Enthusiasm, part 9

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Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest (3)

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest,
Pure, purer, purest
Are gratitude-tears.

No Surprise

No surprise, no surprise, no surprise, no surprise!
Every day I enjoy my heart’s rainbow-sunrise.

Be Brave, Be Brave

Be brave, be brave, be brave,
My children sweet.
My Cosmic Lila play
Never, never quit.

Salvation I Need Not

Salvation I need not,
Liberation I need not,
Realisation I need not.
I need, I need, I need, I need, I need,
I need only God—by You caught.

I Have Come to Complete (2)

I have come to complete
And never, never, to compete.

Cry, Sleeplessly Cry

Cry, cry, cry, cry,
Sleeplessly cry.
Cry, cry, cry, cry,
Breathlessly cry.
God will teach you how to fly
In His own Heart-Sky.

'Happy Birthday' Thrills My Heart

‘Happy Birthday’ thrills my heart;
‘Congratulations’ feed my pride;
‘Long you live’ makes me sing and dance.

Every Morning God Visits Man

Every morning God visits man
To share His blue-gold Vision-Plan.

Be Pure, Be Pure

Be pure, be pure, be pure!
The fastest speed is sure.

Be Kind, Be Kind

Be kind, be kind, be kind.
God’s Heart you will soon find.

Open, Open Your Closed Heart-Door

Open, open your closed heart-door,
And sail with God to the Golden Shore.

My Mind-Prayer Talks and Talks

My mind-prayer talks and talks,
And knocks and knocks.
My heart-prayer cries and cries,
And flies and flies.

I Need, I Need, I Need from God

I need, I need, I need from God
I need, I need, I need from man

Every Day I Compose Songs

Every day I compose songs, every day,
In God’s Heart-Garden to sing and play.

Love Guards My Heart-Temple

Love guards my heart-temple.
Devotion guards my heart-shrine.
Surrender guards my heart-deity.

Ego-Mind, Dangerous!

Ego-mind, dangerous!
Ego-vital, ferocious!
Ego-life, treacherous!

Hungry Is My Heart

Hungry is my heart
For God’s Compassion-Fount.
Hungry is my mind
For man’s applause-mount.

How Can We Build the Truth-Edifice?

How can we build the truth-edifice
If we condone world-injustice?

I Aim at My Self-Perfection

I aim at my self-perfection
To earn my Lord’s high Satisfaction.

Life Is Action-Pride-Duty

Life is action-pride-duty.
Death is silence-peace-beauty.

Never Become a Friend of Doubt

Never, never, become a friend of doubt.
When doubt comes in, shout, shout,
Throw, throw it out!

To Please My Lord Supreme

To please my Lord Supreme,
My heart is His faith-wave.
All-where I spread His Light;
For me, no mountain-cave.

My Heart's King (1)

My heart’s King, my heart’s King,
Your Victory-Bell I ring.
You I love, You I adore,
You are my Boat, You are my Shore.

My Heart's King (2)

My heart’s King, my heart’s King,
Your Victory-Bell I ring.
You I love, You I adore,
You are my Boat, You are my Shore.

O, Destroy My Pride

O, destroy my pride within, without.
You I invoke, O my Pride-Destroyer.
My heart is dancing.

Today My Lord's Compassion-Victory

Today my Lord’s Compassion-Victory
And my life’s surrender-victory
We will celebrate.

Your Days of Excellence-Joys

Your days of excellence-joys
Are ahead of you
Not behind you.
Why then do you not
Immediately run and declare,
“The Goal is won”?

A Fitness-Body and a Oneness-Heart

A fitness-body and a oneness-heart I need
My Supreme Lord’s dire hunger-cries to feed.

I Find, I Find

I find, I find, I find, I find,
Science is the power-tower of the mind.


I know, I know, I know, I know,
Science is the cosmic energy-flow.

O Vast Philosophy

O vast philosophy!
O great philosopher!
Higher world’s message-secrecy
Down you bring to offer.

My Lord Supreme, the Older I Grow

My Lord Supreme, the older I grow,
The stronger you are making my faith
In my unconditional surrender
To Your absolute Will.
This is my new discovery.

Those Who Love God Happily

Those who love God
Happily, cheerfully, self-givingly,
Unconditionally, sleeplessly and breathlessly
Will never, never, never
Believe in God’s defeat-failures.
To them, every moment
Is God’s Victory, God’s Supreme Victory,
Even though, at times,
Our wee human mind cannot understand
The significance of God’s constant Victory —
Victory Transcendental and Victory Universal.

O Four Doctors, Four

O four doctors, four:
I bow to you four!
You give me health-preservation-lore.
You show me health-perfection-shore.

My Outer Running

My outer running
Is my body’s journey.
The destination is known.
My inner running
Is my soul’s journey.
The Goal is unknowable.

How Can You Fail?

How can you fail? How can you fail?
You and your God together will sail.

No More My Mind a Stark Suspicion-Knife

No more my mind
A stark suspicion-knife.
Each smile of my heart
Becomes a God-blossomed life.

