God's Orchestra

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An accountant knows how to check the accounts, and God knows how to smile and weep.


God is the Divine Actor Supreme never to be seen.
Man is the actor self-imposed and well-exposed.


God the Advisor is the only Advisor who does not advise His children outwardly and unceasingly.


I prayed to God to spell the word 'agnostic.' God first hesitated. He then confessed His ignorance. Poor God, He had never even heard the word before.


An angel is purity's blooming soul and beauty's enchanting role.


An anthropologist is undoubtedly an advanced student-seeker who studies human beings; and he will be an infinitely more advanced student-seeker if or when he studies divine souls. But the question is: will he? Will he ever?


An archaeologist digs the past. To his wide surprise, he sees that his present civilisation is dying out rapidly, whereas the long-buried civilisation of the past is coming to the fore with a broad smile.


Man the architect builds our fleeting house.
Soul the architect shapes our lasting life.
God the Architect moulds our supremely fulfilling Goal.


Look at the human art. You are frustrated.

Look at the human artist. You are disappointed.

Look at the Divine Art. Your own soul is manifested.

Look at the Divine Artist. Your very breath is fulfilled.


An astrologer tells me what is going to happen in my life.

My will-power tells me what I can do, what I shall be and who I eternally am.


An astronaut is he who does not care for the permission of any religion to soar above. Nor does he take permission from God to see correctly the shape of the world from above.


I prayed to God to define the word 'atheist.' He immediately mustered all His inner Will and outer displeasure and gave me a damaging slap!


I am an author. I shall continue to follow this self-styled profession of mine unless and until my books keep my proud mouth shut and throw my proud pen into the wastepaper basket.


My father was a banker. He had a wee bank. I do not know how much money he actually had. And now I am my disciples' banker. When I count the money, I feel that I am not valued; when I don't count the money, I feel that I am negligent in my duty.
God says to me that He won't blame me if I miscalculate the figures but He will mercilessly blame me if I miscalculate the number of my disciples' real needs.


At last I have discovered a mistake committed by God. Since I am always a big talker, He should have made me a barber.


As a beggar when I approach God, He immediately gives me His cherished Treasure: Light.

As a beggar when I approach humanity, I am immediately and ruthlessly denied its cherished possession: Ignorance.


A betrayer is the worst possible fool, for he consciously and deliberately betrays his own ignorance to an unappreciative world.

There is only one thing on earth that God can learn from man and that is betrayal.


Each man is God's biographer. Hence, each man must needs shake hands with impossibility.


Each man has to make a definite choice between his human boss: doubt, and his divine boss: faith.


Soul the boxer fights for humanity's aspiration.

God the Boxer fights for humanity's salvation.

Faith the boxer fights for humanity's perfection and glorification.

Man the boxer fights for humanity's appreciation and admiration.

Doubt the boxer fights for humanity's total destruction.


A human businessman is he who sells his conscience to God free of charge.

A divine businessman is he who makes profit by serving the divine in humanity.


Each man consciously or unconsciously is a camper, for he takes vacation from his divine home, God.


Jesus' father was a carpenter.

Christ's Father was God.

Whose children are we?

We are the children of God and Goddess.

Our Father is God, the Constant Concern.

Our Mother is Goddess, the Endless Compassion.


Love is a form of chemistry. The chemist in the mother loves her children even without properly knowing the formula of love chemistry.


All men work with their serving hands, but a clergyman is blessed to work with his flowing tongue. Therefore the spiritual teacher in me finds no difficulty in shaking hands with a clergyman.


A columnist knows how to fracture fact. He knows how to capture public attention. But he does not know and he will never know one thing: how to cure falsehood, especially his own.


Before, as a competitor, I used to compete with God's Forgiveness.

Now, as a competitor, I am competing with God's Compassion.


A conductor is a peculiar and unusual man. On the one hand, he has no nervousness of his own, for he has perfect faith in his orchestra. On the other hand, he may be at the mercy of an unappreciative audience, ready at any time to bury him under the soil of roaring laughter.


No false hyperbole, I am a voracious eater. But of all the cooks that serve me I like God the Cook most. Such being the case, I must give my earthly cooks at least some vacation with pay. Needless to say, my payment is gratitude, constant gratitude and endless gratitude.
Now what does God the Cook cook for me? He cooks for me Transformation Soup, Perfection Curry, Immortality Rice.


