I am telling you a great secret: you are a fantastic Dream of God

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Part I: Children and prayer

I am very pleased with all of you here because your mothers and fathers are praying. I am their teacher. I am pleased with you now because your mothers come to me and your fathers come to me. When your parents come to me so that I can help them to see God, I am very pleased with them. At that time I also become pleased with those who are their children. You are the children of parents who are pleasing me, so I am pleased with you. When you grow up and start praying to God, naturally I will be even more pleased.

There are some children sitting right behind you who are a little older than you. You are between seven and ten years old, but they are eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen and they are coming here to meditate with their parents. Their parents are very good because they are praying and meditating and the children are also very good because they are doing the same. When you grow up, we will allow you to come here regularly to pray to God. Now we are pleased with you, but we will be even more pleased at that time.

In the meantime what can you do? If you pray for five minutes in the morning and in the evening, then God will be pleased. Your mother or father will teach you how to pray to God. When you pray, you will see that God is bound to come to you, just as he came to the little boy in a story I know. In that story, God came in the form of Krishna and helped the little boy.1

  1. FDG 1,3. "Gopal's Brother" from Gopal's Eternal Brother, by Sri Chinmoy

Part II: Arizona Centre

Question: I have always wanted to see God.

Sri Chinmoy: I am very glad that you have always wanted to see God. Your desire to see God deserves my special joy, concern and blessing. You will definitely see God before you die if you become an extremely good boy and a totally surrendered seeker. If you really want nothing else but God and God alone, you will definitely see God in this lifetime.

Part III: Connecticut Centre

Question: Why can't I see God inside me?

Sri Chinmoy: You can see God inside you. But you can't see Him right now because you are not crying, you are not flying. If you don't ask for something from your mother, she won't give you anything. If you do ask for something, your mother will always give it to you. So if you want to see God, it is best to look for Him. If you look for Him, then only will you see Him.

God is like the most beautiful child, the most beautiful jewel. He is inside your heart-room. There you have to look for Him. If you don't look for Him, how can you see Him? This Jewel is in one corner of your heart-room. If you search for it, then immediately you will find it. If you just look quickly into your room and say that God is not there, try to feel that He is there. Once you really look for Him, you will see Him.

Question: Is God in the sky?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, God is in the sky, and God is also on earth. Now, what is your sky, and what is your earth? Your sky is your head, and your earth is your feet. When you think of the sky, think of your head where God is; and when you think of earth, think of your feet, where God also is. You need both your feet and your head. If you don't have your feet, you can't walk. If you don't have a head, then you cannot exist; you will have no brain. Both are necessary, although God is in each. Your head is at one place and your feet are at another place. There should be something to connect them and that is your heart. The heart is the connecting link, the bridge. When you want to see God who is in your head, you can easily go from your feet to your head by crossing the safe bridge, the connecting link, which is your heart.

Question: How does God make thunder? How does God talk to souls?

Sri Chinmoy: God makes thunder by His indomitable Will. Thunder, compared to his indomitable Will, is like a tiny insect compared to an infinite number of tigers, lions and elephants.

How does God talk to souls? God talks to souls with His Light, with His Vision. What is Light? Light is something that is everywhere. And what is Vision? Vision is the capacity of the Light. It is like a lamp and a flame. God's Light is the lamp and His Vision is the flame.

Question: How does Guru fly up to God?

Sri Chinmoy: Guru flies up to God by crying constantly. He cries to God to give him two wings. God gives him two wings and these two wings constantly carry him up. The name of one wing is 'love' and the name of the other wing is 'surrender'. He loves God and he surrenders to God's Wish and Will. When he loves God, God is pleased. When he surrenders to God, he says, "God, I want to fly, but make me fly only if it is Your Will, only if it is Your Wish." First he loves God, then he tell God he will fly only if it is God's Wish. Because he loves God, God will give him the capacity to fly. If you love God, then surrender your wish to Him. God will give you the capacity to fly to Him as he has given the capacity to your Guru.

Question: Who made God?

Sri Chinmoy: God Himself made God. God the Silence made God the Sound. Who is God the Silence? God the Silence is God the Dream. God the Sound is God the manifested Reality.

Who made God? God's Silence. God made Himself because He wished to enjoy. What was he going to enjoy? He was going to enjoy His universal Presence. That is to say, He wanted to enjoy His presence everywhere — inside everyone, inside everything. Why did He want that? He wanted that because if He enjoyed His presence everywhere, then one day the human beings he would create would also be able to enjoy His Presence.

