Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 79

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7801. My Lord's Beauty's Eyes

My Lord Supreme,
Your Beauty’s Eyes
Sleeplessly love me.
In return, may I not love
Your Divinity’s Heart

7802. This Poor And Feeble World

Will this poor and feeble world
Ever be liberated?
Will this helpless and hopeless world
Ever awaken
To a single golden dawn?

7803. The Life Of Outer Relinquishment

You think that by practising
The life of outer relinquishment
You are fast approaching
The life of inner enlightenment.
It is impossible!

7804. Overburdened With Problems

Since your mind
Is overburdened with problems
Created by none other than yourself,
How can your life ever dream
Of rich salvation?

7805. Do What You Can Now

There is no such thing
As the near future.
Anything but here and now
Is a mental hallucination.
Therefore, do what you can now,
And be what you are supposed to be
At this very moment.

7806. Unsophisticated And Uncluttered

The life that unreservedly serves humanity
Is unsophisticated.
The heart that unconditionally loves God
Is uncluttered.

7807. I Needed A Listener

I needed a listener.
Alas, nobody wanted to be a listener.
Now my Lord is telling me
That I will never have a listener
Unless and until
I have become a lover.
I must love earth
With my service-delight.
I must love Heaven
With my aspiration-height.

7808. Not A Matter Of Curiosity

He tries to free himself
From curiosity,
For he feels God-realisation
Is not a matter of curiosity
But a matter of wisdom-light.

7809. The Comfort Of Fantasy

Your mind may enjoy
The comfort of fantasy,
But for your poor heart,
Satisfaction remains a far cry.

7810. If You Suspect The World

If you suspect the world
And its motives,
Your outer life may not suffer much,
But your inner life will starve to death.

7811. Indefinitely Detained

You are fond of staying
Inside your desire-bound mind.
No wonder you are indefinitely detained
Inside your own doubt-fort.

7812. The Smile Of Justice-Light

The smile of justice-light
Can alone grant you
The blessing of peace-delight.

7813. Surrender-Flower, Gratitude-Fruit

When my heart permanently has
The excellence of a surrender-flower
And a gratitude-fruit,
God-Perfection shall not
Remain a far cry.

7814. Two Unthinkable Things

Two unthinkable things you think:
That ignorance-night
Can completely envelop others,
But not you,
And that God loves you only.

7815. My Heavenly Capacities Cannot Cry

My Heavenly capacities cannot cry.
My earthly capacities cannot smile.
But someday there will come a time
When I shall transcend the necessities
Of cry and smile.

7816. The Soul's Festival In Heaven

To the soul’s festival in Heaven,
Earth was not able to come.
But it sent its representative:
A deathless sigh.

7817. The Blossom Of An Illumining Life

Yesterday you wept silence-tears.
Therefore, today you have become
The blossom of an illumining life.

7818. Place Your Own Flower-Heart

Place your own flower-heart
At the blue Feet of the Lord Supreme,
In exactly the same way
As morning places its flowers
At the red feet of the planet sun.

7819. Not Interested

Even his own wild curiosity
Is not interested in carrying
His suspicion-mind towards God.

7820. Your Self-Imposed Blindness-Life

You fool!
How can you expect anything
Beautiful and fruitful
From your self-imposed blindness-life?

7821. Your Heart Is Already Ready

Your mind is getting ready
For its deathbed devotion.
Your heart is already ready
For its Immortality’s perfection.

7822. You Have The Capacity

You have the capacity
To see your follies.
Indeed this is the beginning
Of your Godward journey.
Soon you will have the capacity
To observe the mistakes of the world.
What will you do then?
You will just correct them
One by one.

7823. Who Can Appreciate?

Who can appreciate the fierce songs
Of his mental life?
Who can admire the maniacal dance
Of his vital life?
Who, tell me, who?

7824. Your God-Ordained Task

Every day try to hasten the completion
Of your God-ordained task:
The transformation of earth-bound sorrow
Into Heaven-free joy.

7825. I Am Going To Heaven

Do you want to know
Where I am going?
I am going to Heaven.
Do you want to know why?
Just so I can come back again
With more compassion-light
And more forgiveness-delight.

7826. What Is Divine Life?

What is human life, after all,
If not overwhelming anxiety?
What is divine life, after all,
If not ever-increasing security
In the Heart of the Supreme?

7827. The Immensity Of His Self-Offering

The immensity of his self-offering
Has buried the frustration-life
Of earth-hunger.

7828. Your Heart Will Perform A Miracle

Do not run away from trouble.
Your aspiring heart will before long
Perform a miracle:
It will cause trouble itself
To run away from you,
Utterly frustrated.

7829. An Invitation From God

I have received an invitation
From God.
I shall go and sing for Him
My heart’s crying songs
And dance for Him
My soul’s ecstasy-manifesting dances.

7830. As Long As You Are Busy

As long as you are busy
With your own ridiculously
Insignificant affairs,
Your life’s inner tumult
Will never subside.

7831. The Greatest Difficulty

The greatest difficulty
In human life
Is the bitter frown
Of misunderstanding-night.

