Flower-flames, part 2

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My Dream-Eyes

My dream-eyes exist
Only for God the Beauty.
My reality-life exists
Only for God the Forgiveness.

A Quick Death

I would rather die
A quick death,
Before I am ruthlessly
Forced to suffer
In ignorance-sea.

I Am Ready to Weep

I am ready to weep
A fountain of tears
Until I am completely engulfed
By my Lord’s Forgiveness-Sea.

If You Can Weather Danger-Clouds

If you can weather danger-clouds,
Then the supernal mysteries
That lie behind the terrestrial vagaries
Will all be yours.

If My Doubt Is Mighty

If my doubt is mighty,
Then my faith is almighty.
If my outer smile is beautiful,
Then my inner cry is all beautiful.

Alongside My Heart's Secret and Helpless Cry

Alongside my heart’s
Secret and helpless cry
Shines my soul’s
Sacred and powerful smile.

The Inimitable Way to God-Realisation

At long last
My heart is on the inimitable way
To God-realisation.
No more my poverty-stricken,
Earth-bound human life.

I Was Born to Do Something Really Great

I was born to do something
Really great for God
On this planet.
How can I fail?
Why should I fail?

God's Grace-Kingdom

God’s Grace-Kingdom
Is my only home.
The rest of the world
Is nothing but a stopping place.

How Can Fear Torture Me?

How can fear torture me?
How can doubt frown at me?
Do I not know that God
Has all of me
Inside His Protection-Light?

A Breathless Whisper from Afar

A breathless whisper from afar
Has transformed his poverty-sticken mind
Into an emperor’s measureless

Grace, O Divine Grace

Grace, O divine Grace,
Grace, O supreme Grace,
I am drawing heavily
And constantly upon You.
Without You I am sleeplessly

My Eyes Need Renewed Cheerfulness

My eyes need renewed cheerfulness.
My mind needs unchanging cheerfulness.
My heart needs sparkling cheerfulness.
My life needs imperturbable cheerfulness.

Blinding Brightness

My body does not like
Blinding brightness any more.
My vital does not like
Dazzling brightness any more.
My mind does not like
Artificial brightness any more.
My heart likes
Tranquil brightness ever more.
My life consciously needs
An increasing, rising
And enlivening brightness ever more.

A Desire-Life

A desire-life is nothing better
Than a weather-beaten, frail and sinking boat.
An aspiration-life is nothing other
Than a staunch, racing and winning boat.

A Self-Giving Smile

A self-giving smile
And a life-transforming dance
Shall be the perfect revelations
Of my life today.

I Affirm What God Affirms

I affirm what God affirms.
What does God affirm?
He affirms that God-realisation
Is my birthright.
I negate what God negates.
What does God negate?
He negates that I am a member
Of ignorance-society.

Death Is a Daily, Unavoidable Occurrence

Death is a daily, unavoidable
Nevertheless, each man thinks
That he is an exception
Who will live forever.

Everything Is as Important

Everything is as important
And indispensable
As everything else in God’s creation.
Try to see the divine
In everything, with everything,
Plus, for everything.

Do You Want to Succeed Enormously?

Do you want to succeed enormously?
Then adjust your outer mind.
Do you want to proceed confidently?
Then harmonise your inner life.

Money-Power Procures Earth-Facilities

Money-power procures
Aspiration-power assures
Not only Heaven-qualities,
But also Heaven-quantities.

Man Is an Imperfect God-Instrument

Man is an imperfect God-instrument,
Longing intermittently,
Although unconsciously,
For his heart’s unknown cry
And his soul’s unknowable smile.

Do Not Indulge

Do not indulge;
Indulgence is self-interest.
Discipline yourself.
Your discipline is God-interest
For God’s and your mutual satisfaction.

Indeed, Today You Are Dining

Indeed, today you are dining
With all your frailties and foibles.
But tomorrow you can taste and devour
God’s immortal Nectar-Delight.

Sing the Self-Offering Song

Sing the self-offering song, sing!
Heaven on earth and earth in Heaven
Cannot and will not remain a far cry.

Just Transcend Your Mind

Just transcend your mind.
New horizons, new frontiers
Will appear before you
With the perfection-splendour
Of vision-realities.

Every Human Being

Every human being
In his soul’s progress-march
Will ultimately discover
The roots of delight-tree
That weave and unweave
Through the earth-bound life.

God's Choice Hour

At God’s choice Hour
The cosmos concealed itself in you.
At God’s choice Hour
The cosmos will reveal itself through you.
Lo, God’s choice Hour
Is fast approaching!

Do Not Try to Terminate

Do not try to terminate
Your earth-pilgrimage.
Your soul-bird’s plumage
Will, without fail,
Decorate your life.

Explore the Beauty of God

Explore the Beauty of God, explore!
Celebrate the Smile of God, celebrate!
Try, you certainly can.

One Kind Thought of Mine

One kind thought of mine
Has the capacity to push aside easily
Ninety-nine unkind thoughts
Of unfortunate human souls.

My Earthly Quest for God-Realisation

My earthly quest
For God-realisation
And my Heavenly quest
For God-manifestation
Started right from the morning of my life.

Aspiration Means Self-Development

Aspiration means self-development.
Dedication means self-improvement.
Realisation means God-ascendance in man.
Manifestation means God-transcendence with man.

If the Entire World Is Challenging Me

If the entire world
Is challenging me,
Then I shall use its challenge
To intensify my God-hunger.

In the Beginning There Was Nothing

In the beginning there was Nothing.
What was that Nothing?
God’s Perfection-Vision
Of His own tomorrow’s Dawn.

Someday Perhaps

My Lord, someday perhaps
I shall be able to express
Your Compassion-Light,
But Your Forgiveness-Sun
Will always remain
Far beyond my expression.