When He was One, He was happy. But He wanted to become Many because He wanted to be happy in a different way. So in two ways He wanted to become happy. When we do something in one way, we are happy, but we may feel there is another way to do it. When God was alone, He created Himself alone, and He was happy. He thought that he should have some other way to become happy so He created Himself in many forms, in infinite countless forms.

Part IV: Glasgow Centre

Question: Where is my mommy's God?

Sri Chinmoy: Your mommy's God is inside the heart of your Guru, Sri Chinmoy. Your mommy's God is also inside your heart.

Question: Is Sri Chinmoy God?

Sri Chinmoy: Sri Chinmoy is not God but he is a son of God just as you are a daughter of God. There is a little difference between you and me. And that difference is that you know who your earthly father is, and Sri Chinmoy knows who your and his eternal spiritual Father is. I tell you that some day you too, like Sri Chinmoy, will know where your divine Father, eternal Father, is.

Question: What does 'God' mean?

Sri Chinmoy: God means love. What does love mean? Love means satisfaction. What does satisfaction mean? Satisfaction means a joint action of God and man. What is the joint action? Smile. What is smile? Smile is God's manifested Height and man's discovered depth.

Question: How long has man been running for God?

Sri Chinmoy: Man has been running for God since God the One desired to become God the Many, since God's Unity-Song wanted to be transformed into God's Multiplicity-Dance.

Question: Is it God's Will that Sri Chinmoy's work will carry on all over the world in the next century?

Sri Chinmoy: It is definitely God's Will. If Sri Chinmoy's disciples become more sincere, more devoted and more surrendered to the Will of God inside Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy's work, which is actually God's work and not his own, will spread Light throughout the length and breadth of the world.

Question: Why is it that I feel different from everyone else except my closest friend, God?

Sri Chinmoy: The difference that you notice between your closest friend, God, and your other friends is very simple. God thinks that you are as good as He is, as divine as He is, as perfect as He is; whereas your other friends think you may be good, divine and perfect, but they feel that they are better, more divine and more perfect than you are. All your human friends outwardly think and inwardly feel you are not on their level, but you like them, they like you; you love them and they love you. That is why they are your friends and you are their friends. But in God's case, He loves you not because you are His eternal friend, but for something more: you are He and He is you.

Question: Am I going to God?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly you are going to God. You came from God, you are going back to God. You came from God to earth with a special message, and that message is that you will tell each and everyone in the world how nice, kind, good and beautiful God is. And once you have told what you have to say about God, you will go back to God in Heaven.

Question: Will my mommy go to Heaven when she dies?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly your mommy will go to Heaven when she dies. She will go to take rest and to enjoy Peace, Light and Bliss. You will also do the same when you die.

Question: What is Heaven?

Sri Chinmoy: Heaven is where you get joy and love in boundless measure. Heaven is inside your soul. Where is your soul? Your soul is inside your heart. Where is your heart? Your heart is inside your body.

Question: Guru, can you ask God what I was in my previous incarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: God is asking your Guru to tell you what you were in your previous incarnation. In your previous incarnation you were born in Australia. You were a school teacher. You used to strike the students; therefore they hated you. But then later on you gave up beating. You showed your students love and affection and they loved you most dearly.

Part V: London Centre

Question: I can feel God in my heart but how come I can't explain Him?

Sri Chinmoy: God is self-explanatory. That is why you can't explain Him. God needs no explanation. God spontaneously reveals and explains Himself; therefore, he needs no explanation.

Question: Why is God?

Sri Chinmoy: God is on earth and in Heaven to love you, to make you feel that he loves you and also to make you feel that he loves you more than you love yourself.

Question: Where is God? What does He look like?

Sri Chinmoy: God is everywhere but if you want to see Him immediately, then look for Him inside your own heart and nowhere else. He looks exactly like you but in an infinitely more beautiful form. He wants to appear before you the same way your soul wants Him to.

Question: How can I see God when I die? How can I see God when I'm alive?

Sri Chinmoy: You can see God if you pray and meditate when you are alive most devotedly and soulfully. When you die you don't actually die. Your body dies but your soul remains alive and always alert. At that time you are nothing but your soul. Now you are nothing but your body. When you are the body, you have to pray and meditate to see God. When you are the soul, you just spread your wings. Lo, you will see that God too has wings.

