I shall forgive my past

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At Last, at Last

At last, at last,
His promise vast
He bravely kept,
For earth he left.

O Glowing Smile of Beauty's Day

O glowing smile
Of beauty’s day,
I love your sun,
I love your play.
O teeming frowns
Of sombre night,
Behold the death
Of your ruthless might.

Three Wishful Thoughts Have I

Three wishful thoughts have I:
I shall forgive my past,
I shall purchase God’s Eye,
My smile ever shall last.

O World of Peace

O world of peace,
O world of light,
How long shall I
With darkness fight?
How long my heart
Shall cry in vain?
This eyeless world
Has nothing but pain.

O Lightless Eyes of Mine

O lightless eyes of mine,
I say, starve not, starve not, just cry.
The golden hour shall dawn
In the feeble mind of desert dry.
Your hope-life shall not die,
Your doleful fate is bound to change.
Your cry shall fly and fly
To the cosmic Spirit’s Vision-range.

O Wings of Eternal Flame

O wings of eternal flame,
Blame not my service lame.
I try, I cry, I sigh;
You are too high, too high.

Drunk Deep with Black Despair

Drunk deep with black despair,
He left for his Heaven nest.
And what forces his return?
His grace, his highest best.

A Sweet and Soulful Voice

A sweet and soulful voice
Inspires my heart to fly.
Earth-tears still need my smile.
Alas, I have no choice.

My Human Life Shall Die

My human life shall die
A thousand times
If I go on feeding
My inner crimes.
My inner crimes are
Dark jealousy-flood,
Wild doubt and feeble fear
And impure blood.

O Shore of Silence-Light

O shore of silence-light,
I love your heart’s delight.
O boat of journey’s glow,
I love your service-flow.

I Test You Not, Never

I test you not, never,
In the inner world.
I just show you my heart’s
Sweet oneness-way.
I test you not, never,
In the outer world.
I just tell you to claim
My Eternal Day.

Each Man Is a Challenge Vast

Each man is a challenge vast.
Each thought is a world supreme.
Each act will fruitfully last
In God’s Perfection-Dream.

O Lord! I Have the Pass-Key

O Lord! I have the pass-key to Your Heart.
Therefore mine is the heart of beauty’s light.
No where I see the dauntless ignorance-dart.
In God my life has won its eternal right.

I Love the Glow of Beauty's Dream

I love the glow of beauty’s dream.
I love the flow of duty’s joy.
I love the blows of my Lord Supreme.
His is the love my pride to destroy.

God Says: My Life Is Endless Breath

God says, My life is endless breath.
I say, My life is constant death.
Earth says, I am my only soul.
Heaven says, I am my vision's goal.

Your Gold and Silver Wealth

Your gold and silver wealth
Shall rust,
Your heart of soulful love
Shall last
To grant your life
And Eternity’s

No Soul in Heaven

No soul in Heaven loves his soul.
Him ever loves no soul on earth.
And yet he truly loves the role
Of each and every soul and their worth.

He Once Was a Useless Thing

He once was a useless thing
And now he is God’s Power.
His heart has grown today
Joy and gratitude-flower.

Aspire, Your Life Shall Become

Aspire, your life shall become
The hope of earth.
Surrender, your soul shall grow
Into God’s Voice.
Who says earth has no lasting mirth?
Never delay, make your own choice.

I Live to Please My Lord Supreme

I live to please my Lord Supreme.
I glow to please His eternal Flow.
I serve to please His Beauty’s Height.
No ignorance-night for me to fight.

I and My Glowing Hope Ascend

I and my glowing hope ascend
To see the heart and smile of Truth.
My fear and doubt helpless descend
To touch the feet of my Silence-ruth.

My Inner Sun

My inner sun is climbing high.
My outer darkness-day no more.
My life of service-love shall sail
To God-Beauty’s Ecstasy-Shore.

His Name Expired Before His Body

His name expired before his body.
Before he smiled his body expired.
And yet he is never alone.
Eternity’s peace he has hired.

The Future Years Have Finally Come

The future years have finally come.
Your life is still truly asleep.
Your old life’s self-indulgence-days,
Lo, still enjoy ignorance deep.

I Braved Despair's Destruction-Night

I braved despair’s destruction-night.
Doubt I devour at will.
In me God-light is in thrill.
I, indeed, am God’s pride of light.