God's Hour

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January 1

Whence comes man, whither goes he?

He comes forth from God's Aspiration and journeys into God's Perfection.

January 2

Love is the essence of God's Divinity.

Gratitude is the essence of man's divinity.

January 3

In the ordinary life if you want to help the world, the first step is to mind your own business.

In the spiritual life if you want to help the world, the first step is to ask God for your heart's illumination.

January 4

God can hide even from His cosmic Self, but He cannot hide from us, for we are dearer to Him than His own Self.

January 5

The willing shall feel God's Love-Power.

The unwilling shall see God's Thunder-Power.

January 6

For a disciple, initiation is the first experience of freedom, and for a spiritual Master, initiation is a conscious acceptance and experience of bondage.

January 7

Initiation is the immediate expansion of the disciple's consciousness and the conscious manifestation of the Master's compassion-height.

January 8

Possibility's entrance into the Room of Reality is a gift of inspiration.

January 9

A truly advanced seeker's unerring pilot is intuition.

January 10

Intuition selflessly feeds the inner life and recognises, inspires, and fulfils the outer life.

January 11

Intuition is the choice of the ascending human race and voice of the descending divine Grace.

January 12

My duty is to love God.

God's necessity is to love me.

It is God's Grace that makes my duty successful.

It is God's Concern that makes His necessity fruitful.

January 13

When you yourself sincerely try to undo the past, God will destroy it for you, and not before.

January 14

The God-seeker wants initiation and liberation.

The God-lover wants the ecstasy of inseparable oneness with God, his Beloved.

January 15

To love God unreservedly is to have full confidence in oneself.

January 16

Where is the universe?

It is within God's Life.

Where is God's Life?

It is within His all-illumining Love.

January 17

Time is motion.

Life is action.

Love is perfection.

January 18

Love is God's Life-Breath in us.

January 19

When you don't aspire, doubt becomes the dispenser of your fate.

When you aspire, your love of God becomes your absolute lawgiver.

January 20

A real Yogi is he whose life is one long Manifestation of his Aspiration.

January 21

Morality is the expression of good thought.

Spirituality is the embodiment, revelation and manifestation of God's Will.

January 22

The song of human life is uncertainty and weak possibility.

The song of divine life is continuous inner guidance and constant outer assurance.

January 23

The mysticism of Grace tells me where God is.

The mysticism of Love tells me who God is.

January 24

To live near nature is to feel the heart of Truth's Simplicity.

To live with nature is to discover the soul of Beauty's Delight.

January 25

An occultist is a spiritual scientist. He has the life of conscious regularity and the soul of confident punctuality.

January 26

He who bears pain is the thinking messenger of God.

He who shares joy is the loving messenger of God.

January 27

It is your heart's aspiration that makes you a perfect man.

It is your soul's illumination that makes you a perfect God.

January 28

My qualification is desirelessness.

God's qualification is Love.

January 29

Yesterday your qualification was will.

Today your qualification is wisdom.

Tomorrow your qualification will be love.

January 30

Reincarnation is the life-body of evolution. Evolution is the soul-goal of reincarnation.

January 31

If you desire, life is matter-enveloped. If you aspire, life is spirit-ensouled.


February 1

Peace is fulfilled Delight.

Where peace is, the light of Delight has replaced the right of ignorance-night.

February 2

God's plan is steady evolution.

Man's plan is quick revolution and immediate destruction.

February 3

A self-controlled man smiles and smiles at the inrushing of wild temptations.

February 4

Hatha yoga is physical purification.

Raja yoga is mental preparation.

Hatha yoga tries to control the body.

Raja yoga seeks to awaken the soul.

The weak need Hatha yoga to become strong.

The strong need Raja yoga to become victorious.

February 5

To begin is to complete man's easy task.

To complete is to begin God's endless task.

February 6

God has no time to hate the person who finds no time to meditate.

But God has all the time to love and treasure the person who soulfully meditates every day.

February 7

If you think of God, your life will have real meaning.

If you meditate on God, God's Confidence-Tree will grow inside your heart.

February 8

Last night I practised Yoga.

Tonight I shall experience my soul.

Tomorrow night my unconditional surrender to God's supreme Will shall be my only Goal.

February 9

Yesterday your fear was the master of your fate.

Today your doubt is the master of your fate.

Tomorrow God's illumining Light will be the master of your fate.

February 10

There is nothing to choose between human expectation and stark frustration.

There is nothing to choose between cultivation of divine Love and God's constant Fulfilment.

February 11

My searching eyes see the ultimate Truth.

My soaring eyes drink the nectar that descends from the Heart of the Absolute.

My glowing eyes play with God, the Transcendental Power.

My weeping eyes are God's eternal Treasure.

