O Forgiveness-Ocean

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Manre Tomai Karbo Daman Anukkhan

Manre tomai karbo daman anukkhan

Mine Is the Mind

Mine is the mind that has
Limitless darkness-thoughts.

Durbalata Bhitar Mane

Durbalata bhitar mane
Chanchalata bahir mane
Krandane rato tader sane

My Doubting Mind I Worship

My doubting mind I worship.
Therefore, a beggar-mind
Within and without.

Bhranta Manas Shranta Na Hale

Bhranta manas shranta na hale
Shanti kemane pabo go jibane

If My Lost Mind Does Not Get Tired

If my lost mind does not get tired,
How can I peace receive?

Maner Guhai Jyoti Darashan

Maner guhai jyoti darashan
Pabena kadapi pabena

Never Can You Find

Never can you find
A glimpse of light
In your mind-cave.

Man Je Amar Shateka Juger Andhiyar

Man je amar shateka juger
Andhiyar ghana kalima

For Aeons

For aeons my mind has been
A darkness-fed night.

Khama Jadi Nahi Karo

Khama jadi nahi karo
Keman kare rahibo dharai benche

Param Pita Khama Karo

Param pita khama karo
Amar bhitar amar bahir khama karo

Khama Baridhi Khama Karo More

Khama baridhi khama karo more
Amije khudra bindu

Khama Tumi Karbe Jani Keno Tabe Karo Deri

Khama tumi karbe jani
Keno tabe karo deri

Amar Truti Nai Je Anta

Amar truti nai je anta
Tomar khamar nai je anta

Atma Tyager Bale Ami

Atma tyager bale ami
Khamar desher parbo jethe

Do Forgive My Inner Life

My Absolute Lord Supreme,
Do forgive my inner life.
Do forgive my outer life.

As My Mistakes Are Limitless

As my mistakes are limitless,
Even so, Your Forgiveness
Is boundless, my Lord.

My Mind, I Shall Control You

My mind, I shall control you
At every moment.

Timir Bhara Kantake Ghera

Timir bhara kantake ghera
Amar manas ban

My Inner Mind

My inner mind is all weakness.
My outer mind is all restlessness.
I cry and cry with death ceaselessly.

Sandeha Man Amije Pujari

Sandeha man amije pujari
Taito bhitare bahire bhikhari

My Lord, If You Forgive Me Not

My Lord, if You forgive me not,
How can I live on earth?

Tumi Amai Karbe Khama

Tumi amai karbe khama
Ei barashai benche achi

My Lord, You Will Forgive Me

My Lord, You will forgive me.
With this hope I am still alive.

O Forgiveness-Ocean

O Forgiveness-Ocean,
I am a tiny drop.
Do forgive me.

I Know You Will Forgive Me

I know You will forgive me.
My Lord, why are You delaying?

With My Self-Offering Strength

With my self-offering strength,
I shall enter into the forgiveness-clime.