The Smile of My Eyes

The smile of my eyes
Has a beautiful soul.
The cry of my heart
Is a fruitful soul.

When I Was a Purity-Heart

When I was a purity-heart,
My Lord taught me how to feel
Another’s joy.
When I was a certainty-life,
My Lord taught me how to feel
Another’s woe.

Because You Are a Money-Minded Seeker

Because you are
A money-minded seeker,
Even God Himself is suffocating
Inside your totally false aspiration-life.

Today I Am Realising You

Today I am realising you
As an adversary-threat.
Tomorrow I shall realise you
As an advantage-smile.

I Have Buried My Past

I have buried my past.
My Lord is extremely happy.
My Lord is blessing my mind
And beckoning my heart.
I am extremely happy, plus grateful.

My Heart Is an Eternal Cry

My heart is an eternal cry.
God’s Heart is an eternal Smile.
They live together and grow together
Inside a concern-cave
And inside a Concern-Palace.

My Heart Is an Unknown Smile

My heart is an unknown smile,
My life is an unknown cry,
And I am an unknown query.
Why, why, why?
Because we have come all the way
From a Source unknowable.

Beauty Is Beauty

Beauty is beauty
Only when it is sanctioned
And guaranteed
By God’s Eye.
Purity is purity
Only when it is sanctioned
And guaranteed
By God’s Heart.
Divinity is divinity
Only when it is sanctioned
And guaranteed
By God’s Feet.

The Full Weight of My Ignorance-Night

The full weight of my ignorance-night
Shall rest inside God’s Forgiveness-Sun
And not upon my trembling shoulders,
If not every day, at least for today.

O My Doubting Mind

O my doubting mind,
You were my hasty and mistaken choice.
O my self-giving heart,
You are my ideal, unmistakable
And inevitable choice.

My Lord Has No Time

My Lord has no time to hear
My timid complaints
Against my superiors.
My Lord has no time to hear
My loud complaints
Against my inferiors.
My Lord has no time to hear
My well-modulated complaints
Against my equals.
But my Lord will cheerfully
Give His whole Eternity
To hear my marathon appreciation
Of everyone.

To Develop Beauty

To develop beauty
I meditate inside a moonlit cave.
To develop humility
I meditate inside a tiny cave.
To develop purity
I meditate inside a sun-bathed cave.
To develop power
I meditate inside a spacious cave.

A Battered Bridge

O my mind,
You are a battered bridge
Between God and me.
O my heart,
You are not only
A picturesque, but also
A well-constructed bridge
Between God and me.

A Noisy and Hollow Boast

My outer life is a noisy
And hollow boast.
My inner life is a vain
And intoxicated boast.
My Lord, do give me the capacity
To cease altogether my boasting-life.

My Lord, You Are Mercifully Blind

My Lord, You are mercifully blind
To my ignorance-life,
And I am willfully blind
To my aspiration-hunger.

O My Vital, You Enjoy Dramatic Bliss

O my vital,
You enjoy dramatic bliss.
Therefore, I dislike you.
O my mind,
You enjoy unclouded bliss.
Therefore, I like you.
O my heart,
You enjoy only perennial bliss.
Therefore, I love you.

Sorrow I Share

Sorrow I share
To be soulful.
Joy I share
To be powerful.
Oneness I share
To be fruitful.

I Love Everything

I love everything.
Therefore, I can use everything.
I use everything.
Therefore, everything is
Not only of me but also for me.

A Candidate

My mind has always been a candidate
For the highest Truth.
My heart has always been a candidate
For the deepest Delight.
Nothing less than the highest,
Nothing less than the deepest,
Can ever satisfy me.

I Have Started Running

I have started running
For Eternity.
Infinity and Immortality
Are my witnesses.

My Heart Receives Satisfaction-Seed

My heart receives satisfaction-seed
With one smile
And gives satisfaction-fruit
With another smile.

The World Has Its Teeming Snares

The world has its teeming snares,
But the seeker can escape them
By virtue of his
Sleepless inner confidence
And deathless outer vigilance.

The Flight of Your Purity's Gratitude-Heart

The flight of your purity’s
Is from time to Eternity,
And from the known to the Unknowable.

When I Do Something Wrong

When I do something wrong,
My conscience starts bleeding,
My consciousness starts descending
And I start destroying myself.

My Heart Knows How to Receive

I know that my heart
Knows how to receive.
Therefore, my life
Cannot and will not be empty.

My Goodwill

My goodwill is itself
The height of my victory,
Even if I cannot or do not
See any satisfactory result from it.

My Ignorance-Load

My ignorance-load on my own head
Is a serious problem,
But in God’s Hands
It is the beginning of my transformation.

I Grow with My Heart-River

I grow with my heart-river,
I wane with my mind-river.
Beyond these two rivers
Is my soul-river,
Whispering into my ears
The songs of the Eternal Now.

When I Pray to God

When I pray to God,
He powerfully protects me.
When I meditate on God,
He lovingly promotes me.

Purity Can Be a Daily Experience

Purity can be a daily experience —
No age limit to it,
No place limit to it.
The earth-bound, impure body
Can easily grow into
A Heaven-free pure soul.

I Shall Deposit

I shall deposit a very large amount
In the bank of human joy.
Indeed, this is a safe investment.

To Practise a Pure Life

To practise a pure life
Is imperative.
An impure life is its own
Horrifying curse.

Because He Has

Because he has
An unswerving devotion
To the highest heights,
His will be the life
That will rise and rise
To supreme excellence.

The Wild Hunger of Possessiveness

The wild hunger of possessiveness
Knows no newness-dawn,
Or fulness-sun.