Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 47

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4601. The lost God-Hour

Who says that nothing can bring back
The lost God-Hour?
You can easily bring back the God-Hour
If you can turn each and every breath
Of your life
Into a beautiful and soulful

4602. If your heart has confidence

If your heart has confidence
In full measure,
Only then will your mind be entitled
To have peace,
The treasure of treasures.

4603. Two rarities

Two rarities
In the world of manifestation:
My aspiring heart’s universal beauty
My loving soul’s transcendental truth.

4604. Two kinds of responsibility

There are two kinds of responsibility.
One is preparation
And the other is realisation.
Preparation is your responsibility.
Realisation is God’s Responsibility.

4605. God will keep you from swaying

God will always keep you from swaying
If your inner name
Is diamond faith
And your outer name
Is golden determination.

4606. If you fear God

If you fear God,
Then you do not have to fear anybody.
But if you love God,
Then you also have to love everybody.

4607. Compromise-stupidity

You are indeed a fool!
Therefore, you put all your faith
In compromise-stupidity.
If you were wise,
Then you would be brave enough
To not even look in the direction
Of frustrating and devastating compromise.

4608. Your own most irresponsible slave

Unless and until your heart
Has become a sea of purity,
You are bound to remain
Your own most irresponsible slave
And your own worst enemy.

4609. A heart of love

You can keep your own achievements,
Since they are all yours.
I beg of you only to give me
A small portion of the thing
That I have given you:
A heart of love.

4610. If you are awakened

If you are not awakened,
Your days and nights do not belong to you;
They belong to Satan.
If you are awakened,
You are not only the possessor
Of your own days and nights
But also the possessor
Of God’s Days and Nights.

4611. The only offering

Your oneness-love is the only offering
That satisfies God’s hungry Heart
And quenches man’s thirsty life.

4612. Faith does not govern

Faith does not govern,
But reason does.
Why then do we not embrace faith
And enjoy our own independence?

4613. When will you free me?

My Lord,
When will You free me
From the wild impatience of my mind,

My Lord,
When will You free me
From the blind ingratitude of my heart,

4614. God's Eye is upon you

God’s Eye is upon you
Not because you worship Him,
But because He has taken you
As His choice warship
To fight against darkness-night.

4615. A new world of today

You cannot change the past.
You may not change the future.
But you can change the present
And create a new world of today
To love you and please you
And thus fulfil the soul of your life
In the eternal Now.

4616. Only one reality

What is in store for tomorrow?
This is your query.
But I am telling you,
Try to swim in the sea
Of the mind’s tranquillity.
Then you will see
There is only one reality,
And that is today
Inside the heart of Eternity’s
Ever-blossoming dawn.

4617. Yield to God's Will

Yield to God’s Will.
A difficult task, no doubt,
But not an impossible task!
If you yield to God’s Will,
God’s Compassion will think of you powerfully
And God’s Satisfaction will direct you
In many surprising ways.

4618. To shun the noise of folly

It is not an easy task
To shun the noise of folly.
But if you can succeed,
Then the voice of Immortality
Will not only speak through you
But also for you.

4619. The manifesting reality

If you are a Heaven-free will,
Then nothing can overrule
The manifesting reality
Of your transcending vision.

4620. Nothing is so unkind

Nothing is so unkind
As your mind’s impurity.
Nothing is so brutal
As your heart’s ingratitude.

4621. If your heart is rich in hope

If your heart is rich in hope,
You will be granted a climbing rope
That reaches God’s Compassion-Sky
And Satisfaction-Sun.

4622. The song of beauty

The future poets
Shall sing only one song:
The song of beauty
Inside the simplicity-heart
Of a profundity-soul.

4623. You are a fool

You are a fool
If you mistake earth for Heaven.
You are a greater fool
If you mistake Heaven for earth.
You are the greatest fool
If you do not know
How to cry soulfully with earth
How to smile powerfully with Heaven.

4624. Your enthusiasm needs devotion

Tell your enthusiasm
That it needs devotion.
Tell your devotion
That it needs intensity.
Tell your intensity
That it needs oneness.
Tell your oneness
That it needs purity.

4625. Deathless deserts of Eternity

If your life lives
Inside the snares of pleasure,
Then you will ultimately be forced
To make friends with
The deathless deserts
Of Infinity’s Eternity.

