Flame-Goal. Daily meditations

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January 1

God is not a thing to be achieved, but a thing to be.

January 2

To please God I am thoughtless.
To please mankind I am speechless.
To please ignorance I am hopeless.
To please myself I am helpless.

January 3

Human love is an express train.
Destination: Frustration.
Divine love is a local train.
Destination: Illumination.

January 4

Human thought slows down and dies out.
Divine thought constantly glows and swiftly flows.

January 5

Human power is born of futility.
Divine power is born of reality.

January 6

The human body is driven by passions of love.
The human vital is driven by passions of violence.
The human mind is driven by passions of hatred.
The human heart is driven by passions of pride.
God is driven by the forgiveness of His Compassion.

January 7

The body is death-hush.
The life is soul-flow.

January 8

Morality is preparatory to spirituality.
Spirituality is preparatory to surrender.
Surrender is preparatory to union.
And what is this union?
Union is the flood of glowing light and flowing delight.

January 9

Desire alternates with aspiration.
Light alternates with darkness.
Ignorance alternates with knowledge.
But there is something which does not alternate with anything.
It is our unconditionally surrendered oneness.

January 10

Man's perfection lies in the union of immensity and enormity in his aspiring heart and illumining soul.

January 11

Neither a mighty nor a puny action can dare to claim Love from God.
It is desirelessness that has ever the right to claim Love from God.

January 12

My desire has given birth to 'I and mine'.
My surrender has given birth to 'Thou and Thine'.
'I and mine' are more transitory than a rope of sand.
'Thou and Thine' are more permanent than the everlasting hills.

January 13

If you have much, give much.
If you have little, give little.
But willingly, and not unwillingly.
To give unwillingly means to present the rose with numberless thorns.
To give willingly means to present only the rose.

January 14

I do not want to be a walking dictionary of the world.
I want to be a fixed faith in the Unseen.
Mastery is not my goal.
My goal is my constant surrender to the Will of the Supreme.

January 15

Enough cannot satisfy our aspiring soul.
Eternal Plenitude alone can.

January 16

A bullock is far better than a man who refuses the yoke of divinely fulfilling responsibility.

January 17

Human life is craving.
Divine life is offering.
Realised life is serving.

January 18

My enemy can easily be God's friend, but God's enemy can never be my friend.

January 19

Humility is the fastest and safest way of climbing.

January 20

The day after tomorrow is for the fool.
Tomorrow is for the idle.
Today is for the wise.
Yesterday is for the blessed soul.
The day before yesterday is for God Himself.

January 21

God is responsible for the fulfilment of our snow-white prayer.
Sincerity is responsible for the accomplishment of our work.

January 22

Grief reigns supreme while resolution is fast asleep.
There is and can be only one resolution: God-realisation.

January 23

Our face is the second edition of our action-books.

January 24

Experience is the food of the fool.
Faith is the food of the wise.

January 25

Experience is the fruit of the past.
Realisation is the fruit of the present.
Revelation is the fruit of the near future.
Manifestation is the fruit of the distant future.

January 26

The love that flies from the eyes is a fleeting breath.
The love that flies from the heart's core has the breath of the Eternal.

January 27

We have a tremendous weapon to make God swim in the sea of tears.
What is it?
It is our wild ignorance which is vaster than the vast and more insignificant than a feeble ant.

January 28

Opinion is a pen-knife.
Conviction is a dart.
Vision is a naked sword.

January 29

Will is the dearest child of God.
Thought is the poorest and the most blind son of God.

January 30

Genius is an ocean greyhound.
Talent is a boat.
Toil is a raft.

January 31

The strongest power is not in fighting against ten at a time, but in carrying out one's divine duty.


February 1

True love can never be bought or sold, it can only be sacrificed.

February 2

Faith is the plant.
Aspiration is the tree.
Surrender is the fruit.

February 3

Love is sacrifice.
Sacrifice is bloom and doom: bloom of the soul, doom of the ego.

February 4

Surrender is my pitcher full to the brim.

February 5

Imagination either devaluates or evaluates the Truth.
Experience gives to Truth its due value.
Realisation is the Truth itself.

February 6

Today belongs to us.
With it we can make our tomorrow possessed either by God or by Satan.

February 7

Jealousy is the step-daughter of love and the dearest sister of stupidity.

February 8

Logic is the first rung.
Metaphysics is the second.
Spirituality is the third and last rung of the ladder to reach the realm of God.

February 9

The king of a nation may be a human being, but the king of one's own conduct is always the present moment.

February 10

Perfection is the product of Eternity.

February 11

Divine confidence in oneself is the matchless sword made by God Himself.

February 12

The mother of experience is preparation.
The son of experience is realisation.

