Flower-flames, part 1

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An Unfinished Dream of God

An unfinished Dream of God
Brought me down:
The God-Hour then struck.
An unending Reality of God
Will take me up:
The God-Hour will once again strike.

A Tree Is the Seeker's Prayer-Cry

A tree is the seeker’s
A flower is the seeker’s
A fruit is the seeker’s

Mine Is the Life

Mine is the life that cries
In man’s binding chains.
Mine is the heart that flies
In God’s liberating reins.

I Am Dying to See God

I am dying to see God.
God is seriously planning
To meet me.
What, then, delays our meeting?
Alas, my surrender-smile.

Although God Loves Him

Although God loves him,
He is his heart’s sorrow.
Although God blesses him,
He is his life’s failure.
Why? Why? Why?
Because he has not
Changed his name into

Finally, Truth Is on the March

Truth is on the march.
I can declare God’s Victory.
I shall see my Lord Supreme smiling.

God's Unconditional Pardon (1)

God’s unconditional Pardon
I do not deserve.
Man’s regular prosecution
I do not deserve, either.

Heaven Descends

Heaven descends
When I consciously
And soulfully serve.
Earth ascends
When I unreservedly
And unconditionally love.

My Failure-Life

I took my failure-life
As my secret rehearsal.
I take my success-life
As my open and free performance.

Life Is Lovely (1)

Life is lovely.
Therefore, I live.
Prayer is lovely.
Therefore, I pray.
Creation is lovely.
Therefore, I love.

Incredible News (1)

Incredible news:
God still loves me!
Incredible news:
Man still hates me!
Incredible news:
I am still alive!

A Good Friend to Love

A good friend to love:
My heart.
A good place to begin:
My heart.
A good pioneer to trust:
My heart.
A good messenger of God’s Victory:
My heart.

God's Love-Call

God’s Love-Call
Has transformed my animal past.
God’s Love-Call
Is illumining my human present.
God’s Love-Call
Will immortalise my divine future.

How Little I Know (1)

How little I know
Of man’s gratitude-drop!
How little I know
Of God’s Forgiveness-Sea!

An Atom of Soulful Effort

An atom of soulful effort:
God comes down.
A second of self-giving cry:
Look, God is happily watching you!

America's Special Strength

America’s special strength
Lies not in frightening the weak
And challenging the strong,
But in strengthening the weak
Illumining the strong.

My Body Does Not Belong to Me (1)

My body does not belong to me.
It belongs to God’s Compassion-Light.
My soul does not belong to me.
It belongs to God’s Satisfaction-Delight.

God Wanted You to Go to Him (1)

God wanted you
To go to Him untouched.
But what you did,
You know!
You went to God unchanged.

Mine Are Shattered Dreams

Mine are shattered dreams.
I shall go on.
Mine is a punctured heart.
I shall carry on.

Are You, O Lord, Tired of Being Good? (1)

Are You, O Lord,
Tired of being good?
It seems You are.
Are You, O Lord,
Tired of being divine?
It seems You are.
Are You, O Lord,
Tired of being perfect?
It seems You are.
O my Lord Supreme, then do bless me
With Your Goodness-Heart,
And Perfection-Role.

In the Physical World

In the physical world
I see a cancerous smile.
In the vital world
I see a dangerous smile.
In the mental world
I see an ungenerous smile.
In the psychic world
I see a precious smile.

Since Nobody Wants to Play with Me

Since nobody wants
To play with me,
I play with my shadow.
Since nobody wants
To sing with me,
I sing with my failure.

O Silver Flames of My Mind

O silver flames of my mind,
I love you.
Do awaken my life!
O golden flames of my heart,
Do expedite
My Heaven-bound journey!

Even My Shadow Avoids Me

Even my shadow avoids me.
Even my body dislikes me.
Even my life disappoints me.
Even my God forgets me.

Dear Heaven

Dear Heaven,
I need your kind advice
In a serious matter.
Dear Earth,
I need your practical help
In a serious matter.
Dear God,
I need Your immediate Forgiveness
In a serious matter.

A Disciplined Life

A disciplined life
Is a favourite instrument
Of God.

Each Experience

Each experience
Is an improvement.
Each improvement
Is an inspiring, aspiring and encouraging
Stride towards God.

God Receives My Poor Life

God receives my poor life
Because my rich heart
Believes in Him.

Too Good

If you are too good,
Then why do you need God’s Love?
If you are too bad,
Then how do you expect God’s Love?

If It Is True

If it is true
That Jesus is coming again,
Then it is also true
That I shall go to meet him
And welcome him
At the halfway point.

God's Compassion Reads Our Weak Hearts

God’s Compassion
Reads our weak hearts.
God’s Forgiveness
Registers our clever thoughts.

God Tells Us to Love Him

God tells us to love Him
With the same thing that loves us.
And what is that thing?

A God-Seeker Prays to God

A God-seeker prays to God
For himself.
A God-lover prays to God
For humanity.

Obedience Is Blessing-Light

Obedience is blessing-light.
My heart feels it.
Disobedience is penalty-night.
My mind knows it.

God's Favourites

God’s favourites are those
Who have kept their heart-books
Wide open
For God to read at His sweet Will.

If You Are a True Disciple

If you are a true disciple,
Then the code of your life
Should be
If you are a true Master,
Then the code of your life
Should be

God Is Never Interested

God is never interested
In my competence.
He is only interested
In my constant willingness.

God Compassionately Asks Me

God compassionately asks me,
“Will you be available?”
He never asks me,
“Will you be able?”

