Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 62

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6101. Because your heart needs God

Because your heart needs God,
God is calling you.
Because God is calling you,
You can rest assured
That He will make you feel
He loves you infinitely more
Than you love yourself
And His Concern for you
Will stay with you for all Eternity.

6102. Heaven-free time

Earth-bound time
Drives the desiring man backward
Fast, very fast.

Heaven-free time
Pilots the aspiring man forward
Faster than the tornado-speed.

6103. The oldest race

Is the old race on earth.
Is the older race on earth.
Is the oldest race on earth.

6104. The divine realisation

The human realisation
Sees no armour against fate.
The divine realisation
Sees that fate is nothing
But a man-made toy.

6105. Only an inch away

Your uncertain mind,
Your doubtful mind,
Your suspicious mind
Is only an inch away
From your total destruction-dance.

6106. God secretly hopes

God openly shows me
What He does for me:

God secretly hopes
For something from me:

6107. Immortality's Satisfaction-Treasure

Eternity’s Beauty-Cry
Infinity’s Perfection-Smile
Are Immortality’s Satisfaction-Treasure.

6108. If your life needs beauty's speed

If your life needs beauty’s speed
And your heart needs purity’s speed,
Then the Goal of the Beyond
Cannot remain a far cry.

6109. Oblivion is challenging you

Oblivion is challenging you
Because you are not crying sleeplessly
For God’s God-Satisfaction
Inside your aspiration-life.

6110. Unless you become today

Unless you become today
God’s Satisfaction-Grace,
How will you see tomorrow
God’s Perfection-Face?

6111. A dangerous vital

What he has
Is a dangerous vital.
No wonder he is craving
Instant enlightenment.

6112. Your constant supporter

You can expect God to be
Your constant supporter
Only after you have become
His sleepless lover.

6113. When faith is dry

When my heart’s faith is dry,
My mind’s doubt proves
That life is a useless
And ceaseless cry.

6114. Why are you delaying?

O seeker of the Absolute Truth,
You want your life to be
Fruitful of transcendental deeds.
Then why are you delaying
In smashing the shackles
Of your little “I”?

6115. Your suspicious mind

Perhaps you do not know,
Perhaps you may never know,
That your suspicious mind
Has the capacity and is the potentiality
For your universal disaster.

6116. I saw myself forsaken

I saw myself forsaken.
I knew not why.
God came to me and said
Unless I look for the way out
Of the forest of my desire-life,
I shall forever remain forsaken.

6117. Between evolution and perfection

A seeker’s life
Lives in between
The evolution of possibilities
And the perfection of necessities.

6118. He is drunk with light

In the morning he is drunk
With aspiration-light.
In the afternoon he is drunk
With surrender-light.
In the evening he is drunk
With gratitude-light.

6119. Eternity's exile

At long last
He is determined to send
His mind’s curiosity
And his heart’s insecurity
Into Eternity’s exile.

6120. Renounce and announce

The aspiration of a soaring seeker
At once renounces
Man’s failure-night
And announces
God’s Victory-Delight.

6121. Your unlit sound-life

Because of your unlit sound-life
You are denied
God’s sunlit Silence-Sky.

6122. At the eleventh hour

At the eleventh hour
His soul-bird flew down
And snatched away the inner victory
From the grasp of his outer failure-life.

6123. Man's suspicion-night

Man’s first suspicion-night
Tells him
God does not exist.

Man’s last suspicion-night
Tells him
God does not care for him.

6124. At the feet of truth

Nobody has to stumble
At the feet of Truth.
Everybody can sit and take shelter
At the feet of Truth.

6125. Each Heaven-descending message

Each Heaven-descending message
Accepted soulfully
Marks the beginning
Of my self-discovery.

6126. Real and safe progress

If you want to make
Real and safe progress,
Then forcefully silence
Your outer noise-world.

6127. Earth's aspiration-ascent

Earth’s aspiration-ascent
Is dutiful and beautiful.
Heaven’s illumination-descent
Is powerful and fruitful.