February 13

The Master embodies.
The disciple reveals.
The world benefits.

February 14

Don't try to be wise beyond your years.
If you become wise beyond your years the younger generation will ridicule you; the older generation will not value you.

February 15

Transcend yourself; you will be able to garland God.
Be yourself; God will garland you without fail.

February 16

Unbelief and ignorance are venial.
Disbelief and obstinacy are detestable and unpardonable.

February 17

The mind offers me its experiment: the world is unreal.
The heart offers me its experience: the world is real.
The soul offers me its realisation: the world is unreal for the weak, and real for the strong.

February 18

Think not.
The more you think, the deeper will be your doom.
Fear not.
Surrender to the Will of God.
The dauntless spirit resides there.

February 19

Into the world I came,
Not for enormous fame.
Into the world I came,
To see Thy earthly Frame.

February 20

To forgive is to take the utmost revenge.

February 21

A Master's eyes shed tears not only of delight, but of gratitude at the sight of his spiritual children.

February 22

My foe is within and not without;
It is desire, it is desire.
Its fire knows not how to expire,
Although I weep, although I shout.

February 23

Reason however proud and secure
Must sadly fail our heart to cure.
Our core should be filled with faith sapphire:
Faith alone, the climbing knowledge-fire.

February 24

No need have I to plumb Thy Love.
I know, I am Thy Bounty's dove.

February 25

The more we are mindful of others' promises the quicker we shall be forgetful of our own.

February 26

True consecration is nothing but the revelation of one's own hidden power.

February 27

The man with no experience is stone-blind.
The man with experience possesses one eye.
The man who has had realisation has two eyes.
The man who cherishes union with the Supreme has three eyes.
The man who will be able to possess a divinized body will have four eyes; and all the four eyes will guide the four directions.

February 28

The real Guru is he who is the son of God and the slave of mankind.


March 1

Friendship and forgiveness must always run abreast.
The death of forgiveness compels the death of friendship.
We must feed our friendship with forgiveness, and thus alone can we cherish a friendship that will fail to close its eyes even for a brief second.

March 2

Today's wisdom may turn into folly tomorrow.
Today's folly may turn into wisdom tomorrow.
Not we, but Time is responsible for all this.
The ups and downs of our life are but a stupendous smile and a tremendous pang of Time.

March 3

The men of yore could attain firm convictions.
But the men of today hold only feeble opinions.
The men of the past had eyes to see the truth.
The men of today have hearts to believe in the truth realised by the men of the past.

March 4

O my friends, I need you.
I need you to inspire me.
O my neutrals, I need you.
I need you to watch me.
O my enemies, I need you.
I need you to perfect me.

March 5

The beginning is small.
The ending is tall.
The smiling of God is all.

March 6

A perverted worldly mind dances with the ignorance of earth's pleasure.
A soaring Heavenly mind dances with the wisdom of Heaven's treasure.
An enlightened divine mind dances with the nights of earth's defeats and with the days of Heaven's triumphs.

March 7

Be careful, you are talking with death too much, uselessly.
Be careful, you are talking with yourself too much, unnecessarily.
Be careful, you are talking with God too much, undivinely.

March 8

I am diving to see my soul.
I am flying to reach my goal.
I am running to reveal my role.

March 9

Our thought is both a blessing and a curse.
Our will is at once our divine height and supreme pride.

March 10

Action is the instrument.
Thought is the player.
Concern is the judge.

March 11

When I was an animal I evolved through selfishness.
Now that I am a man my evolution can be achieved only through self-sacrifice.

March 12

Death says, "Sleep, body, sleep."
Ego says, "Sleep, soul, sleep."

March 13

Failure can never take birth in devotion.

March 14

God's creation is self-division in the heart of self-union.
Man's creation is self-destruction on the breast of self-forgetfulness.

March 15

To think ill is to become evil.
To see the Truth is to become the Light.

March 16

God is the realisation of man's inner climbing cry.
Life is the manifestation of God's shadowless Dream.

March 17

The other name of work is experience.
The other name of soulful obedience is fruitful courage.

March 18

Our divine life has up to now been half-fed, for perfect perfection, its true food, is still a far cry.

March 19

Our best friend and our worst foe are within us.
The former is vigilance, the latter temptation.
Vigilance at times wards off temptation.
Temptation at times swamps vigilance.
The victory of the former springs from sincerity.
The victory of the latter results from insincerity.

March 20

Divinity shapes your thoughts in your mind.
Immortality shapes your acts in your heart.
God shapes your perfection in your soul.
And you can try to shape your gratitude in the Smile of God.

March 21

You are saved because the Lover Divine in you is surprisingly strong.
You are safe because the Beloved Supreme in you is eternally wise.

