Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 7

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601. My peace of mind

Sweet Lord,
How can I multiply
My peace of mind?
“My child,
The only way to increase
Your peace of mind
Is to multiply it immediately,
Plus unreservedly.”

602. No introduction needed

Ignorance-night and wisdom-light
Need no introduction.
A life of ignorance is a life
Of senseless self-explanation.
A life of wisdom is a life
Of flawless self-explanation.

603. Compassion-heart, justice-eye

For my compassion-heart,
The exercise of power
Is the last resort.

For my justice-eye,
The exercise of power
Is the first aid.

604. My soulful heart

My soulful heart
Devotedly hopes for the best.

My fearful mind
Sleeplessly hopes to avoid the worst.

605. What my restless mind has

What my restless mind has
Is an anxiety-train.
What my sleepless heart is
Is a faith-mountain.

606. Why is it hard?

Blessing-Light from Above
We have totally forgotten.
Why is it, then, hard
To forget our torture-night from below?

607. A supreme secret

The best test of my advice to myself
Is my perfection-depth
And not my satisfaction-length.
I have always known this supreme secret —
Yet, alas!

608. An appreciating consolation

No real substitute for a purity-heart!
But an unreserved sincerity-mind
Does pretty well —
An appreciating consolation.

609. My dreams have not come true

My dreams have not come true.
My mind is a torture-cave.

My nightmares have not come true.
My heart is a rapture-palace.

610. A very long time

Twin fools:
My mind and my heart.
My mind doubts everything and everyone.
My heart believes everything and everyone.
My Lord, are they not equally sick?
“No, My child,
The sickness of your heart,
I shall be able to cure
Before long.
But to cure your mind,
I am afraid,
Will take a very, very, very
Long time.”

611. A fulfilling conversation

My mind says to my heart:
“My dear friend, heart,
How have you become so rich?”
I have become rich by spending myself sleeplessly.
“Thanks, my dear friend, heart.
Your way is a little bit difficult for me.
Can you tell me an easier way?”
Yes, I can.
Just expand yourself,
So you are as rich as I am.
Then we will be equal.
Something more:
At long last
We will be one.
“Thanks, my dear friend,
You have not only illumined me
But also fulfilled me.”

612. What has God given me?

What has God given me?
A beautiful heart.
What shall I give Him?
A soulful face.

613. What my desire-life wants

What my desire-life wants
Is a giant drum.
What my aspiration-life needs
Is a tiny flute.

614. God's Satisfaction-Founder

I cared not for anybody else.
I saved myself only.
Therefore, I was a despicable miser.
I am saving others.
Therefore, I am a remarkable wonder.
I shall save the world.
Then, my Lord Supreme will call me
His Satisfaction-Founder.

615. Because you save me

My dedication-verses,
I am all gratitude to you.
Do you know why?
Because you save me
From my aspiration-reverses.

616. God is smiling powerfully

I am offering what I can:
A soulful cry.
God is doing for me what I cannot:
He is smiling powerfully
In my heart and through my eyes.

617. Two things for nothing

The only thing I got for nothing
Was a total failure-life.
But now I have got two things for nothing:
My Lord’s Forgiveness-Heart
My Lord’s Compassion-Eye.

618. Two eternal friends

My Lord Supreme and I
Are two eternal friends.
We talk and talk.
He enjoys giving me
Heavenly illumining news.
I enjoy giving Him
Earthly unending gossip.

619. Do you really want me to be happy?

O my mind,
Do you really want me to be happy?
Then stop, stop thinking!

O my heart,
Do you really want me to be happy?
Then start, start feeling.

620. When I ignore my mind quietly

When I ignore my mind quietly,
My mind ignores me
When I ignore my heart foolishly,
My heart explores me, my ignorance-night,
Swiftly and unmistakably
To illumine me, my entire life,

621. Because of the Beauty

Because of the Beauty
Of my Lord’s open Mind,
I love Him.
Because of the purity
Of my closed mouth,
My Lord loves me.

622. My mind's game

My mind’s game
Has imprisoned me,
My entire life.
My heart’s flame
Is liberating me,
My all.

623. His astounding manifestation-life

His astounding manifestation-life
Began at forty.
His dedication-surrender-fruits
Are its unmistakable proof.