My Body Unconsciously Loves

My body unconsciously loves
Harmful silence-lethargy.
My heart consciously loves
Soulful silence-ecstasy.
I consciously, plus self-givingly, love
Godful silence-intimacy.

Breathe In Beauty

Breathe in beauty,
Breathe out fragrance
To live a God-treasured life.

For God-Realisation, Needed No Outer Skill

For God-realisation, needed no outer skill.
Needed, needed, needed only a God-crying thrill.

Learn More Truth, Earn More Joy

Learn more truth,
Earn more joy,
Be more perfect.
Be more perfect,
Earn more joy,
Learn more truth.
This message-light
Is for all, all, all, all.

When God the Breath Embraces Me

When God the Breath embraces me,
I become the flood
Of oneness-gratitude-delight.

Any Moment Is the Right Moment (2)

Any moment
Is the right moment
To please God.

Run, Run, Run Away (2)

Run, run, run away
From the mind’s confines.

A 'Give Me' Beggar

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
I am no more a ‘give me’ beggar.
From now on I shall be a ‘take me’ child,
Your child.

I Give My Money-Power to God

I give my money-power to God.
God smiles at me.
I give my name, my fame, my joy
And my pride to God.
God smiles at me twice.
I give my oneness-heart unreservedly to God.
God smiles at me a million times
And embraces me a million times.
I give my cheerful, sleepless and
Unconditional surrender-breath to God.
God smiles at me and deliberately forgets to stop;
God embraces me and deliberately forgets to stop.

The Mind Thinks

The mind thinks
God is unapproachable.
The heart knows and feels that
God is not only approachable,
But also sleeplessly loveable
And breathlessly adorable.

Who Is My Hero?

Who is my hero?
No, not a good God-talker.
Who is my hero?
No, not a good God-dreamer.
Who is my hero?
No, not a good God-lover.
Who is my hero?
No, not a good God-server.
Who is my hero?
My hero, indeed, a God-bleeding-heart
And a God-blossoming-life.

I Am Proud of Myself

I am proud of myself
Because every day I think of God.
God is proud of Himself
Because He thinks of me at every moment,
At each hush-gap.
I am proud of myself
Because I love God only.
God says to me, “Is it so, my child?
I do not think so, my child.”

Give Me No Freedom

Give me no freedom,
Give me no freedom,
My Lord Supreme.
If You really love me,
Then give me no freedom,
Even for a fleeting moment.

When the Morning Begins

When the morning begins,
I sing my Lord’s Victory-Song
Inside my heart.
When the evening sets in,
I strike my Lord’s Victory-Gong
Here and there and all-where
All around the world.

I Tried to Become Great

I tried to become great;
God laughed at me.
I tried to become good;
God laughed at me.
I tried to become perfect;
God laughed at me.
Finally, I said to God,
“My Lord, I shall become
What You want me to become.”
My Lord smiled at me and said,
“My child, now you are truly Mine,
And I am all yours.”

A Gratitude-Heart Has No Foe

A gratitude-heart
Has no foe.

Forgetfulness Is the Main Enemy

Forgetfulness is
The main enemy of aspiration.

O My Aspiration-Heart, Wake Up

O my aspiration-heart, wake up, wake up!
No more sleep, no more sleep, no more sleep!

When I Seek

When I seek, God is all for me.

When I Seek Not

When I seek not, God is for others —
Not for me, not for me.

Fear Tortures My Mind

Fear tortures my mind first,
And then my heart.
Finally, it tortures my body.

My Sweetest Supreme May Leave My Mind

My sweetest Supreme may leave my mind,
But never, never, never, my heart.

The Cries and Tears of My Heart

The cries and tears of my heart
Have a free access
To the Heart-Kingdom
Of my Beloved Supreme.

My Desire-Prison Is My Own Creation

My desire-prison is my own creation.
Alas, how can I free myself, how can I?

Goodbye, My Darkness-Mind

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye,
My darkness-mind,
My darkness-vital
And my darkness-body.

There Was a Time

There was a time
When my ignorance-night
Thundered and thundered.
But now it cries and cries
Before my Light Infinite.

Nobody Can Block My Inner Journey

Nobody can, nobody can
Block my inner journey.

Everything That Is Good

Everything that is good,
I cherish.

Welcome, Welcome

God says to my heart,
“Welcome, welcome,
My aspiration-child.”

My Faith

My faith can open up
God's Heart-Door
At any time.

Each Seeker

Each seeker is God’s
Divinity-blossoming dream.

My Prayer Is My Life-Song

My prayer is my life-song.
My meditation is my heart-sunlight.

Aspiration Goes Up

Aspiration goes up high, higher, highest.
Transformation goes around and around
Here, there and everywhere.

Do Not Worry, God Will Return

Do not worry,
God will return to your heart.
Just be careful this time.

How I Wish

How I wish
I could be one choice dream
Of my Lord Supreme!

A Self-Giving Life

A self-giving life
A very fast approach to God.

My God-Obedience and My God-Ecstasy

My God-obedience and my God-ecstasy
Are next-door neighbours.