March 22

He alone is my father who is the fount of wisdom.
She alone is my mother who is the main of kindness and sincerity.
He alone is my superior who possesses my confidence.
He alone is my equal who is always cheerful.
He alone is my inferior whose bosom friend is pride.

March 23

He alone is my brother who is sacrifice.
She alone is my sister who is faith.
He alone is my friend who dares to correct me.
He alone is my foe who is afraid of silence.

March 24

Your mind is a prisoner.
How can your prisoner-mind liberate his comrades: doubt, fear and suspicion?
Your heart is a lover.
How can your lover-heart bind her relatives: song, dance and smile?

March 25

You are pure because you are desireless.
You are beautiful because you are selfless.
You are divine because you are thoughtless.

March 26

My time is fleeting.
I know it.
My life is short.
I shall know it.
My ignorance is fleeting.
I know it.
My bondage is short.
I shall know it.

March 27

God loves you for four reasons:
    He loves you because you are trying to think correctly.
    He loves you because you are trying to decide carefully.
    He loves you because you are trying to love untiringly.
    He loves you because you are trying to serve unconditionally.

March 28

Philosophy is divinely great because it talks about God.
Religion is supremely great because it thinks of God.
Yoga is eternally great because it lives in God.

March 29

The easiest way of limiting God is to speak of Him more and more.
The only way to know Him well is to pray in silence and stop our endless talk.

March 30

Doubt is the worst possible impurity in the human mind.

March 31

Short is life.
Love is long.
Hope is longer.
Longest is the Grace of the One without a second.


April 1

Hope is a bottomless sea.
Knowledge is the fount of all boons.
Sacrifice is the rose with beauty ever-increasing.

April 2

The Vedas and the Upanishads are the wealth of the richest villager.
The grace of the Guru is infinitely more than that of all the emperors in the teeming vast.

April 3

Aspiration is the child of will and it can easily destroy the blows of fate.

April 4

We are more stupid than the worst fool, for we are on tip-toes with expectation to meet the One who is ever within and without our heart.

April 5

There is a way to become a king without being the son of a king.
How is it possible?
It is through love and self-giving.

April 6

Our life is not our thoughts.
Our life is not our needs.
Our life is surrender to the Supreme.

April 7

To be a prey to doubt is to be a slave to the unbelieving Zero.

April 8

In the sun of aspiration no mental or vital ache is past cure.

April 9

The smile that shines through tears is the only smile worth having.

April 10

Tomorrow: "Yesterday, I will not permit you to disturb the happiness of my golden children."
Yesterday: "Sorry, Tomorrow, I have left your dear children for good.
It is they who fail to live without brooding over the deeds that they committed on my breast."

April 11

O man-made world, your lip-service amuses me, your lip-sympathy puzzles me and your lip-oneness frightens me.

April 12

Human life is one long journey.
Human death is one short rest.

The rest energises me.
The journey immortalises me.

April 13

I am the most loyal servant of the heart, mind and vital.
My wage is sincerity.
My master, heart, is always exact in payment.
My master, mind, is at times exact.
But I exact sincerity from my master, vital, with much severity.

April 14

Do you need happiness?
Then do just three things:
Meditate regularly.
Smile soulfully.
Love untiringly.

April 15

Never be a fatalist.
To ignore the potency of the Spirit is to dine with the King of Terrors.
Fate is changeable if the will is indomitable.

April 16

Time is the Soul of the Universe.
You are the Soul of Time.
You feed Time.
Time illumines the Universe.

April 17

We have a dislike for our soul because we think that its mission will never be fulfilled on earth.
But our soul has a liking for us, because it knows that if it excludes us it will never be able to dive into the sea of integrality.

April 18

True love is vaster than the universe.
False love is smaller than an atom.

April 19

Desire is poison.
But its antidote, too, abides within us.
What is it?
It is but aspiration.
Everything depends upon our choice.
If we affiliate ourselves with a fire-pure aspiration, surely we can have ambrosia as our only food.

April 20

Only through divine fulfilment can we find true liberation.
Mortification is frustration.

April 21

Delight is the tree.
Its branches are Light, Knowledge, Love and Power.

April 22

Knowledge weeps twice: once in the bosom of ignorance and once in the breast of liberation.
When in the former, it sheds tears to dive into the sea of liberation and be flooded with its ecstasy.
When in the latter, it bitterly weeps to transform ignorance.

April 23

How easy it is to say that this time I shall turn over a new leaf.
And how difficult it is to pass even one day without eating my words.

April 24

Everyone must know that he is not wise enough to reach God by himself.

April 25

Faith is nothing but selflessness.

