Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 72

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7101. Ready And Worthy

If you are ready
To risk all,
You are truly worthy
To receive all.

7102. He Is Descending

He is descending
To his spiritual death
Because every day he bathes
In the river of impure pride
And dark ingratitude.

7103. A Special Game

Each morning
Has a special game to play
With my heart’s snow-white hopes
And my soul’s blue-gold promises.

7104. Your Number One Disease

Your number one earthly disease
Is impurity.
Your number one Heavenly disease
Is uncertainty.

7105. My Lord Cares For

My Lord does not care for
My mountain-capacity,
But He does care for
My fountain-availability.

7106. My Needs

Attention-light I needed.
Dedication-height I need.
Perfection-delight I shall need.

7107. God's Supreme Secret

God’s supreme Secret:
Man will eventually please God
In His own Way.

7108. The Beauty Of Your Heart

The beauty of your heart
Is your life.
The impurity of your life
Is your death.

7109. Two Big Eyes

You are showing too much!
Do you not see
That I have two big
Perfectly functioning eyes?

7110. Do You Not Feel?

Fear, you are torturing me
Too much!
Do you not feel that my heart’s
Inseparable oneness with God
Will destroy you before long?

7111. Wedded To Worries

Even your stark enemies
Feel sorry for you
Because you are wedded
To endless and useless worries.

7112. The Arrival Of Wisdom-Light

Your ignorance-night
Will no longer endure.
The express arrival of wisdom-light
Is absolutely sure.

7113. His Indecision-Mind

His indecision-mind
Is fully responsible
For his life’s repeated
Devastating failures.

7114. God's Compassion-Machine

God’s Compassion-Machine
Is eternally powerful.
My gratitude-machine
Has recently become soulful.

7115. An Incurable Disease

Jealousy is not
An incurable disease.
But your unwillingness
To surrender your jealousy
Unfortunately is.

7116. I Have Nothing But Delight

Delight, delight!
I have nothing but delight.
Because I have done everything
That my Lord wanted me to do.

7117. Each Good Thought

Each good thought
Experiences freedom-joy
From all the snares of poison-doubt.

7118. Do Guide My Eyes

Do guide my eyes, my Lord,
Into the ways of beauty’s joy
And purity’s peace.

7119. My Lord's Forgiveness-Feet

My Lord,
I need Your Magnet-Feet.
My Lord,
I need Your Protection-Feet more.
My Lord,
I need Your Forgiveness-Feet most.

7120. The Wrong Interpreter

I know I will not get
The right message from your soul
Because your mind is the interpreter
And not your heart.

7121. Who Else Can It Be?

Someone is singing,
Perhaps God.
Someone is threatening my ignorance.
Who else can it be,
If not my Beloved Lord?

7122. I Do Not Believe

I do not believe in
My mind,
With its eternally hungry
Abysmal abyss.

7123. What You Mean To God

Your devotion has to be deeper
Than an ocean.
Your surrender has to be higher
Than a mountain.
Only then will you feel
What you mean to God.

7124. Only One Thing

My body needs only one thing:
My vital needs only one thing:
My mind needs only one thing:
My heart needs only one thing:
My life needs only one thing:

7125. If You Need Faith

If you need faith,
You are good.
If you have faith,
You are perfect.

7126. Your Utter Stupidity

Your utter stupidity makes you feel
That you do not need God.
But never dare to expect
That others are going to follow you.

7127. I Can Find Myself

I can find myself,
Since my Beloved Supreme
Is searching with me.

7128. My Personal Friend

God is already
My personal Friend.
Now I am trying hard
To make Him
My most intimate Friend.

7129. Only God Can Grant You

Only God can grant you
Spiritual security.
No, not even your soul can do that.

7130. They Drink Nectar-Delight

A heart of gratitude
And a life of surrender
Never drink tears.
They drink only nectar-delight.

7131. Puffed Up With Pride

Today you are puffed up
With exorbitant pride.
Tomorrow you will be bitten ruthlessly
By doubt-snakes.

7132. O My Puzzling Mind

Since my prayer to you is sincere,
Can you not also show me sincerely
What you are truly made of,
O my puzzling mind?

7133. Perfection And Patience

Perfection slowly comes
And happily stays
In the same room
With patience.