624. When you are in hesitation

When you are in hesitation,
“No” is my unpretentious suggestion.
When you are in doubt,
“No” is my precious advice.

625. Fault-finding

In the inner world
Fault-finding is a dangerous dream.
In the outer world
Fault-finding is a cancerous reality.

626. Mine is the heart

Mine is the heart
That smilingly endures.
Mine is the soul
That confidently insures.
Mine is the God
Who unconditionally assures.

627. Two complete failures

An ignorance-indifference-traveller
Is a complete failure.
A division-separation-road
Is a complete failure.

628. I have two serious faults

I have two serious faults:
I underestimate God’s Compassion-Beauty,
I overestimate man’s ingratitude-reality.

629. Faith nullifies

Fear vilifies.
Courage pacifies.
Doubt multiplies.
Faith nullifies.

630. Keep your division-mind

Keep your division-mind.
Nobody wants it!
Keep your oneness-heart.
Everybody needs it!

631. You can never get lost

Yours is a surrender-road.
You cannot get lost.

Yours is a oneness-goal.
You will be blessed
Forever and forever.

632. Weak are my ears

Weak are my ears.
They are subject to false love.

Strong is my mouth.
It is wide open to truth.

633. A God-nourishing fruit

You talked
Did not act.
The world called you
A religious nut.
You are acting and not talking.
We call you
A God-nourishing fruit.

634. When I give a soulful cry

When I give a soulful cry,
It safely lives
In God’s Satisfaction-Heart.

When I receive a fruitful smile,
It permanently lives
In my aspiration-heart.

635. The secret of realisation

The secret of realisation
Is aspiration in secret.

The secret of manifestation
Is dedication in secret.

The secret of perfection
Is satisfaction in secret.

636. A clear conscience

A clear conscience
Tranquillizes me and my vital.
A pure consciousness
Illumines me and my mind.
A sure God
Fulfils me and my all.

637. Since you are afraid of sins

Since you are afraid of sins
You are doomed to embody them
In your life
For good.

Since you are not afraid of confessions
You are chosen to treasure them
In your mind
For good.

638. God has given me

God has given me
His able Life.
I am giving God
My active gratitude.

639. My earth-bound mind has taught me

My earth-bound mind has taught me
The flawless law of gravitation.
My Heaven-free heart is teaching me
The shadowless glow of levitation.

640. My dear Lord blesses

My dear Lord blesses
My concentration-mind
Because it is crying
For His Compassion-Light.

My sweet Lord embraces
My aspiration-heart
Because it is crying
For its perfection-height.

641. When I think of the world

When I think of the world
My mind tells me:
“You fool,
You have made an unprofitable sacrifice.”

When I think of the world
My heart tells me:
“You are truly wise
For you have made a most profitable investment.”

642. Your God-necessity-cry

Your God-necessity-cry
I appreciate.
Your surrender-ability-smile
I admire.
Your silence-gratitude-reality
I adore.
Your oneness-satisfaction-divinity
I love.

643. If to forgive is divine

To err is human.
But be careful,
Do not overdo it.

If to forgive is divine,
Then rest assured,
You can never overdo it.

644. I fight my ignorance-night

As a fire department
Fights fire
Not with fire
But with water,
Even so,
I fight my ignorance-night
Not with my ignorance-night,
But with my meditation-light.

645. Where is your partner?

Where is your partner:
Without it,
You cannot have realisation.

Where is your partner:
Without it,
You cannot have the satisfaction of perfection.

646. You are surprisingly great

Arguments you have easily won.
You are surprisingly great.

Friends you have unmistakably lost.
You are unbelievably stupid.

647. Only when you climb it

Your aspiration-ladder
Is an aspiration-ladder
Only when you climb it.

Your dedication-bridge
Is a dedication-bridge
Only when you cross it.

648. A small mind

A small mind knows only two things:
How to ignore great ideals and
How to ridicule good goals.

649. The prosperity-raptures

I have the power
To brave the adversity-tortures.
But alas,
The prosperity-raptures frighten me —
Frighten me even in my dreams.

650. God came to visit

God came to visit
My heart-home.
Alas, I missed Him.
I was out playing
With my all-challenging bull.

Again God has come to visit
My heart-home.
I am missing Him again.
I am already out feeding
My all-ignorance horse.
Alas, alas!

