Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 64

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6301. Only one answer

You have a multitude of questions,
But there is only one answer:
The road is right in front of you,
And the guide is waiting for you.

6302. The children of your mind

As parents disown their children
If they are extremely bad,
You can disown
The children of your mind.
But if a thought
Produced by your mind is good,
Then embrace it with a mother’s love
And claim it as your own, very own.

6303. All is not lost

No matter how many bad things
You have done over the years,
If you have done even ten good things,
Then all is not lost.
When you are depressed or assailed by doubt,
Think of these good things,
For they have tremendous power
And can give you the strength
To overcome your inner enemies.

6304. A train without cars

If you want to drag behind you
A long train with many cars,
You can.
Again, if you want to go
Faster than the fastest
With just an engine,
You can.
To reach your destined goal
You don’t need to carry the passengers
Doubt, fear, anxiety,
Worry and frustration.

6305. He still has a golden chance

Even if a mature seeker
Is doubting his own spirituality,
Even if around him
Is nothing but frustration and hell,
He still has a golden chance
To rediscover in himself
The divine qualities
Which he has temporarily lost.
Just by sincerely encouraging
The new seekers who have come after him.

6306. Mutual inspiration

Old seekers and new seekers
Have much to offer one another.
The old ones should encourage the new ones
At every moment.
Indeed, they must make sacrifice after sacrifice
For their younger brothers and sisters.
The freshness and eagerness
Of the new ones
Will give the old ones
Boundless joy and enthusiasm.
It is mutual inspiration
Founded upon true family-oneness.

6307. God's Forest

Advanced seekers are like tall trees;
Beginning seekers are like small plants.
Overnight a plant cannot become
As tall, powerful and beautiful
As the trees
That have been ascending heavenward
For many years,
With roots firmly in the ground
And branches aiming at the highest height.
The trees can give the plants inspiration
And aspiration.
The trees can give the plants protection
So they will not be blown away
By doubt, suspicion and other negative forces.
But only patience-light
Can turn the aspiration-plants
Into realisation-trees
In God’s Forest.

6308. Eternity's race

The day you made
A sincere commitment to God
You started running along Eternity’s Road
With bullet-speed.
Now you are going
At bullock-cart speed.
True, the race may be
Longer than the longest,
But that does not mean
Your inner speed has to become
Slower than the slowest.

6309. Your Master's messages

Take your Master’s words
As coming directly from the Absolute Supreme.
You will find that his messages
Will satisfy and fulfil you
Beyond your wildest hopes
And brightest dreams.

6310. God will give you the capacity

If you have the sincere necessity
To do something,
Then God will give you the capacity
To do that very thing.

If you have the sincere necessity
To become something,
Then God will give you the capacity
To become that very thing.

6311. God's supreme Message

God’s supreme Message:
“Please Me in My own Way
And do not expect Me to please you.”
If you expect God to please you
In any way,
Then in the inner world
You have already failed.
Again, there is no difference
Between your failure and God’s failure.
If a flower does not blossom,
The gardener takes the blame.

6312. Only one prayer

I have only one prayer:
I wish my heart to become
The Flower-Fragrance
Of my Lord’s Heart.

6313. Even one thing wrong

If a seeker
Does even one thing wrong,
Rest assured,
In the inner world
He has gone millions of miles
Away from his Lord Supreme.

If a seeker
Does one thing right,
Even in the thought-world only,
Rest assured,
In the inner world
He has taken a giant step
Closer to his Lord Supreme.

6314. Do not speak ill of yourself

Do not speak ill of yourself.
The world around you
Will always gladly do that
On your behalf.

6315. God wants to please the few

For God to please us
In our desire-world
Is not a difficult task.
But God is eager to please us
Only in our aspiration-world.
He wants to please the few
Who long for Him only.
To others He silently offers
His compassionate Heart of Oneness.

6316. The capacity to ignore

If his mouth has the capacity
To criticise you,
Then your mind definitely has the capacity
To ignore him.

6317. The Divine in your Master

Be careful!
The human in your Master
May tolerate your weaknesses indefinitely,
But the Divine in your Master
May one day be compelled
To use His Justice-Light,
Which is only another name
For His Compassion-Height.

