Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 51

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5001. I have one request

My Lord,
I have one request:
May my heart sing the song
Of universal oneness.

My Lord,
I have one more request:
May my life sing the song
Of transcendental newness.

5002. Before I call

Before I call,
God’s Compassion-Eye answers.
Before I start,
God’s Compassion-Heart
Finishes the race for me.

5003. My only necessity

I am not sure of my identity.
To me, this is not
An indispensable necessity.
My only necessity
Is to love my Inner Pilot
And to please Him in His own Way
Throughout Eternity.

5004. You are not happy

You are not happy
Because your mind is not happy
In spite of having mustered
World-domineering power.

5005. Serve the crying earth

Serve the crying earth.
You will be happy.
Love the smiling Heaven.
You will be happy.

5006. A faithless heart

A faithless heart
Marks the very beginning
Of a soulless dream.

5007. You are bound to win

True, you are fighting a losing battle
Against impurity,
But continue.
Someday, somehow,
You are bound to win.

5008. A reality out of date

Unless you dare to be
Your real and transcendental Self,
No matter what you do,
No matter what you say,
No matter what you become,
You will still remain
A reality completely out of date.

5009. Allow him to enjoy

Allow him to enjoy
His superficial superiority.
You try to enjoy
The purity of your heart’s

5010. There is always tomorrow

There is always tomorrow
For those who do not try at all,
And also for those
Who do not want to give up.

5011. Your right choice

As your good voice
Is pleasing you,
Even so, your right choice
Will please God.

5012. Your only protection

Your heart’s soulful cry
Is your only protection
Against the reign
Of merciless misunderstanding.

5013. Your self-satisfied grandeur

You will never be able to enjoy
The beauty of your own self-perfection
Precisely because of
Your self-satisfied grandeur.

5014. The power of burning sighs

Amazing is the power
Of burning sighs.
They can stretch themselves
To Heaven’s loftiest heights.

5015. Your heart's inner purity

If your heart’s inner purity
Is active and illumining,
Then your life’s outer beauty
Has to be active and fulfilling.

5016. Two things you can do

There are two things you can do.
You have been doing one thing
All the time:
You have been feeding your senses.
But when will you do the other thing?
When will you stop denying
The hunger of your soul?

5017. Your choice of autocracy

There is no difference between
Your voice of ignorance
And your choice of autocracy.

5018. The heart gives spontaneously

The heart gives spontaneously.
The eyes see immediately.
The hands accept gratefully.
God dances smilingly.

5019. A challenger of stark oblivion

Unless you are a challenger
Of stark oblivion,
How can you once more be the enjoyer
Of your perfect union with God?

5020. Do not hide yourself

Do not hide yourself.
Do not cry to be heard.
Do not try to convince others
To manifest you.

5021. The beauty of Heavenly hours

His is the vision-eye
That increases the beauty of Heavenly hours
And the purity of earthly days.

5022. How can he sleep?

How can he sleep
When his dreams do not allow him
To sleep?
How can he smile
When his God is all
In tears?

5023. A world-loser

Because your mind is
A world-forsaker,
Your poor heart is compelled to become
A world-loser.

5024. The Lord of my thoughts

My Lord, I am happy
Because You are the Lord of my life.
Can You not make me perfect
By becoming the Lord of my thoughts?

5025. Doubt cramps your mind

Doubt cramps your mind,
Fear cramps your heart,
Failure cramps your life,
Only because unconsciously
You want to perish
In your own narrow vision-cave.

5026. The game of descent

It seems that everybody
Is familiar with descent.
In his case, he deliberately chose
The memorable game of deplorable descent.

5027. My heart does double duty

My heart does double duty.
It surrenders to God
To know God’s Illumination-Will.
It binds mankind
To fulfil its own temptation-will.

5028. His love of praise

His love of praise
Is so great
That he does not mind
Even if it is all founded upon
Himalayan falsehood.

5029. Your defeats will soon be ending

Your defeats in life’s battlefield
Will soon be ending,
Because your mind is no longer indifferent
To your heart’s spontaneous enthusiasm.

5030. What is my confidence?

What is my confidence,
If not my faith in God?
What is my faith in God,
If not my oneness-satisfaction?

5031. My God and I know

Everybody knows
That I am not a great man.
But only my God and I know
That I have a good heart.

5032. My deepest wisdom

My mind’s humility
Is my deep wisdom.
My heart’s gratitude
Is my deeper wisdom.
My life’s surrender
Is my deepest wisdom.

5033. God will befriend you

If you do not
Accept defeat,
God Himself
Will befriend you.

5034. You will be liberated

You are a burdened heart.
You are a confused mind.
But you can and you will be liberated.

5035. God does mind

God does not mind
If and when I cover His Body
With my bitter failures.
But He does mind
If and when I do not cover my heart
With His transcendental Satisfaction-Victory.

