Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 45

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4401. My supreme moment

This is my day;
I love it.

This is my morning God-Hour;
I need it.

This is my supreme moment;
And I am it.

4402. I am able to begin again

My Lord Supreme,
My heart is all gratitude to You
Because I am able to begin again.

4403. Two new ways of thinking

Two totally new ways of thinking:
To love God the Creator unconditionally,
And to serve God the creation unreservedly.
I shall unmistakably achieve
These two new ways of thinking
In this lifetime.

4404. Only one aim

I have only one aim:
God-realisation in this incarnation.
I shall have no multiplicity of aims.

4405. Only one divine interest

I have only one divine interest:
God-manifestation in this incarnation.
I shall not tolerate slavery
To any human interest.

4406. No more gloom of doubt

Mind, my mind, I warn you:
No more gloom of doubt.
Heart, my heart, I warn you:
No more faltering of faith.

4407. The ecstasy of aspiration-flames

Yesterday my mind treasured
The fantasy of desire-fire.
Today my heart is treasuring
The ecstasy of aspiration-flames.

4408. The right to choose

Give your soul the right to choose,
Give your mind the right to express.
You will be able to enjoy infinite Delight
In your Lord’s complete Satisfaction-Heart.

4409. Against my heart's climbing cry

Against my heart’s climbing cry
No opposition can dare
To have any permanency.

4410. The poor cry of my heart

The poor cry of my aspiration-heart
And the rich Smile
Of my Lord’s Compassion-Eye
Forever and forever
Shall live in each other.

4411. Your heart is playing with God

It is absolutely unnecessary
For your mind to pray to God
Since your heart is playing with God
All the time.

4412. If you are truly faithful

If you are truly faithful,
Then only are you entitled
To worship the true God.

4413. One way to do the right thing

There is only one way
To do the right thing
And that is by becoming another God.

4414. First be sure

First be sure
That your heart is crying.
Only then can you expect
God’s Eye to smile.

4415. Your own imperfection-nights

To be truly happy
You must do two things:
You must overlook
The imperfection-evenings of others;
You must look over
Your own imperfection-nights.

4416. O fault-finder

O fault-finder,
I have all along been with you.
Now I definitely want to switch sides.
I want to spend the rest of my life
With the fault-mender.

4417. Only two questions to answer

You have only two questions to answer:
Earth wants to know
Where you have come from;
Heaven wants to know
Where you are going.

4418. For your permanent safety

For your permanent safety
Find God’s Compassion-Heart
Nobody will be able to bind your life
And nobody will be able to blind your eyes.

4419. Seconds count

Seconds count,
Especially when you want
Your doubting mind to starve.
Seconds count,
Especially when you want
To regularly feed and strengthen
Your aspiring heart.

4420. If you want to alter your life

If you want to alter your life
Then place your gratitude-heart
On the altar of your life.

4421. I admire your life

I admire your mind
Because you are a believer.
I admire your heart
Because you are a lover.
I admire your life
Because you are a server.

4422. Free access

Everybody has a free access
To my outer home.
But I shall grant free access
To my inner home
Only to the God-lover.

4423. Two persons love me

Two persons love me:
Satan and God.
Satan loves me so that
He can use me as his faithful slave.
God loves me so that
He can have me as His cheerful friend.

4424. A false start

Aspiration without dedication
Will not win the race.
Dedication without aspiration
Is bound to make a false start.

4425. Thank God for everything

Thank God for everything you have.
For example,
If you thank God
For your vital impurity,
It will diminish.
If you thank God
For your psychic purity,
It will increase beyond measure.

4426. A response to God's Call

The inner cry of a seeker’s heart
Is not an emergency call.
It is a regular and unfailing response
To God’s Call.

4427. My heart longs to work for God

The difference between
My mind and my heart
Is this:
My mind wants to play with God,
My heart longs to work for God.

4428. Everything that is

Everything that is
Is a golden opportunity to realise God.
Therefore, do not withdraw
From the battlefield of life.