The critic in each man knows that there is nothing as easy as to criticise God right and left, in season and out of season.


True, I don't have any courage but my teeth have abundant courage. My dentist is the witness.


When the body is the dictator, man becomes a corpse.
When the vital is the dictator, man becomes suppression.
When the mind is the dictator, man becomes insecurity.
When the heart is the dictator, man becomes possibility.
When the soul is the dictator, man becomes certainty.
When God is the Dictator, man becomes Reality.


A diplomat is he who gives with his eyes firmly shut and receives with his arms wide open.


"I am impelled for the first time to breathe a fervent prayer: Save me from my disciples."

— Oscar Wilde

I pray to God to save my disciples from my heartless autocracy.


To be a good disciplinarian what one needs is a disobedient son and a wise father.


God the Discoverer has discovered man's utter frustration.

Man the discoverer has discovered God's unconditional Compassion.


At our New York Centre there are many dishwashers — boys and girls who wash the dishes most thoroughly and devotedly. They are really successful in washing the dishes.

In the near future, I am pretty sure that they will start washing their vital life, too, most thoroughly. Then, how will I dare to say that the transformation of their nature can remain a far cry?


There is a slight difference between a communist distributor and God the Distributor.

A communist distributor distributes equally the possessions of others, but his own possessions he keeps in perfect safety.

But God the Distributor distributes constantly and unreservedly what He has and what He is.


I love a doctor because he, at least, is fighting for the same cause as I am: Immortality's breath in humanity's heart.


Courage the driver drives us forward.

Fear the driver drives us backward.

Hesitation the driver can never drive us to our destination.

Doubt the driver not only breaks the car, but kills all the passengers when the journey is only three minutes old.

Despair the driver does not know how to drive the car.

Haste the driver does not even know how to start the car.


Alas, among many other things, one thing I truly need is to have real faith in the miracle-druggist and the wonder-drugs!


A drummer's drum has two heads: round and proud.

But God's Drum has four pure and sure heads: aspiration, realisation, manifestation and perfection.

Ear specialist

O ear specialist, can you, will you do me a great favour? Only an hour a day I wish to keep my ears open.


God's infinite Love, boundless Compassion and eternal Concern allow Him to be anything else, but not an Economist.


I still don't know whether it is a curse or a blessing to be an editor, especially when it is a matter of being one of the editors of Chinmoy Family.


I have an educator friend. He is a great equaliser. He tells me that day is the time for me to study knowledge and wisdom, and night is the time for me to study darkness and ignorance.


Who is not an employee? Even God is employed by two Bosses: Love and Compassion. To our wide surprise, unlike us, He serves His two Masters at the same time; and that is why God is God and we are feeble ants.


An escapist may escape from humanity's judgement, but never from reality's court, where the judge is conscience the truth-lover.


God means Evolutionist.
God means Perfectionist.
That's all.


When God the Examiner examines, man the student offers to God all his ignorance.
When man the examiner examines, God the Student offers to man all His Concern.

Eye specialist

Man the eye specialist offers us proper vision.
God the Eye Specialist offers us equal vision.
Such being the case, I don't understand why people say that man is infinitely inferior to God.


The mind-farmer is evasive.

The heart-farmer is extensive.

The soul-farmer is intensive.

And our God-Farmer is pervasive.


A fisherman's necessity compels him to wait for a fish. His curiosity compels him to take the weight of the fish.

With our patience let us wait for God. We shall be rewarded.

With our gratitude let us try to weigh God's Love. We shall be awarded.


God's cosmic Drama does not exclude anybody. It badly needs a flatterer, too.


The other name of forgiver is God-lover.


Desire is a fortune-hunter.

Hope is a fortune-teller.

Faith is a fortune-bringer.

Insecurity is a fortune-seller.

Doubt is a fortune-killer.


The soul is the freedom-fighter.

The heart is the freedom-enjoyer.

The mind is the freedom-polluter.

The vital is the freedom-destroyer.

The body is the freedom-crier.


A gambler lives on tempting hopes.

A seeker lives on fulfilling hopes.

A spiritual Master lives on immortalised hopes.


A garden is a thing of beauty. And a gardener is a man of responsibility's duty.


