Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 58

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5701. The concept of impossibility

The concept of impossibility
My Lord does not accept,
So how can I?
My life will be changed totally.
I just have to be patient.
It is only a question of time.

5702. A self-controlled life

A self-controlled life
Will guarantee salvation.
A self-giving life
Will guarantee liberation.

5703. Happiness follows

Happiness follows him
Who follows the footsteps
Of a God-intoxicated lover.

5704. Your new-made friendship

Your new-made friendship
With your conscience-life
Will save you,
Perfect you
And finally illumine you.

5705. Watch your sincerity

Watch your sincerity
And pray for your purity.
You will never fall into the abyss
Of temptation-night.

5706. The modern age of electronics

The modern age of electronics
And the age-old life of inner poise
Deliberately want to be ignorant
Of each other.

5707. Obey His Commands

Obey His Commands
If you want your life to be soulful,
Your heart to be fruitful
And, finally, your breath
To be supremely useful
To your Lord Supreme.

5708. My heart's silence-poise

My heart’s silence-poise
Is not only my life’s confidence
But also my Beloved Supreme’s

5709. God proudly treasures

A soulful heart,
A self-disciplined mind
And a practical life
God proudly treasures on earth.

5710. Walk with the Eternal God

Walk with the Eternal God.
Fleeting time
Will not be able to torture you.
Adamantine will-power
Will descend from Above
And make you a real member
Of God’s Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

5711. Cherish your friendships

Make friends
And cherish your friendships,
So you can stop making
Once and for all
Any kind of warship.

5712. Heaven's Compassion-Sky

It is Heaven’s Compassion-Sky
And not earth’s eloquence-flood
That has illumined my heart
And transformed my life.

5713. If you pray for the wrong thing

If you pray even for five minutes
For the wrong thing,
You may suffer unimaginably
For the rest of your life.

5714. The faithfulness of my life

The faithfulness of my life
And the fruitfulness of God’s Heart
Are always extremely fond of each other.

5715. I need only one thing

During the day
I need only one thing:
God’s Vision-Eye
To guide me.

During the night
I need only one thing:
God’s Compassion-Heart
To illumine me.

5716. Success cannot hide

Success cannot hide
Its futile emptiness,
But progress can hide
Its soulful fruitfulness.

5717. Be happy, be happy!

Be happy, be happy!
Unless you are happy,
Your outer life will not succeed
And your inner life will not proceed.

5718. A life of unhappiness

A life of unhappiness
Is a contagious disease.
The world is already full of misery.
Allow not your unhappiness
To increase the world’s misery.

5719. A heart of magnanimity

A heart of magnanimity
Carries at once
The beauty and the power
Of divine electricity.

5720. Our heart must weep

Our heart must weep
And our eyes must smile
If we want to totally transform ourselves.

5721. The silence of the sea

The sound of the sea
Inspires me to become
Something great.

The silence of the sea
Aspires in and through me
To make me good.

5722. An infallible truth

An infallible truth:
A heart of genuine aspiration-cry
Is God’s proudest possession.

5723. Your life's future-tower

Your soul has built
Your life’s future-tower today.
Now it is high time
For your heart to stand
Smilingly and soulfully
On its summit-height.

5724. Outer and inner blindness

The difference between
The outer blindness and the inner blindness
Is this:
The outer blindness unfortunately
Cannot see the light.
The inner blindness deliberately
Does not want to see the light.

5725. You have everything within

You have everything within.
To find your true self
Just love more
Your heart’s soulful cry
And your eyes’ powerful smile.

5726. A new philosophy

A new philosophy:
To teach is to learn.
To learn is to reveal constantly
One’s inner perfection.

5727. He is a real discoverer

He is a real discoverer.
He has discovered that
His life’s teeming weaknesses
Are all inside the Compassion-Heart
Of his Beloved Supreme.

5728. Pray soulfully

Pray soulfully.
You will be able to wash away
Your worries.

Meditate silently.
You will be able to create
A totally new life
For yourself.

5729. What God clearly needs

Man’s perfection-life:
This is what God clearly needs.
God’s Satisfaction-Heart:
This is what man sleeplessly needs.

5730. I confess

I confess that I have done
Many foolish things in this life.
But why do you have to revive them
And torture me infinitely more
Than I actually deserve?

5731. One soulful cry

One soulful cry of the heart
Can not only lighten
The weight of sad depression
But also enlighten
A God-searching mind.

5732. In supreme secrecy

O Heaven, please remember
That all I have told you
About weak earth
Is in supreme secrecy.

O earth, please remember
That all I have told you
About indifferent Heaven
Is in supreme secrecy.

5733. Once I start fighting

O ignorance-night,
So far I have not fought with you
Either sincerely or vehemently.
But once I start fighting,
I will neither expect nor give
An iota of compassion.

5734. All your soulful needs

If you are sincere
And your needs are essential,
How can God be unreasonable?
God will tell the whole world
That all your soulful needs
Are only for His Satisfaction-Light.

5735. Two thoughts so futile

Two are the thoughts so futile:
I can live
Without the world.
I can find mistakes
In the life of the cosmic gods.

