The Golden Boat, part 5

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1. Do the gods feel sorry?

Do the gods feel sorry?
Yes, they do.
Because men surpass them.

Does God feel sorry?
Yes, He does.
Because most men
Do not dare to play with Him,
Let alone compete with
Or surpass

2. Motion and rest

Motion and rest
Complete God’s Game.
Motion and rest
Are two brothers.

Rest prepares;
Motion distributes.
Rest dives deep within;
Motion flies far without.

In rest God dreams
His Reality-life.
In motion God becomes
One and inseparable
With His Dream-fulfilled Boat.

3. What is it?

Wisdom, what is it?
Peace, what is it?
Satisfaction, what is it?
Perfection, what is it?
More Light,
Abundant Light,
Light infinite.

4. After the long inner struggle

There was a time
When he was far removed from Truth.
Now he measures
Not only
His life
But also
The immensity of God’s Depth
The infinity of God’s Height.
After the long inner struggle
He sees the meaning of life,
He feels the meaning of light.

5. Contradictions

Human birth
Are contradictory.

Human life
Are contradictory.

Human goal
Are contradictory.

6. No sin, no virtue

When sin plagues him
He cries aloud.
When virtue plagues him
He cries aloud.
His Lord today tells him:
“No sin, no virtue, My son.
Only think that
I experience the life-breath
Of every moment
In a different way,
That’s all.”

7. When I confide

When I confide my secrets
To my mind,
My mind betrays me
In a jungle of confusion.

When I confide my secrets
To my vital,
My vital throws me
Into a tornado of destruction.

When I confide my secrets
To my heart,
My heart takes me
To my soul
For special guidance.

And when I confide my secrets
To my soul,
My God-Goal immediately
Runs towards me.

8. Words

A man of strength
Is a man of few words.

A man of silence
Speaks no words.

A man of divinity
Uses words
To please God,
To bring down God,
To manifest God the Dream on earth
To fulfil God the Dreamer in Heaven.

9. Of you, for you

You have seen
What was never kept concealed.
You have found
What was never kept hidden.
You have found your God,
Who has always been
In the heart of your love-light.
No matter how sincere you are,
No matter how hard you work
To disqualify yourself for God-realisation,
You shall sadly fail.
For God’s Transcendental Dream is of you,
And God’s Universal Reality is for you.

10. Expectations

I expect nothing from earth,
I expect nothing from Heaven.
My Supreme expects
In and through me
From earth’s life.
My Supreme expects
In and through me
From Heaven’s soul.
Earth has fulfilled our expectation:
Heaven has fulfilled our expectation:

11. Two wicked sinners, two loving friends

Doubt and jealousy are
Two wicked sinners.

Faith and hope are
Two loving friends.

Courage and sacrifice are
Two noble souls.

Beauty and Purity are
The seeker’s heart.

Truth and God are
Reality’s eyes.

12. One with extinction's sigh

He avoided humanity
Because humanity was sick and weak.

He avoided Divinity
Because Divinity was strong
and indifferent.

He stayed inside his fearful cave
and tearful heart
Until he become one with extinction’s sigh.

13. Three messages

He had only three messages to give:
One to Heaven,
One to earth,
One to hell.
“Dear Heaven,
Be careful of your indifference-power.
Dear earth,
Be careful of your ignorance-length.
Dear hell,
Be careful of Satan’s autocracy.”

14. To receive

To receive humanity
I need an abundance of space.

To receive divinity
I need an abundance of grace.

To receive God
I need an abundance of surrender.

To receive my own lower being
I need an abundance of power.

15. Are you not inseparable?

O truth-lover, O man-saver,
Are you not inseparable?

O love-giver, O oneness-seer,
Are you not inseparable?

O illumination-distributor,
O duty-fulfiller,
Are you not inseparable?

O landlord-man, O Tenant-God,
Are you not inseparable?

16. God-realisation demands

Austere concentration is not needed
To realise God.
Extensive meditation is not needed
To realise God.
God-realisation demands
Conscious surrender
Of the puny “I”
And expansion-perfection
Of the earthbound life.

17. No one ventures

No one ventures
To explain

No one ventures
To serve God
With surrender-light.