The army salutes its general.

The general salutes his life-protecting or life-destroying ambition.

The human general conquers and rules man's surrender.

The divine General conquers and illumines man's ignorance.


A gentleman is humanity's proud achievement and God's treasured possession.


My geographer friend in me has all length and breadth.

My historian friend in me has all past, present and future.

My seeker friend in me has all height and depth.

What more do I need? Nothing.


I have a geologist friend. He does not care to know how old his children are, how old his wife is. He is not even interested in knowing how old he himself is. But he is all interested in knowing how old poor Mother Earth is.


A ghost is the master of insecurity's surrender and the slave of purity's power.


It is better to be a gossip-monger than to be nothing, for a day will dawn when the gossipmonger will be dogged by his own repentance. Repentance is undoubtedly one of the roads that lead to the inner life, the life of sincerity, aspiration and perfection.


True, a grammarian is competent to correct the bad grammar of the President.

But the President has the power to proscribe the grammarian's grammar book forever. So, O grammarian, be careful!


The human guide guides our sincerity.

The divine guide hides our insecurity, impurity, insincerity, brutality and futility.


A helper's helping hands mean a seeker's awakened soul.

Hen-pecked husband

Please don't laugh at a hen-pecked husband. Don't you know that God's consolation is always weeping for him, for his untold miseries?


A hermit lives in his cottage and thinks of God. And God lives in His Palace and thinks of the hermit.

The hermit confines himself to see God. God extends and expands Himself to see the hermit.

Who is the wiser of the two?

My aspiration of the hoary past tells me that the hermit is the wiser. My present aspiration and realisation tell me that God is infinitely wiser.


He is the only hero who cries for his inner perfection and God's manifestation.


O medical science, O Homeopathy, O life-serving science, O life-saving science, I do not know you. But I do know well my most esteemed Homeopath friend, Bhumanandaji. His eagerness to serve God in mankind through you, Homeopathy, has always been a source of divine inspiration to me. Since your fond son, Bhumananda, is really good and kind to mankind, you must be most kind and most fulfilling. So, in you I see Reality's Smile and Divinity's Pride.


True concern is the only host that does not demand but rightly deserves appreciation, admiration and adoration.


As the body of the house needs a housekeeper, even so the soul of the house needs a purifier.


A humorist does not torture us. What he does is capture the breath of our running appreciation-train.


An idealist meditates on the Transcendental Truth.

A realist meditates on the Universal Truth.


God's unconditional Compassion for the idler will not forgive our foul criticism of the idler's idle life.


Only him shall I consider as an informant who can tell me that each human being has true love for God.


Intellectual people have always been latecomers in arriving at God's Palace.


Man the interviewer interviews God. Soon he notices that God does not have enough impatience. Such being the case, he does not and cannot employ God to work for him. Poor God has to look for a job elsewhere.


God is wonderstruck when He sees the capacity of man the inventor, who has invented an endless mass of ignorance so quickly, plus so bravely.


The inner cry is the investigator.

The inner will is the path-finder.

The inner joy is the goal-achiever.

The inner love is the goal-possessor.


A jaywalker has two rooms to sleep in. One room is called God's Protection. The other room is called man's compassion.


O jeweller, do you want God to be one of your customers? Then show Him the love-diamond of your heart, and the perfection-diamond of your life. God will buy them from you immediately, with His deepest Gratitude and highest Pride.


Had I not been a joker of the first water, then by this time I would have been compelled to go and live in a mental hospital for the rest of my life. Luckily, every day God empties my mind, which is filled with my disciples' tension-worlds. Every day I joke with my incapacity, and God jokes with my poor fate.


When man judges God, God shows to man what He is: Compassion.
When God judges man, man shows to God what he is: helplessness.


An occultist juggler and a real spiritual Master are total strangers to each other.


A man-killer rightly deserves to have another name. Let us offer his name to him right away: Beast Number One.


In the morning, man is known as indulgence-king.
In the evening, man is known as repentance-slave.


I really and truly love a kite-flyer because he is sincerely trying, at least in his own way, to reach God's highest Height.


The valour in the knight protects the king.

The Pride in God treasures the knight.


The lover of the Creator is the only knower of the creation.


A human landlord demands rent from tenants.

A divine landlord expects only satisfaction from his tenants.