February 12

The confidence of the heart proposes.

The doubt of the mind opposes.

February 13

Chance and choice: chance is encouragement; choice is accomplishment.

February 14

God the Lover smiles and smiles with joy and God the Beloved cries and cries with joy when they are united for the first time.

February 15

Yesterday I saw the Feet of God and I was delighted.

Today I feel the Heart of God and I am enlightened.

Tomorrow I shall touch the Eye of God and I shall be totally fulfilled.

February 16

Divine surrender and fulfilled Delight are life-long friends.

February 17

If you do not know the capacity of your mind, you have not missed much.

If you do not know the capacity of your heart, you have missed much.

If you do not know the capacity of your soul, you have missed all.

February 18

The representatives of the World-Mother are unconditional Love, unreserved Concern and constant Compassion.

February 19

The Voice of Silence need not and will not give us the same thing always.

As we evolve, it gives us better, higher and more fulfilling light.

February 20

To discriminate between the real and the unreal, between the eternal and the evanescent, you need a mother's natural sincerity and a father's usual sagacity.

February 21

He who holds the universe within Himself finds my tiny heart quite comfortable to live in.

February 22

The birth of consciousness is unity.

The life of consciousness is multiplicity.

Unity's gift is perfection.

Multiplicity's gift is fulfilment.

February 23

Aspiration is a love-living God.

Desire is a love-dying man.

February 24

Faithfulness waters the seed of Peace.

Devotedness waters the seed of Delight.

February 25

Depression is an ill will self-imposed.

Frustration is a serious problem self-exposed.

February 26

Perfect trust means love's complete oneness with Reality's Delight.

February 27

A desiring man increases the insufficiencies of man's world.

An aspiring man increases the sufficiencies of God's world.

February 28

A desiring man is his own future failure.

An aspiring man is God's constant Victory.

February 29

Earth is not submission.

Heaven is not sovereignty.

Earth is test.

Heaven is rest.


March 1

The mind of reason fails.

The heart of faith sails.

The mind of reason is man's mortality.

The heart of faith is God's Immortality.

March 2

God has possessed us with His Love's Delight.

Let us possess Him with our surrender's Light.

March 3

Human doubt travels very fast, yet the divine Grace always overtakes it.

March 4

With its power of acumen, our mind can measure the bounds of the world in a few minutes.

With its power of love, our heart can measure the bounds of the world in a fleeting second.

With its power of illumining Vision, our soul has already measured the bounds of the world.

March 5

God is close to us because He is the Supreme Lover.

We are far from Him because we are eternal doubters.

March 6

In your life of total dedication, when you do not think of your own existence, God meditates on you and for you at every moment.

March 7

When I have realised that my journey is long and painful, God says, "My son, your journey's life is faithful and your journey's goal will be fruitful."

March 8

Human life has many friends.

Divine life has only three friends: love, faithfulness and devotedness.

March 9

A drop of evening dew: this is what your life is.

Start thinking of God.

When nothing else has any meaning for you, O drop of dew, you will be transformed and enlarged into the Ocean of Nectar.

March 10

The soul's fragrance is the soul's essence.

The life's colour is the life's substance.

March 11

Human life is the exploitation of ignorance.

Divine life is the exploration and transformation of ignorance.

March 12

Troubles torture you precisely because you do not wash them away in God's confidence in you.

March 13

An atom of love can easily give birth to a man of action.

March 14

Through experiments, the outer life advances.

Through experiences, the inner life discovers.

March 15

Aspiration you cannot buy.

Renunciation you cannot sell.

In the preface to your aspiration is the message of your renunciation.

March 16

First call Him your Lord.

Then only can you have union with God.

March 17

In real love the faults of the lovers not only diminish but also die, die for good.

March 18

To obey God's Will is to escape from one's self-created prison.

March 19

We shall never find any replacement for God's Compassion.

We shall never find anything to equal our conscious surrender to God's loving Care.

March 20

Self-pity is a real stranger to self-perfection.

March 21

Fear and doubt intervene.

Faith and love convene.

March 22

A warrior in the outer world shines in his armour.

A warrior in the inner world shines in his meditation.

March 23

Human love knows no caution.

Divine love knows no afterthought.

March 24

Desire does not want to discover the Truth.

It only wants to possess the Truth.

Aspiration wishes to discover the Truth.

It also cries to be possessed and guided by the Truth, by the Truth alone.

March 25

Aspiration's existence quickly appears as desire's existence slowly expires.

March 26

O Time, you go your own way. My God shall remain my eternal Now.

March 27

When you make friends with doubts you are bound to lag behind, and when you lag behind you are bound to shed bitter tears.

March 28

Yesterday I discovered kindness in myself. Today I see how beautiful and soulful I am.