No one ventures
To distribute

No one ventures
To know the power
Of God-Invention.

No one ventures
To realise the power
Of aspiration-vision.

18. You are special, you are divine

You are gifted.
The world appreciates you.

You are special.
The world admires you.

You are divine.
Both God and the world
Love you
Love you,

19. The distance between

The distance
Hope and despair
Is no distance.

The distance
Love and hate
Is no distance.

The distance
Doubt and faith
Is no distance.


The distance
Your lower life
Your higher life
Is incredibly long,
Arduous and dangerous.

20. Together they go

The hour of grace
The shower of glory
Together shine.

The hour of victory
The power of surrender
Together strike.

The Hour of God
The flower of gratitude
Together blossom.

21. No completion

No purity,
No sanity.

No sanity,
No realisation.

No realisation,
No perfection.

No perfection,
No completion.

22. Nowhere to be found

The hermitage of peace
Can easily be found.

The home of light
Can easily be found.

The nest of silence
Can easily be found.

The room of perfection
Is nowhere to be found.

23. To become

To enjoy is
To obey.

To obey is
To shine.

To shine is
To become.

To become is
To transform
The animal in us,
To elevate
The human in us,
To fulfil
The divine in us.

24. Darker, purer, surer

Darker than night
Is my mental doubt.

Purer than dawn
Is my weeping heart.

Stronger than a giant
Is my blossomed faith.

25. He wants both

He wants both
Humanity and Divinity:
Humanity to wash his feet,
Divinity to breathe its love.

He wants both
God and man:
God to pull him towards God,
Man to push him towards God.

26. Unless

Unless the child cries,
The mother brings him no milk.
Unless the disciple cries,
The Master brings him no nectar.

Unless man tries,
God gives him nothing.
Unless God forces,
Man does nothing.

27. Only to offer

Only to rise,
He stumbled.
Only to succeed,
He failed.
Only to create,
He stopped.
Only to become,
He shunned.
Only to offer,
He is.

28. Perfect, imperfect

Is in itself imperfect.

Is in itself perfect.

Is in itself imperfect.

Is in itself perfect.

Is itself imperfect.

Is itself perfect.

29. Your sadness immeasurable

“Lord, Your sadness
How can I relieve?”

Think that I suffer,
Feel that I suffer,
Love humanity as I do.

Lo, half of My suffering-night
Has captured your oneness-love
With its Reality-Height.

30. O immaculate Beauty

O immaculate Beauty,
God needs you.

O immaculate Purity,
God utilises you.

O immaculate Lustre,
God perfects you.

O immaculate Consciousness,
God expands Himself
In you,
With you.

31. The aim

The aim of all seeing
Is serving.

The aim of all serving
Is loving.

The aim of all loving
Is identifying.

The aim of all identifying
Is oneness-becoming.

In oneness-becoming
We mark the journey’s close.

32. Why do I suffer

Why do I suffer,
My Lord Supreme?
Is it because
I am not careful?
Is it because
I enter into ignorance?

“No, nothing of the sort.
Your big heart
Cannot live
Without housing others’ pain
As your very own.”

33. Thought-world

The activity of a thought-wave
Fascinates me.

The reality of a thought-sea
Transforms me.

The divinity of a thought-world
Immortalises me.

34. Now I shine

I died in thought.
I fly with Will.

I died in time.
I dance with Eternity.

I died in imperfection.
I shine with God-Perfection.

35. Now we are satisfied

I spoke;
I was badly misunderstood.
I remained silent;
I was properly understood.

I loved;
I was suspected.
I served;
I was appreciated.

I saw;
Neither God nor I was satisfied.
I became;
Both God and I are totally satisfied.

36. Without Thee

To think without Thee
Is to cry.

To see without Thee
Is to sigh.

To work without Thee
Is to fail.

To rest without Thee
Is to die.

I know, I know,
I fail to practise.

37. His immortal self

He greets mortal breath
With his immortal grace.

He illumines mortal confusion
With his immortal face.

He transforms mortal pangs
With his immortal heart.

He consoles mortal failure
With his immortal progress.

38. He ascends and descends

God’s Hour helps him
Ascend and descend.