Part VI: Manhattan Centre

Question: Why did God create earth?

Sri Chinmoy: God created earth to manifest Himself. Manifestation means His Presence — His Beauty, Light, Love, Joy, Concern and Compassion — in human bodies, in human form.

I do not know

Where is God?
I do not know.
Who is God?
I do not know.
Shall I become
Another God?
I do not know.
One thing I do know:
He loves me
He is all for me.

Part VII: Miami Centre

Question: Why is it that I cannot see God?

Sri Chinmoy: Sweetest Stephanie, you see God, but you do not recognise Him. There are many people on earth whom you see, but you do not know who they are. But once somebody tells you who these people are, then later on when you see them you easily recognise them. For example, when you saw a policeman for the first time, you did not know who he was. But once your parents told you, each time you saw a policeman you knew that it was a policeman. Similarly, when you see God, one day either your soul or your Guru will tell you who God is. Also, you have one more eye in between your eyebrows, a little above. Pray to God to open up that eye. Once He opens up that eye, you will not only see God but recognise Him. If you see through the third eye, you will be able to recognise God easily. But if you see with your two human eyes, then you will not recognise Him. At that time you need either your soul or your Guru to tell you that He whom you have seen is God.

Question: Why is it that some people see Light and others don't?

Sri Chinmoy: Some people see Light and others don't because some people need Light while others don't need it. If you need something, then you see it, get it and grow into it. If you don't need it, you will not care to see it. When you were a baby, you cried for toys and your parents did give you toys because you needed them. Now you are a little bit grown up. You do not care for toys as much as you did before. Therefore, your parents do not bring you the same number of toys as they did before. A few years later you will not care for toys at all. Therefore your parents will not bring you any toys. So you see, when you needed something, you got it; and when you do not need it, you don't get it. But I wish you to feel the need of Light all your life so that God will always be most pleased with you and most proud of you.

Question: Guru, have you personally seen God?

Sri Chinmoy: Dearest Nicole, I have not only seen God personally but I shall make you see God when God wants me to show Him to you. There is something called God's Hour. I can show you God only when God's Hour strikes in your life. But in the meantime you can hasten God's Hour by praying and meditating every day most devotedly and soulfully. Try! You will certainly see God as I see God. Needless to say, I shall always help you with my heart's deepest concern and blessingful love.

Question: What is karma?

Sri Chinmoy: Nicole, I am so glad you have learned the word 'karma'. It is a Sanskrit word. It means work. In our spiritual life, when we use this word we usually mean service. Now, whom do we serve? We serve God. Why do we serve Him? Not because He has tremendous power, but because He is extremely fond of us. We serve Him because when we serve Him, He never makes us feel that we are His slaves. On the contrary, He makes us feel that He and we are one and equal. It is like holding a mango in your right hand and then putting it in your left hand. This action of placing is called karma. Why do we do that? We do that because our right hand loves our left hand and our left hand loves our right hand. Just because the left hand loves the right hand as well, a few minutes later the left hand will also place something in the right hand. So karma means give and take. Karma means service, but here service means give and take. We give to God. We give Him what we have: our ignorance; and God gives us what He eternally is: Light.

Is God lonely?

Is God lonely?
Yes, He is.
Because I forgot
To invite Him this morning.

Is God lonely?
Yes He is.
Because I am still here,
And I have not gone to visit Him
And play with Him.

Part VIII: New Jersey Centre

Question: Where does God live?

Sri Chinmoy: God lives everywhere, but His home is like a house. There are many rooms inside the house. You spend most of your time in your living room. When somebody wants to see you, he enters into the living room and finds you there. For you, the living room is your heart. If you enter into the heart-room, God is found there very easily. He is in the heart-room all the time. True, he is everywhere else all the time, but inside the heart-room His Presence is seen and felt most.

Question: Did Guru always know God?

Sri Chinmoy: Before I realised God consciously, I did not always know Him. But once I realised God, I came to know that I had definitely always known Him from the beginning of His creation, from His highest transcendental Height to when He entered into the heart of inconscience. That was a very long, long time ago.

Part IX: New York Centre

Question: Where is God? Is Chinmoy gentle Jesus?

Sri Chinmoy: Where is God? He is everywhere, but He is found inside your heart most easily.

Is Chinmoy gentle Jesus? No, Chinmoy is not gentle Jesus, but he is a true brother of gentle Jesus who belongs to the same family, who in the inner world lives in the same house.