But tomorrow
If God comes to visit
My heart-home,
He will definitely find me.
And I shall immediately compensate
By devotedly offering Him
My ignorance-devouring lion.

651. My life-motor clicks

My life-motor clicks
Whether I move or stand still.
When I move,
The sound of transcendence greets me.
When I stand still,
The silence of Eternity greets me.

652. My mind is happy

My mind is happy
When it administers discipline-power.
My heart is happy
When it surrenders to the discipline-hour.

653. A sad, sad experience

I am truly sad
That I have not pleased God.
That my life is a total failure
Is a sad, sad experience
Which is sadly true.

654. Important in God's Heart

I am important.
Therefore, the world is nice.
I am nice.
Therefore, I am important in God’s Heart.

655. My body needs God's Compassion

My body needs God’s Compassion,
My vital needs God’s Power,
My mind needs God’s Wisdom,
My heart needs God’s Love,
My soul needs God’s Vision,
I need God alone,
God alone.

656. What lies behind me

What lies behind me
Is frustration.

What lies before me
Is temptation.

What lies within me
Is aspiration.

657. The seeker's realisation-heart

Not a particular time of life
But a state of mind
Is what embodies the seeker’s realisation-hour.

658. They always return

Your heart’s encouragement-smile
Your soul’s satisfaction-smile
Can never be given away.
They always return.

659. The perfection-train

Try to catch
The perfection-train:
You are bound to arrive
At the satisfaction-station:

660. Your meditation-light never works

Your meditation-light never works
Even in your puny mind.
If it fails there,
Then it will, without fail,
Fail everywhere.

661. By way of joke

God gave me
By way of joke
A little mind.
I am giving God
In dead earnest
A big problem:
My useless life.

662. Something to do

Something to do:
Something to love:
Something to look forward to:
Satisfaction in perfection.

663. No rival

My heart’s perfection-cry
Knows no rival.

My soul’s satisfaction-smile
Knows no rival.

My life’s gratitude-beauty
Knows no rival.

664. I am so proud of my mind

I am so proud of my mind.
Because it has started
Enjoying little things:
A simple thought,
A pure heart,
A humble life.

665. I entertain God

I entertain God
With my promise-power.
God entertains me
With His Compassion-Shower.

666. What shall I see tomorrow?

What did I see yesterday?
God’s Compassion-Feet.
What do I see today?
God’s Forgiveness-Heart.
What shall I see tomorrow?
God’s Vision-Promise
In me and for me.

667. And it is

My mind thinks
That the world is against it —
And it is.

My heart feels
That the world is for it —
And it is.

And I know
That the world is indifferent to me —
And it is.

668. Slowly, my aspiration-heart is travelling

My aspiration-heart is travelling.

My frustration-vital will overtake it.
Alas, alas!

669. An abiding partnership

My aspiration-life
Will now succeed.
Do you know why?
It will succeed
Because it has, at long last,
Formed an abiding partnership
With God’s Compassion-Eye.

670. I can easily enjoy

I may not stand
The world’s volcano-criticism.
But I am sure
I can easily enjoy
The world’s Everest-praise.

671. Without a second

I have seen God’s Smiles.
To my sorrow,
They are not as beautiful
As God’s Eyes.
Truth to tell,
His Eyes are infinitely more beautiful
Than His Smiles.

I have devoured God’s Eyes.
To my sorrow,
They are not as delicious,
As nutritious,
As illumining,
And as fulfilling
As God’s Heart.
His Heart was, is
And will always remain
Without a second.

672. God has and you are

God has a Golden Boat,
And you are that Boat.
God has a Golden Shore,
And your satisfaction-smile is that Shore.

673. This is the day

This is the day
When I shall think
More of myself
Than of my enemies.

This is the day
When I shall think
More of my friends
Than of myself.

This is the day
When I shall think
Only of God,
Only for God,
Only in God.

674. God gave you

Power you wanted.
God gave you.
Love you wanted.
God gave you.
A few things more you want:
These also God will undoubtedly give you
At His choice Hour.

675. What God wants

What I want from my life
Is ability.
What God wants from my life
Is a regular, soulful availability.

676. Fear

Fear of God’s Tears
Is amazingly constructive.
Fear of ignorance-night
Is sleeplessly destructive.