Yesterday I discovered kindness in humanity. Today I see how meaningful and fruitful humanity is.

March 29

Stop pushing! Your ignorance-night is too heavy.

Stop pulling! God's Knowledge-Light is too vast.

Pushing is frustration.

Pulling is temptation.

Prepare yourself slowly, steadily and unerringly.

Yours will be the Goal of goals.

March 30

Truth wants to share with others what it has.

Love wants to share with others what it is.

March 31

Truth's commentary is God.

God's commentary is Love.


April 1

He is the right hand of God who has discovered the strength of faith and understood the meaning of love.

April 2

Sincerity is our life's protector.

Purity is our life's perfecter.

April 3

The beginning of life's wisdom: man needs God.

The end of life's wisdom: man and God need each other.

April 4

Mind your own business.

God is not interested in asking you about others' activities.

Your examination has begun.

Answer Him all about yourself.

April 5

If man's life is a disastrous deception, then God's Breath is an everlasting Compassion.

April 6

The outer obedience is rewarded by man's money-power.

The inner obedience is rewarded by God's Love-Power.

April 7

The mind uncovers teeming questions.

The heart discovers fulfilling answers.

April 8

God smiles at the seeker who loves the world with tolerance and patience.

God embraces the seeker who loves the world with his inner vision.

God lives triumphantly with the seeker who loves the world with gratitude.

April 9

Take another look!

Within you is the perfection-tree with its fulfilment-fruits.

April 10

To be like God is to be independent of human love.

To become God is to become the conscious possessor of one's true Self.

April 11

To surrender to human temptations is to starve God's illumining Protection and fulfilling Perfection in us.

April 12

Who owns the world?

Man's temptation owns today's unlit world.

God's Liberation will own tomorrow's sunlit world.

April 13

Love comes from Heaven to be loved by earth, unasked and unsought.

Alas, it returns to Heaven unfulfilled and unmanifested.

April 14

Pure Love and untold misery do not and cannot live together.

Pure Love is the body's constant oneness with the soul's flood of Delight.

April 15

The heart's love claims God, but does not blame God.

The mind's love doubts God in the morning, fears God in the afternoon, hates God in the evening and cries for God's Love at midnight.

April 16

Love is a divine gift from God and not a sacrifice of man.

April 17

Reason directs the mind.

Love feeds the heart.

April 18

Opportunity means to love God, and necessity means to be loved by God.

April 19

He who loves never grows old.

God is a shining example.

April 20

When we are sincere we love to live.

When we are pure we live to love.

April 21

If you taste God's Love, He will not only taste but devour your life's ignorance-sea.

April 22

Empty days are a conscious declaration of one's dependence on ignorance.

April 23

Real freedom does not depend on the world around us.

Real freedom depends on our acceptance of God's Will as our very own.

April 24

He who enquires about the Way that leads to the Supreme will never be lost.

April 25

If the spiritual life attracts you only philosophically, then you cannot help being a self-doubter.

But if you accept the spiritual life with utmost love, devotion and surrender, then you are bound to become a self-fulfiller.

April 26

Experience is God's sacred revelation and the aspirant's secret possession.

April 27

The mind thinks too much and sinks too quickly.

The heart feels God's Presence within and reveals God's Presence without.

April 28

An idle thought indicates that the mind is on strike.

Don't delay! Put the mind down quickly and forcibly.

April 29

If you have an inner longing for God, then the Master will do the outer searching for you.

April 30

You say that your meditation tastes dry.

Do you know why? Because you do not allow your heart to cry the way it always wants to cry for God.


May 1

You are clever. That is why you want to realise God by hook or by crook.

God is wise. That is why He wants His dues settled first.

May 2

Self-confidence means God's inner Guidance.

May 3

God's Compassion is man's initiation.

God's Love is man's realisation.

May 4

Self-effort is necessary.

God's Grace is indispensable.

May 5

Carry on. Do not give up.

Look deep within. God is already there.

Look far beyond. You are in your Goal.

May 6

A third-class atheist does not believe in humanity's love.

A second-class atheist does not believe in Divinity's Love.

A first-class atheist does not believe in Love itself.

May 7

Real renunciation is in the mind and of the mind.

Real liberation is in the soul and for the mind.

May 8

Don't try to realise God easily and quickly. You will suffer bitterly.

Realise God slowly and steadily. God will come to you smilingly and unconditionally.

May 9

God's Heart is the Power of gold compassion.

Man's mind is the power of bold suspicion.

May 10

O mind's sincerity, you are bound to see God's Light in the fulness of time.

O heart's purity, you are bound to realise God's Love at His choice Hour.

May 11

You must either go forward or fall back.

Fall back! Lo, you are yours.

