My God-Hunger-Cry

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1 October 2005

I love God not because
He is great and good,
But because He is my
Heart-hunger's only food.

2 October 2005

To see my Lord
I need only one eye,
And that eye is
My heart's
Sky-climbing cry.

3 October 2005

Even when I am
Not on God's side,
He gives me His
Morning Love-Ride.

4 October 2005

O who am I
And what is my duty?
I am a hunter
Of God's God-Beauty.

5 October 2005

O what is Truth,
O what is Truth?
Truth is the sweet
Fragrance of ruth.

6 October 2005

A heart
Of gladness,
Of madness.

7 October 2005

My Lord wants me
To fly
And bravely size
The sky.

8 October 2005

You are out of date.
I have arrived
At God's golden Gate.

9 October 2005

No more do I see you.
To smash your towering pride,
My Lord has given me the clue.

10 October 2005

I now know why
God has brought me so close:
Because I have
Placed at His Feet my heart-rose.

11 October 2005

I now know why
God made me so close to Him:
Because in me
He will harvest His own Dream.

12 October 2005

I longed to be
My Lord's cute toy.
But He has made me
His choice envoy.

13 October 2005

God's Eye carefully
Watches me when I roam.
God's Heart in panic-concern
Brings me back home.

14 October 2005

Sleeplessly my blue heart-boat
I sail to the Golden Shore,
Where God's Heaven-lions
Have begun my victory-roar.

15 October 2005

My Lord tells me to love Him and please Him
I need no special skill.
Only one thing:
His very Name must give my heart an immense thrill.

16 October 2005

My Lord tells me
My surrender-life is sweet.
My Lord tells me
My revolt-mind is sweet.
Only one thing:
His Name I must never quit.

17 October 2005

Age after age,
Age after age,
God loves to live
In my heart-cottage.

18 October 2005

My doubting mind,
Away you go!
You are a whirlpool
Of 'yes' and 'no'.

19 October 2005

Every single day
The mind declares war
Within and without,
And wide and far.

20 October 2005

God cheers the winner and the loser alike.
To the winner God says: "My child,
You are the pride of your clime."
To the loser God says: "My child,
There is a next time."

21 October 2005

Invoke your own
Teeming heart-fires.
Do not provoke
Your old desires.

22 October 2005

Each God-gratitude-heart-flower
Has a special fragrance.
My Lord wants me to breathe
Its permanence.

23 October 2005

O my heart-flames,
Delay not, start!
In God's Cosmic Game
You play your part.

24 October 2005

There was a time
When I was a God-enamoured soul,
But now I have arrived
At my God-fulfilled Goal.

25 October 2005

O God-displeasing mind,
Why, why are you so stupid?
O God-loving heart,
Why, why are you so timid?

26 October 2005

I am for God
And not for man.
God's Eye I love;
God's Heart, my plan.

27 October 2005

I have just seen God's Eye.
It is extremely powerful.
I have just touched God's Feet.
They are exceedingly bountiful.

28 October 2005

By blaming the world for my failure-life,
What do I gain?
I am a fool;
I just strengthen
My bondage-chain.

29 October 2005

Alas, why do I blame poor God
For my mind's shameless limitations?
Alas, why do I blame poor God
For my life's endless imperfections?

30 October 2005

Each and every God-Dream
Is beauty's rainbow-morn.
The seeker's heart-flames
Blow the Supreme Lord's Victory-horn.

31 October 2005

O when I love the world,
My soul gives me a fond embrace.
But when I hate the world,
My soul tells me: "Disgrace, disgrace!"

1 November 2005

O every night I love to dream
A rainbow-hope
To smash asunder my earth-bound life's
Taut bondage-rope.

2 November 2005

I empty my heart
To cry and cry.
I empty my thoughts
To fly and fly.

3 November 2005

What I was and who I was,
I shall no more be:
My baby days of affection-flood,
Cuteness, sweetness-glee.

4 November 2005

What I was and who I was,
I know no more I shall be.
Gone is my bitter failure-past
Of my ignorance-life-tree.

5 November 2005

My Lord, I pray to You
To decrease my success-pride.
My Lord, I pray to You
To increase my progress-ride.

6 November 2005

My Lord does not complain.
I, too, must do the same.
My Lord does not blame the world.
Therefore, I must not blame.

7 November 2005

My Lord, do You
Want me to be great?
My Lord, do You
Want me to be good?
"Neither, My child;
Neither, My child.
I want only
Your surrender-food."