5036. If you believe in God

If you believe in God,
You get God’s Power.
If you believe in God’s Power,
You get God’s Peace.
If you believe in God’s Peace,
You get God’s Joy.
If you believe in God’s Joy,
Then you will before long become
Another God.

5037. The paramount questions

If you pray to God
For forgiveness,
God will grant you forgiveness.
If you meditate on God
For another chance in life,
God will grant you another chance.
But the paramount questions are:
Will your haughty mind allow you
To pray to God for forgiveness?
Will your impure heart allow you
To meditate on God for another chance?

5038. A submissive heart

A possessive mind wants much
But gets very little —
Next to nothing.
A submissive heart needs nothing
But gets the utmost —
Also the best.

5039. Eternal strangers

Are two eternal strangers.

5040. You think of God

You think of God.
That is what you know and do.
God loves you.
That is what He knows and does.

5041. A starless walker

Because you are a starless walker,
Your abrupt descent
Is made of ruthless and tireless despair.

5042. Stop your self-indulgence

Stop your self-indulgence.
You will have a longer life.
Stop your world criticism.
You will have an immortal life.

5043. God does not mind

God does not mind
If each man is the manifestation
Of his own inadequacy.
But He does mind
If an individual enjoys his unwillingness
To transcend his life’s incapacity-weakness.

5044. Love-weapons

Between war-weapons and peace-weapons
There should always be love-weapons.
Then only shall we be able
To bask in the sunshine of oneness-bliss.

5045. Do not worry!

Do not worry!
He who worries buries himself
With the unsolicited help
Of today’s powerful hands
And tomorrow’s indifferent eyes.

5046. To say God has created confusion

To say that God has created
Confusion for your mind
Is as absurd as telling the world
That you can teach God
The art of perfection.

5047. Your Master does not hide

Your Master does not hide from you.
It is your visionless eyes
And your restless mind
That do not allow you to recognise him
Even while he is standing
Right in front of you
With his Eternity’s Compassion-Eye.

5048. If you are a stranger to me

If you are a stranger to me,
You will be satisfied
Only with my greatness.
If you are dear to me,
You will be satisfied
Only with my goodness.
But my Lord Supreme
Will not care for
My Himalayan greatness
Or my sun-vast goodness.
He will care only for my oneness
With His Eternity’s Vision-Light
His Infinity’s Reality-Delight.

5049. God's Satisfaction-Delight

Now that you have shattered
The yoke of your self-imposed burden,
God will grant you
His own secret and sacred

5050. God has not tempted you

God has not tempted you.
He knows everything
Except the art of temptation.
It is you who have tempted yourself.

5051. Look what you have done!

You thought you would be able
To discover yourself
By fulfilling your temptation-life,
But look what you have done!
Instead of finding yourself,
You have bound yourself.

5052. The man of aspiration

Not only do desires pass away,
The man of desires also passes away.
But the man of aspiration lives forever
Inside the complete Satisfaction-Heart
Of his Beloved Supreme.

5053. Because you long for perfection

Because of your generous heart,
God has given you
His prosperous Life.

Because of your pure eye,
God has given you
His Vision-Light.

Because you long for perfection
In everything you do and say,
God has given you
His own Satisfaction unparalleled.

5054. Since you indulge

Since you indulge
Your perplexed mind,
How can you have
A relaxed heart?

Since you indulge
Your restless vital,
How can you have
A guileless body?

5055. God loves you no matter what

God loves you
No matter what you have done
And no matter what you are doing now.
But do you think you will be able
To love God
If He loves your doubtful poison-mind
More than He loves your soulful nectar-heart?

5056. Only your suspicious mind

Only your suspicious mind
Can ruin the beauty
Of your soulful eyes.

Only your ferocious vital
Can destroy the purity
Of your bountiful heart.

5057. The university of ignorance-night

Who says that it is an easy task
To graduate from the university
Of the mind’s ignorance-night?
I do not, I cannot and I shall not
Agree with them.

5058. Faith awakens soulful tears

Faith in God
Awakens soulful tears.
Love of God
Fulfils divine promises.

5059. Punctual in being late

God gave him
One hundred and one incarnations
To realise Him.
But in each incarnation
He was punctual and perfect
In being late to invoke God,
Pray to God
And meditate on God.

5060. The purity-heart of human life

If you invade the privacy-world
Of human thoughts,
You will be sadly disappointed.
But if you enter the purity-heart
Of human life,
You will be richly rewarded.

5061. A sympathetic heart

A sympathetic ear
Is amazingly great.
A sympathetic heart
Is perpetually perfect.

5062. Heaven will be Heaven to me

Heaven will be Heaven to me
Only if I can carry there
My heart’s climbing cry.

5063. Each sad tear

Each sad tear
Gives birth
To a glad breath.

5064. A silver dream-boat

To love
Is to become
A silver dream-boat.

5065. A soulful smile from Above

A soulful smile from Above
Can easily lighten a heavy heart.
My own heart is a radiant example.