6128. Surrender, surrender!

Surrender, surrender!
During the day
You must surrender
Your fear of God’s Power.

Surrender, surrender!
During the night
You must surrender
Your fear of God’s Peace.

6129. My mind is completely lost

My mind is completely lost
Between my fruitless self-assertion
My hopeless desire-choice.

6130. Regain and rediscover

If you can regain
Your aspiration-flames,
You will eventually rediscover
Your realisation-sun.

6131. During the day I pray

During the day I pray
To the illumination-increasing sun.
During the night I pray
To the compassion-flowing moon.

6132. Descent and ascent

The beauty of Heaven
Descends speedily
When the purity of earth
Ascends soulfully.

6133. Two solutions

As there are only two problems,
Birth and death,
Even so, there are only two solutions,
Surrender and smile.

6134. Regression

What the demanding vital
Sees as progress
May easily be a regression
In the heart’s aspiration-life.

6135. A heart of vision-delight

Because you have
A heart of vision-delight,
God is granting you
A death-challenging dart.

6136. Self-announcement-song

Because of your self-announcement-song,
God has withdrawn today
His yesterday’s unconditional Grace.

6137. Your stupidity's existence-reality

Your stupidity’s existence-reality
Will never be able to discover
God’s Compassion-Sun
Inside your heart.

6138. My perfect gratitude

My Eternity’s
Indispensable necessity
Is my Immortality’s
Perfect gratitude.

6139. If yours is a life of prayer

If yours is a life of prayer
And a heart of meditation,
Then you will not try to cover
Your outer life
And you will not hesitate to offer
Your inner life
To your Inner Pilot.

6140. Convicted by conscience-light

Because you have been convicted
By your conscience-light,
You have every chance to look
For a better day,
A brighter sun
And a more nourishing delight.

6141. God-Thoughts

If you do not cancel
Your own ignorance-night,
Then God will be unwilling
To inundate your mind
With His own God-Thoughts.

6142. Exempt

Humility is exempt
From fear.
Purity is exempt
From division.
Nobility is exempt
From frustration.

6143. Constant somnolence

Constant somnolence
Is the source of humanity’s
Teeming incurable maladies.

6144. A useless tornado-motion

O my mind,
You are always enjoying
A useless tornado-motion.
Do you not care for a promotion
From your long-lasting

6145. Spirituality wants to show

In me, science wants to show
Its amazing capacity.
In me, spirituality wants to show
My own ever-transcending capacity.

6146. He is now ready

He no longer gives himself
To noisy boasting.
Therefore, he is now ready
To partake of the concentrated
Wisdom of the ages.

6147. Not Lord but friend

He is not the Lord
Who demands obedience-flames.
He is the Friend
Who begs for oneness-sun.

6148. Renew your heart's beauty

If you renew your heart’s beauty
Every morning,
God will come to you
Every evening
With His multiplying Divinity.

6149. This century's offering

Each century has
Something special to offer.
The special offering
Of the twentieth century
Is that despair shall not mark
Its journey’s close.

6150. Not born for death

Two realities
Are not born for death:
My surrender-life
My gratitude-heart.

6151. Do not foretell a hopeless battle

Do not foretell a hopeless battle
Even if you have failed time and again
In the battlefield of your aspiration-life.
You are bound to eventually succeed.
What you always need
Is a mind of patience
And a heart of fortitude.

6152. My heart is pleased with me

My heart is pleased with me,
My soul is pleased with me
My Lord Supreme is pleased with me
Only when I water
My life’s gratitude-plant
With my streaming tears
Born and yet to be born.

6153. Paradise is the place

Paradise is the place
Where my heart wants to grow.
Paradise is the place
Where my mind wants to know.
Paradise is the place
Where my soul wants to sow —
Sow the seed of perfection.

6154. When hope guides my steps

When hope guides my steps,
The vision of Eternity’s Reality
Comes running towards me.

