Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 66

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6501. Ready for perfection-splendour

See the beauty of God's creation
With your sleepless eyes.
See the purity in God's creation
With your breathless joy.
Then your life will be ready
For perfection-splendour.

6502. Twin arts

A new me I became
The day I learnt the twin arts
Of beautiful surrender
And soulful gratitude.

6503. God's Compassion cures

God's Compassion cures
My heart.
God's Smile immortalises
My life.

6504. The absolutely sincere witness

God keeps all
His transcendental Promises.
My sterling faith
Is the absolutely sincere witness.

6505. Your heart is aching

Your heart is aching
Because you do not feed your soul
Even once a week
With a prayerful cry
And a soulful smile.

6506. People judge your heart

Some people proudly judge your heart
Only after they have carefully seen
Your life.

6507. Two places to hide imperfections

There are two places to hide
Our imperfections:
One place is inside
Our Lord's Compassion-Eye,
And the other place is under
Our Lord's Forgiveness-Feet.

6508. To try to go to Heaven

To try to go to Heaven
Without your heart's soulfulness
Is like trying to open a locked door
Without the key.

6509. Death cannot say "Yes"

Death cannot say
When my heart says

6510. His heart's purity

His heart's purity
Enjoys incessant increase.
Therefore, the human in him
Is proud of him
And the divine in him
Is fond of him.

6511. Trust-flames beckon us

Trust-flames beckon us,
To illumine our aspiration-heart.
Distrust-fires beckon us,
To baffle us and finally destroy us.

6512. The difference between man and God

The outer difference
Between man and God is this:
Man does not know,
Whereas God knows.

The inner difference
Between man and God is this:
Man is not ready to please God,
Whereas God is not ready
To renounce man.

6513. A God absolutely new

O Boat of Delight,
I am your new passenger
With a new heart
And a new aspiration
For a God absolutely new.

6514. Each uncomely thought

Each uncomely thought
Eventually throws the mind
Into a chasm of bleeding despair.

6515. One man's sufficiency

One man's insufficiency
Can sadly prove
How weak this world is.
One man's sufficiency
Can unmistakably prove
That man is the golden bridge
Between God the Love Divine
And God the Beloved Supreme.

6516. I shall make no choice

Between two thieves,
Doubt and insecurity,
I shall make no choice,
For they are equally dangerous
And destructive.

6517. When I travel home with God

When I travel Home with God,
I travel very close to Him
So nothing can travel in between us,
Especially not disappointment.

6518. My self-giving will

May my self-giving will
Be infinitely swifter
Than my man-conquering thought.

6519. All doubts are dissolved

All doubts are dissolved
When a seeker sincerely surrenders
To the Will of his own highest Self:
God the Compassion-Heart.

6520. When tranquillity climbs up

When your heart's tranquillity
Climbs up,
You are bound to notice
The complete exhaustion
Of your life's sorrow.

6521. His mind is trying to grow

His mind is desperately trying to grow
Into a belief-plant,
Whereas his heart has already become
A huge faith-tree.

6522. Make two requests

Before you enter the jaws of death,
Make two requests of Mother Earth:
O Mother Earth,
Do forgive me
My life's countless mistakes.
O Mother Earth,
Do forever keep
My heart's gratitude-garland
Which I am placing
At your feet.

6523. Three ways to be special

There are three ways
To be special.
One way
Is through possession.
Another way
Is through renunciation.
The third way
Is through acceptance:
Acceptance of God's Will
In God's own Way.

6524. I shall accept my Master

I shall accept my Master
Even if he rejects me
In front of everybody.
This is my oneness
With his heart and soul.

6525. His best disciple

Accept, accept your Master!
Accept him with the hope
And with the determination
To become his choicest instrument.
The moment your surrender
Is complete and permanent,
You will be his best disciple.

6526. Better days are coming!

Better days are coming!
Better worlds are emerging!
Better skies are descending!
Better perfection is evolving!