677. A gift from Above

Transformation is not received.
It is achieved.
Satisfaction is not an achievement.
It is a gift from Above
For you,
For you,
For you alone.

678. An iota of gratitude

The seeker’s offering
Of an iota of gratitude to God
Is as beautiful as a rose
Held by God in His own Hand.

679. You never needed it

I heard Your blessingful Voice,
My Lord,
When I least expected it.
You accepted my empty sound-worship,
My Lord,
Although You never needed it.

680. I love you, I need you

I pray to You,
My Lord,
Although I do not know
How to pray.

I love You,
I need You,
My Lord,
And I also know
How to love You and need You.

681. Two realisations

I am the owner of two realisations:
Surrender to man
Is an agonising performance.
Surrender to God
Is not a tremendous sacrifice.

682. Let me help you

Lord Supreme,
You have helped me
To speak to You.
Let me help You
By listening to You.

683. Today's clear world

Today’s clear world is made
From frightening chaos.
Tomorrow’s pure world will be made
From tormenting pathos.

684. I am the happiest

My Lord, I am happy
That You are strong.
My Lord, I am happier
That You are stronger
Than my ignorance.
My Lord, I am the happiest
Because Your Compassion-Height
Is infinitely stronger
Than Your Justice-Light.

685. Mine is the life

Mine is the life that started
With God’s Compassion-Sky.
Mine is the life that shall end
With God’s Forgiveness-Sky.

686. O my soldier

O my outer soldier,
I want you to believe.
O my inner soldier,
I want you to brave.

687. O prayer-beauty

O prayer-beauty,
Can you not give me
A clear mind?

O meditation-lustre,
Can you not give me
A pure heart?

688. Aspiration is

Aspiration is
The beauty of a God-seeker.

Devotion is
The beauty of a God-server.

Realisation is
The beauty of a God-knower.

Perfection is
The beauty of a God-lover.

689. Because of your beauty

Because of your beauty,
The outer world loves you.

Because of your purity,
The inner world loves you.

Because of your fidelity,
The Pilot Supreme loves you.

690. I believe

I believe.
I conceive.

I conceive.
I achieve.

I achieve.
I proceed.

I proceed.
I lead.

I lead.
I am God’s perfection-seed.

691. The way to proceed

The way to proceed
From frustration to satisfaction
Is by smiling
At the mind’s confusion-forests
The heart’s obstruction-clouds.

692. My peace lives

My peace lives
My aspiration.

My aspiration lives
My Lord’s Compassion-Eye
His Satisfaction-Heart.

693. What do I do with my inspiration-wings?

What do I do with my inspiration-wings?
I rise from the feet of the Himalayas
To the peak of the Himalayas.

What do I do with my aspiration-wings?
I rise from earth
To Heaven.

What do I do with my realisation-wings?
I rise from Eternity’s Cry
To Infinity’s Smile.

694. Inseparable friends

I am uninspired.
I remain unenlightened.

I am unenlightened.
Bondage-slavery and I
Are inseparable friends.

695. All are crying

The hermit in me
Is crying
For his lost hermitage.
The soul in me
Is crying
For its lost heritage.
I am crying
For my lost God-face.

696. What we need

The human in me needs
God the creation.
The divine in me needs
God the Creator.
And what do I need?
I need God’s Forgiveness-Sky
And His Compassion-Sea.

697. You call it self-knowledge

You call it self-knowledge,
But I call it self-conquest.
You call it self-conquest,
But I call it delight-banquet.
You call it delight-banquet,
But I call it God-Nest.

698. Your Compassion-Searchlight

Because of Your Compassion-Searchlight
On my life,
My mind is no longer mean
My heart is no longer unclean.

699. I am the owner

I am the owner
Of my body.
I am the captain
Of my mind.
I am the lover
Of my heart.

700. The ascending saviour

The ascending saviour is
The descending saviour is
The dying saviour is
The risen saviour is

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the seventh volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Emil Zatopek, the 1952 Olympic triple gold medallist from Czechoslovakia and the only athlete to have won the 5,000-metre run, the 10,000-metre run and the marathon in the same Olympiad, gives Sri Chinmoy a warm greeting at the start of the 1979 New York Marathon, 21 October 1979.

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