4429. The inner world gives me ecstasies

The outer world gave me fantasies,
And the outer world can and will
Take them away
Sooner or later.
The inner world gives me ecstasies
And it will never take them away.

4430. My heart practises forgiveness

My mind studies compassion.
That’s all.
My heart practises compassion.
Something more:
It practises forgiveness too.

4431. Determination unleashed

Determination unleashed,
Destination reached,
God the Satisfaction-Dreamer
Within and without pleased.

4432. Two ways to while away your time

There are two ways
To while away your time:
Pray to God’s Heart
Meditate on God’s Eye.

4433. Completely safe

I am completely safe
Only when I am in between
My heart’s ascending cry
My soul’s descending smile.

4434. Your mind's tempest-doubts

Your mind’s tempest-doubts
Can easily be brought under your control.
Just place them immediately under the eye
Of your heart-haven.

4435. His heart's gratitude-speed

A true God-server knows
That his heart’s gratitude-speed
Is infinitely faster
Than anything else in God’s entire creation.

4436. A faithless seeker betrays

A faithful seeker stays.
A faithless seeker betrays.
Something more:
He eventually destroys himself.

4437. Empty to the core

Those who are not consciously aspiring
Will ultimately come to realise
That they have all along been utterly false
And completely empty to the core.

4438. The vision-free intuition

I do not need and I shall never need
The illusion-bound intellect.
I need and I shall always need
The vision-free intuition
To please my Lord Supreme
In His own Way.

4439. My mind's silence-sea

My mind’s silence-sea
Means God the Beautiful
Is all for me.

4440. Do not ignore me

O my beautiful world,
Speak ill of me
If you want to,
Spread gossip about me
If you want to,
But please, please,
Do not ignore me.

4441. Only one way to be free

There is only one way to be free,
And that way is to be always bound
To God’s Compassion-Eye
And God’s Forgiveness-Heart.

4442. Oneness-Home

If you think,
You will be far away
From Oneness-Home.

If you cry,
You will be on your way
To Oneness-Home.

4443. Believe and obey

Believe and obey,
Obey and believe:
This is the only way
To manifest the Lord’s Day
Every day.

4444. Keep your heart always open

Keep your heart always open
Save and except
To the frequent invitation
Of ignorance-night.

4445. Who is right?

Who is right
If not my God, the Compassion-Sun?
What is right
If not my constant attempt
To achieve an unconditional surrender-life?

4446. A gracious invitation

God will send you
A gracious early-morning invitation
To come to His Heart-Abode
If you can keep your heart
Every morning
Pure and spacious.

4447. I must not delay!

I must not delay!
My Lord Supreme Himself
Is eagerly waiting for me.
I must not fear!
My Lord Supreme Himself
Is running speedily
To my immediate rescue.
I shall quench His earth-bound Thirst
And He will feed my Heaven-free hunger.

4448. Examine your love

Examine your love.
Is it self-love?
Then transform it into God-love.
Is it God-love?
Then multiply it quickly
In the urgency of today
And in the immediacy of now.

4449. Can you not do the same?

I use my mind
To see God’s Beauty-Eye
In your mind.
I use my heart
To feel God’s Bounty-Heart
In your heart.
Can you not do the same,
So that we two can be perfect instruments
Of our Beloved Supreme?

4450. Quality, not quantity!

Quality, not quantity!
Quantity is when
My pride-intoxicated mind
Talks about God.
Quality is when
My heart’s mounting cry
Unconditionally obeys God.

4451. My Supreme's most perfect holiday

I am praying most soulfully
So that my Lord Supreme
Can enjoy His most perfect holiday
Inside my heart today.

4452. Two kinds of persons

I admire only two kinds of persons:
The heart-crier
The life-smiler.

4453. With my glowing aspiration

With my teeming desires
I richly experience life.
With my glowing aspiration
I go beyond the experience of death.

4454. I wish to be that inner cry

There is a special inner cry
For every hour,
And I wish to be that inner cry
To illumine the human in me,
To manifest the divine in me
And to satisfy the Supreme in me.