7134. Our Easy-Going Ways

Our easy-going ways
Are solely responsible
For the failure
Of our life’s journey.

7135. Each Unaspiring Moment

Each unaspiring moment
Will prove to be
A frustration-shore
Of nowhere-land.

7136. A Heartbreaking Question

“When will God’s Work be done?”
This is the question
That breaks the hearts
Of true God-lovers.

7137. The Vision Of Man

God is the vision
Of man.
Man is the Satisfaction
Of God.

7138. Do Not Undervalue Yourself

Do not undervalue yourself
For that work is done by others
Far better than you can ever do it.

7139. Eternity's Victory

Victory usually means
Temporary peace.
But peace is
Eternity’s victory.

7140. My Mind Is Blind

My mind is totally blind.
It cannot see
The perfection-eye
Of my heart.

7141. Anxious To See

I am anxious to see
Where God is hiding His Compassion.
God is anxious to see
Where I am hiding my enthusiasm.

7142. This Is God's Task

You want to be your own teacher.
Do you not know
That this is God’s Task?

7143. Do Not Satisfy

Do not satisfy an undivine person
In his own way
If you really care for
His future perfection.

7144. Who Can Answer?

If it is a question about God,
Who can answer with more authority
Than the heart’s blue bird:
The soul?

7145. The Divine Love Of The Heart

The divine love of the heart
Can only be felt.
It cannot be revealed,
It cannot be seen.

7146. So Says My Heart

Nothing is wrong with me:
So says my vital.
Something is wrong,
But it can eventually be corrected:
So says my heart.

7147. My Life's Total Transformation

Since everything is bound to change
My life’s total transformation
Will not always remain a far cry.

7148. Birthless And Deathless

Earth means
Birthless and deathless hopes.
Heaven means
Birthless and deathless dreams.
God means
Birthless and deathless Realities.

7149. God Asks Me To Give Him

God asks me to give Him
The things that I myself
Do not at all care for:
My imperfections.

7150. Suffering From Myself

I am suffering
From myself
Because I am not desperately looking
For myself.

7151. Each Soul Knows

Each heart knows
How to cry for God.
Each soul knows
How to fly with God.

7152. In My Life's Humility-Nest

In my life’s humility-nest
My Lord has chosen to enjoy
His enduring Rest.

7153. You Love Your Inner Life

You love your inner life.
That means God has
A very special Concern for you.

7154. I Look For God The Singer

When I am inside my mind,
I look for God the Doctor.
When I am inside my heart,
I look for God the Singer.

7155. Fear Ends

Fear ends only when I realise
That fear is nothing
But punishment unsought.

7156. Try God's Compassion-Light

Since your confidence has failed you,
Try God’s Compassion-Light.
It will definitely work!

7157. I Depend On My Faith

I do not depend on others’ faith
In me.
I depend only on my faith
In God.

7158. Sincerity Gives My Mind

Sincerity gives my mind
Indomitable strength.
Purity gives my heart
Unfathomable joy.

7159. The Only Fitting Tribute

My heart’s sleepless gratitude
Is the only fitting tribute
To my Lord Supreme.

7160. The Tears Of An Orphan-Heart

The tears of an orphan-heart
Enter straight into
The Compassion-Heart of God.

7161. The Bond Inevitable

The soulful oneness of the universe
With a seeker’s aspiration-heart
Is the bond inevitable.

7162. A Great And Genuine Seeker

He has unlearnt all the lessons
That he received from his ignorance-teacher.
Therefore he has all the marks
Of a great and genuine seeker.

7163. Before It Is Too Late

Before it is too late,
My heart must start growing
And my mind must start glowing.

7164. The Envelope Of Light

The envelope of light
Contains my beautiful Immortality.
The envelope of darkness
Contains my immediate death.

7165. Must I Curb My Quest?

Must I curb my quest?
Yes, if it is an earth-conquering quest.
Must I curb my quest?
No, if it is a surrender-blossoming quest,

7166. A Small Mind

How can it be possible
For a small mind with weak thoughts
To long for liberation?

7167. My Lord's Compassion-Touch

My Lord’s Compassion-Touch
Immediately mends my mind
And heals my heart.

7168. Because Of You

O my sick mind,
Because of you
I am unable to strengthen
My heart’s aspiration-life.