6318. Remember your commitments

When you accepted
The Path of the Supreme,
You made an inner commitment
To please your Lord Supreme
All the time in His own Way.
Remember this commitment
All your life
As you walk, march, run and fly
Towards the Golden Beyond.

6319. God will satisfy you

If you accept the inner life
With the hope that God
Will please and fulfil you
In your desire-life,
You will always remain a failure.
But if you accept the inner life
With the hope that God
Will satisfy your divine hunger
And quench your divine thirst,
You will never be disappointed.
I assure you,
God can and God will
Fulfil your divine hopes
In the near or distant future.

6320. I shall not pretend

My Lord Supreme,
I shall not pretend
To be good and perfect any more.
Only make me worthy
Of Your Compassion-Sea,
If so is Your Will.

6321. Gifts from God

When the Master
Outwardly encourages his disciples
In any field,
He is showing his most sincere
Blessingful concern.
For it is absolutely necessary
For them to bring to the fore
Their good qualities
For their own perfection.
These good qualities
Are truly gifts from God,
To be manifested in His own Way
At His choice Hour.

6322. A true disciple feels

A true disciple feels
That no journey is too long
If it brings him to the feet
Of his beloved Master.

A false disciple feels
That the shortest distance is too far
For him to go to receive
His Master’s highest Peace,
Light and Delight.

6323. Try to remember

Try to remember
Absolutely the first time
You saw your Master
Or when he accepted you
As his true disciple.
Try to remember
What you felt
Deep inside your heart.
Remember your soul’s joy and thrill.
Remember the aspiration, dedication
And surrender
That you offered to the Supreme in him.
Try to remember!

6324. Dormant capacities

If you allow your capacities to remain dormant
Inside your heart, mind and body,
Then God may even go to the length
Of arguing with Himself
About whether He did the right thing
In bringing you down
Into the world-arena.

6325. Always continue trying

Because you have tried over the years
And failed,
You must not feel
You are a hopeless case.
Always continue trying
With more intensity and enthusiasm.

6326. Patience is light

To please the Supreme
In His own Way
Is not possible overnight.
If you are sincerely and consciously trying,
What you need is patience.
Patience is light,
Patience is strength,
Patience is peace.

6327. The greatest blessing

If you do not receive
What you are expecting from God,
Feel that it is
The greatest blessing.
Your expectation
Is nothing but stupidity
Which can eventually become
Your own destruction.

6328. A heart-to-heart talk

I had a heart-to-heart talk
With my mind.
At long last my clever mind
Wants to become wise.
It does not want to enjoy any more
The self-doubt and world-doubt games.

6329. Unveil and reveal

The human in us
Must not remain hidden.
It has to be unveiled
For its real transformation.

The divine in us
Must not remain concealed.
It has to be revealed
For its full manifestation.

6330. Your world of misery

Your mind is paralysed
With fear.
Your heart is overwhelmed
By despair.
The Hour of God
Is hesitating to approach you.
Alas, you are your own lonely world
Of constantly brooding misery.

6331. Everything can smile

Everything can smile,
Even your mind’s ugliness.
But you will be satisfied
Only with the smile
Of your heart’s soulfulness.

6332. God and His Vision-Eye

God and His Vision-Eye
Together live
Inside the heart-garden of Heaven.

God and His Mission-Heart
Together live
Inside the body-fort of earth.

6333. Do give me

My Lord Supreme,
Do give me a beautiful life
So that I can invite You
To visit my heart.

My Lord Supreme,
Do give me a powerful breath
So that I can embody You
To our mutual satisfaction.

6334. A breath of impurity

A single breath of impurity
Has the capacity
To totally empty
An ocean of faith.

6335. Inner name, outer name

My tiny boat plies
Between my mind’s curiosity
And my heart’s uncertainty.
Therefore, illusion is my inner name
And frustration is my outer name.

6336. Forever inseparable

Your heart’s forgiveness-light,
Your life’s oneness-delight
And your Lord’s Self-transcending Height
Shall forever remain inseparable.

6337. Inside my heart-garden

Inside my heart-garden
I see the purity
Of humanity’s cry
And the beauty
Of Divinity’s Smile.
Also I see something else:
The ceaseless and sleepless flow
Of God’s Heart-Delight.

