God answers prayers

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God's Only Lord (2)

God’s only Lord is man’s surrender.
Paramer prabhu shudhu manaber atma samarpan

God Has Forgiven His Disobedience-Son

God Has Forgiven
His Disobedience Son,
Bhagaban kareche khama
Tar abaddhya chhele agyanatake

God's Greatest Treasure

God’s greatest treasure is man’s smile.
Bidhatar sarbottama sampad manaber hasi.

God Answers Prayers

God answers prayers:
Bhagaban shune prarthana.

God Loves to Meditate

God loves to meditate.
Bhalobase bhagaban dhyan karte

God's Ears Are Very Big

God’s Ears are very big.
Ishwara karna atibha bishal

God's Eyes Do Not Know How to Sleep

God’s Eyes do not know how to sleep.
Ishwara nayana janena ghumate

God's Heart Is God's Promise

God’s Heart is God’s Promise.
Ishwara antara
Ishwarer pratigya

God Does Not Care for His Head

God does not care for His Head.
Bhagabaner mathar lagi bhagaban bhabena

God Simply Adores His Feet

God simply adores His Feet.
Bhagaban Tar charan pranayi

God's Hands Are for Man to Use

God’s Hands are for man to use.
Manab tahar karma sadite paramer hat kare byabahar

God's Only Enemy Is God's Justice

God’s only enemy is God’s Justice.
Paramer shudhu shatru paramer anyai bichar

God Is All Gratitude

God is all Gratitude to His Compassion.
Param prabhur bhitar bahir tar karunar kache kritagya

O Beauty-Infinity

O Beauty-Infinity, O Beauty-Infinity, O Beauty-Infinity,
Herite tomai khule dao mor premantara dithi


[Translation of second line]
Do open my love-flooded heart to see You.

My Master

My Master,
Sneha avatar
Kripa avatar
Khama avatar


My Master —
O Avatar of Affection,
O Avatar of Compassion,
O Avatar of Forgiveness.

My Self-Giving Life Has Begun

My self-giving life has begun.
Sathe ache ma kalir abhoy kripan


[Translation of second line]
With me is Mother Kali’s all-conquering sword.

Shun Wrong Thoughts

Shun wrong thoughts, shun.
Shun base deeds, shun.
Animesh chitte gaho prabhur jaya gan


[Translation of third line]
Sleeplessly sing your Lord’s Victory-Song.

O My Life-Tree

O my life-tree, life-tree,
Prabhu seva lagi hate habe sri


[Translation of second line]
To serve the Lord Supreme you must become extremely beautiful.

To Reach Your Bliss-Harbour

To reach Your Bliss-Harbour
Kripa karo more prabhu arbar


[Translation of second line]
My Lord, bless me with Your Compassion once more.

Hush Ignorance, Hush

Hush, hush, hush, hush ignorance, hush!
Tore ebar prabal jore karbo ami binash


[Translation of second line]
This time I shall strike you very hard and destroy you.

My Lord, Your Nectar-Smile

My Lord, Your Nectar Smile saved my life’s dawn.
Tomare tushibo sarati jiban ei je amar pan


[Translation of second line]
I shall please and satisfy You throughout my life.
This is my promise to You.

Come, Come, My Sweet Lord

Come, come, my sweet Lord, come.
Japi jena pale pale taba sudha nam.


May I at every moment
Repeat Your sweet Name.

O Blue and True Compassion-Eye

O blue and true Compassion-Eye
Asim kripai dao go amai thai


[Translation of second line]
With Your Infinite Compassion,
Give me shelter at Your Feet.

O, Make My Mind as Vast as the Sky

O, make my mind as vast as the sky.
Chahina thakite ar bandhan simanai

My Prayer-Life Is in Bloom

My prayer-life is in bloom.
Tai aji utsab dhum


[Translation of second line]
Therefore, today I am nothing but festivity.

A God-Oneness-Heart Is in Bloom

A God-oneness-heart is in bloom.
Dure dure bahu dure mor maha ghum.


(Bengali second line)
Far, far away my attachment sleep.

Come, Come, Come

Come, come, come, come,
You all come, come!
Hiyakashe dekho more amrita dham


[Translation of third line]
Look, Immortality’s Abode in my heart-sky.

Life Is No Fun

Life is no fun. Life is no fun.
Asimer animesh abhijan

Life Is No Fun. Life Is No Fun

Life is no fun. Life is no fun.
Bidhatar fuarar jaya gan

Run, Run Towards Your Beloved

Run, run towards your Beloved, run!
Asimer amarar abhijan


[Translation of second line]
Eternity-Immortality’s expedition.

Run Towards Your Beloved

Run, run, towards your Beloved, run,
Phulla hridaye nijere karite dan


With a cheerful heart, to offer your raison d’etre.

Run, Run, Towards Your Beloved, Run

Run, run, towards your Beloved, run!
Nahi habe kabhu alo sharanite hoiran


[Translation of second line]
Never be tired on the light-flooded road.

Dive Deep Within

Dive deep within, dive deep within!
Bajaite alobin nishidin

I Am My Lord's Fondness-Toy

I am my Lord’s Fondness-toy.
Goshana kari tar joy joy


(Translation of second line)
I announce His Victory everywhere.

To Reach My Ultimate Goal

To reach my ultimate Goal
Nashibo maner kalarol


[Translation of second line]
I will destroy mind-noise

My Lord, Do Me a Big Favour

My Lord, do me a big favour.
Jogya karogo tomar sebar


[Translation of second line]
Do make me worthy of Your service.

No More Ignorance-Sleep

No more ignorance-sleep, never!
Bhakti dao go mukti dao go ebar

I Have Received a Call

I have received a call.
Rakhbo dhare tomar charan tal

At the Feet of My Master I Sit

At the feet of my Master I sit.
Taje amar hiyar deshe bidyapith


[Translation of second line]
That is my heart-country’s school.

At the Feet of My Master

At the feet of my Master, I sleep.
Sethai jwale amar gurur kripa pradip


(second line)
There his compassion-lamp is all the time giving light.

At the Feet of My Master I Sing (1)

At the feet of my Master I sing and sing and sing.
Japi krishner bij mantra kling kling kling kling kling

Go to Your Master

Go to your Master, go to your Master, go, go, go, go, go!
Tahar majhe nitya nache param prabhur dyo dyo dyo

My Heart Comes to the Fore

My heart comes to the fore.
Neharite paramer amarar bhor

O, Make My Mind Tranquil and Calm

O, make my mind tranquil and calm.
Charidike neharite prashanti dham

Within, Without, I See My Nectar-Goal

Within, without, I see my nectar-goal.
Taito hethai taito hothai sarbatra ananda rol

Today My Restless Mind Is Peaceful

Today my restless mind is peaceful.
Taito nehari jiban nadir khul

I Saw the Light of Day

I saw the light of day
Nijere sampite mahanande


[Translation of second line]
To offer myself with utmost delight.