Enthusiasm, part 8

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God's Eye Examines All and Sundry

God’s Eye examines all and sundry —
With no exception.

God's Heart Examines Only the Chosen Few

God’s Heart examines only
The chosen few.

Every Day Is a Holiday

Every day is a holiday
For my God-surrender-life.

I Must Be the Winner

I must be the winner in the race of life,
I must, must, must, must, must!

Anger Says, "I Can"

Anger says,
“I can.”
Peace says,
“I am.”

Each Soul Is in Transit

Each soul is in transit
To the unknowable.

Both God and I Expect

Both God and I expect
Attention from each other.

Realisation — Go for It

Realisation — go for it!
Leave aside everything else.

When I Pray, God Says to Me

When I pray, God says to me,
“My child, come to Me,
I am waiting for you.”

When I Meditate, God Says to Me

When I meditate, God says to me,
“My child, I am coming to you.”

My Mind Is a Thought-Factory

My mind is a thought-factory.
My heart is a God-museum.

There Is No Such Thing

There is no such thing
As an off-duty God-lover.

The Pride of the Earthly Race

The pride of the earthly race
And the joy of the Heavenly race
Have the same goal: self-transcendence.

My Lord, May I Know Who You Are?

My Lord, may I know who You are?
“My child, I am the breath of your soul.
I am the heart of your life.”

Forgiveness Sweetens Our Hearts

Forgiveness sweetens our hearts
And enlightens our minds.

The Devotion-Tears of My Gratitude-Heart

My Supreme, My Supreme, My Supreme!
You are telling me that the devotion tears
Of my gratitude-heart
Are extremely precious to You.

When I Take My Heart to God

When I take my heart to God for repairs,
He gives it His immediate Attention.

The Fragrance of My Master's Love

The fragrance of my Master’s love
Strengthens my life at every moment.

I Give God an Iota of My Love

I give God an iota of my love.
God gives me His entire Life
And His very Breath.

Because You Are Thoughtful (2)

Because you are thoughtful,
I like you, America.
Because you are powerful,
I admire you, America.
Because you are fruitful,
I congratulate you, America.
Because you are soulful,
I love you, I love you,
And I love you, America.

Your Two More Names

Love the world.
Frustration and renunciation
Shall be your two more names.
Love God.
God’s Grace and God’s Praise
Shall be your two more names.

I Believe In God's Grace

I believe in God’s Grace.
Therefore, I own His Face.

I Do Not Want a Hot Head

I do not want a hot head.
I do not want a cold heart.
I do want a cool head.
I do want a warm heart.

I Find God, I Find

I find God, I find,
Only to bind Him, bind.

My God-Surrender-Life Never Dies

My God-surrender-life never dies,
It only flies, it only flies.

All the Cosmic Gods

All the Cosmic Gods shall be found
If you can speak in silence-sound.


Surrender, surrender, surrender!
I must surrender my life,
My heart and my very breath
To the Will of my Lord Beloved Supreme
At every moment.
If I succeed, only then He will claim me
As His own, very own.

God's Gracious Descent

God’s gracious Descent is manful.
Man’s precious ascent is Godful.

Courage to Cure

Courage to cure
I do not have.
Courage to endure
I have.

Courage to Love

Courage to love
I have.
Courage to transform
I do not have.

God Is Proudly Fond of My Aspiration-Wings

God is proudly fond
Of my aspiration-wings.
I am sleeplessly fond
Of God’s Compassion-Skies.

Prediction Fails, Silence Sails

Prediction fails, silence sails.
Prediction fails, silence sails.

God-Realisation Is Simple

God-realisation is simple,
But never easy, no, no, no!

The Captain of My Heart

Every day, every hour,
I soulfully salute
The Captain of my heart
So that He will make my life
A choice instrument of His.

I Want to See God's Face-Beauty

I want to see God’s Face-Beauty.
God wants to see my life-duty.

To See the Soul

To see the soul and speak to the soul
Is the first step to the Summit-Goal.


Devotion, devotion, sleepless, breathless
No devotion, no highest, no higher, no high

While I Fly on God-Devotion-Wings

While I fly on God-devotion-wings
God’s Victory-Song my soul sings.

My God-Hunger

I do not want my God-hunger
Only to be a childish hobby.
I want my God-hunger
To win God’s Satisfaction-Trophy.

No Pushing, No Pulling

No, no, no!
No pushing, no pulling,
Only loving and self-giving.

My Lord, I Have Seen

My Lord, I have seen
The Beauty of Your Eye.
But I have not felt
The Power of Your Heart
And I have not become
The dust of Your Feet.
Alas, alas, alas!

God — I Love to Please

God — I love to please.
Me — God loves to tease.

The Mind Knows How to Sneer

The mind knows how to sneer.
The heart knows how to cheer.

The Mind Human

The mind human
Constantly loves to compete.
The heart divine
Sleeplessly loves to complete.

The Mind Human Loves to Read

The mind human
Loves to read great stories.
The heart divine
Loves to sing God-Glories.

The Mind Human Loves to Be

The mind human
Loves to be the supreme lord.
The heart divine
Loves to have the God-oneness-chord.

Each Life Is a Unique Contribution

Each life is a unique contribution
From the Lord Supreme
To our world-transformation.

My Aspiration-Flame

My aspiration-flame
Ascends and descends.
My Lord of the Beyond
Descends and descends.

A God-Gratitude-Heart

A God-gratitude-heart never fails, never fails.
Even upon stormy waters it smoothly sails.

No Good Reason

No good reason why I should not
Surrender to God’s Will.
No good reason why I should not
Enjoy my God-thrill.

