Enthusiasm, part 7

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My Lord, Please, Please Bind Me

My Lord, please, please bind me
With Your Affection-Heart.

My Lord, Please, Please Free Me

My Lord, please, please free me
With Your Compassion-Eye.


Division is the self-promoter.
Union is God-prompter.

A Sleepless Self-Giving Life

A sleepless self-giving life
All sunshine.

Indifference Is a Slow Poison

A slow poison.

Indifference Prevents

Indifference prevents
What God the Heart intends.


Are oneness-joy-losers.

No More I See

No more I see my desire-moments.
No more I see my desire-hours.
No more I see my desire-days.

My Lord Spreads Out

My Lord spreads out
His own Heart-Beauty
In my heart-garden.

Peace-Dreamers, Peace-Lovers

Peace-dreamers, peace-lovers
Where are you, where?
I see you nowhere,
I see you nowhere.

I Shall Never Have

I shall never have
A God-empty heart,
I shall never.

An Aspiration-Heart and a Gratitude-Life

An aspiration-heart
And a gratitude-life
Live together.

My Morning Running Prayer

My morning running prayer
Is my heart’s silence-bliss.

Do Not Retire, Do Not Retire

Do not retire, do not retire.
If you retire,
God’s Pride will not hire you.

My Heart Is My Master's Home

My heart is my Master’s Home,
Only Home.
I must not roam.
I must not roam.

Smiling, the Breath of the New Year

Smiling, the breath of the New Year
Has just entered into my heart
And has given me three spiritual names:
Excitement, enlightenment and fulfilment.

My God-Hungry Eye

My God-hungry eye,
I deeply love you.

My God-Hungry Heart

My God-hungry heart,
I desperately need you.


When my Lord’s Eye
Beckons me.


When my Lord’s Heart
Beckons me.


Godful, when my Lord’s Feet
Beckon me.

Smiling, Singing, Dancing

Smiling, singing, dancing,
My Lord meets with my surrender’s
Every need.

My Lord Dances His Ecstasy-Dance

My Lord dances His Ecstasy-Dance
When my heart’s inner day begins to break.

The Desire-Life-Stories

The desire-life-stories
Are extremely painful.


Are exceedingly haunting.

Our Heart-Days

Our heart-days are
Our God-promise-fulfilment-days.

No Rest After God Realisation

No rest after God-realisation.
No rest even after God-manifestation.
God comes with a new Dream.

I Do Not Pray to God

I do not pray to God
To weaken my enemies;
I pray to God to illumine them.

No Heart Is Too Weak

No heart is too weak
To receive Love from God.

No Life Is Too Insignificant

No life is too insignificant
To love and serve God.

The Mind's Proudest Verdict

The mind’s proudest verdict:
God does not know what the mind does.

I Use My Vision-Eye

I use my vision-eye
When I am in the inner world.

I Use My Mission-Heart

I use my mission-heart
When I am in the outer world.

When I Most Sincerely Pray

When I most sincerely pray,
My Lord says to me,
“My child, you are, indeed,
My Beauty’s child.”

My New Inner Name

My new inner name

My New Outer Name

My new outer name

To God, Nothing Is More Important

To God, nothing is more important
Than my tearful heart
And my blissful eyes.

My Mind and I

My mind and I,
When we depend on each other,
We miserably fail.

My Heart and I

My heart and I,
When we depend on each other,
We invariably succeed.

My God-Obedience

My God-obedience is
My God-given
Golden flute-melody-life.

My God-Disobedience

My God-disobedience
Is the thunder-drum-sound
Cherished by the hostile forces.

My Master Reveals the Unseen God

My Master reveals the unseen God to me
At the very right moment.

God Is Ready to Discuss With Me

God is ready to discuss with me
Not about my past,
Not about my future,
But about today.

My Real Homeland

My real homeland
My God-aspiration-heart.

Long, Long Ago

Long, long ago you lost God.
You are now rediscovering Him.
God is helping you.

God's Compassion-Eye Blessingfully Teaches Me

God’s Compassion-Eye
Blessingfully teaches me
How to cry.

God's Forgiveness-Heart Blessingfully Teaches Me

God’s Forgiveness-Heart
Blessingfully teaches me
How to smile.

At Long Last, I Am Able to Enter

At long last, I am able to enter into my life’s
Beauty-fragrance-inundated horizon.

My Lord Supreme Never Doubts Me

My Lord Supreme never doubts me,
But I do doubt Him.

My Lord Supreme Never Insists

My Lord Supreme never insists,
But I do.

A True Seeker

A true seeker
A Heaven-inspired
God-messenger on earth.

God's Invisible Blows

God’s invisible Blows
Awaken my life.

God's Visible Blows

God’s visible Blows
Expedite my Godward journey.

There Is No Curtain

There is no curtain
Between my Lord and my heart.

My God-Journey: My God-Discovery

My God-journey:
My God-discovery.

I Have Come to Complete (1)

I have come to complete
And never, never, to compete.

My Heart Depends Solely on God

My heart depends solely
On God the Love.