6338. The Eye of my Inner Pilot

I have accepted man as my friend
Not because his mind is great
And his heart is good
But because the Eye of my Inner Pilot
Is all the time dreaming through him.

6339. A moment's ignorance-pleasure

A moment’s ignorance-pleasure
Can easily shatter
The sky-climbing tree
Of a seeker’s life.

6340. God's magic Touch

My Lord, You ask me to come
And sing with You.
How can I sing with You
When I live all the time
With my mind’s impurity-clouds?
“My child, just come.
My magic Touch will clear away
Your mind’s clouds.”

6341. One little desire

One little desire man has:
He wants to become
As powerful as God.

One little desire God has:
He wants to see man
Sincerely happy.

6342. Divinity knows

The difference between humanity
And divinity is this:
Humanity cries for
What it does not have,
Whereas divinity knows that
Anything it does not have
Is not worth having.
It also knows something else:
Its own satisfaction-smile
Is for the transformation
Of humanity’s present dissatisfaction-cry.

6343. I see my Fate-Maker

When I sail my hope-boat
Towards the Golden Shore,
To my wide surprise
I see my Fate-Maker
Seated inside my boat
Sweetly smiling at me.

6344. No shelter

He who has an undisciplined life
And obeys Himalayan falsehood
Will never be able to take shelter
Under the canopy of God’s
Transcendental Satisfaction.

6345. A land of hope-light

Where do I live?
I live in a land of hope-light.
What do I see there?
The complete end of my yesterday’s
Totally barren life.

6346. The language of your divine heart

When you learn
The language of your divine heart,
God will immediately grant you
The Fragrance of His own Flower-Heart.

6347. Be absolutely sure

First be absolutely sure
That you know the truth
Before you talk to others
About the truth.

6348. When I love

When I love God the man,
I live inside my perfection-nest.
When I love man the God,
I enjoy my satisfaction-rest.

6349. Immortality's Banner

My Lord,
If my heart is awakened once more,
What will You give me?
“My child,
I shall give you
My own Immortality’s Banner
Of Silence-Peace.”

6350. A self-indulgence-life

If you become
A self-indulgence-life,
What can you expect from your soul
Save and except
A helplessly crying reality-existence?

6351. My pain

My past pain was:
I did not want to see
God’s Face.

My present pain is:
I do not want to live
Inside God’s Heart.

My future pain will be:
I shall not need God
For God’s sake.

6352. When I offer

When I offer my heart’s blossoming gratitude
To my Lord Supreme,
He shows me His Infinity’s smiling Face.
When I offer Him
My Eternity’s unconditional surrender-oneness,
He grants me His Immortality’s Crown
While dancing inside
His ever-expanding universe.

6353. Your soul is pining

Your body sleeps shamelessly.
Your vital fights shamelessly.
Your mind doubts shamelessly.
Your heart hesitates shamelessly.
Therefore, your soul, the God-messenger,
Is sleeplessly pining
For the total transformation
Of your life-family.

6354. For your perfect perfection

For your perfect perfection
Your mind must silence
The noise of impatience
And your heart must hear
The voice of patience.

6355. My inventions

My yesterday’s invention:
God does not care for me,
Only I care for Him.

My today’s invention:
Not only God the Creator
But also God the creation
Cares for me.

My tomorrow’s invention:
Even if I do not care for God,
I shall always be taken care of
By God the Creator and God the creation.

6356. Your mind's duty

You have a heart
And it does its duty:
It gives you its tearful cries.

You have a mind,
But it does not do its duty.
Can you not ask your mind
To do its duty
By mixing with your life’s
Fruitful faith?

6357. Do you want to learn?

Do you want to learn?
Then stop arguing.
Do you want to teach?
Then start loving
And firmly establishing
Your oneness-heart.

6358. A rising inner sun

If you love knowledge-light
And if you love and need
Then every day,
Just for a few fleeting seconds,
Dive deep within.
You are bound to see
A rising inner sun
With ever-increasing golden rays.