4455. Unless I disown my bondage-life

Unless I vehemently and permanently
Disown my bondage-life,
How can my Lord Supreme grant me
His Eternity’s Freedom-Breath,
And how can I claim Him
As my own, very own?

4456. A new start

From my mind
I need a new departure.
With my heart
I need a new start.

4457. The inner courage comes to stay

The outer difficulties come
Eventually to go.
The inner courage comes
Permanently to stay.

4458. Two most powerful realities

Two most powerful realities
Do not meet with any opposition:
My life’s humility-light
My heart’s oneness-delight.

4459. A secure heart

An insecure heart
Is a panic-monger.
A secure heart
Is not only a God-lover
But also a God-distributor.

4460. You must not declare

You must not declare
To the world at large
Your vast capacity-sky.
Do not even dare to commit it
To writing!

4461. Two questions torment me

Is it true
That I love myself all the time?
Is it true
That God needs me every day?
These two questions torment me

4462. A fault-redeemer

Yesterday I was a fault-maker.
Today I am a fault-finder.
Tomorrow I shall be a fault-mender.
And the day after tomorrow
I shall be a fault-redeemer.

4463. Give God the first choice

In your life
Give God the first choice.
God will definitely share with you
His Satisfaction-Voice.

4464. Two special homes

I have two very special homes:
My life’s newness-home
And my heart’s oneness-home.
My Lord Supreme has a very special fondness
For these two homes.

4465. Where is my perfect perfection?

Where is my perfect Perfection?
My perfect Perfection is in
My self-transcending and God-pleasing

4466. Why do you think you are alone?

You fool,
How and why do you think
That you are alone?
Why do you forget
That your heart is of God
And your mind is all the time
Close to God?

4467. I am on my way back home

With my desire-life
I went away from my home.
But now, with my aspiration-life
I am on my way back
To my Eternity’s sweet and trance-bound home.

4468. Do not just sit there

Do not just sit there.
Stand up!
Do not just stand.
Start running!
If you cannot run,
Start walking at least.
Can you not see that your Beloved Supreme
Is eagerly waiting for you?

4469. Your heart will help you

Your great mind
Either may not or cannot
Help you reach the shoreless Shore
Of Silence-Delight.
But your good heart
Can easily help you
And definitely will help you
Reach your Golden Shore.

4470. My aspiration is not for self-denial

My aspiration is not for self-denial.
My dedication is not for self-assertion.
My aspiration is for
My Lord’s Compassion-Eye.
My dedication is for
My Lord’s Satisfaction-Heart.

4471. You are not advanced enough

Today you are not advanced enough
To live by faith alone.
Tomorrow you will not be advanced enough
To live only for God.
But the day after, you will be both.

4472. To live in Eternity's failure-cry

To live a life
Without the purity of prayer
And without the divinity of meditation
Is to live in Eternity’s failure-cry.

4473. Freedom from imperfection-cave

Freedom from the mind’s imperfection-cave
Automatically shows you
The beauty, purity and divinity
Of your heart’s perfection-palace.

4474. Ready to forget my past

Unless I am all ready
To forget my most deplorable past,
How can my Lord Supreme
Forgive my deplorable past?

4475. At God's choice Hour

As the seed germinates
At God’s choice Hour,
Even so, your heart’s aspiration-flower
Will bloom at God’s choice Hour.
Just wait and see.

4476. No time to be sick

A genuine God-lover has no time
To be mentally stupid
In his outer life
Or emotionally sick
In his inner life.

4477. Teeming clouds appear

In the mental world
Teeming clouds appear
When the seeker is false
To his heart’s aspiration-flames
His life’s dedication-plants.

4478. A tremendous loss

Your own aspiration-absence
And your own dedication-failure
Will definitely bring about
A tremendous loss to the world at large.

4479. A hopeful prince-seeker

In the spiritual life
A hopeless beggar-seeker
Is a complete stranger
To God’s Compassion-Eye.

In the spiritual life
A hopeful prince-seeker
Is extremely dear
To God’s Satisfaction-Heart.