He ascends to pluck
The fruits of Nectar-light.

He descends to distribute
The fruits with Beauty’s heart.

39. You will be caught

Don’t pretend
Without the truth;
You will be caught.

Don’t expand
Without the light;
You will be caught.

Don’t preach
Without the silence;
You will be caught.

Don’t argue
With your inner effulgent light,
With your outer flickering candle;
You will be caught.

40. Nothing else to think about

Lord, I think of You
Not because You are
Kind to me,
But because I have
Nothing else to think about.

“Son, I think of you
Not because I have
Nothing else to think about,
But because when
I think of you
I get the joy of a child,
The strength of a youth
And the wisdom of an old man.”

Lord, from now on
I shall think of You
And not remain indebted to You.

41. The due price

Lord, when people misunderstand me,
What shall I do?
“Forgive them.”
I do that.
But again and again they misunderstand me.
“My son, do not allow
All and sundry
To have free access to you.
Don’t make your spirituality cheap.
All must pay the due price.”

42. Take me to stay with you

A beggar stood
God, man and Satan.

To God he said:
“Lord, take me to stay with You
In Your Boat.”
“Your desire is granted, My son.”

To man he said:
“Brother, take me to stay with you
In your boat.”
“Sorry, my boat is too small.”

To Satan he said:
“Esteemed Friend, take me to stay with you
In your boat.”
“Certainly, you will not only stay,
But be the boatman
And thus relieve me
Of my long and endless task.”

43. To say the least

“Good-bye, Father,
I shall see You tomorrow.”

Good-bye, son,
I shall see you in a minute.

“Why and how, Father?
I am leaving, Father.
I am tired, really tired,
To say the least.”

I am proud of you,
I am one with you.
I share your glory’s light
Equally and unmistakably,
To say the least.

44. Don't tell a lie!

Who has not stumbled?
Don’t tell a lie!

Who has not failed?
Don’t tell a lie!

Who has not seen
The Face of God?
Don’t tell a lie!

Who will not
Become God?
Don’t tell a lie!

45. Eternal surrender

Lord Supreme,
Eternal surrender:
Does it exist or will it ever exist?

“My son, from time immemorial
Eternal surrender
Has walked the soil of earth.

My transcendental Silence
My universal Sound
To each other have offered
Their capacity-height
In the form of surrender-light.

The surrender of My Silence
To My Life of Sound
Makes earth grow
Towards the highest height.

The surrender of My Sound
To My Life of Silence
Makes Heaven descend
To feel the bleeding heartbeat
Of Mother Earth.”

46. He is important

He is serene.
God’s Mind caresses his mind.

He is brilliant.
God’s Vital welcomes his vital.

He is important.
God’s Heart
With Fondness-light
Houses him,
His dream-boat,
His dream-river,
His dream-shore.

47. Many and few

Many seeds, few crops.
Many blossoms, few fruits.
Many seekers, few realised souls.
Many Masters, one God.
The self-same God
Sails His Dream-Boat
And becomes His Reality-Shore.

48. To get up, to meditate

To get up early in the morning
Is one thing;
To meditate soulfully
Is something else.

If I fail to get up early
In the morning,
How can I meditate?
Again, if I get up
And do not meditate well,
I just torture my poor body.

O my body,
From now on I shall use you
Only for God’s sake.
O my soul,
From now on I shall use you
Only for God’s sake.

49. You have to share my fate

My Lord, is it my business
To perfect the world?
“Son, who else’s business is it?
If you dare to call yourself My son
You have to share
Equally My fate.
Love Me, I am yours.
Serve Me, you are Mine,
Mine alone.”

50. Perfect strangers

Lord, Lord,
Save me, save me.
I am in terrible danger.
I am fighting against time
To prove to my spiritual children
That I am a poet of high magnitude.
Father, do save me, save me.

“Son, don’t insult Me.
You and I are perfect strangers
To the birth and life of defeat.”

Editor's preface to the first edition

This book of 50 poems is part of a four-part series written by Sri Chinmoy in the 22-hour period between 12:01 a.m. and 10:01 p.m. on 2 February 1974. It was also printed on the same day by the group pictured in the photograph above the preface.