6155. Your mind's commitment

If you can intensify
Your mind’s commitment to God,
Then God will not only
Purify your mind
But also beautify your thoughts.

6156. Science tells me

Science tells me
How I can be proud of myself.

Spirituality tells me
How I can make God proud of me.

6157. If you cannot make friends

If you cannot make friends
With hope-light and promise-delight,
Then you will be forced to live
In the kingdom of perpetual night.

6158. They long to see

The inner revolution
Longs to see
The Arm of God’s Power.

The outer resolution
Longs to see
The Eye of God’s Beauty.

6159. I spoke ill of God

I spoke ill of God.
God does not hesitate
To obliterate my hostile past.

6160. Each time I compromise

Each time I compromise
With ignorance-night
I kill the beauty and purity
Of my climbing heart-plant.

6161. No fables

My heart’s heavenward history
And my soul’s intimate friendship
With God’s Vision-Light
Can never be fables.

6162. A votary of ignorance

If you are a staunch votary
Of ignorance-night,
Naturally destruction-sleep
Will linger long
Inside your body-bound earth-life.

6163. A mind of curiosity

Yours is a mind of dangerous curiosity.
Destroy it sooner than at once!
Otherwise, the brooding forces
Of darkest night
Will envelop the real in you:

6164. Two sleeping secrets

There are two sleeping secrets
Inside my heart:
God loves me infinitely more
Than I can possibly love myself.
God needs me infinitely more
Than I can ever need myself.

6165. While others dream

While others dream,
He asks his mind
To climb far above the doubt-clouds,
And he asks his heart
To dine with the vastness
Of perfection-sun.

6166. A tiny gratitude-flame

What my heart needs
Is a tiny gratitude-flame,
For this flame alone
Will show my entire life
Perfection’s core.

6167. The cry of insufficiency

The cry of insufficiency
Was not born with me.
I was born
Not only with my sufficiency-smile
But also with God’s Infinitude-Smile.

6168. God's Self-Amorous Flute

If you can become
Your heart’s surrender-light,
Then you can most soulfully play
On God’s Self-Amorous Flute.

6169. My humility-breath

My humility-breath
Is every day expanding
God’s Vision-Light for me.

6170. The mind-wall

As long as you keep the mind-wall
Of doubt and disbelief
In your aspiration-life,
You will always be carrying with you
A heap of useless ashes.

6171. Today's impossibility-peak

Just beyond your thought-dominion
Is your today’s impossibility-peak:
God’s Perfection-Eye and Satisfaction-Heart.

6172. My heart's hope-birds

O my heart’s little hope-birds,
Every day you are inundating my life
With your beauty-making powers.

6173. The kingdom of self-doubt

The more you enjoy empty moments,
The nearer will you be
To the kingdom of self-doubt
And self-mockery.

6174. Your heart's selfless deeds

If you want to distinguish yourself
By your mind’s giant actions, you can.
But God is not going to grant you
His smiling Face.

If you want to distinguish yourself
By your heart’s selfless deeds,
Then God will grant you
Not only His smiling Face
But also His Vision-feeding Nest.

6175. Never enough time

You never have enough time
For your conscious self-mastery.
But you always have unbounded time
For your unconscious self-mockery.

6176. I need affection

I do not need admiration
From Heaven.
I do not need admiration
From earth.
What I need is affection
From my Beloved Supreme.

6177. My credentials

What are my credentials?
My credentials are these:
My Lord Supreme sleeplessly cries
In me, through me and for me,
And I cheerfully and confidently dance
With His Vision-Light.

6178. Empty of hope

His heart is empty of hope
And his life is a perfect stranger
To perfection,
For his mind’s sense
Of perfection and satisfaction
Is founded upon human love.

6179. It is God-planned

Who says that I am alone?
Am I not with the broken wings
Of my hopes
Inside the abyss of darkness?
Who says that tomorrow
I shall be alone again?
No, I shall not!
Tomorrow my entire earthly existence
Will swim in the sea of God-Delight.
I do not know.
But it is all God-planned
And God-arranged.