8 November 2005

My soul and my heart say:
"God's Way is the only Way."

9 November 2005

O my heart-boat-Navigator,
Make me Your sleepless servitor.

10 November 2005

My Lord, may my heart be
Full of Love-Light.
May I desire only

11 November 2005

There was a time
When I was a pitiful nothing,
But now I am
God's chosen child — for Him I sing.

12 November 2005

My folded hands-prayer
Has smashed my bondage-chain.
My deep meditation
Is my God-Joy-fountain.

13 November 2005

God always
Favours love.
Each God-lover
Is His dove.

14 November 2005

With enthusiasm
When your God-love-heart is aflame,
God beckons you
To join Him in His Cosmic Game.

15 November 2005

Impossible to doubt God,
No matter how hard I try.
Possible ever to see God,
When my heart and I cry.

16 November 2005

To work for God,
The hands are never
Too weak.
To fulfil God,
The heart is ever
Too quick.

17 November 2005

A leal sailor
Even in a stormy sea
Drinks deep God's Name
In ecstasy.

18 November 2005

First become a God-hunger-soul,
And then play the world-changer-role.

19 November 2005

I was mind-floating,
But today
I am heart-soaring.

20 November 2005

When God arrives
At your doorstep,
Pray to His Feet
At each hush-gap.

21 November 2005

All-where my faith
In God is carrying me.
My God-surrender
Is oneness-fulness free.

22 November 2005

My Supreme, may the birth
Of my tomorrow
Be completely empty
Of tearful sorrow.

23 November 2005

My Lord and I
Travel hand-in-hand —
Each and every clime
A oneness-heart-land.

24 November 2005

My hurtful past
I want to disown,
Now that in me
God's Smiles are grown.

25 November 2005

You are destined
To be a loser.
In every field
Of your earth-life,
You will be your own

26 November 2005

My heart prays day and night
Without respite.
Ignorance-torture no more;
All light, delight.

27 November 2005

Mine is the burning heart-desire
To please my Supreme Lord.
At long last I have smashed asunder
My age-long bondage-cord.

28 November 2005

God keeps an eye on me
With great interest.
My tears and I pray and pray
Inside our heart-nest.

29 November 2005

God blessingfully says to me,
"Hearken, My child of love, hearken!
For you, Heaven-journey all straight.
No zigzag road to Heaven."

30 November 2005

Never give up
Your inward gaze,
And never stop
Your Godward race.

1 December 2005

I do not want to retire,
I do not.
May my heart and I
By pleasure
Never be caught.

2 December 2005

I want my mind to be
A God-lobbyist.
I want my heart to be
A God-specialist.

3 December 2005

God and I have different desires.
God wants from me entertainment.
I want from God enlightenment.
God and I have different desires.

4 December 2005

God and I have the same desires
Day in, day out.
We want by each other to be sought
And we want to embrace each other taut.
God and I have the same desires
Day in, day out.

5 December 2005

I cannot help loving God
No matter what He does.
In my life's sorrows and joys
I always give Him A+.

6 December 2005

My mind, my mind,
My foolish mind, start, start!
Fathom the world
With my God-love-serve-heart.

7 December 2005

My Lord Supreme, my Lord Supreme,
My Lord Supreme!
May my prayer-blossoms feed
Each and every dream.

8 December 2005

When God is God's
Full Justice-Light,
My heart devours
His Grace-Delight.

9 December 2005

My Lord, will You do
The thinking for me,
If I place at Your Feet
My own heart-key?

10 December 2005

Who, if not you,
To seek God's Grace?
Who, if not you,
God's Footsteps to trace?

11 December 2005

I love my Lord's serious mood —
It reveals His highest God-hood.

12 December 2005

Ah, when my soul
Calls me from deep within,
I dive and dive
And play my heart-violin.

13 December 2005

When my soul descended from Heaven,
God said, "Be powerful and remain powerful."
When my soul will depart from earth,
God will say, "Be peaceful and remain peaceful."

14 December 2005

My Lord and I —
We each other own.
We never dare
To live alone.

15 December 2005

Lord, who am I
To clasp Your Eye?
Lord, who am I
To touch Your Feet?
Lord, who am I
To seek Your Grace?
Lord, who am I
To feel Your Embrace?

16 December 2005

Alas, why do I torture
Poor God about everything?
I should sleeplessly
His Victory-Bell ring.