7832. My Obedience To My Inner Voice

My obedience to my inner voice
Is my unparalleled confidence
In my tomorrow’s life.

7833. Tomorrow Will Give Me

Yesterday gave me
What it had for me:
Two curiosity-eyes.

Today is giving me
What it has for me:
One sincerity-cry.

Tomorrow will give me
What it will have for me:
The inseparable oneness
Of my perfection-life
And God’s Satisfaction-Heart.

7834. If We Keep Our Inner Appointments

If we keep our inner appointments
Cheerfully and punctually,
No disappointment-night
Can darken our heart’s aspiration-door.

7835. Only Two Inner Teachings

There are only two inner teachings
That each seeker has to learn:
Man is unveiling God
Slowly and steadily,
God has become man
Cheerfully and unconditionally.

7836. His Heart's Inner Moon

The torture of ignorance-night disappears
Only when the seeker sleeplessly values
The lustre of his heart’s inner moon.

7837. I Have Come To My Source

To the known God I say,
“I have come with gratitude.”

To the unknown God I say,
“I have come with surrender.”

To the unknowable God I say,
“I have come to my Source.”

7838. Your Imprisoned Life

Unless you offer your imprisoned life
To your Inner Pilot,
How can you ever dream
Of constant aspiration,
Constant dedication
And constant satisfaction?

7839. A Perfect Victim

When unwillingness to abide by God’s Will
Becomes a habit,
Man becomes a perfect victim
To perfect destruction.

7840. Do You Want To Work For God?

Do you want to work for God?
Then love Him more.
Do you want to love God?
Then serve Him more.
Do you want to serve God?
Then become one with Him more.

7841. God Knows How To Delay

You think that you alone
Know how to postpone
Your life of perfection-light.
But do you not think that God, too,
Knows how to indefinitely delay
His choice Hour?

7842. Your Commitment

You do not have to broadcast
Your conviction.
Your commitment to your inner life
Will not only do that for you,
But will do it far better
Than you can ever do it.

7843. Always Available

God may not be always available,
But God’s Compassion-Sea
And Forgiveness-Sky
Are always available.

7844. God Has Always Been Inside You

God has always been inside you
With His Vision-Light.
Can you not be inside Him,
Even for a second,
With your heart’s perfection-delight?

7845. Ignorance And God

Ignorance and God
Are playing their respective roles
Constantly in my life.
Ignorance tries to blind me
To prove its power-night.
God tries to liberate me
To prove His Power-Light.

7846. When Are You Going To Look?

You are looking at
Your failure-life.
When are you going to look for
God’s Blessing-Delight?

7847. I Sowed Faith-Seed

Yesterday I sowed faith-seed.
Today I am discovering
A beautiful and fruitful peace-tree.

7848. To Love Man Unreservedly

To love man unreservedly
Is to discover God in one’s own heart
Immediately plus unconditionally.

7849. God Has The Time

God has the time to convince
Only the genuine seekers
Who have already started believing
That He loves them,
Feeds them and needs them.

7850. Beauty Knows How To Shine

Beauty knows how to shine.
Purity knows how to give.
Divinity knows how to become.
Immortality knows how to transcend.

7851. One Haunting Doubt

One haunting doubt
Can unbelievably weaken
A long-abiding belief.

7852. Two Final Questions

I have two final questions:
Is God the Dream as beautiful
As God the Reality?
Are God the Creator and God the creation
Satisfied with each other?

7853. His Life Enjoys

His outer life powerfully enjoys
Wild laughter.
His inner life soulfully enjoys
Sweet tears.

7854. Gently Command

Gently command,
If you have to command,
Your heart.
I assure you,
It will obey you immediately.

Mercilessly command,
When necessity demands,
Your vital.
Then only will it obey you.

7855. To Entertain The Angels

To entertain the angels
What I need is
A heart of beauty’s dawn
And a soul of purity’s sky.

7856. You Know How To Love

You do not have to wait and hope
For you know how to love God the One
Swiftly, soulfully, selflessly
And unconditionally.

7857. I Can Nowhere Cause Commotion

Earth does not need me.
Heaven has disowned me.
I can nowhere cause commotion.

7858. His Heaven-Sent Haven

The satisfaction-smile
Of his Master’s vision
Is his Heaven-sent haven.

7859. Curiosity Awakens

Curiosity awakens
The sleeping man in us
But saddens and disheartens
The aspiring man in us.

7860. How God Always Is

Many may know who God is
And where God is,
But very few can know
Or will ever know
How God always is.

7861. His Mind's Addiction To Falsehood

His mind’s addiction to falsehood
Makes him feel that he is great.
His heart’s devotion to truth
Makes even the world feel that he is good.

7862. Your Mind's Secret Duty

Your mind’s secret duty
Is to be pure.
Your heart’s sacred duty
Is to be perfect.

7863. A Man Of Good Will

A man of good will
Has the master key
To open all the doors
In God’s Compassion-Palace.

7864. My Life's Integrity

To me, everything depends on
My life’s integrity
And not on my mind’s ability.