The Outer Success

The outer success dies in the dust,
But not the inner progress.

I Walk and Jog and Run

I walk and jog and run
Only on Your inner Track.

My Heart Is Blessed by God the Beauty

My heart is blessed by
God the Beauty.
My life is blessed by
God the Duty.

Our Indulgence-Imperfections

My Supreme, my Supreme,
Our indulgence-imperfections
Prevent us from arriving
At Your Heart-Door.

The Power of Silence

My Supreme, my Supreme,
The power of silence conquers all —
No exception, no exception.

My Lord Says to Me

My Lord says to me,
“My child, be not a beggar of what I have.
Be a chooser of Who I am.”

Nothing Is More Important

Nothing is more important
Than my heart’s love for God.

God Loves Me

God loves me.
This is, indeed,
An understatement.

I Love God All the Time

I love God all the time.
This is, indeed,
My overstatement.

God and His Will

God and His Will
Are extremely fond of each other.

Keep Your Hopes Alive

Keep your hopes alive,
Keep your hopes alive.
If you are a God-lover,
Keep your hopes alive.

Do Not Step into the Future

Do not step into the future

The Real Satisfaction

The real satisfaction lives only
In the silence-heart
And nowhere else.

I Hunger For God's Golden Feet-Dust

I hunger for God’s golden Feet-dust.
God hungers for my dreamy heart.

I Must Stop and Stop

I must stop and stop
The pride of my unruly mind.

Walk Only Along the Road of God

Walk, walk, walk
Only along the road of God.
Happiness you dream.

Enlighten Your Heart

Enlighten your heart
Before you
Brighten your mind.

My First Goal Is God's Eye

My first goal is God’s Eye.
My second goal is God’s Heart.
My third and permanent goal:
God’s Feet.

Love and Love and Love

Love and love and love,
Serve and serve and serve
God’s Light-Heart-Breath

God's Footsteps

Only the aspiration-heart
Can see God’s Footsteps.

My Heart Thrives Only

My heart thrives only
On eagerness and intensity.

Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful,
Life is bountiful
Only when
God’s Grace guides.

Each Moment Reveals

Each moment reveals
A new God-Presence-Fragrance.

I Long to Be a God-Beggar

I long to be a God-beggar
And not a man-emperor.

Be Good

Be good, be good, be good
If you need
A Heaven-bound flight.

May All My Heart-Hope-Flowers

May all my heart-hope-flowers
Never wither.

I Appreciate, I Admire

I appreciate, I admire
The inner stars.

I Hesitate

I hesitate, hesitate,
Hesitate to say something
About the outer stars.

I Have Locked Behind Me

I have locked behind me all my yesterday’s

When I Speak Ill of the World

When I speak ill of the world
Most vehemently,
My Lord puts His Head down
And weeps bitterly.

God Has Only One Friend

God has only one friend
And this friend is His Forgiveness.

Each Moment Is Too Precious

Each moment
Is too precious
To idle away.

God's Favourite Sport

God’s favourite sport
Is His sleepless Vigilance.

My Heart Only Knows How I Treasure

My heart only
Knows how I treasure,
How I cherish,
When I am alone with God
Even for a few seconds.

My Lord, Do Give Me the Capacity

My Lord, do give me the capacity
Not only to admire the quality,
But also the quantity.

My Lord Will Never Run Out

My Lord will never run out
Of His Forgiveness-Smile.

Man Has Questions Countless

Man has questions countless,
But God’s Silence is the Answer.

Lip Service, My Lord Never Wants

Lip service,
My Lord never wants.


No more interests me.


The mind’s thickest night.

We Can Easily Frequent

We can easily frequent
God’s Heart-Door.

Sincerity Speaks

Sincerity speaks:
A love of God only in name,
Not in actuality.

My God-Obedience-Road

My God-obedience-road
Has no red light.

My God-Surrender-Road

My God-surrender-road
Is the shortest road.

Finally, I Have Silenced My Mind-Drums

Finally, I have silenced
My mind-drums
And have started playing on my

My Heart Never Welcomes

My heart never welcomes
My mind-doubt-visitors.

My Lord Supreme Never Misses

My Lord Supreme never misses
My singing my heart-songs.

My Lord Is Never Tired

My Lord is never tired
Of examining my heart’s devotion.

When God Sings

When God sings,
Only God-lovers
Are able to hear.

Ugly Thoughts Are Unacceptable

Ugly thoughts are unacceptable.
They go back to their owners.

My Child, Wake Up

My Lord Supreme tells me,
“My child, wake up, get up, speed up!”

Each and Every Soul-Dream of Mine

Each and every soul-dream of mine
My heart treasures.

Be Brave

Be brave, be brave, be brave —
Live not in fear-torture-cave.
Be brave, be brave, be brave —
The way to God’s Home to pave.

Only One Thing Interests Me

Only one thing interests me —
My love of God.

The Older I Grow

The older I grow, the more everything seems to me to lie in manliness.
This is my new Gospel.
[Words of Swami Vivekananda]