5066. In just a twinkling

In just a twinkling of its vision-eye,
The world-soul has made
The world-body beautiful.

5067. The sunlit path

Is the sunlit path
To Heaven’s fruitfulness.

5068. My heart's sacred dreams

I am happy
Only when I admire
My heart’s sacred dreams.

5069. A soulful heart is always available

A soulful heart is always available
To accept the blame
When the doubtful mind
Does everything wrong.

5070. The best haven

Things change.
Years bring new values.
Yet the aspiration-heart always remains
The safest and by far the best haven.

5071. A "must" for every seeker

The inner beauty
Is a “must” for every seeker
Of the transcendental Height.

5072. His rest has deteriorated

To his extreme sorrow
His rest has deteriorated
Into an incurable idleness.

5073. Only one teacher

Only one teacher is needed
And that teacher
Is your heart’s experience-delight.

5074. Renunciation-feast

Slavery means
Mastery means

5075. The direct representative

Not your doubting mind
But your aspiring heart
Is the direct representative
Of your illumining soul.

5076. Self-knowledge

Self-knowledge means
A complete freedom
From ignorance-demand.

5077. Uninvited guests

Yesterday I went to ignorance-king
Today God has come to me
Tomorrow I shall, without fail, go to God
Whether He invites me or not.

5078. To see beyond myself

To see beyond myself
Is to find and feel
My inseparable oneness
With my Beloved Supreme.

5079. Infinitely more powerful

Only a genuine seeker
Knows that his inner hunger
Is infinitely more powerful
Than his outer hunger.

5080. If you sincerely repent

If you sincerely and soulfully repent,
God will not allow the temptation-serpent
To torment you —
Not even mildly,
Not to speak of powerfully.

5081. I close my eyes to pray

Some think I close my eyes
To ignore them,
But it is not true.
I close my eyes to pray
Most soulfully for them.

5082. The real man in a genuine seeker

Not once but twice will you know
The real man in a genuine seeker:
Once when you mercilessly criticise
His doubtful poison-mind —
Needless to say,
He will love you far beyond
Your imagination’s flight;
Once when you unreservedly love
His fruitful nectar-heart —
Needless to say,
He will immediately admire you unreservedly
For helping him find
His long-lost vision eye.

5083. Your heart was born to sing

Your heart was born to sing
A soulful song of a new creation.
Why then do you compel it to sing
A doleful and funereal song?

5084. The drop always wins

In the inner world,
When the flood of intelligence
And a drop of wisdom challenge each other
The drop always wins.

5085. A weak man

A weak man is understood
Only by God’s Compassion.
A stupid man is understood
Only by God’s Forgiveness.

5086. Your creation of truth

Your creation of truth
Will no longer remain unheralded
For your cry for perfection
Is swiftly reaching its zenith-height.

5087. Selflessness within

Selflessness within,
Fruitfulness without.
Service-cry within,
Perfection-smile without.

5088. It is all done

Do not say
That you alone can do it.
Say that God does it in and through you.
Then lo, it is all done.

5089. Life's shallow amusements

God is not
Going to look for you
In your life’s shallow amusements.

How can your heart
Find satisfaction
In your life’s pointless activities?

5090. How can there be peace?

How can there be peace
When the main speaker
At the world’s conference table
Is not given the chance to speak
With His Silence-Eye?

5091. God is just

God is just.
This is what
An intelligent mind thinks.

God is love.
This is what
A pure heart feels.

God is all.
This is what
A wise soul knows.

God is another man.
This is what
The compassionate Lord
Tells the world.

5092. I am all for God

It is too early for me to say
That God is for me,
But it is not too early for me to say
That I am all for God.

5093. I am not going back to Heaven

I am not going back to Heaven
Without earth’s aspiration-cry
In infinite measure.
I am not coming back to earth
Without Heaven’s satisfaction-treasure
In measureless measure.

5094. A judge suffers

A judge quite often
Suffers from his loneliness.
Let us sympathise
With his loneliness
And forgive his beastly crimes.

5095. Your self-gratification

Your self-gratification
Is being denounced
By your own self-destruction.

5096. So can you realise God

Just as other sincere seekers
Have realised God,
So can you realise God,
If you value the purity
Of your heart’s sincerity-cry.

5097. Always ready to die

I am always ready to die
With my heart-realities
To fulfil the Himalayan heights
Of my soul-dreams.

5098. Two supreme commitments

Two supreme commitments
I have made:
I shall carry my heart to Heaven
To spread humanity’s cry of helplessness.
I shall bring down my soul to earth
To spread divinity’s light of fulness.

5099. A risk worth taking

To say and to do the right thing
In this world
And to represent the world
Is to take a risk.
But I must say
It is a risk worth taking
For its goal is life-fulfilling.

5100. Two opportunities

My mind’s sincerity gives me
The silver opportunity
To do something great for this world.

My heart’s purity gives me
The golden opportunity
To be somebody good for God.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the fifty-first volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

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