6527. You have accepted the spiritual life

You have accepted the spiritual life.
Do you feel a special love
For what you are doing?
Do you feel a special devotion
To what you are doing?

6528. My Lord's Satisfaction-Sky

My Lord's Satisfaction-Sky
Lies inside my conscious acceptance
Of His Vision-in-Reality
And His Reality-in-Vision.
His Vision-in-Reality:
In Heaven I was His Promise.
His Reality-in-Vision:
On earth I am His Manifestation.

6529. The smile of silence

You will find the smile of silence
Inside your heart's sleepless cry.
Cry is the night.
Inside the night is the day.
As the night holds the day,
So the cry holds the smile.

6530. What do you usually do?

My Lord,
What do You usually do
During the day
During the night?
"My child,
During the day
I watch and wait.
During the night I use either
My Compassion-Height
My Justice-Light."

6531. Acts of will

Believing is an act
Of earthly will.
Loving is an act
Of Heavenly will.
Surrendering is an act
Of supreme will.

6532. My music-life invokes

My music-life invokes
God's Presence
Inside my heart.

My song-life is all prepared
For God's Arrival
Inside my heart.

6533. The In-Dweller in him

I surrender
To the In-Dweller in him,
For my Beloved Supreme
Has manifested much more
Purity and divinity through him
Than through me.

6534. True freedom

True freedom is not
In the satisfaction-beauty
Of your face,
But in the perfection-oneness
Of your heart.

6535. The sacred responsibility

All seekers of the Absolute Supreme
Have the sacred responsibility
Of universal fraternity.

6536. Think of your future victories

Daily think a few times
Of your future victories in Heaven
Instead of thinking all the time
Of your present defeats on earth.

6537. Today's pure thoughts

Today's pure thoughts
Are resources
For tomorrow's inner emergencies.

6538. If your life does not give joy

If your life does not give joy
To others,
Then how can you expect
Your heart to give any joy
To you?

6539. The soul depends on delight

The mind depends on
The strength of doubt.
The heart depends on
The strength of oneness.
The soul depends on
The strength of delight.

6540. A perfect man

You are a stupid fellow
If you are looking for
A perfect man.
You are a wise man
If you are trying to become
A perfect man.

6541. Failure is a matter of the mind

Failure is a matter of the mind.
If I do not mind,
Then failure is of no consequence.

6542. My heart knows no want

My aspiration-heart
Knows no want
Since my illumination-soul
Is its supplier.

6543. A great revelation

God is everything:
This is a great discovery.
God is in everything:
This is a great revelation.

6544. Will you make me creative?

My Lord, as a poet
You have made me creative.
Will You not make me creative
Not only when I do something
But also whenever I think anything?

6545. A soul of promise

Because my soul
Is a soul of promise,
My life
Is a life of hope
And my heart
Is a heart of peace.

6546. God loves only one thing

God the Heart
Loves only one thing:
My heart's breathless inner cry.

God the Eye
Loves only one thing:
My life's measureless outer smile.

6547. Your mind's reputation

Who cares for the continuous increase
Of your mind's reputation
If the soulful capacity of your heart

6548. Blessing-Showers from Above

If you use your heart's inner poise
In a constructive way,
Then Blessing-Showers from Above
Will be all yours to treasure.

6549. Only one cure

There is only one cure
For the suspicion-mind,
And that cure is
To deliberately excommunicate the mind
From the assembly of the heart and soul.

6550. How will you be ready?

If you fear God's Power,
Then how will you wake up
And be ready to receive God
When God's God-Hour strikes?

6551. Your gratitude-heart

You may not be great,
But your gratitude-heart
Is exceptionally great
And perfectly good.

6552. When it comes to prayer

When it comes to prayer,
Wake up, pray,
And do not give up.

6553. Think of your Master

If you are jealous,
If you are insecure,
Think of your Master.
Your jealousy and your insecurity
Will not be able to increase
When you think of your Master.

6554. My only confidential request

My only confidential request
To the children of this world:
"I am totally tired,
But do not breathe a word of it to Heaven,
For Heaven does not appreciate
My helpless tiredness."