Go forward! Lo, you are God's and God is yours.

May 12

Your life is meditation on God.

That means that God's Soul is Dedication to you.

May 13

Human life is a clever compromise and reluctant sacrifice.

Divine life is a prosperous enterprise and glorious sunrise.

May 14

Man's outer world is compromise and his inner world is frustration.

God's outer world is Beauty and His inner world is Duty.

May 15

God is proud of you, not because you have done everything for Him, but because in the inner world you are all obedience and in the outer world you are all confidence.

May 16

Confidence in the mind is a slow-growing plant.

Confidence in the heart is a huge banyan tree.

May 17

Conscience is the inner voice that offers to us this most important message: Love is building the Palace of Truth.

May 18

Conscience first tells us how to do the right thing.

Then it tells us why we should do the right thing.

Finally it does the right thing all by itself on our behalf.

May 19

True, human doubts are dangerous.

Yet we don't have to worry because our divine Faith is most courageous.

May 20

Life is the possession of God in man.

Death is the possession of man in God.

May 21

The desiring mind thinks that death is an unnatural disaster.

The aspiring heart feels that death is a natural adventure.

May 22

We fear death, the unknown.

Death fears us, the unknowable.

We fear death's necessity.

Death fears our Divinity.

May 23

A man-lover deceives the world.

A God-lover receives the world, perceives God the Light and achieves God the Delight.

May 24

Aspiration is the first step towards God.

Surrender is the last step towards God.

In between there are only three steps: the mind's sincerity, the heart's purity and the life's humility.

May 25

If we believe in sincerity's length, then defeat itself is a growing strength.

May 26

Man's victory in the impure vital is God's defeat in the pure soul.

May 27

God has given us His mightiest weapon, Compassion, to fight against our imperfections.

Unfortunately, we are using His weapon against Him all the time.

May 28

To love God soulfully and constantly is to cancel our predetermined appointments with ignorance and death.

May 29

My love of this life is the life of my next incarnation.

May 30

Determination ends self-destruction and begins Self-Illumination.

May 31

Soul is preparation.

Life is determination.

Time is perfection.


June 1

Desire; you will not know where to begin.

Aspire; you will not know where to stop.

June 2

Earth imports Light from Heaven.

Heaven imports Delight from earth.

June 3

Universal love is the soul's eternal dignity.

June 4

Self-love and self-hatred are two diseases that can be cured by one medicine, and that medicine is God-love.

June 5

Man says he needs discrimination and conviction in order to enter into the field of God-Realising action.

But God says that what he needs is the height of aspiration and the right of determination in order to enter into the field of God-Realising action.

June 6

God's Divinity dreams.

God's Reality acts.

June 7

Today's dream of Love-Light is tomorrow's liberation from ignorance-night.

June 8

Divine duty performed, human life transformed: God revealed and man fulfilled.

June 9

Life is the school.

Soul is the student.

God's Compassion is the Teacher.

June 10

Divine Love is our only haven.

Outside this golden Ark all is deluge.

June 11

Self-deception is the beginning of the end.

Self-perfection is the end of the beginning.

June 12

Faith in God means reverence for Love's Life.

June 13

Ignorant man is in conflict with Eternity's role.

Wise Eternity is in love with man's Goal: God-Manifestation.

June 14

Eternity is God's endless Height.

Infinity is God's endless Light.

Divinity is God's endless Delight.

Immortality is God's endless Might.

June 15

Human experience includes and excludes.

Divine experience includes and concludes.

June 16

Human experience is frustration after frustration.

Divine experience is illumination after illumination.

June 17

Expectation is at the mercy of experience.

Experience is at the mercy of aspiration.

Aspiration is at the mercy of Compassion.

June 18

God's Face is beautiful when I am soulful.

God's Life is meaningful when I am careful.

God's Promise is fruitful when I am cheerful.

June 19

Smile. You will see the Face of God.

Cry. You will feel the Heart of God.

Concentrate. God will be yours.

Meditate. You will be God's.

Contemplate. You and God will have each other's love and concern forever.

June 20

Each man is an instrument of God.

God is the Instrument of each man's faith.

June 21

The existence of doubt in the unaspiring human mind is as certain as the existence of God in each human being.

June 22

There is nothing worth knowing but the soul.

There is nothing worth becoming but God.

June 23

We can easily realise God if our mind does not confine and define Him.

June 24

If it is true that we fear God, then we must be sincere enough to confess that we fear even more those who do not fear God at all.

June 25

When the mind loves God, God says to the mind: "Take all My Gifts."

When the heart loves God, God says to the heart: "Take Me, for I am all yours."

June 26

A cruel and indifferent God is man's mental invention.

A kind and compassionate God is man's psychic discovery.