4480. The pretence-sword

You pretend, he pretends, I pretend —
Will we ever learn
How powerful and destructive
The pretence-sword is
When we cleverly and unnoticeably
Thrust it at one another?

4481. The God-discovery test

As long as you enjoy
The game of self-interest,
You will not be able to take
The God-discovery test.

4482. Pray like a truth-seeker

Pray like a truth-seeker.
Your searching mind will be happy.
Meditate like a God-lover.
Your aspiring heart will be happy.

4483. My Lord's Forgiveness-Light

My Lord’s Forgiveness-Light
Outlives my ignorance-night,
And my ingratitude-depth
Outlives my Lord’s Forgiveness-Light.

4484. To sing and dance in silence

A beautiful thought and a soulful cry
Are entitled to sing and dance
In silence
With the morning stars.

4485. Somebody to carry your load

You want somebody else
To carry your load.
Granted, somebody else is ready
To carry your load.
But do you ever think
Who will carry his load?
Perhaps your own oneness-heart.

4486. Two morning messages

“Thinking forbidden!”
This is the first message I read this morning
On the silver tablet
Of my God-searching mind.

“Worrying forbidden!”
This is the second message I read this morning
On the golden tablet
Of my God-loving heart.

4487. The noisy self-assertion of my vital

The noisy self-assertion of my vital,
The busy self-confusion of my mind
And the crazy self-perfection of my body
Are preventing me every day
From walking with my Lord Supreme.

4488. My silence-life knows

My sound-mind thinks:
“I possibly can.”
My silence-heart knows:
“I eternally am.”

4489. Pray to God

Before meditation
Pray to God to give you
A silence-mind.

During meditation
Pray to God to give you
Direction to reach your destined goal.

After meditation
Pray to God to give you
A surrender-heart and a gratitude-life.

4490. Not how busy, but why

Not how busy you are
But why you are busy
Is what matters.
Are you busy because
Your mind is criticising everyone
Or because your heart is loving everyone?

4491. Were you there this morning?

Were you there
In front of your shrine
This morning
To increase your heart’s aspiration-cry
And your life’s dedication-smile?

4492. I am so happy and fortunate

I am so happy and fortunate
That my mind deeply appreciates
My heart’s God-delight
And my heart deeply appreciates
My mind’s God-search.

4493. An eternal Now

I have created today
For my Lord Supreme,
And my Lord Supreme
Is creating for me
An eternal Now.

4494. Make up your mind!

Make up your mind!
Don’t allow your mind to sleep.
Be determined!
Ask your vital to shut up.
Even the all-compassionate God
Is sick of its boasting.

4495. Where is the difference?

Where is the difference
Between a mind of insincerity
And a life of incapacity?
No difference!

4496. How you are old

You are old;
That everybody knows.
But how you are old —
That you alone know.
And why you are old —
That you can dare to hear
Only from yourself.

4497. The creation of Light

The creation of Light
Knows what it has:
A cry for Divinity’s unknown Love.

The creation of Delight
Knows what it has:
A cry for Immortality’s
Unknowable Oneness.

4498. Our precious gifts

He and I exchanged our precious gifts.
He gave me His boundless Joy
And I gave Him my ignorance-toy.

4499. In the psychic world

In the vital world
Every day I used my ambition-mind
To make my life happy.

Now in the psychic world
All the time I use
My aspiration-heart
To make myself happy.

4500. God will complete it for you

If you just think of your transformation,
Then it may seem
That you have to do it yourself.
If you feel the need for transformation,
Then it may seem
That God may do it for you.
But if you have started working
On your transformation,
Then God will, without fail,
Complete it for you.
Not only that,
He will do it amazingly fast.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the forty-fifth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

H.E. Mr Donald F. McHenry, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, joins Sri Chinmoy and the Meditation Group at the United Nations in a tribute to Dr Martin Luther King, Jr on 15 January 1980.

Editor's note

Some poems in this first edition were later selected by the author for a special collection of 207 Flower-Flames (FFP). The author also chose to revise some of his original poems for this anthology:

FF-4401: FFP 144 (revised version).

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