5736. Death's tremendous nearness

When you see
Death’s tremendous nearness,
Can you not immediately unveil
Your inseparable oneness
With God’s Omnipotence?

5737. Without an instant's hesitation

Without an instant’s hesitation
I shall tell earth
How miserable it looks
Without the blessing-smile of Heaven,
And I shall tell Heaven
How unimportant it looks
Without the aspiration-cry of earth.

5738. Grant me Your sovereign Will

O my Lord Supreme,
Do grant me Your sovereign Will
To obliterate my earth-bound needs
And liberate my impurity-bound self-doubts.

5739. The clutch of evil thoughts

In the morning
The clutch of evil thoughts
Makes me blind, totally blind.

In the evening
The clutch of evil thoughts
Compels my death, unavoidable death.

5740. Far above morality-bound truth

I need the courage that is far above
The so-called morality-bound truth,
So that I can serve my Lord Supreme
In His Life’s Vision Transcendental.

5741. His Weight is as light

My Lord Supreme,
Out of His infinite Bounty,
Tells me that His Weight is at once
As light as my heart’s aspiration-cry
And as heavy as my life’s ingratitude-frown.

5742. My heart shall be smitten

I refuse to become
A victim to untold miseries
Simply because
I did not think of my Lord Supreme
Centuries ago,
Or even yesterday.
But my heart
Shall be smitten to pieces
If I do not think of my Lord Supreme
From today on,
Forever and forever.

5743. The stiff mind questions

The stiff mind questions:
Is God-realisation worthwhile?
The flexible heart answers:
It is never worthwhile
To answer a question about God
From the wrong person.

5744. Our aspiration is accountable

Our aspiration is accountable
To God’s Vision-Light.
Our dedication is accountable
To God’s Reality-Delight.

5745. To be absolutely perfect

To be absolutely perfect,
Yesterday I needed a heart of beauty,
Today I need a life of purity
And tomorrow I shall need
A smile from Heaven’s Divinity.

5746. Only a perfectly liberated soul

Only a perfectly liberated soul
Can meet with the extraordinary demands
Of unaspiring human life.

5747. Once again I wonder

Once again I wonder
That I still exist.
Once again I wonder
That God still forgives me.

5748. Your life's richest fulfilment

The measure of your life’s
Richest fulfilment
Depends entirely on your heart’s
Fullest enlightenment.

5749. Be careful with your success-life

Be careful with your success-life.
Your success-life may hide
Many precious things,
Even your most precious progress-delight.

5750. A moment without a soulful cry

A moment without a soulful cry
For the ever-transcending Beyond
Is undoubtedly an age-long

5751. The harvest of silence-peace

You are telling me
That your life is committed to the future.
How do you then expect
To collect the rich harvest
Of today’s reality’s silence-peace?

5752. I sail all day

I sail all night
In my aspiration-boat
Towards Heaven.

I sail all day
In my dedication-boat
Towards earth.

5753. When my inner flames ascend

When my heart’s inner flames
Soulfully, quickly and powerfully
God’s Compassion-Flood
Lovingly, cheerfully and unreservedly

5754. A self-appointed dictator

The human mind
Is a self-appointed dictator.
The divine heart
Is a God-appointed lover.

5755. A moment of self-indulgence

A moment of self-indulgence
May throw you
To the ferocious and devouring tiger,

5756. God's express arrival

If you are ready today,
I shall announce
God’s express arrival.
If you will not be ready until tomorrow,
Then I shall announce
God’s slow and cautious arrival.

5757. Spirituality is like climbing

Spirituality is not like coasting
But exactly like climbing —
Climbing ten thousand Himalayas.

5758. Go and talk to God

When your mind’s determination is low,
Go and talk to God immediately.
He is always there inside your heart.
No appointment is necessary.

5759. Reformation means

Reformation means
A new powerful promise.
Regeneration means
A new soulful achievement.

5760. The message of satisfaction

Heaven has given my mind
The message of transformation.
Earth has given my heart
The message of perfection.
God has given my life
The message of satisfaction.

5761. The earliest invitation

A happy heart
Receives the earliest invitation
From God.

5762. You want to see God's Face

You want to see God’s Face
To satisfy yourself.
God wants to embrace your heart
To satisfy Himself.

5763. Your self-praise

As your self-praise
Does not need God,
Even so, God’s Vision-Reality
Does not need your great contribution.

5764. In perfect harmony

Mine is a little cry.
God’s is a big Smile.
Yet they live in perfect harmony.

5765. When there is no other way

When there is no other way
For Him to convince me
Of His Love for me,
God gently strikes me.

5766. I dance with my soul's Infinity

I cry
With my mind’s poverty.
I smile
With my heart’s plenty.
I dance
With my soul’s Infinity.

5767. May I be reborn every day

My Lord,
May I be reborn every day
With a gratitude-heart,
A surrender-life
And a perfection-soul.

5768. God does not want to punish us

God does not want to punish us
By blessing the heads
Of our countless desires.