17 December 2005

Even God is criticised every day —
How can I be an exception?
To find perfection in God's Creation
Is, indeed, a wishful realisation.

18 December 2005

I shout, my Beloved Supreme shouts,
When my mind is crowded with doubts.

19 December 2005

God has singled him out.
Be not jealous, be not callous.
Be broad-minded,
Be large-hearted.
God has singled him out.

20 December 2005

My mind, God can never be wrong.
Start singing God's Victory-Song!

21 December 2005

My Lord Supreme, my Lord Supreme,
My Lord Supreme!
You tell me that my blooming heart
Is Your treasure-dream.

22 December 2005

Be not afraid of adversity.
It awakens a new reality.

23 December 2005

Never too late
To love God again.
Never too late
My life to unchain.

24 December 2005

Tomorrow's problems
I shall deal with tomorrow,
But with today's joys
My life and I must glow.

25 December 2005

Latest news from God today:
All must join God's Cosmic Play.

26 December 2005

The proper way of loving the Lord Supreme:
Not by talking,
Not by doing,
But by becoming
His fully blossomed dream.

27 December 2005

My Lord, Your Eye
Is a living thing.
My Lord, Your Heart
Is a glowing Being.
My Lord, at Your Feet
I am blossoming.

28 December 2005

Every day
I sing God's Victory-Song, I sing and sing.
Every day
To God's Lotus-Feet I cling and cling.

29 December 2005

True, true, my Lord Supreme loves me,
But He loves my gratitude-heart more,
And my sleeplessly self-giving life
Infinitely more, for sure, for sure.

30 December 2005

Lotus is my heart-flower —
Favoured by the God-Hour.

31 December 2005

I love to love, I love to love,
Within, without, below, above.

1 January 2006

Masters are the divine blessings.
They also are their nectar-teachings.

2 January 2006

I pray for a God-searching mind.
I pray for a God-soaring heart.
I pray for a God-serving life
And an ignorance-killing dart.

3 January 2006

My sufferings will be transformed into joy
If I think of myself as a God-made toy.

4 January 2006

Ah, when I see
The world with my third eye,
On ecstasy-wings
I fly and fly and fly.

5 January 2006

The mind can be great but not good.
The heart can be good but not perfect.
The life can be long but barren.
Nothing is God-joy select.

6 January 2006

By my Master's only few words,
My life is transformed.
I am chosen for God's Army,
I am just informed.

7 January 2006

I steal my earthly mind —
I find Heaven, all-where Heaven.
I awaken my sleeping heart
To see my bondage-chain broken.

8 January 2006

I admit — I cannot live without
Having God's Compassion-Grace.
God admits — He cannot live without
Seeing my face.

9 January 2006

God-seekers come and go,
But God-lovers do not.
God-talkers do not come.
God-thinkers have the same lot.

10 January 2006

When I try to reach God,
I can do it easily.
When God tries to reach me,
Alas, He succeeds rarely.

11 January 2006

I need the heart of
A God-loving singer.
I need the breath of
A God-serving seeker.

12 January 2006

Time does not
Believe in fun.
Time tells me:
"Run, run, my child!

13 January 2006

If Time knows how to fly,
Then what is wrong with me?
I must, I must catch Time
In the vastness of the sky.

14 January 2006

'Talking' is
The longest distance-walker.
'Doing' is
The shortest distance-sprinter.

15 January 2006

I know, I know, if I really love God,
God cannot hide.
I know, I know, if I really need God,
God will give me a daily ride.

16 January 2006

God does not care
If I am bad or good —
He wants my love,
Not my sainthood.

17 January 2006

I know, what I need
Only God can give me.
I know, what I want
Will even be denied by Eternity.

18 January 2006

I am, indeed, a God-minded soul.
I have already reached my Goal.

19 January 2006

If I can become
My Lord's genuine fan,
He will share with me
His second-to-second Plan.

20 January 2006

Alas, just for
A puny smile
From me, my Lord
Waits for a long while.

21 January 2006

What do I do
When I am all alone?
I keep thinking of God
Dialling my phone!

22 January 2006

No doom, for me, no doom!
I live in
My Lord's Heart-Room.

23 January 2006

Sweeping changes I have now made
In my outer life, I know.
Finally, therefore, I have become
A glow and flow.

24 January 2006

I cry and cry for God's Attention.
God cries and cries for my perfection.

25 January 2006

I wish to be immeasurable
By meditating on the Unknowable.

