Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 48

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4701. Go and see God personally

Be not afraid!
Take the first step.
Go and see God personally.
His Omnipotence will prove to you
That it is also His universal Love.

4702. Your life-story

The world is eager to hear
Your life-story.
If you want to tell your story
In an interesting and arresting way,
Then become a prayerful heart
And a soulful life.

4703. An aspiring man

An unaspiring man can at most show
The possibilities of man.
An aspiring man reveals
The inevitabilities of God.

4704. I can afford to lose everything

In my outer life
I can afford to lose everything
Save my inspiration-light.

In my inner life
I can afford to lose everything
Save my aspiration-height.

4705. God's Compassion-Story

God is ready to tell you
His Compassion-Story.
But are you ready to listen to it
With your prayerful breath?

4706. A new faith in God

Unless your heart develops
A new faith in God,
Why should God dance before you
His Infinity’s immortal Dance?

4707. Stand firmly against your mind

Stand firmly against your mind,
For it is delaying you indefinitely
From fully qualifying yourself
As a choice instrument
Of your Lord Supreme.

4708. The Supreme in me

The animal in me
Is all ignorance-night.
The human in me
Is all knowledge-light.
The divine in me
Is all wisdom-delight.
The Supreme in me
Is all Self-Transcendence-Height.

4709. If your mind purifies

If your mind purifies
Its own intention-night,
Then God’s Heart will give you
Its own Perfection-Light.

4710. A secret communication

If you despair no more
And desire a new life,
Then you will be able to enjoy
A secret communication
With the sacred God.

4711. Each soulful dream

Each soulful dream
Awakens a powerful reality.
Each powerful reality
Sings and plays
With God’s Satisfaction-Delight.

4712. Discouragement never glorifies

Discouragement never satisfies my vital.
Discouragement never rectifies my mind.
Discouragement never purifies my heart.
Discouragement never glorifies my life.

4713. A God-intoxicated man

Only a God-intoxicated man
Knows that God’s Compassion-Ocean
Can never be emptied.

4714. No hidden snare

No hidden snare inside you
To catch you.
No, none!
Dive deep within
Only to be caught
By God’s fondest Embrace.

4715. How can you catch a glimpse?

Until you are prepared to demolish
Your temptation-instigating ignorance-house,
How can you catch a glimpse
Of God’s magic Glance
Which will radically transform your life?

4716. If your heart pines to discover

If your heart pines to discover
Life’s mystic fount,
Then discontinue
Your long-standing association
With the frowns of ignorance-night.

4717. Accomplices of death

Four powerful accomplices of death:
An uncertainty-body,
An impurity-vital,
An insincerity-mind,
An insecurity-heart.

4718. The inner wisdom of self-perfection

Neither the knowledge of self-glorification
Nor the knowledge of self-immolation
Can carry us
To the pinnacle-heights.
For that, what we need
Is the inner wisdom
Of self-perfection.

4719. The goal of humanity

The goal of humanity will remain unseen
Until humanity is eager to play
Its self-dedication-role.

4720. How can you expect?

Since your challenge
Was not too big,
How can you expect
A big reward?

4721. The soul knows what purity is

The soul knows what purity is.
Therefore, the soul is always ready
To vouch for the authenticity
Of the heart’s purity.

4722. Do not join the giant intellects

If you want to go beyond
The limits of teeming doubts,
Then do not join the giant intellects
In their encircled confusion-march.

4723. The rare opportunity

God has given you
The rare opportunity
To serve Him in humanity.
Do not be afraid
Of the world’s mounting criticism.
You obey God.
At God’s choice Hour
God will show them Light as well.

4724. The good heart of earth

Become the good heart of earth.
Lo, God is rewarding you
With the Vision-Eye of Heaven.

4725. A self-giving life

A poor mind complains.
A rich heart maintains
Its oneness all the time
With God the creation.
A self-giving life contains
And entertains together
God the Creator and God the creation.

4726. God's Tower of infinite Delight

Ask your vital to yield without delay
To God’s Compassion-Power,
So that your life can see
And your heart can feel
God’s Tower of infinite Delight.

4727. Your heart's climbing prayers

O hungry, homeless humanity,
You can and you must
Change your fate.
Just have complete faith
In the fulfilment
Of your heart’s climbing prayers.