April 26

From now on my body wishes to be pure and not noisy, my vital wishes to be dynamic and not noisy, my mind wishes to be clear and not noisy and my heart wishes to be illumined and not noisy.

April 27

O Lord and God, Thou art always silent.
So it is our sole business to speak of Thee.

April 28

Yesterday you were an imperfection-Prince.
Today you are a confusion King.
Tomorrow you shall be an illumination-Emperor.

April 29

God, I need money.
"Son, take it."
God, I need fame.
"Son, take it."
God, I need love.
"Son, I am sorry.
I cannot give it to you free, you have to work hard for it."

April 30

Mind was my confidant.
It has betrayed me into the strangling hands of desire.
Heart was my confidant.
It has betrayed me into the ever-widening arms of ambition.
Soul was my confidant.
I am sure that it will never betray me.


May 1

Sweet is love-water.
I drink it regularly.
Sweeter is devotion-water.
I drink it regularly and soulfully.
Sweetest is surrender-water.
I drink it regularly, soulfully and unreservedly.

May 2

Everything is subject to decay save the bridge between our soul and God.

May 3

It is our vital-ego that rejoices over the misfortunes of others.
Our heart is ever a flood of sympathy.

May 4

The more we are spontaneously self-effacing, the more we are openly worthy of praise.

May 5

Death was born when I was born.
And it will die when I die.
But I will leave my actions' deathless fruit to the earth.
Blind death, beggar death will never have a just claim upon the gratitude of the earth.
I will be deified and death will be defied by the same wise earth.

May 6

The prince of gloom acts noisily.
The Prince of Light silently.
Neither is idle.
The work of the former leads him to ultimate destruction.
The work of the latter to ultimate Immortality.

May 7

False fatalism is the order of the day.
We can fell the tree of fatalism only when we become the determined will.

May 8

Reason was nectar while we marched along the path of morality.
Now that we have accepted spirituality reason is nothing but poison.
And what is nectar now?
Faith in whom?
Faith in the Supreme and faith in ourselves.
It is a proven fact that we can never have faith in ourselves unless we have faith in the Supreme.

May 9

To improve and not to prove myself, I see the light of day.

May 10

No one knows the strength of God's Grace and no one ever will.

May 11

To strive for the inner journey is to strengthen one's outer life.

May 12

My morning is the smile of time.
My noon is the length of patience.
My evening is the crown of perseverance.

May 13

Inner courage mends our outer existence.
Outer fear ends our inner existence.

May 14

Purity is achieved to the extent that craving is quelled.
Divinity is manifested to the extent that God's Compassion is valued.

May 15

Fear is the bondage-creating death.
Courage is the bondage-breaking life.

May 16

A divinely inspired and supremely surrendered action means man's acme of aspiration for self-perfection.

May 17

Human co-operation is not divine self-dedication.
In our divine self-dedication God, the Beloved, always comes first.

May 18

Our inner cry is the receiver of God, the Love.
Our outer smile is the giver of God, as Love.

May 19

The divine in man gives unconditionally and ceaselessly.
The human in man grabs consciously and constantly.

May 20

God says to man: "My child, take My Compassion and Love as receipts and take your concern and service to humanity as gifts."

May 21

When one desires, one appropriates.
When he aspires, he appropriates more than he gives.
When he realises God, he just gives.
Yet, he sacrifices nothing because he knows that his gifts of today are his receipts of yesterday.

May 22

A day passed without having a morning meditation is undoubtedly a day gone to waste.

May 23

The difference between God-realisation and man-realisation is this: God-realisation devours oblivion, whereas oblivion devours man-realisation.

May 24

In the inner world an auspicious beginning unmistakably indicates a prosperous journey's all-fulfilling goal.

May 25

Yesterday your desire made you a dead weight on human society.
Today your aspiration makes you a devoted instrument of thirsty humanity.
Tomorrow your realisation will make you an asset to hungry humanity.

May 26

The river enters into the ocean and immediately its functioning ceases.
The doubting mind of the really sincere seeker enters into the Light of the Master and it immediately receives not only mental clarity but also illumination.

May 27

A sleeping man is a self-sufficient man based on brooding ignorance.
An enlightened man is a self-sufficient man based on God-knowledge.

May 28

A spiritual Master is he who prays to God to smile constantly and prays to mankind to cry ceaselessly.

May 29

Desireless action is the sure means to reach God's highest Perfection.
Devoted surrender is the sure means to reach God, the perfect Perfection.

May 30

Mental discipline is imperative.
When the mind is disciplined, base thoughts disappear, elevating thoughts appear and reappear and, finally, they do not want to disappear.

May 31

When I am in the physical, the world attracts me and I tempt the world.
When I am in the vital, I grasp the world and the world hates me.
When I am in the mind, I neglect the world and the world ignores me.
When I am in the heart, I love the world and the world embraces me.
When I am in the soul, I serve God in the world and the world cheerfully fulfils me.