God Wants Me to Take Advice

God wants me to take advice
From Heaven and earth alike.

The Day of Judgement

The Day of Judgement
Is nothing but enlightenment.

Hindu, Muslim

Hindu, Muslim, Muslim, Hindu
Are two brother-souls.

Hindu blood, muslim blood

Hindu blood, muslim blood are the same blood.
In the inner world, in the higher world,
These two proudly enjoy their signal oneness-flood.

Hindu Belief, Christian Belief

Hindu belief, Christian belief, the same reality:
God is one, God is one, one pure Divinity.

Wealth Is Not Money-Property

Wealth is not money-property.
Wealth is joy-prosperity.

Everything Leads Us

Everything leads us to the God-Door.
Everybody becomes the Golden Shore.

God Has Paved the Way

God has paved the way to Paradise.
O earth-children, sleep not. Arise, arise!

God-Sanctioned Fasting

God-sanctioned fasting purifies.
Fasting nullifies, fasting defies, fasting unifies.
God-sanctioned fasting, fasting, fasting,
God pleasing, God fulfilling.

I Love and Need

I love and need all those
Who are more fortunate than I am.
I breathe the hearts of all those
Who are less fortunate than I am.

If I Use Not My Heart to Pray

If I use not my heart to pray,
My heart will be hardened.

Charity Secretly Given

Charity secretly given,
Thrice given.

When My Body Suffers

When my body suffers,
My soul shares its suffering.

I Am Not a Charity Giver

I am not a charity giver.
I am a giver of my all.

One Who Aspires and One Who Desires

One who aspires and one who desires
Are like the living and the dead.

Even If I Act Mistakenly

Even if I act mistakenly,
Even if I act forgetfully,
My Lord’s Love-Abundance
Remains the same.

My Body Goes to God Walking

My body goes to God walking.
God’s Heart comes to me flying.

My Lord's Heart-Market-Store

My Lord's Heart-market-store
Never charges.

Any Moment Is the Right Moment (1)

Any moment is the right moment
When we want to please God.

God Knows Well

God knows well that His Commands
Will not succeed.
Therefore, He laughs and laughs
To change our nature.

Our Sincere Smile

Our sincere smile      
God’s highest reward.

If You Want To Proclaim God's Victory

If you want to proclaim God’s Victory,
Then this is the real time,
This is the only time.

Give Away What You Have

Give, give, give away what you have.
God will build you a special palace
In Paradise.

Heart You Need When You Pray

Heart you need when you pray.
Smile you need when you speak.
Love you need when you give.
Tears you need to feel God’s Heart.

We All Need

You need, he needs, I need,
We all need
The golden dust of God’s Feet.

My Soul Has Rights

My soul has rights over my heart.
My heart has rights over my life.
My life has no rights over anything.

Fire Devours Firewood

Fire devours firewood.
Mind devours childhood.

A Single, Soulful Prayer

A single, soulful prayer
In my heart-temple
Is far better than one million prayers

Genuine Aspiration

Only genuine aspiration
Can be empty of expectation.

To Draw God Close

To draw God close,
Devotion-magnet is par excellence.

My Desire-Life Enjoys Dictatorship

My desire-life enjoys dictatorship.

My Aspiration-Life

My aspiration-life enjoys God-ownership.

When My Devotion-Heart Approaches God

When my devotion-heart approaches God,
God jumps up from His Golden Throne
To welcome and embrace my devotion.

Give Up Not Hope

Give up not hope!
You, too, can easily be a super-excellent
God-lover and God-server.

Life Is Not a Desire-Entertainment

Life is not a desire-entertainment.
Life is meant for God-enlightenment.

Lo, Ecstasy Has Come

Lo, lo, lo, ecstasy has come
To nest in my heart.

I Must Try and Try

I must try and try,
For I am sure at the last moment
I shall succeed.

My Heart Exports My God-Loving Tears

My heart exports my God-loving tears
To Heaven.

My Soul Imports Peace and Bliss

My soul imports peace and bliss
From Above.

God-Obedience Is the Only Subject

God-obedience is the only subject
That I must study.

I Can Never Devour Enough

I can never devour enough
The golden dust of my Lord’s Feet.

Out of Function

God’s Compassion-Eye is never
Out of function.

Against the Power of Love

Against the power of love,
None can stand, below, above.

Against the Power of the Inner Joy

Against the power of the inner joy,
The loudest drum is nothing but a tiny toy.

I Long to Go to God's Heart-Palace

I long to go to God’s Heart-Palace
To touch His Feet and adore His Face.

He (She) Will Attain the Supreme Goal

He (she) will attain the supreme Goal
Who is, indeed, a selfless soul.

I Shall Walk the Earth

I shall walk the earth
With my aspiration-heart
And my dedication-life.

Never Bow

Never bow, never bow, never bow
At the feet of impossibility.

My Lord's Most Favourite Song

My heart is my Lord’s
Most favourite song.

My Lord Has Blessed Me

My Lord has blessed me
With an unchanging will
And an unageing heart.

My Determination

May my determination be
An ignorance-frightening lion-roar.