June 27

He who believes in God's Grace today will feel God's Grace tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow will see God's Face.

June 28

A moment of gratitude offered to God is equal to an hour of most intense meditation on God.

June 29

In the outer world gratitude is secretly and cleverly asserted, and in the inner world gratitude is openly and mercilessly deserted.

June 30

In the spiritual life, surrender, if you can; love, if you dare.


July 1

God's Pride looks at our pure hands.

God's Compassion looks at our helpless heart.

God's Concern looks at our crying life.

July 2

The fulfilment of human desire is a deplorable habit.

The fulfilment of divine aspiration is an adorable necessity.

July 3

Possession's life is not happiness.

Perfection's breath is happiness plus fulfilment.

July 4

Real joy is not in binding and claiming humanity, but in loving and serving humanity's Divinity.

July 5

Difficulty man feels.

Opportunity man has.

Necessity man is.

July 6

The human nature suffers, then endures and cures.

The divine nature feels, then fills and fulfils.

July 7

He who endures dares.

He who obeys dares.

He who is faithful to himself dares.

July 8

The outer courage sees the right way.

The inner courage does the right thing.

July 9

In the life of aspiration, between fear and doubt, choose neither; between faith and surrender, choose both.

July 10

God offers to every developed mind the choice between humanity's perfection and humanity's extinction.

July 11

The condensation of Divinity is God's Compassion.

The exaltation of humanity is man's acceptance of divine Light.

July 12

He who admires nature's beauty is already accepted by God, the Mother, as Her chosen instrument.

July 13

When the day dawns, God asks the spiritual Master to be kind to his spiritual children.

When the evening sets in, God asks the spiritual Master to be firm with his spiritual children.

July 14

Science wants competition. Perhaps science needs competition.

Spirituality wants illumination. Certainly, spirituality needs illumination.

July 15

What man calls compassion, God calls disastrous attachment.

What God calls Compassion, man calls unnecessary superfluity.

July 16

Do you want to rule the world for one long year?

Then study in the school of Compassion for ninety-nine fleeting years.

July 17

Compromise keeps us from breaking.

Conscience saves us from bending.

July 18

What a man does for humanity tells us what he is to God.

July 19

Your confession will remain a malignant cancer unless you make it to the right person.

July 20

Conscience feeds confidence.

Confidence feeds action.

Action feeds God.

July 21

We make millions of requests to God, but God has only one request to make to us and that is for our self-conquest.

July 22

Let us not contradict the past.

Let us not ignore the present.

Let us not delay the future.

July 23

God tries to control man's constant stupidity.

Man controls God's bare necessities: human salvation and human perfection.

July 24

God wants satisfying and fulfilling progress for man.

Man wants increasing and unceasing expansion for himself.

July 25

My divine Love tells me that there can be no small friend.

My divine Will tells me that there can be no big enemy.

July 26

The inner world belongs to the soul's illumination.

The outer world belongs to the life's determination.

July 27

Good will indicates spiritual power.

Ill will indicates malignant cancer.

July 28

A sincere man is God's mighty achievement.

An aspiring man is God's mightier achievement.

An all-loving man is God's mightiest achievement.

July 29

O God, I don't want to be admired by You.

I wish only to be Your Happiness.

July 30

We are happy when we surpass others' knowledge.

God is happy when we transcend our teeming fears and brooding doubts.

July 31

A great man desires to appear.

A God-man aspires to become.


August 1

When Peace is multiplied, Truth is multiplied.

When Truth is multiplied, Love is multiplied.

When Love is multiplied, God is multiplied.

August 2

Doubt does not know how to believe.

Fear does not know how to achieve.

Impurity does not know how to receive.

Faith does not know how to deceive.

August 3

Truth is in all, but Love is all.

August 4

We have two enemies.

Our first enemy is self-forgetfulness.

Our last enemy is self-indulgence.

August 5

It is the very beginning of the Master's wisdom when he feels that each disciple is not only his own creation, but his own realisation.

August 6

Love God. Serve man. Immortalise the Supreme necessity.

August 7

Forgiveness means the Freedom of the mind, the Bliss of the heart, the Oneness of the soul.

August 8

Life receives light.

The soul achieves fulfilment.

August 9

When God becomes a living Reality to you, you immediately become His vital Necessity.

August 10

Fallen am I from Reality's Face, but never from Divinity's Grace and Eternity's Race.

August 11

A life totally surrendered to God's Will divinely enjoys a continuous feast.

August 12

To help others is to feed my own human pride.

To serve others is to feel God's divine Pride in me.

August 13

Confidence is fulfilling joy.

Conscience is fulfilled joy.

August 14

Slower than the slowest is man's reality-boat.

Swifter than the swiftest is man's dream-boat.