June 1

The action of a limb affects the body.
The action of a man affects humanity.
The action of God's Concern perfects the body of the universe.
The action of God's Compassion fulfils the soul of the universe.

June 2

The doer of my searching life is God's Concern.
The owner of my aspiring life is God's Compassion.

June 3

Each aspirant has to know one thing and feel one thing.
He has to know that he is evolving into the Divine.
He has to feel that he is an embodiment of God.

June 4

When I know the Truth, I say that God is great.
When I become the Truth, God says, "My child, you are really great."

June 5

Lose your individuality and you will see the soul of your meditation meditating for your life's liberation.

June 6

The outer sun and darkness do not go together.
The inner sun and ignorance do not go together.
The outer sun and the unfailing promise go together.
The inner sun and the promised Land go together.

June 7

Pleasure appears, disappears and disintegrates.
Joy appears, re-appears and integrates.

June 8

Desire is a positive and affirmative expression of slow falsehood.
Anger is a negative and destructive expression of quick falsehood.

June 9

Constant aspiration is not only an answer but the answer to the question marks of human existence.

June 10

Who preserves the good?
He who destroys the evil.
Who destroys the evil?
He who loves God infinitely more than he loves himself.

June 11

The veil that hides the real is man-made infinity.
The light that reveals the real is God-made Immortality.

June 12

I found many short-cuts to God-realisation, but not even one short-cut to God-manifestation.

June 13

In the morning, O Supreme, onward at Thy Command I proceed.
In the evening, O Supreme, upward at Thy Command I succeed.

June 14

Not to have an iota of faith in oneself is to live in the abode of self-mockery.

June 15

To serve man is to worship God.
To serve God is to fulfil man.

June 16

When God is happy, you can rest assured that you have become the endless manifestation of God's Life.

June 17

Man's abstention from all action God tolerates and forgives.
Man's renunciation from the fruit of action God admires and treasures.

June 18

Self-indulgence is the misery of miseries that ends only at the arrival of death.

June 19

I know what ignorance is, but ignorance does not know what I shall eventually be.
I shall be God, the perfect Perfection.

June 20

A seeker's highest meditation pervades everything, yet it is tainted by nothing on earth.

June 21

God's Face is the immortal beauty of an ever-changing form.
God's Heart is the immortal beauty of an eternally fixed form.

June 22

Man's joy pleases God.
His silence feeds God.
His surrender devours God.

June 23

To love God constantly is difficult.
To meditate on God ceaselessly is more difficult.
To work for God unconditionally is most difficult.

June 24

Constant love of God makes the seeker's journey as easy as to smile at oneself standing before the mirror.

June 25

When I cry, I am God's evolving experience.
When I smile, God is my manifested experience.

June 26

God's Love pervades me.
His Concern sustains me.
His Compassion entertains me.

June 27

I love God.
That is why I can live in His illumining Grace.
God loves me.
That is why He can live even on my shameless face.

June 28

Delight is perfection's beauty.

June 29

Human aspiration can, does and must declare divine war against stark ignorance.

June 30

Those who love God are the eternal children of God.
Those who love themselves are the mortal human beings.


July 1

The difference between thought and will is this: thought hesitantly considers; will instantly ventures.

July 2

Sincerity needs watching.
Spirituality needs feeding.

July 3

Suppression is the man-made ladder to go down.
Purification is the God-made ladder to go up.

July 4

A heart of loving gratitude to God is man's constant fortune.

July 5

He who needs man is wise after the event.
He who needs God is wise both before and after the event, and also during the event.

July 6

To love man unreservedly is to enjoy, unconditionally, God's feast.

July 7

Compassion is the Voice of God.

July 8

When it is a matter of humility, each individual needs it far beyond his imagination.

July 9

Mounting aspiration is ours.
Descending Compassion is God's.

July 10

Regularity is the knowledge of the mind.
Punctuality is the wisdom of the heart.

July 11

Patience is the religion of action.

July 12

On earth there are various passports.
Money is one of them.
In Heaven, the soul's will is the only passport.

July 13

Man means aspiration's evolution.
God means evolution's aspiration.

July 14

Out of sight, out of mind.
Out of mind, out of ignorance.
Out of ignorance, out of death.

July 15

Stupidity denies God.
Futility defies God.

July 16

To receive one thing with joy is to give ten things in return with gratitude.

July 17

Expand: you will evolve.
Evolve: you will glow.
Glow: you will become.
Become: lo, your game of cosmic illusion is over and your game of God-manifestation is begun.

July 18

The hesitation of the mind is the difference between what we are and what we think we are.