4728. The silence that moves my heart

The silence that moves my heart
Is divinely beautiful.
The silence that removes my ignorance-burden
Is supremely powerful.

4729. Hope helps my unbelief

Hope helps my unbelief.
Hope treasures my belief.
Hope carries my heart’s preparation-light.
Hope soars beyond within.

4730. A divinely new belief

Because tomorrow
Your mind will adopt
A divinely new belief,
Today your heart
Is heaving a sigh
Of amazingly abiding relief.

4731. Do chasten my mind

My Lord,
Do chasten my mind
So that my heart can hasten
Towards Your Heavenly Light,
Piercing the clouds of ignorance-night.

4732. Your solitude-life

If God does not approve,
Then give up your longing for solitude.
Your solitude-life will secretly steal away
Even the little mental equilibrium
You now have.

4733. A seeker's first necessity

A seeker’s first necessity
Is to see the Beauty
Of God’s Face.
His last necessity
Is to realise the Truth
Of God’s Heart.

4734. God-tuned souls

You can broadcast
Only to God-tuned souls
That God has been starving on earth
For perfection in man
From time immemorial.

4735. Between your soul and God's Heart

If God fulfils all your desires,
Then between your soul and God’s Heart
Only one thing you will unmistakably see:
An imponderable sigh.

4736. What you are is important

What you feel
May not be important or significant,
But what you are
Is not only important to your evolving life,
But also significant to your manifesting soul.

4737. Twice I become a victim to sadness

Twice I become a victim to sadness:
Once when the illumination-dreams
Of my aspiring heart remain unfulfilled;
Once when the temptation-dreams
Of my doubting mind are fulfilled.

4738. Take anything you want

If you are not sincere,
God will ask others
To investigate your authenticity.

If you are sincere,
God will allow you
Not only to investigate Him,
But also to take anything you want or need
From Him.

4739. Aspiration and dedication

Aspiration has a beautiful heart
And aspiration is a climbing tree.

Dedication has a fruitful life
And dedication is a flowing river.

The goal of the climbing tree
Is to reach the highest height
And become one with Eternity’s Beauty.

The goal of the running river
Is to enter into the vast sea
And become one with Infinity’s Reality.

4740. When my mind dictates

When my mind does not think,
It plays the role of useless continuation.

When my mind thinks,
It plays the role of fruitless contradiction.

When my mind dictates,
It plays the role of endless confusion.

4741. The distance

The distance
Between our preparation and our destination
Is the same as the distance
Between our necessity’s flawless choice
Our intensity’s soundless voice.

4742. My heart's resources

My heart’s resources
Are infinitely more
In quality and quantity
Than my life’s requirements.

4743. When I smile and meditate

When I cry and pray,
I see God’s Hand protecting me carefully.

When I smile and meditate,
I feel God’s Heart loving me powerfully.

4744. The only place to hide

The only place to hide
My life’s teeming imperfections
Is inside the Compassion-Eye
Of my Lord Supreme,
Secret and sacred.

4745. A well-devoted life

A well-devoted life
Is absolutely the perfect indication
Of a well-nourished heart.

4746. How can you show your love?

You fool!
How can you show
Your unreserved love for the Supreme
Before you have lived unconditionally
For Him alone?

4747. Your heart's fruitful peace

A doubting mind
A strangling vital
Have been plotting against
Your heart’s fruitful peace.
Be careful!

4748. What your soul likes most

Do you know what your soul likes most?
Your soul likes most to unlearn
Every evening
All the things that your mind has taught you
During the day.

4749. Quarreling with happiness

You are quarreling
With your own happiness
When you allow your mind
To feed its doubts
And when you allow your heart
To feed its insecurities.

4750. Death's breath is powerful

Death’s breath is powerful
But not immortal.
Life’s breath is sorrowful
But eventually becomes
Cheerfully immortal.

4751. Your life is mercilessly caught

If you think that your life
Is empty of hope,
That means you have allowed your life
To be mercilessly caught
By a strong and endless rope.

4752. A complete picture

Self-help and God-service
Must be cultivated side by side
To draw a complete picture
Of the divine man
Inside the heart of humanity.

4753. Each opportunity

An unaspiring man uses each opportunity
For self-seeking and self-aggrandisement.
An aspiring seeker uses each opportunity
For God-seeking and God-contentment.