5769. The inevitable God

My mind is fond
Of the visible God.
My heart is fond
Of the invisible God.
My soul is fond
Of the inevitable God.

5770. They do not know each other

Fear and faith —
They do not know each other.
Doubt and love —
They do not know each other.
Aspiration and failure —
They do not know each other.

5771. Pray and pray

Read and read
And see how many things you need.
Pray and pray
And see what God has to say
About your needs.

5772. A visible ally

A visible ally:
God’s Compassion-Ocean for me.
An invisible ally:
God’s Faith-Sky in me.

5773. God is under no obligation

I must know that
God is under no obligation
To listen to my emergency prayers
Since I do not pray daily,
Faithfully, soulfully and unreservedly.

5774. If you have faith

If you have faith in the world,
You will be able to lead the world.
If you doubt the world,
You will be forced to follow the world.

5775. Be careful

Be careful
When you tell the wrong person
About the right Person: God.

5776. Panoramic views

Singing a soulful song soulfully
Is exactly the same
As enjoying a ride on an express train:
Panoramic views on either side.

5777. Not only for special seekers

God’s Transcendental Height
Is not only for special seekers
But also for ordinary human beings
Like me.

5778. God may fulfil his Promise

Since God is always more than ready
To deal with my problems,
Why do I not let Him,
At least for today?
Who knows,
God may fulfil His Promise
And make me really happy.

5779. God the Question

God the Question and God the Answer
Do not live separately.
They live together
Inside my small, secret
And sacred heart-room.

5780. God asks me to help myself

Before I meditate,
God places His Compassion-Drink before me
And asks me to help myself.
After I have meditated,
God places His Satisfaction-Feast before me
And asks me to help myself.

5781. Enough real sufferings

You have enough real sufferings.
Why are you adding imaginary ones
To them, you fool?

5782. Only if I can dream

God tells me
That I can touch His Feet
Only if I can dream of seeing the truth
Deep inside my heart.

5783. Human curiosity asks

Human curiosity
Curiously asks.
Divine authority
Authoritatively answers.

5784. You can criticise me

If you have the heart
To help me,
And if you have the soul
To illumine me,
Then you can criticise me,
You can even punish me,
To your heart’s content.

5785. A sleepy onlooker

Because your mind
Does not aspire,
You are forced to become
A sleepy onlooker.

Because your heart
Aspires and surrenders,
You have cheerfully become
An expectant uplooker.

5786. But not ingratitude

Even jealousy and insecurity
Are curable,
But not ingratitude.

5787. Stupid mind, wise soul

During his meditation
His stupid mind thinks of
His body’s position,
But his wise soul is concerned about
His heart’s condition.

5788. The valid passport

The valid passport
To enter into the inner world
Is not what your mind has
But what your heart is.

5789. God does not want to delay

God does not want to delay
His Vision-Plans for you,
But if you desert His Compassion-Heart,
Then naturally He has to delay.

5790. The task of a lifetime

To succeed triumphantly
Is the miracle of a moment.
To proceed unconditionally
Is the task of a lifetime.

5791. Gladly God will give to you

Soulfully give to God
What you have:

Gladly God will give to you
What He is:

5792. Your heart is full of faith

Your mind is full of questions,
But do not worry.
Your heart is full of faith,
Which will answer
All your mind’s questions
Most satisfactorily.

5793. Believe in God for a minute

Believe in God soulfully
For a minute,
And you can receive
For a full year
What God offers you

5794. What has happened to me?

What has happened to me?
I have become a sincere seeker.
What has happened through me?
A satisfying experience for God.

5795. Your achievements are proud

You may not be proud
Of your achievements,
But your achievements
Are extremely proud of you.
If you do not believe it,
Then give them a chance
To prove it to you.

5796. Your heart's oneness-smile

Before you allow others
To speak to you,
Give them lovingly
What you have for them:
Your heart’s oneness-smile.

5797. No harm if you misquote

No harm if you misquote
What you have read
In your mind-book
About God.
But if you misquote
What you have read
In your heart-book,
You will be in very serious trouble.

5798. Start your sacred journey

O my mind,
Stop your mad and helpless rush.
O my heart,
Start your sacred and soulful journey.

5799. A miracle

Every leaf is a miracle.
That is what my aspiring heart feels.
But even if God Himself
Stands right before me,
My doubting mind
Will not consider it a miracle.

5800. O my gratitude-flames

O my gratitude-flames,
Every day you are newly reborn
Inside my heart.
I see it and I know it.
It may not be known to anybody else,
But as long as God, the all-loving
And all-judging Witness, knows it,
You and my heart can remain
In perfect satisfaction-delight.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the fifty-eighth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy greets H.E. Mr Yehuda Z. Blum, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, at a programme sponsored by the Meditation Group in observance of Albert Einstein’s centennial on 20 March 1979. Ambassador Blum also joined Sri Chinmoy Meditation at the United Nations on two other occasions: the commemoration of Human Rights Day in December 1979 and a programme in tribute to the late Olympic and human rights champion, Jesse Owens, in April 1980.

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