Better than the best is God's Compassion-Boat.

August 15

He who has faith only in his own death is God's real failure.

August 16

God is Impartiality.

Man is receptivity's capacity.

August 17

Beauty is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Duty is the Palace of Light.

August 18

God's Light is Infinity's Life, Immortality's Soul and Eternity's Goal.

August 19

Love is Life.

Life is Light.

Light is God's Meditation and man's salvation.

August 20

God's Compassion instructs God's Justice.

Man's justice instructs man's conscience.

August 21

Live in the body: obedience is humiliation and frustration.

Live in the soul: obedience is illumination and perfection.

August 22

God, the Omnipotent, is Compassion.

God, the Omnipresent, is Love.

God, the Omniscient, is Concern.

August 23

Man's cry is the ascending soul.

God's Smile is the descending Goal.

August 24

The soul sanctions.

The body functions.

The soul portrays life.

The body betrays life.

The soul lives the life of Truth perfectly.

The body lives the life of falsehood consciously and unreservedly.

August 25

We possess God.

God treasures us.

August 26

The great fighter within us, and yet against us, is doubt.

August 27

In the morning my name is God's Necessity.

In the afternoon my name is God's Intensity.

In the evening my name is God's Fecundity.

At night my name is God's Reality.

August 28

Suffering is not punishment.

Suffering is an experience of God in man crying for the reality's perfection.

August 29

The strength of my inner confidence lives in the loving Arms of my Lord.

The life of my inner confidence lives at the Feet of my compassionate Lord.

August 30

Let us not impose our own hour on God.

Let us wait for His Hour.

It is only at His choice Hour that we can see God face to face, neither before nor after.

August 31

The significance of life is the constant presence of inner courage.


September 1

My task and God's Task are equally important.

My task is to begin the cosmic game devotedly with Him.

His Task is to continue the cosmic game lovingly and eternally for me.

September 2

A soulless journey cannot avoid giving birth to a goalless shore.

September 3

We measure our success openly.

God measures our progress secretly.

September 4

The worth of life depends on inner strength and outer happiness.

September 5

Doubt is a fatal disease, but not the final end.

Lack of aspiration marks the end of our real life.

September 6

Religion means man's faith in God. That is all.

Yoga means man's conscious oneness with God. And much more.

September 7

Human thought has no beginning. That is why it has no goal.

Divine thought has no ending. That is why it continuously fulfils.

September 8

I do not blame God, because He has done everything that He can do for me.

God does not blame me, because I have sincerely shown Him what I really am.

September 9

First use what you have. God is waiting to give you infinitely more.

Then do what you can. God is waiting to help you infinitely more.

September 10

A doubting mind breaks us. This is our life's conviction.

A loving heart makes us. This is our life's realisation.

September 11

God is wiser than we are because He wants to excel Himself at every moment, whereas we cry only to excel others.

September 12

Meditate regularly. God's Compassion and Blessing will be yours.

Meditate punctually. God's Pride and Delight will be yours.

September 13

Religion tells us what is right and what is wrong.

Spirituality teaches us how to say the right thing and also how to do the right thing.

September 14

True, a sincere seeker wants to realise God.

But he should be much more concerned to know what God wants for him.

September 15

Smile at the outer world; you will succeed.

Cry for the inner world; you have already succeeded.

September 16

My heart loves the man who loves God.

My soul loves the man whom God loves.

My realisation loves the man who loves God without expecting anything from Him.

September 17

Our highest realisation dawns when God is on our side.

Our most glorious perfection blossoms when we are on God's Side.

September 18

Human nature will change only when our heart needs God, not when our mind wants God and our vital demands God.

September 19

My body is the earth.

My heart is the mine.

My soul is the miner.

September 20

Today's individual suspicion will end in tomorrow's universal destruction.

September 21

Let us not underestimate the power of hope.

No matter how fleeting its life, it offers to us the most convincing and fulfilling power.

September 22

Live in the body: might is right.

Live in the soul: right is might.

September 23

I suffer and cry because I have nothing to do.

I smile and laugh because I can do nothing else.

September 24

Yesterday God's Power was the goal of my desire.

Today God's Love is the goal of my aspiration.

September 25

Never underestimate your soul's potentiality.

Never overestimate your body's capacity.

September 26

The desiring mind needs more people.

The aspiring heart needs more room.

September 27

The soul lowers itself to win and please the body.

Yet the body does not want to yield to the soul's illumining love and fulfilling light.

September 28

The body entangles.

The vital interferes.

The mind dominates.

The heart loves.

The soul liberates.

September 29

Seek not power, but satisfaction.

Power is the essence of potential ambition.

Satisfaction is the essence of inner liberation.

September 30

If our divine decisions are not translated into supreme actions, then life will remain earthbound bondage.