4754. Each trial can unveil

Do not dislike trials.
Each trial can unveil
One of your divine virtues
And bring to light
One of your long-forgotten hidden treasures.

4755. The Blessings of God

The Blessings of God
Are perverted into evils
By the lower vital world.

The trials of this world
Are converted into the Blessings of God
By the higher vital world.

4756. If you have implicit faith in God

If you have implicit faith in God,
Then God will give you
The beauty of patience
The purity of self-transcendence.

If you do not have
Even an iota of faith in God,
Then you are bound to suffer
From your own impatience, frustration
And discontent.

4757. Appreciate your aspiration-heart

If you are really great and good,
Then every day you must highly appreciate
Your aspiration-heart,
For it has shown you
The sunlit path of life.

4758. Appreciate your dedication-life

If you are really great and good,
Then every day you must highly appreciate
Your dedication-life,
For it has given you
The power of self-control.
And to your extreme joy and satisfaction,
Nobody else but you yourself
Has command over you.

4759. If you are so afraid of death

If you are so afraid of death,
Just take death as a return home.
Then no fear can attack your mind
And no doubt can torture your heart.

4760. A sincere and soulful thought

I have realised
One most significant thing:
A sincere and soulful thought
Is an unshakable self-confidence.

4761. It is not true!

Who says that there is
No armour against fate?
It is not true!

Who says that it is too late
To realise God?
It is not true!

4762. Ask the awakened soul

Ask the awakened soul
Why your ignorance-sleep
Makes you feel utterly ridiculous.
He has the immediate answer.

4763. Ecstasy's breath

Remembrance of your prosperity-life
Cannot give you ecstasy’s breath.
For ecstasy’s breath you need
An aspiration-heart of intensity.

4764. Your sense of self-importance

Your conscious sense of self-importance
And your unconscious love of indolence
Will eventually plus totally
Destroy you.

4765. Two fond friends

Man’s abiding sense of duty
And God’s descending Fragrance
Of Satisfaction
Are extremely fond of each other.

4766. Another chance

Attention, O my mind!
A spiritual surprise:
God is going to give you another chance
To become His choice instrument.
This time, be sure not to fail
Poor God.

4767. My choice must be followed

No doubt,
I have the free will
To choose between night and light.
But my choice is nothing
Unless it is followed
By my immediate and decisive
Heart’s cry and life’s smile.

4768. God's Compassion-Flood

There is nothing on earth
That God’s Compassion-Flood
Cannot transform.
It can easily change
The mind’s poison-doubt
Into the heart’s nectar-faith.

4769. Why do you allow?

You fool!
Why do you allow your impure mind
To be more zealous
Than your pure heart?
Why do you allow your destructive vital
To be more zealous
Than your creative heart?

4770. The peace-lovers

As there can be no war
Without the war-mongers,
Even so, there can be no peace
Without the peace-lovers.

4771. The throne of self-transcendence

Do not ride the mighty waves
Of dark despair
If you want to sit on the unparalleled throne
Of self-transcendence.

4772. Stop your blind suspicion

Stop, O mind, your blind suspicion,
Stop, O vital, your wild aggression,
If you do not stop,
Before long you will meet
Your own inevitable Waterloo.

4773. The quagmire of my insecurity

The deeper I enter
Into the quagmire of my human insecurity,
The more miserable
My divine soul becomes.

4774. You are allowed to speak for God

You are allowed to speak for God
Only after God Himself has acclaimed
Your heart’s purity-cry
Your life’s sincerity-smile.

4775. A faultless man

He has become a faultless man
Not by using his mighty arms
But by using his tiny, pure heart.

4776. The crown of life

Faith is the crown of life.
It is the motive-power unparalleled.
In human faith abides
God’s most precious Wealth:

4777. Heaven's indifferent eye

Heaven’s indifferent eye
Is killing my heart.
Alas, alas!

Earth’s non-committal voice
Is killing my life.
Alas, alas!

4778. Two special homes

God lives everywhere, true.
But He has two special homes:
Inside a humble heart
Inside a pure life.

4779. An answer

A soulful moment of powerful meditation
Is an answer
To a day of ruthless confusion-thoughts.

