Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 11

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1001. No difference

No difference, none,
Between a divine hero
And a supreme doer.

No difference, none,
Between a supreme doer
And a God-Satisfaction-lover.

1002. The flame of oneness-life

The flame of oneness-life
Can never be extinguished.
It only knows how to burn on
Forever and forever.

1003. Confusion-night boasts

Confusion-night boasts,
Aspiration-day cries.
Realisation-sun destroys confusion-night
And manifests God-Height
On earth.

1004. My freedom-bird flies

My freedom-bird flies
In my dream-sky.
My bondage-breath dies
In my reality-prison.

1005. Stupendous victory

My aspiration-heart
Its stupendous victory,
For now it is enjoying
The silver charm
Of golden solitude.

1006. Arrows of Light

The swift wind-arrows
Of Perfection-Light
Have conquered the pride
Of my frustration-hours

1007. The Love Divine

The Love Divine
Has been blossoming all year long
Inside my heart’s gratitude-garden.
And now I possess
A new sky of hope,
A new sun of promise
A new God of Compassion infinite.

1008. A broken wing

Aspiration-cry I have totally lost.
And now
Each fleeting breath of mine
Is a broken wing
In destruction-night.

1009. Submit to the power-heart

Submit your confusion-mind
To the power-heart
Of Love infinite
Light eternal.

1010. The swimmer

There was a time
When he used to swim
In the blue-white rivers
Of Heaven.

But now he is swimming
With the shadow of despair
In the ocean
Of destruction.

1011. The golden disc of the Beyond

Believe it or not,
A wild darkness-night
Has unconsciously
Yet unquestionably
Helped me to fly
Towards the golden disc
Of the Reality-Beyond.

1012. Puzzles

God’s Greatness and Goodness
Puzzle me.
My weakness and meanness
Puzzle God.

1013. Our supreme secrets

God told me His Supreme Secret:
Someday He will make me
Another God.

I told God my supreme secret:
Alas, alas!
I shall never make Him
Another mortal like me.

1014. A short vacation

My Lord,
You are blind
To my wrong doings,
You are deaf
To my wrong sayings.
Can You tell me why?

“My child,
Perhaps you have forgotten
That I have given you a short vacation,
Out of My infinite Forgiveness-Bounty,
Allowing you to stay away
From the Truth-Reality
Of Perfection-Delight.”

1015. I really wish to know

My Lord Supreme,
I really wish to know
How great You are.
Can Your Compassion tell me?

My Lord Supreme,
I really wish to know
How good You are.
Can Your Forgiveness tell me?

“My child,
My Compassion-Height
My Forgiveness-Light
Will not be able to satisfy
Your stupendous curiosity.
But there shall come a time
When your heart’s gratitude-sea
Will easily answer
Your thirsty blue-gold questions.”

1016. To please You most

My Lord Supreme,
To please You most
Shall I use my aspiration-cry,
My dedication-smile
Or my meditation-silence?

“My child,
First please Me
With your meditation-silence,
Then with your aspiration-cry
And finally with your dedication-smile.
Indeed, this is the way
You can please Me most.”

1017. Inside God's Compassion-Heart

My Lord Supreme,
Shall I drink deep Your Beauty’s Eye
Or live in Your Compassion-Heart?
What do You advise me to do?

“My child,
If you live in My Compassion-Heart,
Then easily and automatically
You will be able to see My Beauty’s Eye.
But if you only try to watch My Beauty’s Eye,
At times you may fail to live
Inside My Compassion-Heart.”

1018. An appreciating eye and an admiring heart

No greatness have I.
No goodness have I.
But what I do have
Is an appreciating eye for greatness
And an admiring heart for goodness.

1019. Cry and smile

Cry and smile.
Your cries will frighten
Your smiles will strengthen
Cry to become.
Smile to transcend.

1020. God's problem

My Lord Supreme,
I have a serious problem.
Please help me.
I really want to become a good runner.

“Alas, alas, My child,
Please help Me in solving My problem,
And then I shall definitely solve your problem.
My problem is to see the face
Of a totally transformed human race.”

1021. The unusual oneness-delight

My Lord Supreme,
You have made me a good runner
In the inner world.
Can you not make me a good runner
In the outer world as well?

“My child,
I can do that,
But I want to experience in you
The unusual oneness-delight
Of a so-called
Unquestionable and inimitable
Defeated runner.”