26 January 2006

My desire-life lives
In a world so complicated.
My aspiration-heart, therefore,
Is so exasperated.

27 January 2006

I bow and bow and bow
To God's supernal Will.
God's Heart embraces my heart
With Fulness-Thrill.

28 January 2006

If I choose to participate
In my Lord's Cosmic Game,
My monkey-mind and donkey-body
My Lord, for sure, will tame.

29 January 2006

My Lord, how can I bind
Your Feet?
"My child, do keep your mind
Clean and neat."

30 January 2006

To love the world,
From Father Heaven
Blessings I need.
To feed the world,
Mother Earth's heart-book
I daily read.

31 January 2006

Strange is our life here on earth.
Here birth is death, death is birth.

1 February 2006

I meet my Lord everywhere —
His Smile-absence nowhere.

2 February 2006

What else matters save love,
Within, without, below, above.

3 February 2006

I see God inside my heart-beauty.
I feel God inside my life-duty.

4 February 2006

My Lord, all that is mine is Thine.
"My child, you are, indeed, all divine."

5 February 2006

My Lord tells me:
"Stop your outer entertainment."
My Lord tells me:
"Start your inner enlightenment."

6 February 2006

I call God my Saviour.
God calls me His amplifier.

7 February 2006

Creates unity.
Unity is God-joy,

8 February 2006

First-class devotion-breath
Compels ignorance-death.

9 February 2006

In the mind we are helter-skelter.
In the heart we are all together.

10 February 2006

First needed,
Concentration-intensity —
And then

11 February 2006

I cling to God;
God clings to me.
This sacred truth,
Our top secrecy.

12 February 2006

Believe it or not,
I am still a beginner —
But truly I am,
In Yoga, a self-giver.

13 February 2006

Alas, alas,
We come and go.
To a shoreless Shore
Our boats we row.

14 February 2006

He who is God-prone
Will never feel alone.

15 February 2006

My good days
And God's good days —
Yet to be bloomed.
I must act like God,
Not to feel doomed.

16 February 2006

God, my Lord,
I adore You, I adore!
"My child, happily,
I endure you, I endure."

17 February 2006

Every day in my heart-garden
I plant a new hope.
Therefore, in failure-despair-world
I never grope.

18 February 2006

My devotion
Is my God-intensity-power.
My surrender
Is my God-immensity-shower.

19 February 2006

Every day
My aspiration-heart craves
For the silence
Of my thought-mind-waves.

20 February 2006

With my heart's every aspiration-moment,
I build God's Victory-monument.

21 February 2006

When I listen to God
With one-pointed resolve,
God's Eye and Heart
All my problems solve.

22 February 2006

I die
For the fulfilment of my needs.
God dies
For the perfection of my deeds.

23 February 2006

What forces us
To make the same mistakes, life after life?
None other than
Our cherished ignorance-night-knife.

24 February 2006

I have come to learn
Something very new:
God gives to very few.

25 February 2006

Everything of mine
I place at my Lord's Feet.
Everything of His
My Lord wants me to meet.

26 February 2006

I never underestimate
My Lord's highest Height.
I never overestimate
My heart-delight.

27 February 2006

Be the heart
Of God-Compassion.
Be the life
Of a God-champion.

28 February 2006

Today I fight
Against ignorance-night.
Tomorrow I shall dance
In God's Victory-Delight.

1 March 2006

God speaks to me
Through Nature's beauty.
I speak to God
Through my life-duty.

2 March 2006

I love to fly
On aspiration-wings.
God's Victory-Song
My heart sleeplessly sings.

3 March 2006

The poorest God-prayer:
"God, give me money-power."
The richest emperor-prayer:
"God, my life take over."

4 March 2006

Everybody makes mistakes.
Some confess, while others do not.
Those who confess immediately
By new mistakes are rarely caught.

5 March 2006

My gratitude and surrender —
They run together, never race.
Together they play, smile and sing —
And in God's Garden they embrace.

6 March 2006

My hope and faith inspire each other
To love God more and more.
Soulfully, eagerly and intensely they
Are carrying me to the Golden Shore.

7 March 2006

I am all thrill
When God arrives.
On every Smile of His
My every heart-breath thrives.

8 March 2006

O, where is doom?
My God-devotion-joy
Is in full bloom.

9 March 2006

Each time with God
I am face to face,
I swim and swim
In a sea of Grace.

10 March 2006

When God arrives,
All smile-festivity —
The joy and dance of
The finite and Eternity.