Question: Is there another earth in outer space? Is God there? Was God there forever?

Sri Chinmoy: There is only one earth, but what we call outer space is not the entire boundary of God. God is infinite and His Infinity has far surpassed this outer space.

Has God been there forever? Certainly God has been there forever, and He will Always be there. He will be everywhere forever.

Question: Why does God live in Guru's heart?

Sri Chinmoy: God lives not only in Guru's heart, but in your heart and in everybody's heart. Why does He live in Guru's heart? When you say He lives in Guru's heart that means that you feel that He lives only in Guru's heart and not in your heart. If this is your feeling, then I wish to say that God lives in Guru's heart because Guru knows that inside his heart is a small room. The name of that room is called gratitude-room. God always lives inside that small room. Since Guru lives in that room, he sees and feels God all the time. When you also do the same, when you also feel gratitude, then you too will discover the gratitude-room inside your heart. You will see that God lives inside your heart as well.

Question: How does Guru communicate with the souls of persons who have died?

Sri Chinmoy: Guru communicates with these souls through God's inner Light. God being omnipresent means He is everywhere, so through God's Light Guru communicates with the souls while they are on earth and after they leave the earth. Through this inner Light, Guru can easily enter into all souls. Whether they are on earth or in Heaven, God's Light can easily enter into them and talk with them.

Question: How does God stay alive?

Sri Chinmoy: God stays alive because He takes two types of food. One food is man's inner cry. He likes it very much. He eats another food that is called His Compassion. In Heaven He eats His Compassion-food and on earth He eats cry-food. When man cries to Him, He eats cry-food on earth. By eating the foods of Compassion and cry, He will always remain alive.

Question: Why is God up in the sky and not on earth?

Sri Chinmoy: God is up in the sky and He is also on earth. Why is God up in the sky? This is your question. It is the books we read about God, especially in the Western world, and your parents who have taught you that God is up in the sky. I wish to say that God is up in the sky, but He is also here on earth. If you read the inner book inside your heart, then you will see that God is also on earth. He is not only in the Heavens. Since you are on earth, I tell you that although He is all-pervading, the God-consciousness on earth is infinitely more important for you than God who is in the sky, in Heaven.

Question: How did God get His first beginning?

Sri Chinmoy: God got His first beginning from His Silence. He remained silent and inside His Silence He got a message. When He was in silence, He was One alone. He felt no loneliness as we do when we stay alone. But even when He was alone, He was complete because He Himself was Silence and He Himself was both the Observer and the Enjoyer of that Silence. God started His first beginning with Silence. Then He became many with His Sound-Light. With His Silence-Light He was one. With His Sound-Light He became many.

Question: Who does the Supreme love the most?

Sri Chinmoy: God loves the child who loves Him most. Who can love Him most? He who has boundless love for God, boundless devotion for God and boundless surrender for God. What is love? What is devotion? What is surrender? Love is to cry for God, devotion is to smile when you see God and surrender is to dance with joy when God is in your presence.

Question: How can I be with God?

Sri Chinmoy: You can be with God. As a matter of fact you are always with God. But you have to be consciously with God. That is to say that when God is in front of you or inside your heart, you have to recognise God. Only if you pray to Him with folded hands in front of your shrine early in the morning and in the evening, then you can become one with God.

Question: If you die, are you going to become a baby? Who will be Suvikash, Ruth, Nathan and me?

Sri Chinmoy: Dear child, first of all, I shall definitely die, but I am not going to take another human incarnation unless the Supreme changes His Plan. There is no wish and no necessity on my part to come back again. I have worked very hard on earth and I am ready to do the rest from above, from Heaven. So, since there is no possibility of my returning to the physical plane, with a physical body, I unfortunately cannot become either you or Nathan or Ruth or Suvikash. But you, your father, brother and mother will come back again and again. What for? To work for the Supreme in me, in your Guru.

Question: On the path to God, what is purity and what is realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: On the path to God what is purity and what is realisation? On the path to God, purity is the fragrance of a flower and realisation is the flower. Both are equally important. If you don't have fragrance, then the flower is useless. If you do not have a flower, how can you have fragrance? So both flower and fragrance are of equal need and importance. If you feel the presence of a flower inside your heart, then if you smell the fragrance, you are perfectly safe and you will be able to reach your destined Goal without fail.

Question: How was the first man born on earth?