1022. Each knowledge-day

Each ignorance-night
Is a proud wave.
Each knowledge-day
Is a calm sea.

1023. God-memories from my past

Desires confuse me.
Possessions bind me.
God-memories from my past in Heaven
Are walking with me.

1024. A one-way street

His feeble mind
Is a one-way street
With multiple
Frustration-bound destinations.

1025. Where is happiness?

Where is happiness?
No, not in the black abyss
Of your vital night.
Where is happiness?
No, not in the giant maze
Of your mental doubts.

1026. Yes, I shall forgive

Yes, I shall forgive
Your serious crimes,
But I shall not forget
Your dangerous stupidity.

1027. Each devoted moment

Each devoted moment
Prepares a beautiful sunrise
And a fruitful sunset.

1028. Each listening heart

Each listening heart
Is not a bud of infancy.
Each listening heart
Is a flower for God-Ecstasy.

1029. Because he is not sanctified

Because he is not sanctified
By soulful prayers and fruitful meditations,
His outer life
Is a loud mouth
And his inner life
Is an unfounded confidence.

1030. Soulful sorrows

Behold, behold,
My soulful sorrows
Are renewing and multiplying
Their fruitful tears
At not seeing the Vision-Eye
Of God’s Satisfaction-Height.

1031. Two extraordinary things

I have done two extraordinary things
In my entire life:
I have placed my black sins
At God’s Forgiveness-Feet,
I have taken from God’s Compassion-Eye
His white Virtues.

1032. O my inexperienced heart

O my inexperienced heart,
Try to become the smile
Of gratitude and surrender.
Your unlimited anxiety-worry-world
Will disappear before long.

1033. What each knows

My imagination knows
How to run fast.
My aspiration knows
How to fly high.
My realisation knows
How to become soon.

1034. Two ultimate absurdities

Two ultimate absurdities:
My mind will never be able
To appreciate my heart,
My heart will never be able
To hate my mind.

1035. Two things he has become

Two things he has now become:
A perpetual promise-maker,
A perpetual opinion-lover.

1036. Willing souls

God the Compassion
Loves the willing souls.
God the Love
Leads the willing souls.
God the Satisfaction
Welcomes the willing souls.

1037. Your heart's aspiration-flames

Do you know why your life
Is a totally crumbled height?
Just because you have deliberately
Extinguished your heart’s
Tiny aspiration-flames.

1038. I feel sorry for you

O my stupid mind,
I feel sorry for you.
You have become the authority
Without having the wisdom-light.

O my poor heart,
I feel sorry for you.
You are the wisdom-sun
Without having the authority.

1039. When my prayer is an action

When my prayer is an action,
My earth’s separation-division-life
And my Heaven’s oneness-multiplication-life

1040. Three diamond thoughts

Three diamond thoughts:
I love God sleeplessly.
My heart is all gratitude to the skies above.
My life is a shadowless aspiration-cry.

1041. My indispensable partner

O my gratitude-heart,
You are my indispensable partner.
Together we shall reach
The Satisfaction-Home
Of our Beloved Supreme.

1042. Each impure thought

Each impure thought
Is famous in infamy
In the inner world,
And is immediately sent
Into an implacable exile
By purity’s adamantine will.

1043. Bitter disappointments

What you have
Is an appreciation
For your doubting mind.
What you are now
Is the inevitability
Of bitter disappointments.

1044. A stormy thought-world

Simplicity has left him.
Sincerity has left him.
Humility has left him.
Alas, he can no longer enjoy
The pure breath of Mother Earth
And the sure breath of Father Heaven.
He is no longer his life’s own master.
A stormy thought-world
He now is.

1045. The city of "God and yes"

There was a time
When he lived
In the city of “man and yes”.
There was a time
When he lived
In the city of “God and yes”.
Alas, now he lives
In the city of “man and no”
And in the city of “God and no”.
Alas, now his “I-ness” reigns supreme.

1046. Who says?

Who says that I have a bad mind?
My mind appreciates God.
Who says that I have a bad heart?
My heart loves God.
Who says that I have a bad life?
My life needs God.

1047. What is behind me?

I am meditating.
What is behind me?

I am meditating.
What is behind me?

I am meditating.
What is behind me?

I am meditating.
What is ahead of me?
God’s Compassion-Flood
God’s Satisfaction-Ocean.