6555. Life is a series of adventures

Life is a series of adventures,
And he who is ready to enjoy
These adventures
Has a special place
Inside the blessingful Heart of God.

6556. To sow the seed of gratitude

There are countless approaches to God,
But the easiest and most effective approach
Is to sow the seed of gratitude
And watch it growing every day
Inside the depths
Of your silence-flooded heart.

6557. You call it imperfection

You call it imperfection,
But God calls it your preparation.
You call it emptiness,
But God calls it your future fulness.
You call it impossibility,
But God calls it the mask
Of unveiled reality.

6558. I pray soulfully

I pray soulfully
So that my mind
Can know the truth

I meditate silently
So that my heart
Can grow high enough
To touch God's Heaven-Feet.

6559. Incapable of pride

The mind is unhappy
Because it cannot escape
The frequent attacks of merciless pride.
The heart is happy
Because it is incapable
Of any kind of pride.

6560. No longer entangled

When your mind is no longer entangled
In pitch-dark confusion-night,
You will be able to see
The beauty of your inner face
The purity of your inner heart.

6561. The holiest of all shrines

Your soulful surrender-heart
Is the holiest of all shrines.
No other shrine can equal it
In this wide universe.

6562. Do spare me from name and fame

My Lord Supreme,
Do spare me from name and fame.
My heart consciously, soulfully
And devotedly
Longs to play only with You
In Your Cosmic Game.

6563. In their existence-family

Fear, doubt and anxiety
Together live
In their earthly existence-family.

Hope, promise and dedication
Together live
In their Heavenly existence-family.

6564. How will you ever dare?

If your entire life
Is an insecurity-ant,
How will you ever dare
To drink deep the Nectar-Heart
Of your Beloved Supreme?

6565. The Height transcendental

At every moment
If you are not conscious
Of the Height transcendental,
The powerful magnets of the lower worlds
Will pull you down
Into the abyss of oblivion.

6566. Guardian angel of my life

The guardian angel
Of my daily life
Is my one
Soulful morning song.

6567. God became his perfect slave

God became his perfect slave
When he became his heart's
Completely surrendered life.

6568. Something encouraging

Is something encouraging.
Is something enlightening.
Is something fulfilling.

6569. God has lovingly given my mind

God has lovingly given my mind
His lightning Speed to enjoy.
God has blessingfully given my heart
His immortalising Feast to enjoy.

6570. The heart that thirsts

His is the heart
That thirsts for God's Nectar-Sea.
His is the life
That dines with God's Summit-Satisfaction.

6571. Your soul was the witness

Your soul was the witness
When God asked your mind
To play with His own Sincerity-Smile
And when God asked your heart
To play with His own Purity-Cry.

6572. How can he succeed?

How can he succeed in his outer life
When earth is so jealous of him?
How can he proceed in his inner life
When Heaven is so callous to him?

6573. God is always able to enjoy

God is always able to enjoy
His Victory-Drum
Because He never strikes it hard.
Therefore, He does not produce loud sounds
That deafen His Ears.

6574. Vastness-smile, oneness-dance

This is what the mind
Will ultimately become.

This is what the heart
Will eventually become.

6575. My heavenward journey

I shall shorten
My heavenward journey
Just by strangling
My doubting mind.

6576. Cry within breathlessly

Cry within breathlessly,
Smile without sleeplessly.
No nagging dissatisfaction
Will mar your life's
Swift heavenward journey.

6577. Beauty in the divine heart

Beauty is tempting and fleeting
In the human mind.
Beauty is self-giving, abiding,
Illumining and God-manifesting
In the divine heart.

6578. Earth unconsciously welcomes

Earth unconsciously welcomes
The messenger of disaster.
Heaven consciously welcomes
The messenger of helplessness.

6579. Without preliminary preparation

Without any preliminary preparation
You may see the Face of God,
But without full preparation
You can never become the Heart of God.