6359. The unlimited Vision-Light

You are such a fool!
You want to discover the limits
Of your Heaven-free soul.
Yet you cannot even discover
The limits of your own
Earth-bound body.
Indeed, anything that God creates
Embodies the unlimited Vision-Light
Of God’s Infinity.

6360. Votary of ignorance-night

O champion votary of ignorance-night,
Can you not see
That death-night is enveloping
Your outer body,
Your inner hopeful promise
Your God’s blessingful Concern?

6361. My Lord's Compassion-Boon

What else can save me
From the hunger of my desire-swoon
If not my Lord’s
Daily Compassion-Boon?

6362. When I rely on my soul

When I rely on my mind,
I unmistakably rely
On my mind’s teeming doubts.

When I rely on my heart,
I invariably rely
On my heart’s increasing insecurities.

When I rely on my soul,
I sleeplessly and eternally rely
On my soul’s earth-illumining
And God-satisfying Infinities.

6363. Two dreamers

Humanity’s aspiration-core
And Divinity’s satisfaction-door
Every day without fail
Dream of each other.

6364. If you confide in me

If you confide in me,
You will not be the loser.
I shall grant you a hope-dawn,
A promise-sun
And my own Satisfaction-Lord Supreme.

6365. God's Secret and mine

God has told me His only Secret:
He has safely kept
His Immortality’s Crown for me.

I have told God my own secret:
I do not want to be another God,
I want to be His own
Eternity’s perfect slave.

6366. What can my poor heart do?

My mind is my attachment-forest.
My life is my problem-world.
What can my poor heart do?
It has forgotten to offer
Its own self-giving breath to humanity.

6367. A deer-speed

When my life grows into a deer-speed,
God comes to me and plays
On His Flute of Delight
For me to appreciate, admire,
Adore and finally love.

6368. Exchange of smiles

My Lord and I exchange
Our mutual smiles.
In my smile my Lord finds
His Vision of the Infinite.
In His Smile I find
My aspiration for Eternity.

6369. Wild calamities

You think that nobody is following you,
That only you are following,
Cleverly and deliberately,
Your doubting mind.
Look behind!
Can you not see
The wild calamities following you,
Secretly but powerfully?

6370. If you cannot face yourself

If you cannot face yourself,
Then how will you have
The inner courage to face others?

6371. Each prayer

Each prayer
Is an earth-illumining flame
Of the seeker’s heart.

Each meditation
Is a Heaven-reaching plant
Of the seeker’s soul.

6372. The power

Who has the power?
He who has not surrendered
To the world-noise.

Who is the power?
He who is always drunk
With Heaven-silence.

6373. Sleepless dreams

Your sleepless dreams
Are for your achievement-glories.
God’s sleepless Dreams
Are for your heart’s
Everlasting satisfaction.

6374. Strive to bring back

If over the years
You have lost instead of intensified
The inspiration, aspiration,
Inner joy and thrill
That you had when you first accepted
The spiritual life,
Then you must strive to bring back
Your original intensity and eagerness.
Only then will you once again feel
The utmost sweetness and loveliness
Of your spiritual quest.

6375. Relaxation has assailed you

Once upon a time
You felt that many things
Were necessary in your spiritual life,
And you worked very hard for them.
Now tremendous relaxation
Has assailed your body, vital, mind
And perhaps even your heart.
Rid yourself of this destructive relaxation!
Walk, march, run and fly
To reach your destined goal!

6376. Who really meditates?

There are those who blame their Master
For not giving enough importance
To meditation.
But who are the ones who really meditate?
Those who really need God
And God alone,
Those who see the Supreme in their Master
As their only Guru,
Are the ones who sleeplessly,
Soulfully and breathlessly meditate.

6377. Either side can win

If you are a genuine seeker,
Beware of the constant tug-of-war
Between the sincere and insincere members
Of your spiritual family.
Until the boat reaches the Golden Shore,
Either side can win.

6378. Meditation means loving thought

Meditation does not only mean
To sit at one place
With closed eyes.
Meditation also means
Loving thought, pure thought,
Self-giving thought,
In our daily life of aspiration.

6379. If you avail yourself

If you avail yourself
Of the ample opportunities you receive
To meditate with your Master,
Then you can easily
Make the fastest progress
In your inner life
And achieve the greatest success
In your outer life.