6180. Three boons

My Lord Supreme,
Do grant me a boon.
“My child, I am giving you the boon
To come near Me selflessly.”

My Lord Supreme,
Do grant me another boon.
“My child, I am giving you another boon:
To see the world
The way I see the world.”

My Lord Supreme,
May I have one more boon,
A last boon, from You?
“Certainly, My child.
I shall make you
My perfect emissary on earth,
To become inseparably one
With earth’s excruciating pangs
And streaming tears
The way I have been doing
Throughout My entire Eternity.”

6181. When I free myself

When I free myself
From my ego-interference,
I really and truly appreciate
God’s Compassion-Magnet.

6182. God's Feet touched

God’s Feet blessingfully touched
My surrendered head.
Lo, I have now touched the peak
Of my hope-perfection-mountain.

6183. The rapture of inspiration

The rapture of inspiration
Does not believe in
Either the intellectual climate
Or the ultramodern climate.

6184. The silence of our soul

Unless we appreciate and admire
The most powerful silence
Of our soul,
Our doubtful mind will always create
An explosive noise.

6185. Your mind's procrastination

Do you not realise
That your mind’s perpetual procrastination
Is shamelessly useless
In your heart’s aspiration-life?

6186. Your heart's blindness-night

Your heart is timid.
It is always frozen with fear.
It does not look forward,
Upward and inward.
Its blindness-night is the root
Of all your ceaseless problems.

6187. His mind's doubt-wars

Because of his mind’s doubt-wars,
His heart is denied
His soul’s treasure-dream.

6188. Two warnings from God

Two warnings from God:
I must not belittle myself.
I must not delay in inviting God
To enter into my heart-room.

6189. My desire for world-dominion

Alas, my strong desire
For world-dominion
Has overpowered not only
My reasoning mind
But also my Heaven-climbing heart.

6190. Existence-Consciousness-Bliss

Existence I need
To tell the world
How great God is.
Consciousness I need
To tell the world
How good God is.
Bliss I need
To tell the world
That God’s Greatness and Goodness
Are not only for me
But also for His entire universe.

6191. Can you not show God?

What God has and is
All the time
Is Concern for you.
Can you not show God
Even on rare occasions
Your inner courage
And outer adamantine will?

6192. God will grant you

If you believe in God,
God will grant you His Beauty.
If you believe in God’s Compassion,
God will grant you His Smile.
If you believe in God’s Forgiveness,
God will grant you His Protection-Feet.

6193. To go beyond the body

If you want to go
Beyond the body,
Then try to remember
Only one thing:
Your Beloved Supreme
Is your Eternity’s Oneness-Companion.

6194. My Lord's Divinity

If I want my Lord’s Prosperity,
He will grant me His Prosperity.
But if I want my Lord’s Divinity,
He will grant me
Not only His Divinity
But also His Life of Immortality.

6195. Attention is preparation

Attention is preparation.
Preparation is the beginning
Of perfection.
Satisfaction is the culmination
Of perfection.

6196. A self-giving seeker

A sincere self-giving seeker
Feels and knows
That his life is at once
God’s Compassion-Light
God’s Satisfaction-Delight.

6197. The power to hope

God has given man
The power to hope
In wisdom-light.

Man has given himself
The power to grope
In ignorance-night.

6198. You can best your enemy

You can best your enemy
Either by virtue of
Your unprecedented determination
Or on the strength of
Your unconditional love.

6199. Around and within

Are around us.
Are within us.

6200. I am happy

I am happy
Not because I have done
Something momentous.

I am happy
Not because I have become
Something precious.

I am happy
Because inside my tiny little heart
God has sowed the seed
Of His Confidence-Light and Delight.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the sixty-second volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy meets Mr Bradford Morse, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, at the United Nations on 13 January 1983. Mr Morse said, “It is my great honour to see you. I have watched your work; I have admired your work. I look forward to sharing with you privately one day the things that you believe in and that I believe in.”

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