We say that a lawyer is a very bad man because he is constantly in the habit of telling lies. But do we ever dare to ask ourselves one thing: for whom does a lawyer tell millions of lies?


A leader of humanity is a ladder of divinity.


The teacher in me learns only from mankind.
The learner in me learns only from God.


I am a lecturer. God understands my lectures. Therefore, I am so happy. My audience tolerates my lectures. Therefore, I am so lucky.


A liar is he who writes secret letters to God for His Forgiveness.


The librarian of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in New York is happy because she is with our expanding Mission.

We are happy because she is in, with and for our fulfilling Vision.


Who is as great as a lifeguard? Nobody. A lifeguard is ready to drown himself on our behalf. But when a lifeguard drowns, God comes running to crown him. God really does.


O linguist, I am so proud of you because you are conversant with many languages.

Do you want God also to be proud of you? If so, then try to learn only one more language, and that language is called the language of the soul. This language has a more attractive name: Heart's Aspiration.


There is hardly any difference between a good listener and an excellent learner.


O logician, you may forget your own name if you want to. But you can never afford to forget your enemy's name. In case you have forgotten your enemy's name, let me take the liberty of reminding you: World-Ignorance.


The human lover thinks too much and sinks too quickly.

The divine lover dives within and flies beyond the skies.


The human magician puzzles our curious and dubious mind.

The divine magician enlightens our loving and aspiring heart.


O mailman, if the world claims to have even an iota of gratitude, then it is you alone who deserve it.


The body may think it is necessary to thank the manager of the supermarket.

The soul feels it is its obligation to offer its unending gratitude to the Manager of the Universal Market.


God's Crown is for the Truth-living martyr.

Death's frown is for the falsehood-loving martyr.


The vital smile of the materialist sees what money can buy.

The psychic cry of the materialist knows what money cannot buy.


If a mathematician can count correctly his life's daily activities, then his soul will definitely be indulgent to all his life's cherished inactivities.


When we love Truth the Messenger, we dive very deep and fly very high.

When we love falsehood the messenger, we owe our life a great deal.


To me, he is a millionaire whose mind is empty of doubt, and he is a multi-millionaire whose heart is all faith.


The desiring man wants to be a mind-reader.

The aspiring man wishes to be a heart-lover.


A man of morality wants to live a happy life.

A man of spirituality wants to live the life of experience-light.


Who says that the movie-stars have no soul? They do have a soul. Unfortunately, they have far to travel to reach the ultimate Goal.


If you say that a musician is not God, I may agree with you. But if you say music is not God, then I totally disagree with you.


Silence spoken here — in the heart of a mystic's realisation.


My father was a nationalist. I have gone a step ahead. I am an internationalist. I wish my spiritual children to surpass me. I want them to be God-ists.


A neurotic is he who is relentlessly attached to his unfulfilled desires and unmanifested experiences.

New Yorker

Some of my New Yorker friends do not actually know when the night begins. That is why they do not feel the necessity to go home and sleep at the proper hour. But they do know when the day starts and they do go to work on time every day. They are simply great!


The other day a novelist friend of mine said to me that he will not be able to write any more novels, for the standard of human character has gone unbearably low.

Such being the case, I asked him to write about the character of the cosmic gods.

He immediately said, "First of all, their character is in no way better than the human character. They also had lots of affairs. Secondly, if I write on them, then I have to depend more on imagination than on actual fact. Sorry, I shall not write on the cosmic gods either."

I told him that if he was not going to write on human beings or cosmic gods, then I would write on his character.

On hearing this, he gave me a blow right on my nose and said, "Stop, for God's sake, stop. Tomorrow I shall start writing on human fools and divine rogues."

O human fools, O divine rogues, please, please forgive my wise novelist friend.


There is only one patient: man's mind.

There is only one nurse: God's Heart.

There is only one doctor: God's Eye.


A God-realised occultist is God's representative on earth.

A wonder-offering and fear-injecting occultist is God's colossal failure.


Opportunity and opportunist are two blood-brothers. They come and stand in front of the door of their superior. The former knocks at the door; the latter secretly, cleverly and successfully unlocks the door, only to find the things he already has: fear, anxiety, depression and frustration. What is worse is that here the quantity is beyond measure.


The heart is an optimist.