4626. Cleverly you surrender

Secretly plus vehemently
You fight against
God’s Justice-Light.

Openly, cleverly, loudly and speedily
You surrender to
God’s Justice-Light.

4627. The eve of your mind

Open the eyelids of your heart’s morn.
Then the eve of your mind
Will not be able to darken
Your life’s dedication-door.

4628. If your life has the quantity

If your life has the quantity
Of forgiveness-light,
Then God will grant you the quality
Of His Satisfaction-Delight.

4629. A pessimistic mind does not know

A pessimistic mind does not know
Why it suffers so much.
An optimistic heart does not know
Why and how it enjoys so much.
A realistic life does not know
Why a pessimistic mind and an optimistic heart
Do not offer their sorrows and joys
To God the eternal Enjoyer Supreme.

4630. Fiercer than arguments

Fiercer than arguments,
Sicker than doubts,
Thicker than disbeliefs,
Quicker than temptations:
This is what an ordinary human life is.

4631. Impurity binds you

Impurity, the monster,
Binds you and blinds your sight.
Purity, the emperor,
Liberates you and grants you
Its own ever-transcending freedom-tower.

4632. Tomorrow's ecstasy-hours

Do not be afraid of the piercing dart
Of today’s sorrow,
For tomorrow will dawn
With its ecstasy-hours
Of light and delight.

4633. A perpetual paradise-garden

If you see gratitude-plants around you
And if you feel gratitude-plants within you,
That means you have already planted
A perpetual paradise-garden
Not only for yourself but also for all mankind.

4634. God's Satisfaction claims you

If your mind houses a serious thought,
Earth admires you.
If your heart owns a spacious thought,
Heaven loves you.
If your life offers a precious thought,
Then God’s complete Satisfaction
Claims you as its very own.

4635. God's effulgent interpreter

On earth God’s Compassion-Might
Is God’s indulgent interpreter.
In Heaven God’s Justice-Height
Is God’s effulgent interpreter.

4636. If you sincerely feel the weight

If you sincerely feel the weight
Of your desire-chain,
Then God will allow you freely
To fly the aspiration-plane
In His Infinity’s Freedom-Sky.

4637. God the Compassion is watching

Cry soulfully
Not only for your safety from bondage-night
But also for your freedom-light.
God the Compassion is watching you,
So failure cannot darken your life’s door.

4638. God's unparalleled trumpet

When your heart becomes
The beauty of self-giving,
God claims you as
The unparalleled trumpet
Of His Vision-Promise to the world.

4639. His ancient heart tells him

His ancient heart tells him
That God is beautiful plus powerful.
His modern mind tells him
That God is either unmindful or doubtful.

4640. Inspiration, aspiration, dedication

Inspiration has kept
My mind alert.
Aspiration has kept
My heart active.
Dedication has kept
My life happy.

4641. The master of your destiny

You can be
The master of your destiny
If you can only have
A peaceful mind
A soulful heart.

4642. God's Satisfaction-Heart

My mind does not believe
In fault-finding.
My mind believes only
In fruitful understanding.
Therefore, God’s Satisfaction-Heart
Is fast approaching me.

4643. A new day of light

A new day of light
Is before me.
Therefore, my activity-life
Shall succeed.

A new night of peace
Is within me.
Therefore, my satisfaction-heart
Shall proceed.

4644. Your negative self-image

Of your very negative self-image,
Even God
Does not love you any more.

4645. God's Protection-Light

Man does not care to value
God’s Protection-Light
Until he is forced to enter
The valley of suffering-night
By the forces undivine.

4646. Two wisdom-prayers

My Lord,
I have only two wisdom-prayers:
Even when I love You,
You do not have to be available.
Even when I please You,
You do not have to be changeable.

4647. I shall grow into miracle-delight

I believed in miracle-power.
I expect miracle-light.
I shall grow into miracle-delight.

4648. A life-perfecting incident

You call it an accident.
I call it a life-perfecting incident.
God calls it a manifested reality
Of His Vision-Delight.

4649. What God needs from me

What God needs from me
Is a beautiful heart.
What I need from God
Is a powerful Smile.