4780. Try to have an iota of gratitude

O shamelessly ungrateful mind of mine,
Try to have an iota of gratitude
Since you have been all the time staying
Under the protection-umbrella
Of God’s Compassion-Light.

4781. A veil over past differences

At long last
The heart that gives
And the mind that receives
Have drawn a veil
Over their past differences.

4782. On my silver dream's wings

On my silver dream’s wings
Every night I fly.
I reach Heaven free of charge
And sing with the cosmic gods,
Again free of charge.
They love me
And my heart’s ceaseless cry.
I love them
And their souls’ measureless smiles.

4783. If you are longing for perfection

If you are longing
For perfection in your nature
And satisfaction in your heart,
Then stand firm in support of
Your aspiration-cries and dedication-smiles.

4784. A paper tiger

My all-powerful Lord
Tells my soulful heart
That my ferociously doubtful mind
Is nothing but a paper tiger.

4785. Heaven's Eye

Heaven’s Eye
Is not more beautiful
Than earth’s heart.

Heaven’s sense of indifference
Is not more disheartening
Than earth’s ingratitude.

4786. Your eyes' omnipresence-calmness

If you want to feel
Your heart’s omnipotence-oneness,
Then you must see
Your eyes’ omnipresence-calmness.

4787. Two indispensable virtues

Integrity and intensity
Are two indispensable virtues
That enable the seeker to become
A choice instrument of his Beloved Supreme.

4788. Crying breathlessly

Crying breathlessly
Always helps us to reach
God’s Transcendence-Feet
Speedily plus smilingly.

4789. God's precious Heart

Unless you have
An unreservedly generous heart,
How can God proudly call you
His precious Heart?

4790. Only a heart of soulful gratitude

Only a heart of soulful gratitude
Has a free access
To Heaven’s Fulfilment-Door.

4791. Sorrowful evening news

Cheerful morning news:
My Lord is coming down
To give me His Infinity’s Delight.
Sorrowful evening news:
I was afraid to receive Him.
Therefore, He had to return
To His celestial Abode.
Alas, I know not
If ever He will come back again
With His celestial Gifts.

4792. Each cry of aspiration-hunger

Each cry of a seeker’s aspiration-hunger
Longs not only for peace
But also for its Source:

4793. Your chastening Eye

My sweet Lord,
Your forgiving Heart I soulfully,
Intensely and unreservedly love.
My Lord Supreme,
Your chastening Eye I unmistakably,
Desperately and sleeplessly need.

4794. To live in a soulful consciousness

According to God,
For a God-seeker to live
In a soulful consciousness,
He must concentrate energetically,
Meditate soulfully
Contemplate breathlessly.

4795. Live inside your heart

Why do you live inside your body
To become a puppet of your foe, fear?
Why do you live inside your mind
To become a puppet of your foe, doubt?
Live inside your heart
To become an admirer of your true friend,
Your soul.

4796. Your insecurity sees too little

You are stupid.
Therefore, your stupidity sees so much of me
That is actually unreal.

You are insecure.
Therefore, your insecurity sees too little of me
That is actually real.

4797. He is both useless and godless

He is prayerless.
That means
He is faithless.

He is faithless.
That means
He is loveless.

He is loveless.
That means
He is both useless and godless.

4798. He has conquered

Through the medium of admiration
He has conquered his mind.
Through the medium of love
He has conquered his heart.
Through the medium of affection
He has conquered his soul.
Through the medium of gratitude
He has conquered his Lord Supreme.

4799. Your tricky mind has taught you

Your tricky mind has taught you
How to avoid all your earthly
And Heavenly debts.
But will it ever be able to teach you
How to avoid your present discredit
And your eventual spiritual insolvency?
No, never!

4800. My becoming shall never end

When I see the world,
I clearly see
That my seeing
Will someday come to an end.

When I feel the world,
I unmistakably feel
That my feeling
Will someday come to an end.

But when I try to become
A choice instrument of God,
I immediately see and feel
That my becoming
Shall never come to an end.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the forty-eighth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy welcomes Ambassador Isao Abe of Japan to a Meditation Group programme commemorating the Anniversary of Japan’s joining the United Nations. Ambassador Abe expressed his appreciation for the work of the Group by saying, “… if everybody could sit silently, without discussion, and practise meditation as you do, it would be useful for us in correcting our overuse of words at the United Nations.”

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