7865. My Lord Accepts Me

My Lord accepts me
As I am,
But my mind will accept me
Only if I become another God.

7866. Two Things You Do Not Know

Two things you do not know:
When the passion-dance
Of your vital will end
And when the illumination-trance
Of your heart will begin.

7867. His Preoccupation

To love the world soulfully
Is his life’s outer preoccupation.
To love God unconditionally
Is his heart’s inner preoccupation.

7868. What Kind Of Faith Is It?

What kind of faith is it
If it is strangled every day
By its mischievous enemy:

7869. The More You Want To Possess

The more you want to possess
The world,
The farther and faster you will travel
Away from freedom-light.

7870. If Your Mind Enjoys Collecting

If your mind enjoys collecting
Earthly secrets,
Your aspiration-heart will be devoured
By giant discouragement.

7871. An Unerring Hour

An unerring hour
Has the power to remove
A long-lasting mountain of pain.

7872. God Created My Faith

God created my faith
Compassionately plus invisibly.
I created my doubt
Deliberately plus visibly.

7873. Forgiving Seconds

I believe in
Forgiving seconds
And not unforgiving hours.

7874. Imagination-Memories Of The Past

He has nothing important to do.
Therefore he indulges in
Of the finished past.

7875. What My Heart Needs

What my heart needs
Is a little co-operation
From my mind.

What my mind needs
Is a little aspiration
From my heart.

7876. No Opinion

As I have no opinion
Of Heaven’s Compassion-Light,
Even so, Heaven has no opinion
Of my aspiration-height.

7877. A Heart To Quench God's Thirst

My Lord Supreme,
Do give me a heart
That can quench Your Thirst
At Your choice Hour.

7878. He Succeeds Always

He succeeds always
Because his heart’s intensity
Is infinitely more powerful
Than the most brilliant noontime sun.

7879. Your Heart-Flower Cannot Grow

Because of your mind’s conscious addiction
To serious follies,
Your heart-flower cannot grow
To please the Eye of the Lord Supreme.

7880. Your Heart's Dawn

Behold, the beauty and purity
Of your heart’s dawn
Are helping your mind fly away
From its own ridiculous, fearful life.

7881. On Good Terms With God

His mind is always
On good terms with God.
Therefore, the Prince of Gloom
Does not dare to be
His mind’s companion.

7882. A Sleepless Love

There was a time when I had
A sleepless fancy
For man’s outer achievements.
But now I am developing
A sleepless love
For man’s inner hunger.

7883. My Mind Wants To Be Powerful

My mind wants to be powerful
To converse freely
With the outer world.

My heart longs to be beautiful
To commune soulfully
With the inner world.

7884. The Abiding Perfection-Life

The abiding perfection-life
Of a seeker
Is far beyond the reach
Of his mind’s temporary triumphs.

7885. Inside My Lord's Compassion-Smile

Inside my Lord’s Compassion-Smile,
And nowhere else,
My aching heart’s cure lies.

7886. Time's Heaven-Free Steps

At last his long-treasured
Earth-bound mind
Has decided to climb up
Time’s Heaven-free steps.

7887. A True Athlete Of God

To be a true athlete of God
You must delete leisure-pleasure
From the schedule of your life.

7888. The Discovery Of Perennial Truth

Only the discovery of perennial truth
And not an amalgam of truth and legend
Can transform the face and fate
Of the world.

7889. O World Vital, Sleep!

O world vital, sleep!
Even your wild emotions
Are dead tired
And are quite anxious to sleep.

7890. The Medicine

The medicine for a doubting mind
Is either a powerful soul
Or a tearful heart.

7891. God Will Entertain

God will entertain
Your aspiration-heart
If you will disdain
Your desire-mind.

7892. God Wants To Give You

God does not want to give you
What humanity calls love.
God only wants to give you
What divinity calls Delight.

7893. My Mind Hides No Thorn

O super-cautious world,
Do not be afraid of my mind.
My mind hides no thorn
To hurt you.

7894. I Shall Watch You

I shall lovingly and unconditionally
Watch you
Until your sorrowful life
Becomes soulful ecstasy.

7895. My Unfortunate Friend

O my unfortunate friend, mind,
I do not know how
I can dare to love you
And your teeming follies.

7896. Ready To Measure

The human mind is ready to measure
The measureless depths of God’s Love
But is always reluctant to measure
The depth of its own dire infirmities.

7897. My Heart The Climber

My vital the climber may fall.
My mind the climber may fall.
But my heart the climber never falls,

7898. The Beauty Of His Purity-Heart

No earthly mischief can blight
The powerful beauty
Of his soulful purity-heart.

7899. My Heart's Adamantine Will

My heart’s adamantine will
Must transform
My ignorance-enjoying earthly days.

7900. In Silence

A life of surrender
In silence soars.
A heart of gratitude
In silence triumphs.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the seventy-ninth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

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Sri Chinmoy discusses tennis with former tennis champion Jack Kramer in Los Angeles on 3 October 1978.

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