4650. The freedom of the unifying heart

The freedom of the separating mind
Is slavery.
The freedom of the unifying heart
Is self-mastery.

4651. When the heart functions properly

When the heart functions properly,
How close the entire world seems
Even when it is far away.

4652. Truth that needs explanation

Truth that needs explanation
Is no truth.
Oneness that needs perfection
Is no oneness.

4653. Before the heart can discover

The mind
Has to uncover its night
Before the heart
Can discover its delight.

4654. Two fulfilling compeers

The tolerance of a saint
And the reverence of a sinner
Are two truly fulfilling compeers.

4655. A stark fool

He is a stark fool
Who longs for beautiful dreams
And is afraid of fruitful silence.

4656. Experience says

Faith says:
God is the divine Emperor.
Experience says:
God is the supreme Lover.

4657. The ancient delight

The present-day world
Is nothing but a transient entertainment.
Therefore, how can we have here
The ancient delight
Of the universal Oneness-Soul?

4658. The hunger of my soul

I can satisfy
The hunger of my body.
But only God
The unconditional Compassion
Can satisfy
The hunger of my soul.

4659. A speedy deliverance

No matter what the mind does
Or what the mind is,
The heart always desires
A speedy deliverance for the mind.

4660. A most deplorable disappointment

Anything other than,
Anything less than
Is a most deplorable disappointment.

4661. Then you will be protected

If your outer life
Is silver simplicity
And your inner life
Is golden sincerity,
Then you will be protected against
All the forces of destruction.

4662. Do not overfeed your mind

Do not feed your mind
Beyond its power of receptivity,
For you will be hopelessly snared
And brought into wild confusion
And stark bondage.

4663. Empty the mind every day

The earth-bound mind
Has to be emptied every day
If one wants to be
An unmistakable success
With no frustrating strains
And devastating confusions.

4664. I shall only look for vision-light

I shall not question circumstances.
I shall only look for vision-light
Here, there and all-where.

4665. My final choice

I have made my final choice.
I shall listen to You, my Lord,
And not voice my teeming complaints.

4666. Your challenging will

Cast aside
Your bewildering thought-life.
Lo, your challenging will
Is fast approaching you.

4667. My mind's desire-life thrives

My mind’s desire-life thrives
On success-night.
My heart’s aspiration-life thrives
On progress-light.
And I thrive
On God’s Compassion-Height.

4668. All your requests are granted

First become God’s choice instrument.
You will see that already
All your requests are granted
The needed help is provided.

4669. The secret of my victories

My adamantine determination
Is the secret of my every outer victory.
My soulful gratitude
Is the secret of my every inner victory.

4670. If God compassionately needs you

If God compassionately needs you,
Then He unmistakably needs
All your heavy burdens as well.

4671. The dreaming mind

If the doubting mind
Does not know where God is,
Then how can the dreaming mind
Know who God is?

4672. My surrendering will

My fighting will
Is nothing but a burnt-out candle.
My surrendering will
Is all illumination.

4673. The unparalleled winner

Give yourself away
To your greedy mind:
Lo, you are totally lost.

Give yourself away
To your hungry heart:
Behold, you are the unparalleled winner.

4674. Become a breathless dreamer

Become a breathless dreamer.
God will tell the whole world
That you are His ceaseless lover.

4675. Eternally mutual admirers

God the universal Beauty
And God the transcendental Truth
Are eternally mutual admirers.

4676. It is time to be ashamed

You love your mind unreservedly,
Yet your mind does not care for you.
Do you not think that it is high time
For you to be ashamed of yourself?

Your heart loves you untiringly,
Yet you do not care for your heart.
Do you not think that it is high time
For you to be ashamed of yourself?

4677. To be closer to God

To be closer to God,
Be a better cry
Have a better smile.

4678. God's Heart wants to know

Man’s mind wants to know
Who has the light.
God’s Heart wants to know
Who needs the light.

4679. My heart is an aspiration-garden

You think of God
Because you are happy.
He thinks of God
Because he is unhappy.
I think of God
Because my mind is a confusion-jungle
And my heart is an aspiration-garden.

4680. My loving service

I have yet to meet
A man of ignorance
Who does not rightly deserve
My loving service.