October 1

Light received.

Peace achieved.

Truth revealed.

Delight manifested.

Then, nothing remains undone.

October 2

He who is devoted to his divine duty consciously knocks at Perfection's door.

Needless to say, God, with His Celestial Smile, will open the door.

October 3

Learn to love your disturbing and disturbed mind with your soul's light.

Then you will see your mind listening to your heart's necessity.

October 4

When you become desirelessness, God becomes nearness.

October 5

Have faith in God's Compassion and your Master's protection.

These two eternal friends of yours are absolute strangers to deception.

God lovingly and your Master devotedly are carrying you across the sea of life and death to the Shores of immortality.

October 6

Man's cheerful heart and God's soulful Pride always go together.

October 7

Doubt binds us.

Faith finds us.

Grace liberates us.

October 8

Live in darkness: utter destruction claims you.

Live in light: God's own Realisation and God's own Perfection claim you.

October 9

Study God sincerely.

Serve God devotedly.

Love God unreservedly.

Then only without fail can you claim God and God's All.

October 10

Vision shows us where God is.

Action carries us to God's Palace.

Realisation tells us who God is.

October 11

When I am all devotion to knowledge-light, I am with the contemplative and for the contemplative.

When I am all devotion to service-light, I am with the active and for the active.

October 12

In man's divine Necessity is God's supreme Ability.

October 13

Love and inner courage are inseparable.

Delight and inner satisfaction are inseparable.

Aspiration and God-Realisation are inseparable.

Surrender and God-Manifestation are inseparable.

October 14

Outer fire we need to cook.

Inner fire we need to liberate.

God's Fire we need to love.

October 15

Life is not illusion.

Life is not frustration.

Life is constant awareness.

Life is total fulness.

October 16

Obedience is creation.

Love is prosperity.

Devotion is progress.

Surrender is satisfaction.

October 17

Mind is not ignorance. But inside the mind ignorance lives.

Heart is not Light. But inside the heart Light lives.

The mind identifies itself with ignorance and becomes the ignorance-sea.

The heart identifies itself with Light and becomes the Light-sky.

October 18

Ignorance is a super-imposition and super-exposition of non-existence, and a super-frustration and super-destruction of knowledge.

October 19

Light destroys darkness.

Aspiration destroys bondage.

Realisation destroys ignorance.

October 20

The animal in man sees God as Destruction.

The human in man sees God as Compassion.

The divine in man sees God as Perfection.

October 21

A divinely confident life is the extinction of outer crying.

A divinely surrendered life is the extinction of inner suffering.

October 22

The sky is useless.

The ocean is useless.

The mountain cave is useless.

None can protect me when I do something wrong.

It is not the outer space but my heart's inner room that not only protects me but also illumines me.

October 23

Let us produce the goodness which does not exist as yet.

What is this goodness?

This goodness is sincerity's breath for God.

October 24

Seclusion is not for me; exclusion is not for me.

Oppression is not for me; suppression is not for me.

Depression is not for me; frustration is not for me.

For me there is only one thing: Perfection.

October 25

Compassion expanded, delight realised: manifestation fulfilled.

October 26

Let us eat and drink according to the need of the body.

Let us love and give according to the need of the soul.

Let us reveal and fulfil according to the Need of God.

October 27

His name is disgrace who cherishes depression.

His name is God's Victory who cherishes cheerfulness.

October 28

A devoted and surrendered heart is the index of God's Cosmic Will.

October 29

Unlike us, God has only two friends: Love and Joy.

But unlike ours, His friends are real, dependable and fulfilling.

With His friend, Love, He made His appearance.

With His friend, Joy, He is manifesting Himself.

October 30

When I breathe in, I feel immortality's love.

When I breathe out, I feel unity's multiplicity.

October 31

God is our realisation.

God is our manifestation.

Yet He always remains beyond description.


November 1

Peace is the perfection of one's mind and the divinisation of one's thoughts.

November 2

Peace achieved, fulfilment enjoyed, immortality employed: God forever caught.

November 3

Sincerity is God-representing Will.

Sincerity is man-manifesting Joy.

November 4

Fear gives its owner very little rest.

Doubt gives its owner no rest.

Courage gives its owner much joy.

Faith gives its owner the message of fulfilment.

November 5

Each searching thought of man is a revealing action of God.

November 6

Suspicion is the poorest truth and richest confusion.

November 7

Each spark of intuition is a cherished experience of God in the seeker and for the seeker.

November 8

The difference between jealousy and suspicion is this: jealousy hates itself, suspicion kills itself.

November 9

The difference between fear and doubt is this: fear cherishes itself, doubt nourishes itself.