7169. Two Friends

Aspiration and dedication
Are two friends
Who affectionately teach us
How to approach perfection.

7170. Will You Not Reconsider?

My Lord
Will You not reconsider my case?
I really would like to have
A taste of Nectar-Delight.

7171. You Must Command Your Thoughts

You must command your thoughts,
Not vice versa,
If happiness is something
That you are looking for.

7172. To Stand God-Revealed

If you want to stand
Then first stand

7173. Concentration Means

Concentration means
Success immediate.
Meditation means
Progress ultimate.
Surrender means
Satisfaction within,
Satisfaction without.

7174. Unless Your Mind Is Searching

Do not trust your mind
Unless it is soulfully
Searching for God.

7175. God Loves My Entire Being

God loves my entire being.
Can I not at least try to love
Only one part of my being:
My heart?

7176. What God Once Told Me

I shall always remember
What God once told me:
I am a dream of His
Inside His Eternity’s Dream-Boat.

7177. Humility Is The Best Song

Humility is the best song
Sung by a God-seeker
In his outer life.

Purity is the best music
Played by a God-seeker
In his inner life.

7178. The Assembly Of Hearts And Souls

At the assembly of hearts and souls
Certain greedy minds come to talk
About the perfection-satisfaction
Of democracy.

7179. So Obstinate!

So often my heart cannot persuade
My mind, vital and body
To meditate.
They are so obstinate!

7180. An Indefinite Vacation

What my heart needs
Is an indefinite vacation
From my unaspiring mind
And my demanding vital.

7181. Are You A Great Fighter?

Are you a great fighter?
If so, use your fighting capacity
Against your doubting mind.

Are you a great lover?
If so, offer your love to God
Only for Him to use.

7182. Enlarge Your Dedication-Circle

Enlarge your dedication-circle
To make yourself happy.
Enlarge your surrender-circle
To make God happy.

7183. An Affront To Our Divinity

A doubting mind in itself
Is an affront to our inner divinity,
Our universal oneness.

7184. God's Unparalleled Dream

My love
Of universal oneness
Is God’s
Unparalleled Dream.

7185. Encouragement

Heaven’s Himalayan encouragement
And earth’s Atlantic encouragement
Simultaneously echo and re-echo
In his soft, tender and flower-like heart.

7186. One Inner Resolve

His heart has only
One inner resolve:
To restore everyone’s

7187. When I Wish To Please

I soulfully smile
When I want to please myself.
I powerfully cry
When I wish to please God.

7188. The Mind Thinks

The mind thinks
That it knows God.
The heart feels
That God knows it.

7189. What Is Necessary

What is necessary
Man does not know.
What is unnecessary
God does not know.

7190. You Must Be Careful

You must be careful
Of what you say.
You must be careful
Of what you do.
But you do not have to be careful
Of what you think of God.

7191. My Heart Is Happy

My mind is happy
Because it is intelligent.
My heart is happy
Because God is compassionate.

7192. My Forgiveness-Lord

I may not know myself,
But I do know my Father:
My Forgiveness-Lord.

7193. Real Spirituality

Real spirituality
Can easily be described
In one word:

7194. He Holds Perfection

He holds perfection.
You behold perfection in him.
That means you yourself
Are on the road to perfection.

7195. Immediate Acts

May my mind’s vastness
And my heart’s oneness
Be translated into immediate acts.

7196. God Always Wants

God always wants
The powerful mind to surrender
To the soulful heart.

7197. My Joy Is For All

“My joy is for me.”
This is the division-man
Speaking in me for himself.

“My Joy is for all.”
This is the Oneness-God
Speaking in me for everyone.

7198. Say And Do

Say what
Makes the world happy.
Do what
Makes God happy.

7199. My Unconditional Gratitude

Your misfortune teaches me
How to be perfect.
Therefore, I wish to share with you
My unconditional gratitude.

7200. The First Thing In Life

The first thing in life
Is soulful self-giving.
The last thing in life
Is unconditional self-giving.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the seventy-second volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy thanks Ambassador Birabhongse Kasemsri for his participation in the Meditation Group’s programme celebrating Rattanakosin (the bicentennial of the founding of Bangkok and the present Chakri Dynasty) on 25 February 1983.

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