Sri Chinmoy: The first man was born on earth by God's Will, God's Will-power. If you read the Bible you will learn the story about Adam and Eve. But if you read your inner life story, then you will know how God created, and whom God created — how God created the first human being, and whom God created first on earth. The first human being was born by God's Will through the evolutionary process, through the continuous and gradual process of the animal kingdom.

Question: How can I see God?

Sri Chinmoy: You can see God if you cry for God the way you cry for a toy or for a fruit or for clothes. There are many things on earth which you cry for because you feel you need them. But if you really cry and feel the same kind of necessity for God as you have for the many things on earth, if not more, then you will easily be able to see God.

Question: How long after you die do you come back?

Sri Chinmoy: If "you" is general, then I wish to say that there is no fixed rule as to when a soul will again take human incarnation. It can be three years, it can be six years, it can be forty years, one hundred years or two hundred years. It entirely depends on God's Will. But if 'you' is directed towards me, then I wish to say there is no hope, no possibility and no necessity for me to come back to earth. Whatever work is to be done after my death, I will be able to do from Heaven in and through my disciples. I do hope at that time that my disciples will have become better than they are now.

Question: Why isn't God a human being like us?

Sri Chinmoy: God is definitely a human being like us. Unfortunately, we do not recognise Him. Why do we not recognise Him as a human being? Because inside us there is a special eye and a special heart. When once that special eye and special heart are opened, then you will easily be able to see that like us, He is a human being. This eye is between our two ordinary eyes and a little above. The spiritual heart is inside our ordinary heart. So if you can see that heart and feel your presence there, if you can see your third eye and also feel your presence, then you will easily be able to know that God is also a human being like you and me.

Lord take me

Lord, take my heart
to be Your Pleasure.

Lord, take my love
To be Your Treasure.

Lord, let my life
Be claimed entirely by You,
Only by You.

There is a child

There is a child
Crying for you
Inside your heart-life.
Do you know its name?

There is a child
Waiting for you
Inside your soul-love.
Do you know its name.

Part X: Ottawa Centre

Question: How does God know everything about me?

Sri Chinmoy: God knows everything about you because He has created you. When you do something, you know everything you have done because it is you who have done it. If you have drawn a picture, you will know from the very beginning what you have done; therefore, if I ask you how you have done it, you will be able to tell me everything in detail. Similarly, God has created you. Since He has created you, He is bound to know everything about you.

Question: What does God eat for supper?

Sri Chinmoy: For breakfast, God eats your cry, your heart's cry. For His luncheon, He eats your smile, your soul's smile. And for His supper, He eats your surrender, the surrender of your entire life, your entire being.

Question: When was God born?

Sri Chinmoy: God was born inside you the moment the real Reality, the highest transcendental Reality, was born. Your highest transcendental Reality and God were born together. When was God known by mankind? God was known, seen and felt by mankind when it offered Him a fraction of gratitude from the depth of its heart. It was inside humanity's gratitude-seed that God was known. God not only became known, He was also born within us.

Question: If someone does something bad and undivine, does God punish them or do they bring things on themselves?

Sri Chinmoy: If someone does bad, undivine things, God does not punish him the way we would. His punishment comes from some other place. Punishment comes from those whom we have deceived or from those who have done undivine things to us. It can also come from the world or place where there are forces that will punish us. But God does not punish us when we do something wrong. On the contrary, when we do something wrong, He brings us a friend, Light, and tells us, "If you mix with this friend and play with him all the time, then you will not do anything wrong. This friend will always tell you to do the right thing." But we do not like that friend; we ask him to go away. Again and again we do things wrong. Then forces around us and forces inside the person whom we have deceived, try to punish us.

God tells us not to do wrong again. If we do something wrong, then immediately God comes to us. When we do something wrong, we find that we are inside a dark room; God comes into that room with a lantern. He says, "My child, take this lantern, this light, and if you keep it, you won't make the same mistake again." But we don't like this; we want to stay all by ourselves. So we take that lantern and throw it away outside because we like to stay all by ourselves.

Our individuality is darkness, but we like it because it is ours. God brings us a friend to play with which is Light. If we stay with our friend Light, then we will never make any mistakes. And since we won't make any mistakes, nobody will be able to punish us.

Part XI: San Francisco Centre

Question: What does God look like?

