s loud organ-waves.
In the evening, I love
God’s sweet flute-sea.

It Is Your Fault

It is your fault, and not God’s,
That your life-flute is totally mute.

While He Plays on His Flute

While He plays on His Flute,
My Lord Krishna brings down
His own Divinity’s Summit-Peace
And Summit-Bliss.

Play Your Eagerness-Flute

Play your eagerness-flute
On your way to God’s Palace.

May My Heart-Flute Play

May my heart-flute play
The melody of my gratitude-breath.

My Piano Says to My Flute

My piano says to my flute,
“I am God’s unhorizoned promise.”
My flute says to my piano,
“I am God’s secret breath.”

God Drinks and Drinks

God drinks and drinks and drinks
His Ecstasy-Flute-Melody.

My Cello and My Flute

My cello is my blazing
My flute is my sailing

My Esraj and My Flute

My esraj is my soul’s
My flute is my life-journey’s

The Journey Within

The journey within
Begins with flute-sweetness.

Your Childlike Heart

Your childlike heart has made you
God’s sweetness-flute.

My Heart-Flute

My heart-flute
My morning prayer.

The God-Arrival-Flute

Only the aspiring heart
Plays the God-Arrival-flute.

My Lord, You Have Tried

My Lord, You have tried
To wake me up
With Your magic Flute.
Alas, You have failed.

The Golden Flute Is Beckoning You

The golden Flute is beckoning you.
Do not remain attached to the past.

My Lord's Compassion-Fount (2)

My life is my Lord’s Compassion-fount.
I must arrive at His Summit-Mount.

My Heart Is Brave (1)

My heart is brave, supremely brave.
No more I am my mind’s bond-slave.

Keep Crying

Keep crying, keep crying,
God will soon be descending.

Keep Striving

Keep striving, keep striving,
Your life will soon be thriving.

No More My Mind Boss

No more, no more my mind boss.
It is all gain, it is all gain, no loss.

God Is Ready With You to Play (1)

God is ready with you to play.
Do not delay, do not delay, do not delay.

I Am a Heart-Musician

I am a heart-musician.
My only goal: God-union.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Surprise, surprise, surprise!
I have won my Lord’s Pride-Prize.

I Love My Lord, I Love My Lord

I love my Lord, I love my Lord.
Therefore, I cry and cry.
I need my Lord, I need my Lord.
Therefore, I try and try.

Run Away from the Mind's Confines

Run, run, run away
From the mind’s confines.

My Lord Beloved Invites My Heart

My Lord Beloved invites my heart
To ride on Heaven-high aspiration-waves.

My Heart's Only One Dilemma

My heart’s only one dilemma:
Justice-Light or Forgiveness-Delight?

My Lord's Compassion-Eye Appears

My Lord’s Compassion-Eye appears.
My wild desire-hunger-life disappears.

My Self-Doubt Blizzard

My self-doubt-blizzard, no more!
I am at the Golden Shore.

I Love Freedom

I love freedom, I need freedom,
My life is all freedom-delight.
I live in my Lord’s Heart-Kingdom.
No more darkness, no bondage-night.

When I Am in My Heart

When I am in my heart,
I sing Heaven-songs.
When I am in my soul,
I write earth-stories.

My Heart Thrives

My heart thrives
On my God-love-reminiscences.

My Self-Giving Life

My self-giving life
Is my Lord’s most favourite story.

God Eagerly Waits

God eagerly waits
For my heart-book-publication.

Each Divinely Inspired Thought

Each divinely inspired thought
My life’s masterpiece.