The mind is a pessimist.

The soul is a realist.

God is a Perfectionist.


A the age of twelve I became an orphan. Now at the age of forty I have become a spiritual Father of four hundred sweet spiritual orphans. What a divine compensation! What an incredible bargain!


A painter is his heart's realisation, his mind's revelation and his hands' manifestation.


When your partner is Doubt, both you and your partner, Doubt, are bound to be congratulated by your earnest admirer: the insect.

When your partner is Faith, both you and your partner, Faith, are bound to be congratulated, admired and adored by your two most sincere admirers: the elephant and the lion.


My mind the patriot loves India, the country.

My heart the patriot loves India, the Mother.

My soul the patriot loves India, the God-Lover.


A perfectionist is the only friend of God's Eternity.


A sincere philanthropist unmistakably feels God's Love and God's Joy in his heart.

An insincere philanthropist knows the tremendous capacity of income tax.


My great philosopher brother, Hriday Ranjan Ghose, has studied Indian philosophy thoroughly on my behalf. That is why fear does not torture my heart at all when I speak on Indian philosophy at the American universities.


The impossible photographer in me has not spent more than $300 on photography. But my loving and promising photographer-disciples have brought me thousands of dollars by selling the pictures taken of me. O photographer-disciples of mine, the Photographer-God in me most devotedly and most proudly bows to the Photographer in you.


A spiritual pilgrim is he whose mind has lived in the struggling past and whose heart wants to live in the illumining future.


The inner Pilot is happy with His Service-Light.

The outer pilot is proud of his confidence-might.


Each desiring thought-power is a pioneer-night in the outer world.

Each aspiring willpower is a pioneer-light in the inner world.


As a poet I am not yet successful. But as a lover of poetry I have always been successful, and I shall always remain successful.

My life is the hyphen between searching poetry and revealing spirituality.


I have a devoted and sincere policeman disciple at my Jamaica, West Indies, Centre. When he came and sat in front of me during our first interview, I said to him, "So, Joseph, when I steal something, you will be the first person to arrest me."

He immediately said, "Yes, sir. But I have come here to beg of you to steal my heart first. To you I offer my entire life. I wish to be yours, devotedly yours."


In the inner world the president is unconditional surrender to God's Will.

In the outer world the president is ceaseless frustration.

Prime Minister

In the inner world the prime minister is indomitable courage.

In the outer world the prime minister is goalless depression.


My Muslim professor friend, Abul, once said to me in an Indian restaurant, "I highly appreciate your pen, but I truly admire your abstinence. You don't drink tea at all, whereas I take tea, the slow poison, eight times a day."

I told him not to worry. I said to him, "True, tea is slow poison, but its antidote, quick aspiration, you have in abundant measure. It will save you."

My lofty prophesy has come true. My professor friend and tea are no longer friends.


I had an eminent psychiatrist disciple at my Connecticut Centre. He got very high spiritual experiences from me. He was all gratitude to me. Alas, all of a sudden he left the Centre. Why? Because in two long months he could not equal me in spirituality. And also, he could not accept the fact that my disciples devotedly and gladly touched my feet, whereas his patients did not even admire him as a person. They just appreciated his mental wisdom. He thought that, since both he and I were teachers in our respective fields, how could it be possible for him to be satisfied with lesser acknowledgement?

These reasons are not from my fertile imagination. I just summarised two of his letters written to me. I fully agree with him. I pray to all his present patients, ex-patients and future patients to go and touch his feet. If they do so, then I will have my psychiatrist friend back.

In the Western world, especially in America, to have a psychiatrist friend is a great mental relief. A psychiatrist is a head-repairer.

I am a heart-repairer.

God is the only soul-repairer. God is the only life-builder. God is the only love-fulfiller.


My publishers show me their kindness by publishing my books.

God shows them His Kindness by accepting their service.


The Queen of God's Eye is beauty's height.

The Queen of God's Heart is duty's delight.


God, the questioner in me asks You a very simple question: Please tell me if there is any human being who can regard another human being as always good and great.

"My son, for that I don't have to go very far. Ask your elder brother, Chitta, about you."


A realist uses his mind to see the consciousness of earth.

An optimist uses his heart to feel the delight of Heaven.

A pessimist expects the worst. He gets the worst. He also deserves the worst.