Sri Chinmoy: God will look the way you want Him to look. He has all Power, all Kindness, all Compassion for you. If you want Him to look like the most beautiful angel, He will appear before you as an angel. If you want Him to look like a beautiful child, He will appear like a most beautiful child. If you want Him to look like a most beautiful flower, He will appear as a most beautiful flower. He will look exactly the way you want Him to look.

God will always try to please you in the way you want to be pleased. But before God pleases you, He will ask you to please Him in His own Way. That is to say, you should pray to God, meditate on God. If you pray and meditate, then you are pleasing Him in His own Way. You pray to God to become good. If you meditate on God to become good, then you are pleasing Him in His own Way. Once you please Him in His own Way, He will definitely stand before you looking the way you want Him to.

Part XII: Toronto Centre

Question: Why does God want messengers to guide us?

Sri Chinmoy: This is a very significant question. There are two ways to answer this question and I will tell you both ways. Suppose you feel that you don't need any messenger — then God Himself has to come and work for you. Now, we appreciate the sunlight; we feel how beautiful it is. But if we go near the sun, we will be burnt to ashes because it is so powerful.

Similarly, we are now appreciating God. But when God comes in His luminous form before an unaspiring or unprepared person, that person will be dazzled and instead of getting illumination and liberation, he will be totally destroyed because his being is not prepared. Even when ordinary spiritual beings, divine angels or guiding deities come, people are dazzled; they cannot bear the brilliance of the light.

Then, suppose you have seen a child, and you say, "Oh, he is the most beautiful child." But when God stands in front of you in human form, He is infinitely more beautiful than any child you have ever seen, and you wonder, "How can I be like Him?" When you try to answer this question, you will think, "Oh, He is so beautiful, I can never be like Him; it is impossible. He is extremely beautiful. He is so beautiful, so powerful, I cannot be like Him," immediately you become discouraged because you feel it is impossible for you to be so beautiful, so luminous, so powerful.

Now if we happen to have someone as our Master, some spiritual person to serve as God's messenger, our life immediately tries to understand the Truth and we can think of God easily, we can pray to God easily, we can realise God easily. Let me tell you why.

Although you are a human being and I am a human being and we both speak the English language, while English is your mother tongue, I did not learn the language well and sometimes it is difficult for you to understand me because my Indian accent disturbs you. But immediately I can feel, "Oh, she knows English better than I do, but I can also learn to speak like her, because she is also a human being." Now you will also be able to say, "Chinmoy is my Master, but he is also like me, eating and drinking, sleeping, walking and running with me. If Chinmoy has realised God and if he has this Peace, Light and Bliss, then naturally, I can also get it. Almost everything that he does, I am able to do. There is only one thing I cannot do: I cannot show the boundless Peace, Light and Bliss as he does. Let me try this also."

Then, you know that I got it by prayer, by meditation, by concentration. So you will also start praying, concentrating and meditating. The result of my meditation is my realisation, so you will correctly feel that if you meditate like me, one day you will also realise God. But if you think of God directly, His Soul is so vast that it will be incomprehensible; you do not know His beginning and you do not know His end.

Now you can easily know my beginning. If you ask my mother she will say that I was born in 1931. And when I talk to you, you understand me well. There are many things I know that you know. Yet one thing you don't know is called God-realisation; you have to learn it from me.

So again, you will be singing a Japanese song today. Since you can sing the song, I can tell myself, "She knows the Japanese national anthem. Then how is it that I cannot sing it? I can do many things, but this particular thing I do not know, so let me learn from her. Then I will be able to do it."

Yesterday your mother did this wonderful exposition of Japanese flowers, Ikebana. There are quite a few things you learn from your mother. While you were making a mistake she was telling you, "No, it is not correct." In the same way, while you are meditating, if you are not doing well, I can tell you, "No, you are not doing well but you can rest assured that what I am doing today, you will also be able to do some day."

Now I am coming to a serious point. What does a messenger actually mean? What is the purpose of a messenger? Suppose you have to carry something very heavy. If you can't carry it, you take the help of a messenger boy — someone other than yourself. You can't do it, so he will do it for you.

But God's messengers are not like that. God's messengers are like His limbs, His hands, His eyes, His nose, His feet, everything. It is through them that He works. Here, the messenger and God are totally one. Give an ordinary messenger boy a dollar and he will do his work; but you don't have any identification with him, for he is a totally different being. But God's messengers are totally different. If the messenger is a real messenger of God, then he has identified himself with God first, he has become one with God's Consciousness, and God is using him as His conscious Eyes, conscious Brain, conscious Heart and conscious Soul.