1048. Don't act like a fool

Don’t act like a fool.
Be sincere in your thoughts,
Be pure in your feelings.
You will not have to run after happiness.
Happiness will run after you.

1049. O vastness-sky

O vastness-sky,
I love you
Although you do not belong to me.

O meanness-mind,
I do not love you
Although you belong to me.

1050. I purify myself

I purify my body
By chanting God’s Name.
I purify my vital
By serving God.
I purify my mind
By emptying my mind for God.
I purify my heart
By meditating on God’s Compassion-Love.

1051. Keep aloof

What pleases your heart?
Then keep aloof from those
Who scoff at your meditation,
And also from those
Who unpardonably doubt
Your sincerity-heart
And purity-mind.

1052. The mind of man

The mind of man
Is an unlit lamp
That undervalues
His heart’s blazing sun.

1053. How far can ignorance carry you?

How far can ignorance carry you?
It can carry you into the destruction-doom
Of dumb Eternity.

1054. The best fighters

Who are the best fighters
In the inner world?
The orphan-cries
Of a seeker’s heart
And the orphan-tears
Of a seeker’s eyes.

1055. A fruitless thought

A fruitless thought
Is a wasted day.
A fruitless life
Is a God-forgotten failure.

1056. Two miracles

My Lord Supreme,
Do show me some miracles.

“My child,
I shall show you not one,
But two miracles.
Look what I have for you
When you disobey Me:
The eyes of dream,
And what I have for you
When you obey Me:
The Arms of My Omnipotence.”

1057. You are chosen

You are chosen because
Your greatness has fascinated the world.
You are beloved because
Your goodness has satisfied God.

1058. The pain of death

Who can avoid
The pain of death?
He who loves and treasures
Only the fulfilment-beauty
Of God’s Satisfaction-Will.

1059. Your selfless dedication-life

Because of your
Selfless dedication-life,
God has given you
Not only a sweetness-hunger
But also a fulness-feast.

1060. So often you sail

O my Lord Supreme,
So often You sail Your Golden Boat
In my silver dreams.
Alas, why do I not see You
Even once
On my reality-shore?

1061. My shadowless awakening-duty

My shadowless awakening-duty
Reveals the deathless dream-beauty
Of God’s Involution-Cry

1062. Discovery

The eve of my frustration-night
Will someday, without fail,
Surrender to my satisfaction-morn.
This is at once
My measureless and breathless discovery.

1063. A seeker of perfection-silence

There was a time
When my mind and I together
Were seekers of satisfaction-sound.
But now I have changed my partner.
With my new partner, heart,
I have become a seeker
Of perfection-silence.

1064. Two requests

My Lord Supreme,
I have only two requests to make:
Do veil the fruitless secrets
Of my stupid mind.
Do unveil the fruitful secrets
Of my wise heart.

1065. My mind laughs

My mind laughs
At my heart’s sacred tears.
My heart begs God
To forgive the shameless laughter
Of my senseless mind.

1066. Meditation's only food

Meditation’s only food
Is its oneness-ecstasy with God.
Meditation gets this food only when
It has a sleepless life
It is a winged heart.

1067. In the silent Memory

In the silent Memory
Of my Compassion-Lord,
I have been living
For a long time.
Now I am longing
For His tomorrow’s

1068. A new role

My Lord,
Since I do not deserve
To be a giver,
And since I do not deserve
To be a receiver,
I am helplessly and hopelessly lost.

“My child,
You are not lost,
And you can never be lost.
Start playing the role
Of an enjoyer
Who is at once
Above giving and receiving.”

1069. How do you expect?

What you have
Is an indifferent mind.
What you are
Is a non-committal heart.
How do you expect
God’s Love and man’s appreciation?

1070. Never carry doubt-poison

Doubt is the most powerful weapon
Of ignorance-night.
Never carry doubt-poison with you
In your lifelong voyage
To Immortality’s Shore.

1071. You will never be able to learn

Because you have acquired
The powerful faculty of doubting,
You will never be able to learn
The supreme Art of inner awakening.

1072. During the day

During the day
I love the sun’s golden eye.
During the night
I love the moon’s silver smile.

1073. Yet I am determined

What my mind sees
Is a fruitless hope.
What my heart feels
Is a cloud of sorrow.
Yet I am determined
To make my life Heaven’s haven.

1074. Your flaw-seeking eyes

Because of your flaw-seeking eyes,
You will never get
A blossoming heart
A satisfying life.