July 19

Infinity's smile is too far.
Eternity's cry is too near.
Immortality's voice is at once too far and too near.

July 20

The outer courage is the end of all frustration.
The inner courage is the beginning of glowing and fulfilling illumination.

July 21

Opinion needs an ordinary man.
Conviction feeds a spiritual man.

July 22

We ignore God's highest Compassion.
But He does not ignore even our darkest ignorance.
He wants to transform our ignorance-prison into His Palace of Light.

July 23

Impatience you lose, and God's importance you gain.

July 24

Yours is the goal only when you cry to fly and dive to thrive.

July 25

God's life cheers our human birth.
Earth's love mourns our human death.

July 26

We unconsciously invite troubles.
God consciously invokes our troubles.

July 27

Think of God's Compassion.
It will make your night bright.
Think of God's Pride in you.
It will make your days brighter.

July 28

When gratitude takes birth, it will be man's glorious discovery.

July 29

Pleasure without anxiety is impossible.
Joy without fulfilment is impossible.

July 30

I meditate, because I must.
I love, because I am God's.

July 31

Service without faith is what we do.
Faith without service is what we are.
Are we not shamelessly clever?


August 1

We believe in God because we wish to be God-like.

August 2

A consciously unaspiring man is God's only failure.

August 3

Complete surrender is the true inner wealth of a seeker.
Without it there can be no abiding satisfaction in his life.

August 4

Yesterday sincerity was our best possession.
Today patience is our best possession.
Tomorrow reality will be our best possession.

August 5

Desire says that the road of human life is made of disappointment.
Aspiration feels that the road of divine life is made of constant contentment.

August 6

Let us try these: love God, serve God and become God.

August 7

To desire is to expire untimely.
To aspire is to inspire timely.

August 8

The greatest crime is the loss of time's blessing.

August 9

Wait for tomorrow to think tomorrow's thoughts.

August 10

An insincere action deserves no fame.
An unoffered meditation deserves no name.

August 11

The early riser is truly a God-lover.

August 12

To a real aspirant every minute is a series of years.

August 13

To destroy time is to commit suicide in one's aspiring consciousness.

August 14

Only when we aspire can we share God.

August 15

There is no difference between the aspiring life and the fulfilling promise.

August 16

Sorrow is bound to lose you when you lose no time.

August 17

There are two ways to commit suicide.
One way is to underestimate one's higher self badly.
The other way is to overestimate one's lower self disproportionately.

August 18

Before you perform, God resolves.
After you resolve, God performs.

August 19

Earth is duty's light.
Heaven is delight's height.

August 20

Don't retire.
Your ignorance will be tired soon.

August 21

Simplicity is beautiful.
Sincerity is useful.
Purity is fruitful.

August 22

Surrender to God's Will needs no sword to rule any inner kingdom.

August 23

To see the inner dominion of all-Beauty is man's first and foremost duty.

August 24

To err is natural, but to continue is unnatural, unthinkable and unforgivable.

August 25

To do a divine thing is to help mankind and inspire God.

August 26

There is no difference between the Love of God and the life of illumining perfection.

August 27

To know oneself is to esteem God's cosmic plan.

August 28

Man creates necessity.
God creates and offers opportunity.

August 29

A seeker's action is his trust in God's Compassion.

August 30

Truth comes in and Love goes out to teach man gratitude.

August 31

Except frustration nothing else is found unsought on earth.


September 1

In the aspiring world ingratitude is the worst poverty.

September 2

The world is not mine.
How can I possess it?

September 3

Regularity is the temple.
Punctuality is the shrine.

September 4

Your business is to begin.
God's business is to finish.

September 5

Will quickly, act steadily, receive cheerfully.

September 6

Self-love makes mistakes.
Self-indulgence itself is a mistake.

September 7

He alone is rich who has a believing heart and a loving soul.

September 8

God's cry arranges the seeker's world.
God's smile manages the seeker's world.

September 9

Let us cry to see if God has two big Ears.
Let us smile to see if God has two big Eyes.

September 10

What provokes?
Not sensibility.
What is provoked?
Not security.

September 11

A divided heart is no heart.

September 12

A divided loyalty is no loyalty.

September 13

A divided offering is no offering.

September 14

A divided responsibility is insecurity.

September 15

A divided concern is depression.

September 16

A divided love is ruthless frustration.

September 17

Peace begins when expectation ends.

September 18

Peace begins when the mind is powerfully captured.

September 19

Peace begins when we grow into an endless smile.

September 20

Peace begins when we come to realise that the world does not need our guidance.

September 21

Surrender begins not in helplessness but in the acceptance of God's Light.