Now, when I ask you to come to me, immediately you come. You take a step forward, then you come to me. Your legs, hands and head will all move. Here, the messenger is God's movement.

If I just say your name, although you understand it is you, you may remain standing there. But if I ask you to come to me, immediately you will take steps, you will make a movement to come to me. In God's case also, when we think of His messenger, it is His immediate movement that we see. God's Truth is all-pervading, but He is quiet. When He wants to be dynamic, He has to act through His messengers. His messengers are to God as our feet, our limbs, are to us. Movement signifies the messenger; he who brings the message from God is bringing to us His dynamic movement. So here is the necessity of a human messenger: he is God's movement. He brings God's Light in a dynamic way. Otherwise God will remain static and beyond our reach.

A time for everything

Morning is the time
For my loving heart
To feed my child-God.

Evening is the time
For my loving heart
To dance with my Beloved-God.

Night is the time
For my loving heart
To confide in my partner-God.

Part XIII:

FDG 50-59. These ten questions were asked by adult disciples of Sri Chinmoy. The Master asked them to enter into the consciousness of very young children, and then to ask the kinds of questions that children might ask.

Question: Do you love me?

Sri Chinmoy: If you love God, I love you.

Question: Where does God live?

Sri Chinmoy: God lives in the place where you would like Him to live. He lives there only for you.

Question: How can I be as tall and as strong as my Father?

Sri Chinmoy: Be patient. Wait. For now, feel that your father's height is also yours.

Question: Can I see God?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, you can see God. You are seeing God in your dreams when your eyes are closed. A day will dawn when you will see God with your eyes wide open.

Question: What does God do?

Sri Chinmoy: God thinks of you, meditates on you and loves you, that's all. He does not have anything else to do.

Question: What's up in the sky?

Sri Chinmoy: There is much wealth up in the sky. People have taken this wealth from earth and have kept it in the sky. When people pray and cry for God, they immediately get inner wealth which certain souls take up into the sky.

Question: Why do bad things happen?

Sri Chinmoy: When a child does not listen to his parents, bad things happen. When a child does not listen to his own soul, bad things happen. His soul is like a little dog, his inner dog. When he casts aside the dog and does not take proper care of it and when he does not play with his inner dog cheerfully, bad things happen.

Question: Why am I afraid of death?

Sri Chinmoy: You are afraid of death because you feel that death is your enemy. If you feel that death is neither your friend nor your enemy, but just a casual acquaintance, he cannot harm you. If you don't pay attention to him, he will not bother you. You are going towards death and he is coming towards you. You will pass by death and death will pass by you, but if you stop to talk, then he will snatch you up.

Question: How can I be a good girl?

Sri Chinmoy: Every morning you will pray for God to give you the strength and obedience you need to listen to your parents. You will pray to God to bless both you and your parents every morning. You will ask God to come to you and to be with you and around you twenty-four hours a day. Always think of God as being your own age. If you are four years old, He is four years old. If you are five, He is five. He is of your own standard. If you feel that He is neither inferior nor superior to you, He can then tell you how you can be good.

Question: Can I go live with God instead of with my mother and father?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, you can live with God instead of with your mother and father. Although God is in Heaven, He is also on earth in the form of your father and in the form of your mother. He feels that if you live here on earth with your parents, you are staying with Him. He has two houses. He wants you to stay in one house with your parents. It is a very beautiful house. The other house He is still building; it is not yet complete. When His house is complete, then God will ask you to live in that house.

God is bound to come to you when you are in real difficulty if you pray to Him every day. If you pray to God every day, then you will see God's most beautiful Form. When you see a beautiful child or flower, you say to your mother, "Look how beautiful!" But when you see God face to face, you will be surprised because He is infinitely more beautiful than You can imagine.

To pray to God, you don't have to ask your parents for anything. In order to buy shirts or shoes or anything else, you need money. But in order to see God, you don't need money; you only need prayer. Prayer is so easy. It is like drinking water. Just pray and you will get Him. When you get Him, He has everything: He can give you millions of dollars; He can give you tremendous Joy; He can give you anything. Please pray to God and you will get everything you need.

Editor's preface to the first edition

Sri Chinmoy lovingly answers children's questions about God. These questions were asked by many of his disciples' children from Europe, Canada and the United States of America.

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