Each Life Is an Eternal Pilgrimage

Each life is an eternal pilgrimage
To grow into a perfection-God-Image.

I Have Come to Realise

I have come to realise that God loves
His gregarious and mischievous children
More than His serious and gracious children.

Angels Fly Far

Angels fly far
To meet a self-giving heart
And give love and power
To smash ignorance-dart.

My Sleepy Eyes

My sleepy eyes,
How will you feel God’s Love,
Alas, within, without,
Below, above?

O Disobedience

O disobedience, blatant and constant,
Measurelessly my Lord shall remain distant.

He Who Is a God-Dedication-Breath

He who is a God-dedication-breath,
No death, no death for him, no death.

God Comes Running

God comes running when we all smile.
O, let us smile, even for a while.

God Comes Sprinting

God comes sprinting when we all cry.
Let us cry, cry until we die.

My Proud Vital and My Mind Kneel

My proud vital and my mind kneel.
My Lord Supreme in ecstasy-thrill.


Forgiveness, forgiveness-might —
My heart’s only delight.

My Heart Hungers

My heart hungers
For my Lord’s infinite Beauty.
My Lord hungers
For my life’s surrender-duty.

My Mind-Oblivion

I want my mind-oblivion
To enjoy God-Companion.


My Lord has lengthened
His Forgiveness-Strides.
I am no more in ignorance-tides.

God Never Loses Track

God never loses track of my needs.
I ever lose track of God’s Deeds.

My Heart-Tears

My heart-tears lengthen and strengthen
My Lord’s Compassion-Eye-Smiles.

My Heart's Heaven-Pilgrimage

My heart’s Heaven-pilgrimage has finally begun.
To my earth-bound mind I shall never return.

My Heart Is Swimming and Swimming

My heart is swimming and swimming
In the beauty-flood-dawn.
God’s Compassion-Eye is beckoning me
From the farthest horizon.

Because I Ignore God

Because I ignore God, I ignore,
God is not fond of me any more.

If You Do Not Love God

If you do not love God,
Then come to me for good advice.
If you love God, then I am coming to you
For my God-love-rise.

My Heart's God-Tear-Fragrance

Oh, when I am my heart’s God-tear-fragrance
Nowhere I see even an iota of ignorance.


Devotion-songs shorten the distance
Between the Lord and man.
Indeed, this is all true, all true
In our Lord Supreme’s Cosmic Plan.

My Life Lives with Secret Hopes

My life lives with secret hopes.
My heart lives in sacred realities.

Mine Is the Heart

Mine is the heart that never needs
The whispers from back-seat drivers.


Means life is
A oneness-performance.

I Am a Constant Mistake-Maker

I am a constant mistake-maker.
God’s Heart is a constant eraser.

God Counts My Pleading Heart-Tears

God counts my pleading heart-tears.
I count God’s beaming Eye-Cheers.

Let Me No More Roam

Let me no more roam.
Peace, please, take me Home.

My Life Has Lost Its God-Oneness-Soul

My life has lost its God-oneness-soul.
No goal, no goal, alas, for me no goal.

What Do I Have?

What do I have?
An imposter-mind.
Oh, who am I?
A joy-beggar blind.

God Speaks

God speaks.
My prayerful heart
Soulfully treasures.
God speaks.
My doubtful mind
Falsely measures.


No Heaven-proximity!

When My Home Is My Heart

When my home is my heart,
I smash the division-dart.


Kill our inner joys.
Are God’s proudest toys.

My Days Are for God's Bountiful Grace

My days are for
God’s bountiful Grace.
My nights are for
God’s beautiful Face.

My Mind-Machine

My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Please do not stop
Until my mind-machine
Is completely off.

I Am Not Afraid

I am not afraid
Of God’s Power-Eye.
But I am afraid
Of God’s Heart-Sigh.

Eat and Drink

Eat and drink
And drink and eat
Before you touch
The Lord’s Feet.

O My God-Reaching Heart

O my God-reaching heart, speed up.
You look strong and smart.

Oh, Where Is Death?

Oh, where is death?
No death, no death.
All-where I see
God’s Nectar-Breath.

Alas, I Blame God

Alas, I blame God, I blame God, I blame,
For my life, no transformation-game.


Expectation is frustration-poison-drinking.
A constant self-giving is nectar-delight-drinking.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, happy New Year,
Happy, happy, happy New Year!
My heart and I shall know
No, no, no, no, no tear.

Oh, Make My Life a Ceaseless Flood

Oh, make my life
A ceaseless flood of gratitude.

My Lord, My Only Prayer to You (2)

My Lord, my only prayer to You
Is this:
Do continue to remain
Fully in charge of my life.

The Master Knows How to Tease

The Master knows how to tease.
The disciple knows how to please.
The Master knows how to tease.
The disciple knows how to sneeze!
Hachoo! Hachoo! Hachoo!

I Have the Tears to Love the World

I have the tears to love the world,
But not the power to cure the world.

I Must Do the Right Thing

I must do the right thing,
But not be a slave to results.

If I Am a True Disciple

If I am a true disciple,
Then I must dauntlessly proclaim
My only deathless loyalty to my Master.

I Am a Lamb

I am a lamb, I am a lamb,
God's fondness-darling.
All-where my Lord's Victory-Bell
My heart and I ring.

I Am Dying for Enlightenment

I am dying for enlightenment.
God is dying for amusement.

I Have Come to Complete (3)

I have come to complete
And never, never to compete.

Any Moment Is the Right Moment (2)

Any moment is the right moment
To please God.