September 22

Surrender begins only when the inner wisdom dawns.
And what is that inner wisdom?
That inner wisdom is that I belong to Him and nobody else.

September 23

Surrender begins when the seeker discovers his inner obligation.
And what is that inner obligation?
That inner obligation is to be entirely His, and Him to claim as one's very own.

September 24

Life is a dream only when you consider death as the only reality.

September 25

To live forever in God's Compassion, one has to remain awake twenty-four hours a day.

September 26

Life is man's necessity.
Aspiration is man's reality.

September 27

An advanced seeker smiles at death for he knows that he will lose nothing in the dust of death.

September 28

Inner obedience costs nothing, but its worth is immeasurably great.

September 29

If you really visit God's Palace, you will be seen without fail.

September 30

A divine promise neglected, an undivine truth told and fulfilled.


October 1

Human limitations are the experiences of the Infinite in the finite for the Absolute Reality.

October 2

Thought is the beginning of the race.
Desire is the middle of the race.
Frustration is the end of the race.

October 3

Divine Compassion is the beginning of the race.
Human aspiration is the middle of the race.
Complete emancipation is the end of the race.

October 4

Doubt is a down-dragging force in the low and unaspiring stage of a seeker's evolution.

October 5

God reveals and man conceals.
God reveals what He is.
Man conceals what truly he is not.

October 6

The difference between Truth and Love is this: Truth lived before all beginnings; Love will live after all ends.

October 7

True emotion is not excitement.
True emotion is purified love in selfless action.

October 8

I understand because I appreciate.

October 9

Man's smallest world is doubt.
God's largest world is Love.

October 10

Ego is the distinction of today's man and the extinction of tomorrow's ill-fated man.

October 11

Love is the preparation of today's God and the perfection of tomorrow's manifested God.

October 12

"I am one."
   This is my affirmation.
"I am many."
   This is my declaration.
In my affirmation I feel God's transcendental Delight.
In my declaration I see God's manifested Perfection.

October 13

An aura is the essence of spiritual potentialities and the substance of divine influences.

October 14

A divine ideal revealed means a portion of God's Divinity offered.

October 15

Human authority demands devotion.
Divine authority expects perfection.

October 16

Human authority is exploiting and unfulfilled power.
Divine authority is illumining and fulfilled Love.

October 17

While exercising human authority man remains the slave of his individual ego.
While exercising divine authority man retains the mastery of his universal will.

October 18

Human authority and fleeting pleasure are inseparable.
Divine authority and lasting treasure are inseparable.

October 19

Beauty is the fulfilling revelation of God's manifested Aspiration.

October 20

Beauty's quantity satisfies a desiring man.
Beauty's quality fulfils an aspiring man.

October 21

Between love and surrender, the pendulum of experience that swings is devotion.

October 22

Birth is the vision of life.
Life is the mission of birth.

October 23

The wealth the body needs is poise.
The wealth the mind needs is confidence.
The wealth the heart needs is love.

October 24

The body rejects.
The vital injects.
The mind suspects.
The heart expects.
The soul corrects and perfects.

October 25

Perfection means the manifested fulness of God's Divinity in man.

October 26

Human breath appears and disappears.
Divine Breath soars and flows.

October 27

The higher we go, the greater is our responsibility, the clearer is our vision and the closer we are to the Reality.

October 28

The chakras, energy-centres, live in the subtle physical; but help, satisfy and fulfil the physical.

October 29

God is nature's highest quality.
Nature is God's largest quantity.

October 30

Nature is God's permanent viceroy.

October 31

A group-soul is either a collection of similar experiences or a combination of complementary experiences.


November 1

He who sees more and more of the world around him is a clairvoyant.
He who sees more and more of God within his aspiring heart is a God-lover.

November 2

Human compassion is the clever and secret avoidance of personal discomfort.
Divine Compassion is the sincere and open acceptance of others' bondage and ignorance as one's very own.

November 3

Heart is the cottage for tenderness and kindness to live in.
Soul is the palace for concern and compassion to live in.

November 4

Concentration is intensity's activity and activity's passivity.

November 5

Concentration means man's acquired confidence in his life's journey.

November 6

Constant confidence is the achievement of a self-disciplined life.

November 7

Conscience and intuition are the inner experiences of the soul that try to protect and perfect our outer life.

November 8

He who has no conscience today will be a victim to moral paralysis tomorrow.

November 9

Consciousness is the universal manifestation of God's Love in the inner plane.

November 10

The universal consciousness is God's Love within and God's Life without.

November 11

Concentration is the satisfying grandson of contemplation.
Meditation is the fulfilling son of contemplation.
Contemplation is the fulfilled oneness of the soul and its goal.

November 12

The inner courage is receptivity.
The outer courage is integrity.