A reformer improves the life of man's world and proves the breath of God's compassionate Concern.


A good reporter sees Heaven on earth.

A bad reporter creates hell on earth.


In a restaurant-owner God does exist. His God is man's hunger.


The journey of a revolutionary without a perfectionist is bound to end in failure.


A sailor's life is everywhere, but his goal nowhere.


God loves a saint intimately.

God loves a sinner unconditionally.


God starts His message thus: "Man, live to love."

The salesman concludes God's message thus: "Man, dress to be loved."

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the fulfiller of children's dreams.

Children are the fulfillers of God's Dreams.


One has to be a book-reader in order to be a scholar.

One has to be a mind-reader in order to be a pain-killer of suffering humanity.


A scientist longs for the unknown.

A Yogi meditates to grow into the Unknowable.


A sculptor transforms a rough block of stone into the living face of God the man. Who else is great, if not a sculptor?


Unlike us, God has only one secretary: humanity's aspiring soul.


A human seeker's heart and a God-enjoyer's life are inseparable.


A human singer needs name and fame.

A divine singer plays God's Game of self-dedication with God Himself.


Humanity's dedicated slave and Divinity's chosen Prince are the same person.

Snake charmer

O snake charmer, perhaps you know that there is only one snake, and that snake is the tempting and strangling beauty of ignorance.


Each aspiring thought is a soldier of divinity's ultimate Height.


The soul-seller and the ignorance-buyer constantly love each other because of their mutual need.


Unfortunately, God has denied me the joy of having a speech-writer.


My father was an excellent story-teller. Alas, his youngest son is not successful even in imitating him.


The mind-student has always to learn.

The heart-student has to unlearn the cruelties and the injustices of unaspiring human beings.


During my long athletic career my sufferer-brother, Mantu, suffered much from deep worries and high enthusiasms. And God's kind Heart granted my brother the satisfaction-smile.


Devoted love is the swimmer in me.

Surrendered service is the diver in me.


I am more than willing to appreciate the talker in me.


You don't have to study any dictionary to learn foul words. A taxi-driver will give you free lessons as often as you want.

Telephone operator

O Lord, please forgive the telephone operators. They badly need Your Forgiveness.


In the outer world, when a thief steals something he is arrested.

In the inner world, when a seeker-thief steals God's wealth — Peace, Light and Bliss — he is immediately rewarded.


Earth's heart and Heaven's Light a seeker-thinker is.


The torturer in me tortures my eldest sister, Arpita, by not writing to her as often as I ought to. But her heart forgives me.


All good translators are appreciated by mankind and admired by God Himself, for by translating the original they spread light to different parts of the world.


Human temptation is the trouble-maker.

Divine Compassion is the trouble-shooter.


My sister Lily's concentrated concern has always been my tutor.


The typist in me and the Perfectionist in God avoid seeing each other.


O God, please give two hearts to the umpire, so that with his one heart he can feel the pain of the loser and with his other heart he can feel the joy of the winner.


An undertaker is the only one who helps earth and serves Heaven simultaneously, cheerfully and successfully.


A vegetarian is he who eats vegetables and shoots his vital troubles.


When God the Visitor visits us, we are fast asleep.

When man the visitor visits us, we are over-awake.


Each human being has to be a voter and he is given the opportunity to vote twice. The first time, he unconsciously votes for ignorance, and the second time, he consciously votes for God.


I was a slow walker, a fast runner and a non-talker. But now I am an incessant talker, a slow runner and a fast walker.


The doubt-killer and the soul-winner are the same person.


I know that God never created and will never create a woman-hater, for who else is God, if not a woman's heart?


Who says that the world is unkind? Had the world been unkind, the writer in me would not have received such generous appreciation from the world.


O Philosopher-Emperor's wife, you knew anger, and we know amusement.

X-ray operator

An x-ray operator reads the plate.

A Yogi's heart becomes the life of the plate.


Lord, my only prayer to You is to make me a yes-man so that I can unburden some of the sad misunderstandings of the world that are on Your Shoulder.


A Yogi is the illumining Silence of God's eternal Life-Breath.


God Himself pilots the life-boat of a zealot.


A zoologist knows his past story.

A scientist knows his future story.

A seeker knows his present story.

A Yogi knows God's future story, past story and present story.

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