4681. No partition

There is neither a visible
Nor an invisible partition
Between self-giving and God-becoming.

4682. He discovered God

He discovered God
Not in his deep meditation.
He discovered God
The moment he softly
But dauntlessly
Uncovered his heart.

4683. My Lord's eternally loving task

I do not have to find fault
With myself incessantly.
Others are eagerly waiting for that job.

I do not have to love myself
That is my Lord’s eternally loving task.

4684. Something precious for the future

If you are going to save
Something precious for the future,
Then do not forget to put away
A large portion of your gratitude-heart
For the person who has taught you the lesson
Of self-transcendence.

4685. An opportunity for God

If at every moment
I take God as my supreme necessity,
Then at every moment
I become God’s fulfilling opportunity.

4686. The winner of God

A heart of soulfulness
Is the winner of love.
A life of oneness
Is the winner of God.

4687. What my heart needs

What my mind needs is wisdom,
And that wisdom is my faith.
What my heart needs is surrender,
And that surrender is
My complete satisfaction.

4688. The most fruitful treasures

Meditate, meditate, meditate!
You are bound to get
The most fruitful treasures,
But only if you can dare to ignore
The very idea of any reward.

4689. Let us welcome the inevitable

Let us welcome the inevitable
Well in advance
So that abiding peace
Can start reigning supreme
Inside our heart’s aspiration-cry.

4690. Your heart-safe

You are looking for the right thing
But you are looking in the wrong place.
You are looking for peace, joy,
Love and satisfaction
Inside your mind-mailbox daily.
But that is the wrong place.
The right place is inside
Your larger than the largest
And safer than the safest heart-safe.

4691. No joy in your mind-cave

You will find no joy in your mind-cave,
No matter how many times a day
You enter it.
Joy is where your loving heart is.
Joy is where your strong life is.

4692. Your aspiring heart will lead you

Your doubting mind will haunt you,
For that is its very nature.

Your aspiring heart will lead you
And guide you,
For that is the only lesson
God has lovingly and carefully taught it.

4693. Three obstinate questions

Three obstinate questions:
Why do I need God?
Why does God remain invisible?
Is there anybody in God’s entire creation
Who can dare to show me
The Face of God the Beautiful
The Heart of God the Bountiful?

4694. My Lord's illumining Blessings

My life is surcharged
With my Lord’s biting criticisms
And my Lord’s illumining Blessings.
His hurtful scoldings help my mind
Sooner than at once
To sink into the abysmal abyss.
His blessingful Love helps my heart
Sooner than at once
To reach my pinnacle-height of gratitude.

4695. Even if I change

Even if I change,
Even if my heart is totally transformed,
My dividing and doubting mind
Is not going to enjoy
The beauty and divinity
Of my transformed heart.

4696. His heart has experienced

His heart has experienced
The outer world wisely,
To disown it.

His mind has experienced
The inner world cleverly,
To own it.

4697. Your mind's constant resistance

Your mind’s constant resistance
To receiving light
Is the hindrance
That is most difficult to surmount.

4698. My life-boat plies

When I have freedom in my human love,
I make undesirable mistakes.
When I have love in my divine freedom,
My life-boat plies
Between perfection-shore
And satisfaction-shore.

4699. God's Freedom-Light

Your mind is its own slave.
Why do you want
And how can you want
Your mind to inherit God’s Freedom-Light?
It is only your heart, your free-born heart,
That can inherit God’s Freedom-Light.

4700. Your heart is always infallible

Your mind is telling you
That you are facing
Trials and tribulations.

Your heart is telling you
That God is illumining
Your unlit path.

And I am telling you
That your heart
Is always infallible.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the forty-seventh volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

On 23 April 1982 the Meditation Group at the United Nations formally congratulated Dr Robert Muller on his appointment as Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Social Matters. In gratitude for the guidance and support that Dr Muller has offered to the Group over the years, Sri Chinmoy presented him with a plaque and flowers, saying, “This is a humble token of our deepest admiration for you — for what you have been doing not only for the United Nations but for the entire world. We see in you the life of pure dedication and the life of constant inspiration to all of humanity.”

Dr Muller replied, “I would like to express my gratitude for all you have always meant to me. Thank God we have a Meditation Group at the United Nations. Spirituality has to spread.”

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