6580. Seeing his helplessness

Seeing his own helplessness,
He does not want to see
Any blossoming newness on earth
Or any illumining fulness in Heaven.

6581. A divine promise

A human hope
Is a very subtle slavery.
A divine promise
Is a very tangible harbinger
Of self-mastery.

6582. Everybody minds his own business

If you watch closely,
You will see that nobody cares to know
Whether you have already realised God
Or are going to realise God
In the near or distant future.
Everybody minds his own business.
And he ought to!

6583. Your self-governed world

If you live in your self-governed world,
God will not dislike you,
But the God-governed world
Will not be at all inspired
To remember you

6584. Your heart's confidence-light

Do not worry
About speaking to the world
About yourself.
Your heart's confidence-light
Is always ready to do that for you.

6585. Courage is the watchfulness

Courage is the watchfulness
Of my vision-eye.
Gratitude is the fulness
Of my reality-life.

6586. The golden morning is blossoming

Be not afraid
Of the pre-dawn darkness.
The golden morning
With its rainbow-dance
Is blossoming faster
Than you can imagine.

6587. God is inviting him

His self-determination
Powerfully governs his mind.
Therefore, he is now chosen by God.

His self-purification
Soulfully feeds his heart.
Therefore, God is inviting him
To be a very important member
Of His inner Family.

6588. I fully sympathise with you

My poor, tiny mind,
I fully sympathise with you.
How can you brave
The ruthless and sleepless onslaughts
Of a multitude of uncomely thoughts?

6589. Do not tell God

Do not tell God
That you do not know.
God does not like to hear it.

Do not tell man
That you know.
Man does not like to hear it.

6590. A Heaven-enjoying fun-run

The human life is a difficult
Cross-country run.
The divine life is an easy,
Charming and Heaven-enjoying

6591. God the Heart transforms

God the Eye
Threatens the proud.
God the Heart
Transforms the proud.

6592. God is not ashamed

Why are you ashamed
Of your imperfections?
God Himself is not ashamed
Of His imperfect creation.

6593. I do not hate the world

I do not hate the world,
Not because I do not know
How to hate,
But because God does not want me
To hate.

I love the world,
Not because I know how to love,
But because God,
Out of His boundless Bounty,
Loves the world
In me, through me and for me.

6594. Two most sacred secrets

Two most sacred secrets to keep:
God wants my soul
To be His representative
Here on earth.
God has given me the capacity
To transform the face and fate
Of mankind.

6595. Miracles worth seeing

Only two miracles are worth seeing:
The miracle of loving
The miracle of forgiving.

6596. The heavenward road

Who are the builders
Of the heavenward road
If not God's Compassion-Eye
And my own aspiration-heart?

6597. India's secret weapons

India's secret weapons:
The transcendental Vision-Light
Of the Vedic seers,
The universal Consciousness-Delight
From the Vedic code.

6598. A faithless heart

A doubtful mind
Hurts a faithful heart.
A faithless heart
Puzzles a beautiful soul.

6599. God's cheerful responsibility

If your heart is all aspiration,
And if your life is all gratitude,
Then you become God's cheerful
And constant responsibility.

6600. When I obey my Lord Supreme

Not because I need a special favour
From my Lord Supreme
Do I obey Him,
But because when I obey Him,
To my utter astonishment,
My own heart swims
In the sea of Light and Delight.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the sixty-sixth volume in a series of ten thousand "flaming flower-poems" which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity's self-ascending cry and Divinity's God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Kiyoshi Nakamura, Japan's revered coach of such renowned runners as Boston Marathon winner Toshihiko Seko, meets Sri Chinmoy on 21 December 1982 in Jingu Gaien Park, Tokyo, Japan. During the meeting, the Sri Chinmoy singers sang a song to Nakamura which the Master had written in the coach's honour and Sri Chinmoy presented Nakamura with a gift. Deeply moved by the meeting, Nakamura said, "It is most fortunate for the world that there is someone like Sri Chinmoy here."

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