November 10

The difference between life and love is this: life reveals itself and sustains the creation, love reveals itself and fulfils the Creator.

November 11

When insecurity enters into the mind, joy departs from the heart.

November 12

Our inner purity costs nothing, but its value is not only beyond description, but also beyond imagination.

November 13

When one session of meditation is missed, the length of present aspiration is decreased and the distance to future realisation is increased.

November 14

He who wrongs you today will hate you tomorrow.

But if you want to escape his hatred, then forgive him today and love him tomorrow.

November 15

Heaven's greatest gift to earth is Delight.

Earth's greatest gift to Heaven is fulfilment.

November 16

Heaven's height is Transcendental Love.

Earth's depth is universal Love.

November 17

I think that God is my determination.

God feels that I am His Confidence.

November 18

Don't blame the world; better it.


By bettering yourself at every moment.

November 19

Power is the most precious life-blood of man's aspiration.

Bliss is the most precious life-blood of man's realisation.

November 20

A totally dedicated soul can easily pass God's examination without meditation.

Now, what is dedication?

Dedication is the secret of meditation.

November 21

Trust everybody. You will suffer and prosper.

Trust nobody. You will cry and die.

November 22

Anger man has.

Danger man is.

A stranger love feels.

November 23

My outer confidence is my inner surrender.

November 24

God's Compassion is man's competence.

Man's competence is God's manifested Perfection.

November 25

God will give us rest only after we have perfected ourselves.

No, not even a second before.

November 26

God's Experience in the soul is man's lesson in life.

November 27

An aspiring man is a God-deserving angel.

November 28

Man can be happy and safe only when the heart feels faster than the mind thinks.

November 29

The power of love is God's Realisation and God's Perfection.

The love of power is man's inner imperfection and outer destruction.

November 30

At last I have made a great discovery: Heaven is indifferent, earth is callous.

No wonder they don't communicate.


December 1

I can talk to God. This is my only qualification.

I listen to God. That is why my inner life has become perfect freedom.

December 2

My definition of love is man's conscious manifestation of God's Light.

December 3

Self-offering is power. But unwanted self-offering is worse than weakness.

December 4

The soul slowly and steadily earns God's Grace and the body lavishly and quickly spends it.

December 5

Aspiration has to unlearn many things.

Realisation has to learn everything.

December 6

The heart's aspiration, life's perfection and God's Satisfaction sing and dance together.

December 7

My soul's aspiration and my life's dedication are the twin peaks upon which God's Light and Delight merrily dance.

December 8

Intuition is the introduction of God-intoxication.

December 9

Fear is pervasive.

Doubt is offensive.

Jealousy is explosive.

December 10

What is love? God's Life.

What is God's Life? Man's mounting cry.

December 11

Man's occupation is cultivating joy.

Man's preoccupation is damaging fear.

December 12

The animal life is stubbornness.

The human life is nervousness.

The divine life is devotedness.

December 13

Doubt knows how to justify.

Fear knows how to intensify.

Faith knows how to glorify.

Courage knows how to fly.

December 14

My dedication-light is God's Manifestation-Pride in me.

December 15

Regularity is man's tearing effort.

Punctuality is God's flowing Grace.

December 16

Introduction is God the Love.

Conclusion is God the Peace.

December 17

An insincere seeker knows all the answers.

A sincere seeker knows all the questions.

An insincere Master climbs up the ladder of temptation.

A sincere Master climbs down the ladder of Compassion.

December 18

Never follow fear and doubt if you want God's Pride and Delight to follow you.

December 19

God is Attention.

Man is either temptation or aspiration.

December 20

Sleep. God is with you.

Awake. God is for you.

Walk. God is within you.

Run. God is of you.

December 21

I always say that inner beauty is not only soul-deep, but also God-deep.

December 22

We pray to God to give us a big mind.

God begs us to have a large heart.

December 23

Yesterday God saw me with Compassion.

Today I see God with love.

Tomorrow God and I shall see each other with our surrender-light.

My surrender-light is my heart's cry.

God's Surrender-Light is His Soul's Smile.

December 24

God's Transcendental Love is His Capacity.

God's universal Life is His Receptivity.

December 25

Experience is the only school where Father and son study together.

December 26

If to blame God is human, then to forget God is nothing but inhuman.

December 27

Perfection is at once man's ascending aspiration and God's descending Concentration.

December 28

Man's life is a pendulum that swings between decision and hesitation.

Man's soul is a pendulum that swings between revelation and manifestation.

December 29

The lover expects constant Grace from the Beloved.

The Beloved perfects the face of the lover's heart.

December 30

The God-lover excludes the world to please his Beloved.

The Beloved includes the lover's ignorance to receive him.

December 31

God's Love is my daily income.

My ignorance is my yearly income tax.