6380. An inner marathon

The spiritual life is a marathon,
An inner marathon which never ends.
The Supreme is begging
All His seeker-children
To be excellent runners —
To run speedily, like deer —
In this eternal inner journey.

6381. One drop of doubt

One drop of doubt
Is enough to ruin
A faith-cup
Filled to the brim.

6382. My inner revolution

My outer resolution
Silences the world of my outer noise.
My inner revolution
Awakens the world of my inner voice.

6383. Determination and hope

The Master’s inner determination
And outer hope
Save his spiritual children
And keep the Master alive on earth.
His determination is
His adamantine will.
His hope is his commitment
To his Beloved Supreme in humanity.

6384. Obedience and disobedience

In one second of cheerful obedience
And willingness
You make Himalayan progress.

In one second of disobedience
And unwillingness
You become your own Himalayan failure.

6385. He makes friends

He makes friends with empty days,
Empty weeks and empty months,
And then he asks himself
Why he has not pleased God
And why he is not pleased with himself.

6386. The frustration of yesterday

If you are carrying
The frustration of yesterday,
Just say, “The past is dust.”
If you can remember this mantra,
You can free yourself from the frustration
That is darkening your life.

6387. A rank fool

Cherishing frustration in your inner life
Is like carrying a dead elephant
On your shoulders.
Why do you have to carry this elephant?
If you continue, you are a fool,
A rank fool.

6388. Make me worthy

My Lord Supreme,
Make me worthy
Of my spiritual life
And make me worthy
Of pleasing You
In Your own Way
At every moment.

6389. A good disciple

A bad disciple will try
To please his Master in one way,
Hoping his Master
Will please him in nine ways.

A clever disciple will try
To please his Master in nine ways,
Hoping his Master will forgive him
For not pleasing him in the tenth way.

A good disciple will prepare himself
To please his Master in every way,
And he will succeed!

6390. An open life

What I always need
Is an open life
Inside my Lord’s hidden Heart.

6391. Two kinds of bondage

There are two kinds of bondage:
The attachment-bondage
Of an ordinary man
And the compassion-bondage
Of a spiritual man.

6392. I must embark

O my mind,
You and I have travelled
For a long time
And covered
A very long distance.
Now we must part.
I must embark on a new journey
With my new friend:

6393. Another opportunity

As the year comes to an end,
Your mind and vital may feel tired
And not want to continue
The great spiritual journey.
But the divine in you
Will always feel that each new year
Offers another opportunity —
A new hope, a new aspiration,
A new determination —
To completely obliterate the unfortunate past.

6394. If this question echoes

“If ever I lose my Beloved Supreme,
How shall I be able
To continue my life?”
If this question echoes and re-echoes
Inside your heart,
Your fast-declining spiritual life
Will reverse its course
And you will be saved.

6395. The role of traitors

Bring to the fore as soon as possible
All the good qualities of your followers.
Otherwise, they can easily play the role
Of great traitors.

6396. God knows better

Almost everybody feels he knows
What is best for himself.
But fortunately there are some truth-seekers
Who have accepted the spiritual life
Only because they feel
That God knows better than they do.

6397. An untimely end

There was a time
When you thought that God
Knew what was best for you.
Now you think
That God does not know what is best
Either for you or for others.
Alas, your spiritual life
Has reached its untimely end.

6398. God's Golden Boat

As long as you can feel
That what God does for you and for others
Is absolutely the best thing,
You will be able to remain
In God’s Golden Boat.

6399. Yesterday and today

My Lord,
Why is it that today
You are not doing the same thing
For me
That You did yesterday?

“My child,
Perhaps I know a little better
Than you do
What is good for your heart and soul
Both yesterday and today.”

6400. Inside my sleepless eagerness

Inside my sleepless eagerness
Man’s doubtless newness
And God’s earth-transforming Fulness
Shall blossom.
This is the message supreme
Which my heart’s blue bird
Has brought to my self-giving life.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the sixty-fourth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy greets Dr Carlos Ozores Typaldos, Ambassador of Panama to the United Nations at a reception the President of Panama was hosting at the United Nations on 30 September 1981.

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