11 March 2006

My aspiration-heart
Is an impossibility-challenger.
My dedication-life
Is my Lord's Victory-bringer.

12 March 2006

Where is God's hiding place,
If not inside my blooming face?

13 March 2006

Where is God's Eternity-Age,
If not inside my heart-cottage?

14 March 2006

I know my heart's only teacher
Is my Lord's Golden Eye.
This Eye teaches my heart
How to fly in Infinity's Sky.

15 March 2006

Life is not a worthless
And useless dream.
Life is the lover-revealer
Of the Supreme.

16 March 2006

Pain, pain, within, without,
Failure-pain —
My Lord's Compassion-Eye
To gain.

17 March 2006

I want to catch God,
God wants to catch me —
A most powerful Game
Of Eternity.

18 March 2006

Nothing to say,
Nothing to say —
For God's Victory
I sleeplessly pray.

19 March 2006

I shall forever treasure
My heart's God-pleasing song.
I shall forever strike
My soul's God-Victory-gong.

20 March 2006

I love at once my Lord and man.
This is, indeed, my God-fulfilled plan.

21 March 2006

Now that filled with joy is my heart,
My Godward journey is about to start.

22 March 2006

I need no skill,
No special skill —
With my heart-tears,
My Lord I thrill.

23 March 2006

Delight, delight,
Nectar-delight —
Cancelled forever
My ignorance-flight!

24 March 2006

I have fulfilled my supreme task.
In God's Surrender-Joy-Pride I bask.

25 March 2006

God loves within, without,
Below, above.
He wants each being to be
His fondest dove.

26 March 2006

My self-giving life
God needs.
With Nectar-Delight
He feeds.

27 March 2006

Are purer than the purest.
Are mightier than the mightiest.

28 March 2006

My life is Heavenly beautiful
When my heart is all God-tearful.

29 March 2006

Do not complain!
Do not complain!
Your heart will miss
The Heavenward plane.

30 March 2006

Do not blame the world —
Do not blame!
Your life God will never, never,
Never tame.

31 March 2006

My heart sings God's
Victory-Songs, sings,
When my life clings to God,
Only to God clings.

1 April 2006

To see and love
The Eye of golden Truth,
The seeker needs
A heart of fountain-ruth.

2 April 2006

My greatness does not last;
My goodness does.
My goodness is God's Joy,
God's Pride and plus.

3 April 2006

My failure-nights are gone, no more!
I have arrived at Peace-Bliss-Shore.

4 April 2006

My heart is beauty's glow.
My life is duty's flow.

5 April 2006

Each heart is beautiful.
Each breath is Godful.

6 April 2006

Every day
Be gloriously dynamic.
Every second
Be supremely ecstatic.

7 April 2006

How to meditate
When God is fast approaching?
Become a devotion-heart
And a life of self-giving.

8 April 2006

My Lord Beloved Supreme appears
To bless and feed my heart-tears.

9 April 2006

Just give and give and give,
In God's Joy-Pride to live.

10 April 2006

I enjoy my heart-beauty-delight.
Nowhere I see stark ignorance-night.

11 April 2006

My life's transformation-hour
Is speedily coming closer and closer.

12 April 2006

I was born to be good
And be God's special food.

13 April 2006

God takes my heart
As His special seat
Because I keep it
Pure, clean and neat.

14 April 2006

Be not afraid
Of God's Power-Eye.
His Compassion-Sky.

15 April 2006

Mine is the flower-purity-heart —
My God-journey is about to start.

16 April 2006

When I dive deep within, I see
I am beckoned by the Breath of Eternity.

17 April 2006

My mind is emptiness-fool;
It hides from God-Wisdom-School.

18 April 2006

To be at the foot of God-Compassion-Tree
Is my life's unprecedented victory.

19 April 2006

God's Heart is gracious, gracious endless
To bless me with a doubt-empty life, fearless.

20 April 2006

Gone, gone, gone away
My pride-arrogance;
My breath is flooded
With God-Heart-Fragrance.

21 April 2006

In the near or far future,
My heart-sun will rise.
I know, I know for sure:
No surprise, no surprise.

22 April 2006

Alas, all the time
The mind is misbehaving.
There is no time
When my Lord is not looking.

23 April 2006

The mind-music is earth-ful.
The heart-music is soulful.
The soul-music is Godful.
The life-music is painful.

24 April 2006

My soul of delight originates.
My heart of light propagates.

25 April 2006

A God-question is half answer.
A God-Answer is full rapture.