November 13

He who has no compassion is a dangerous criminal.
He who has no concern is a more dangerous criminal.
He who has no love is the most dangerous criminal.

November 14

Death tastes the desiring man.
Death tests the aspiring man.
Death comforts the realised man.

November 15

Depression is a destructive world between self-creation and self-permission.

November 16

Concentrate on your mind.
Concentration is the supreme purifier.
Meditate on your heart.
Meditation is the absolute illuminer.

November 17

Think of your desire, you will come to know what attraction is.
Meditate on your desire, you will come to realise what repulsion is.

November 18

Our desire wants to see God the Giver.
Our aspiration cries to see God the Receiver.

November 19

To be like God is the highest form of desire.
To be what God wants you to be is the highest form of aspiration.

November 20

Devotion is will in action.
Devotion is concern in manifestation.

November 21

I have two names:
My earthly name is devotion;
My heavenly name is compassion.

November 22

The worst difficulty faced, the most splendid opportunity embraced.

November 23

The disciple bathes in his Master's compassion-sea.
The Master bathes in his disciple's gratitude-sea.

November 24

God's Feet are for everyone.
God's Arms are for those who need Him.
God's Eye is for him who deserves it.

November 25

God the Eternal Father teaches me.
God the Eternal Mother loves me.
God the Eternal Friend immortalises me.

November 26

If you know what to do, God will let you know how to do it.

November 27

O man of depression, I have a pithy message for you: my Illumination-God does not believe in your depression-god.

November 28

God means Perfection-Height.
Man means expectation-kite.

November 29

God wants man to represent Him, but man prefers to represent the animal instead.

November 30

When a man wants to please God, God says to him, "My son, do you mean it seriously?"

When God wants to please man, man says to God, "Father, do You mean it sincerely?"


December 1

When I think of God, I am a brave soldier.
When God thinks of me, I am a great monarch.

December 2

To accept a disciple is a great expenditure on the part of the Master.
To accept a Master is either a great joy or a great risk on the part of the disciple.

December 3

Love swiftly discovers oneness.
Oneness quietly invents delight.

December 4

If your desire is to love and help the world, then rest assured, the world's desire will be to follow you and be dominated by you.

December 5

Doubt gone, God-life born.

December 6

Duty is the quintessence of divinity in humanity.
If my past duties remain undone, how can I be free and ready for my present duty?

December 7

Inner education is self-control and not self-denial.

December 8

Man's only support is woman's love.
Woman's only support is man's concern.

December 9

In ego's purification and transformation is man's conscious evolution and true satisfaction.

December 10

There is only one way to get your emotions under control, and that way is to be the conscious expression of your express will-power.

December 11

"Eternal now" is an intermediate between God's mightiest assurance and man's fast-dawning experience.

December 12

God took care of Eternity's past.
Truth will take care of Eternity's future.
And it is we who have to take care of Eternity's now.

December 13

Man's evolution in God is man's duty.
God's evolution in man is God's necessity.

December 14

Man thinks that the perfection of evolution is his speculation and imagination.
God knows that the perfection of evolution is His glowing Song of His fulfilling Aspiration.

December 15

Experience is not acquired information.
Experience is not required observation.
Experience is the result of an inner investigation.

December 16

The dust could not bind man.
Here is the proof of his striking evolution.
The stars will not be able to dominate him.
This most splendid evolution of his need not, rather cannot, remain a far cry.

December 17

I wish to please God with the quality of my experience.
I want to perfect my life with the quantity of my experience.

December 18

Faith is man's inner conviction founded upon God's own Realisation.

December 19

Forgiveness is the expansion of our outer consciousness and the perfection of our inner education.

December 20

A seeker must believe in God's religion only: Love and Concern.
Man's religion is supremacy.
Man's religion is indifference.
Man's religion is separation.
Man's religion is the incredible frustration of individual freedom.

December 21

When the divine freedom comes in, the human passion goes out — never to return.

December 22

Behind each man's freedom there is a determined God.

December 23

I love my scientist-friend because he has a charming name for my God: potential energy.

December 24

The external Christ is the mystery.
The inner Christ is the history.

December 25

Human evolution greeted the descending Christ.
Divine glorification greeted the ascending Christ.

December 26

The human Christ represented the process of Life.
The divine Christ represented the success of Truth.

December 27

Conscious sacrifice planted by mankind, constant happiness granted from God.

December 28

Happiness lies in the justice of the Real.

December 29

Happiness springs from the conscious annihilation of indifference.

December 30

God contemplates on Himself and prepares Himself in Heaven.
He reveals Himself and empties Himself on earth.

December 31

On earth man prepares himself and fights for himself.
In Heaven he peacefully retires and gloriously enjoys himself.