My Gratitude-flowers for the United Nations

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The Beauty of Transcendental Truth

I may not know the beauty
Of transcendental Truth,
But I do know the duty
Of universal Truth.

God's Compassion-Eye Came to Me

God’s Compassion-Eye came to me first,
And then my heart’s love went to see Him.

Even in the Night of Sufferings

Even in the night of sufferings
My heart has its

The Hour Is Fast Approaching

The hour is fast approaching
When I shall become
A true child of God’s Perfection-Delight.

My Sleepless Hunger

My sleepless hunger
For God’s Compassion-Eye
Saves my life.

My Heart's Blossoming Faith Is Always Deaf

My heart's blossoming faith
Is always deaf to doubt.

My Hope-Streams

I shall never allow my hope-streams
To run dry.

My Blue-Gold Inspiration-Bird

I am seeing
My blue-gold inspiration-bird
Flying in my mind-sky.

My Lord Supreme, Make Me Cry

My Lord Supreme, make me cry.
Make me cry to end my mind’s
Endless road of unwillingness.

At Last My Doubting Mind

At last my doubting mind
Has wisely taken the road
To transformation-destination.

Obedience Is My Purity's Sweetness-Heart

Obedience is
My purity's sweetness-heart.


Willingness is
My beauty’s fulness-life.

Because of God's Compassion-Eye

Because of God’s
I am of God only.

Because of God's Forgiveness-Heart

Because of God’s
I am for God only.


Ignorance-night needed oneness-light.
Doubt-thief needed faith-saint.

My Surrender-Heart

My surrender-heart
And God’s Wonder-Eye
Each other love
And together dine.

Everywhere My Mind Sees

Everywhere my mind sees only one thing:
A boundless impossibility-sea.

I Shall Never Allow My Mind to Resume

I shall never allow
My mind to resume
Its fear-doubt-studies.

God the Carpenter

God the Carpenter Himself
Has perfectly fixed
My own broken heart-door.

I Am Not Enslaved Any More

I am not enslaved any more
By my own desire-life.

What Am I Doing?

What am I doing?
I am accelerating
My self-transcendence
And world-acceptance-pace.

I Have a Valid Passport

What do I have?
I have a valid passport
To humanity’s heart.

My Vastness-Richness-Core

Where do I live?
I live in my vastness-richness-core.

My Frustration Is a Ferocious Tiger

I know, I know,
My frustration is a ferocious tiger.

Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute

Every day, every hour, every minute,
I love my mountain-high hopes.

I Must Never Blame God

I must never blame God
For my failure inevitable.

My Mind Visits Inspiration-Village

My mind visits inspiration-village every day.
My heart visits aspiration-home every day.

Eagerness Is the Best Beginning

Eagerness is the best beginning
Of complete fulness.

Truth Is in All (1)

Truth is in all,
But love is all.

There Is No Perfect Excuse

There is no perfect excuse
Why I have not become
A perfect citizen of the world.

At Last

At last I have cleared
My antique mind’s

My Heart's Rainbow-Dream

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Your Compassion-Eye
Is my heart’s rainbow-dream.

No Man Is a Complete Failure

No man is a complete failure.
God wants me to accept His Opinion.

Prayerful, Soulful and Cheerful Moments

I keep, I keep my mind on
Prayerful, soulful and cheerful moments.

Where Has My Heart's Aspiration-Cry Gone?

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Where has my heart’s aspiration-cry gone?

Love and Faith

Love and faith,
And not fear and doubt,
Must manage my life.

I Am Alive, I Shall Remain Alive

I am alive,
I shall remain alive,
Because God’s Justice-Light
Has surrendered
To God’s Compassion-Height.


Compassion-Boatman, I need You.
Ignorance-sea is taking my breath away.


No, no, no, no!
My heart was not born
Of insecurity-tragedy.
My heart was born
Of confidence-light.

Truth Is in All (2)

Truth is in all,
But love is all.