1075. This extravagant desire

You want to dominate the world.
This extravagant desire of yours
Has totally robbed you
Of your satisfaction-life.

1076. Cheerful news

Cheerful morning news:
God loves me.
Cheerful evening news:
I need God.

1077. Always in my prayers

Yesterday you were always
In my prayers.
I was praying to God
To transform your frustrations
Into hopes.

Today you are always
In my prayers.
I am praying to God
To free you
From your desire-breath.

Tomorrow you will always be
In my prayers.
I shall pray to God
To grant you everything
That I will eventually need from you.

1078. If you can be aware

If you can be aware
Of your silver responsibilities,
Then God will make you aware
Of your golden opportunities.

1079. Your life-flower is fully blossomed

Because your heart-tree
Is fully awakened,
Your life-flower
Is fully blossomed.

1080. The beauty of purity

Beauty is of various types,
But the beauty of purity
Shall always remain

1081. Only one duty

There is only one duty,
And that duty is to live happily.
To live happily
What we need is a child’s heart
And a saint’s life.

1082. A gift of God

Eternity’s Love
And Infinity’s Joy
Shall come closer to humanity
If and when
Humanity accepts life as a gift of God
And not as a burden of man.

1083. To triumph

To triumph over our earthly sorrows
What we need
Is the power of our own faith
And the Hour of God’s Choice.

1084. Integrity

Integrity is a supreme beauty
Which the human authority
Sadly fails to own.

1085. We long for peace

We long for peace,
But unrest is on the upswing.
We long for satisfaction,
But dissatisfaction
Is the order of the day.

1086. I thank you

My Lord,
I thank You
Because You have given me
A small part in Your Cosmic Play.
I thank You
Because You have given me
The capacity to admire
Your great Dreams for Your universe.

1087. Offering

“I” is my peerless treasure.
I am offering this treasure
To You, my Lord,
Because I love You
And I am well pleased with You.

1088. The right answers

Teeming questions bother me daily,
My Lord,
But You have the answers.
Not only that,
You have the right answers, too.
Therefore, my gratitude-heart
Is all for You.

1089. Each human soul

Each human mind
Is an encouraging idea.
Each human heart
Is an illumining experience.
Each human soul
Is a fulfilling promise.

1090. Each thought

Each thought is either
A smiling mastery
A crying slavery.

Each idea is either
A swimming satisfaction
A sinking frustration.

Each ideal is either
A challenging reality
A surrendering unreality.

1091. My earthly day

To lengthen my earthly day,
I pray to God
For His Compassion-Power.

To shorten my earthly day,
I pray to God
For His Justice-Hour.

1092. To make friends

To make friends with Infinity
Is to be far above
The head of Time.

To make friends with Eternity
Is to run side-by-side
With Immortality.

1093. An attempt

An attempt gives enlightenment.
Enlightenment gives freedom.
Freedom gives fulfilment.
Fulfilment gives contentment.
Contentment is God-hunger in man
And man’s feast in God.

1094. Do not waste time

Do not waste time.
Time is precious.
Do not exploit God.
God is gracious.
Do not mix with ignorance.
Ignorance is ferocious.
Do not play with doubt.
Doubt is injurious.
Do not cherish insecurity.
Insecurity is infectious.
Do not harbour impurity.
Impurity is dangerous.

1095. My supremely soulful joy

My supremely soulful joy
Is my sleeplessly fruitful sorrow

1096. His life's departing splendour

His earth-life’s departing splendour
Has unmasked his hidden forests
Of sweetness-fondness
For all human souls.

1097. The boat of despair

His useless disharmony-mind
Is sailing in the boat
Of helpless despair.
The laughing shore.

1098. My heart represents

My heart represents
God the Duty
On earth.

My soul represents
God the Beauty
In Heaven.

1099. If your mind is too poor

If your mind is too poor
To possess even an iota of doubt,
Then God will make your heart rich enough
To possess His own transcendental Delight.

1100. My silver dream-heart

The birth
Of my silver dream-heart
Announces the permanent victory
Of my golden reality-life.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the eleventh volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Cahit Yeter, holder of the world Masters’ record for the 100-kilometre run, meets with Sri Chinmoy in New York, 16 June 1979.

Editor's note

Some poems in this first edition were later selected by the author for a special collection of 207 Flower-Flames (FFP). The author also chose to revise some of his original poems for this anthology:

FF-1028: FFP 60 (revised version).

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