Everybody Can Begin

Everybody can begin.
Only the chosen
Can continue and succeed.

Since You Are a Liberated Smile

Since you are
A liberated smile,
You can definitely give me
A liberating cry.

The Tears of Mother Earth

The tears of Mother Earth
Make my life pure.
The smiles of Father Heaven
Make my heart sure.

What You Need Is

What you need is another moon
To reveal you.
What you need is another sun
To fulfil you.

The Miracle of My Sound-Life (1)

The miracle of my sound-life:
It can chase God.
The miracle of my silence-life:
It can embrace God.

True, Today You Are an Infant

True, today you are
An infant and inferior God.
But tomorrow
You can and you will
Be a mature and superior God.

You Have Lost

You have lost
Your beloved Satisfaction-God
You have overfed
Your insistent ambition-horse.

Because You Have a Sunlit Mind

Because you have
A sunlit mind
You are destined to become
A moonlit heart.

Prayers Are Made of Tears

Are made of tears.
Are made of smiles.
Is made of surrender-perfections.

Too Poor for God

Too poor for God:
Your mountain-pride.
Too poor for man:
Your fountain-surrender.

The Best in Man

The best in man
Is his gratitude-flame.
The worst in man
Is his insurmountable

The Call of America

The call of America
Turned the timid cat
Into a roaring lion.
The love-blessing of America
Has turned the lion
Into a choice and fond lamb.

The Stories Told by My Soul's Delight

The stories told by my soul’s delight
Are difficult to believe.
The stories told by my heart’s pangs
Are impossible to believe.

My Mind Is Tired of Its Supremacy

My mind
Is tired of its supremacy.
My heart
Can never be tired of its intimacy.

The Pure Hour of Prayer

The pure hour of prayer
Awakens the sleeping man in me.
The sure Hour of God
Feeds the starving God in me.

I Live for You Alone (1)

I live for You alone,
My Lord of Compassion Supreme.
I live in You alone,
My Lord of Satisfaction Supreme.

Who Lives Above Me?

Who lives above me?
Certainly not my Beloved Supreme.
Who lives below me?
Certainly not my Beloved Supreme.
Who lives inside me?
Who else if not my Beloved Supreme!

To Frighten the Animal in Me

To frighten the animal in me
My God is all Justice.
To enlighten the human in me
My God is all Compassion.

Yours Is the Inimitable Way

Is the inimitable way.
Is the imponderable way.
Is the inseparable way.

Yesterday I Desired to Be

Yesterday, I desired to be
God’s Lion-Power.
Today, I desire to be
God’s Deer-Speed.
Tomorrow, I shall desire to be
God’s Lamb-Fondness.

Tempt Me No More, O Earth

Tempt me no more,
O earth,
With your astounding perfection-promise.
Tempt me no more,
O Heaven,
With your fascinating satisfaction-promise.

Beautiful Is My Smiling God (1)

Beautiful is
My smiling God.
Powerful is
My illumining God.
Fruitful is
My loving God.

Realisation: Non-Stop Magic

Non-stop magic
Man’s aspiration-door
God’s Satisfaction-Shore.

The Outer Conquerors

The outer conquerors:
A doubting mind,
A strangling vital.
The inner conquerors:
A self-giving life,
A oneness-heart.

What Is Silence?

What is silence?
God’s natural Beauty.
What is silence?
Man’s hard-earned perfection.

What My Mind Needs Most

What my mind needs most
Is a satisfaction-smile.
What my heart needs most
Is a satisfaction-cry.
What I need most
Is a satisfaction-surrender.


Realisation-sun is given
By God to man.
It cannot be earned.

I Implore God

I implore God
Not for His Miracle-Forgiveness
But for His Miracle-Power
So that I can conquer
All my human weaknesses.

You Do Not Need

You do not need a new start;
What you need is a new heart.
You do not need a new heart;
What you need is a new God.

You Can Be Always Happy

You can be always happy
If you believe like a child
And behave like a gentleman.

Because I Fear God

Because I fear God,
I do not have to fear any man.
Because I love God,
I have to love all human beings.

My Prayer Is My Endless Hope

My prayer
Is my endless hope.
My meditation
Is my birthless and deathless joy.

You Must Choose

You must choose, you must!
The deliverer within you
The destroyer before you.

Before God-Realisation

Before God-realisation
If you die,
It will be a demotion.
After God-realisation
If you die,
It will be a promotion.

Now Is the Time

Now is the time
To make good use of time.
Today is the day
To begin a perfect day.

You Do Not Have to Prove

You do not have to prove
God’s Love for you.
Just feel that you live
Only for God’s Love.

Where Are You Standing?

Where are you standing?
If you are standing on a lower ground,
Then think of God.
If you are standing on a higher ground,
Then think of man.

My Lord, I Pray

My Lord,
I pray that
I never start a day

My Gratitude-Heart

My gratitude-heart
Always knows
The way.
My oneness-perfection
Always is
The way.

You Can Forget Everything

You can forget everything
If you want to.
But don’t forget one thing:
You are God’s child,
God’s very, very own.

Yesterday I Failed

Yesterday I failed.
Today I have failed.
But tomorrow I shall definitely
Reclaim my divine life.

O My Supreme Lord

O my Supreme Lord,
I have only one desire:
Do give me the thing
That pleases me for a fleeting day.
O my Supreme Lord,
I have only one aspiration:
Do give me the thing
That pleases You forever and forever.