26 April 2006

Give, give, give all self-givingly.
Take, take, take all cheerfully.

27 April 2006

The complaints of the mind are hurtful.
The tolerance of the heart is wisdom-ful.

28 April 2006

The mind is always
A God-doubter-fool.
The heart always studies
At God's Vision-Eye-School.

29 April 2006

I thank my Lord,
Not because He deserves my thanks.
I thank Him because
My life and I are His Compassion-stamps.

30 April 2006

O seeker, be wise, be smart!
Your last step is a new start.

1 May 2006

No two souls are alike,
Yet, no fight, no strike.
Each soul is a new dream
Of our Lord Beloved Supreme.

2 May 2006

I do not want to be
The shooting star of name and fame.
I simply want to be
A player in God's global Game.

3 May 2006

I long not for a life of God-harvest.
I starve for God's Compassion-Heart-Nest.

4 May 2006

No harm, if you are a self-starter,
But now become a God-relier.

5 May 2006

Pleasing the Lord Supreme needed, pleasing,
Before you seek God's Grace for the asking.

6 May 2006

O be not late, O be not late,
If you desire the brightest fate.

7 May 2006

O be not late, O be not late;
You will not be beckoned by the Golden Gate.

8 May 2006

O be on time, O be on time;
God Himself will play on your chime.

9 May 2006

O be on time, O be on time;
God's Joy and Pride with you will rhyme.

10 May 2006

God wants my breath to be His compeer;
He wants to be my life-Charioteer.

11 May 2006

Alas, a life of comfort
I do not disdain.
Alas, a mind of self-doubt
I still sustain.

12 May 2006

Our Lord does not want us
To remain in obscurity.
He wants us all to shine
With our inner Divinity.

13 May 2006

We know, we know, our teeming faults we know;
Yet, we allow our ignorance-river to flow.

14 May 2006

We know, we know, our teeming faults we know;
Yet, aimless, shameless, our life-boat we row.

15 May 2006

The weak have wisdom
To offer to the strong.
O strong ones, strike together
The oneness-gong!

16 May 2006

Each time wrong thoughts we think,
Helpless, deeper we sink.

17 May 2006

Each time I see God's Face,
Stronger becomes God's Grace.

18 May 2006

Each time I clasp God's Eye,
Higher and higher I fly.

19 May 2006

Each time I kiss God's Feet,
I am fed by His Heartbeat.

20 May 2006

I know, silence-delight is my only role;
God has all under His control.

21 May 2006

Wisdom frightens pleasure.
Treasure wisdom, treasure.

22 May 2006

Self-proclamation, self-proclamation!
Be not a stark fool — no destination.

23 May 2006

Quick, start singing God's Victory-Song!
To you the world-seekers must throng.

24 May 2006

One step at a time, one step at a time —
Your heartbeats with God's Heartbeats shall rhyme.

25 May 2006

Nothing, nothing, world-fame — nothing!
The world-server is a God-fulfilled being.

26 May 2006

Inseparable — anxiety and attachment.
Shun both, all yours enlightenment.

27 May 2006

My head and I bow to God all the time.
Together we live with God in His Heart-Clime.

28 May 2006

Run, run, in the inner world run, run!
God's Lightning-Smiles have already begun.

29 May 2006

When I think of God,
He is so beautiful.
When I pray to God,
He is so bountiful.

30 May 2006

When I love God,
I become divine.
When I serve God,
He becomes all mine.

31 May 2006

Be not averse
To God-service-light
If you want to reach
Your ecstasy's height.

1 June 2006

Be the divine eye of a mystic.
You will grow into God's Heart-Music.

2 June 2006

I am surprised at my mind's stupidity.
I am astonished at my heart's generosity.

3 June 2006

My inner road is clear
Of all obstructions dire.
I am now the fast climbing

4 June 2006

Soul descends,
Heart ascends,
Life transcends —

5 June 2006

I need, I need
God's Forgiveness-Feet,
My heart, my mind,
My life to feed.

6 June 2006

In each tiny smile
God sings for a while.

7 June 2006

My life is deafened
By the outer noise.
My heart is awakened
By the inner voice.

8 June 2006

My God-love is
My God-faith is

9 June 2006

I know, everything divine
Is born to rise and shine.

10 June 2006

My Lord does not
Charge fees
When He brings down my pride-head
To His Knees.

11 June 2006

When God knocks
At my heart-door,
He shows me
My life's Golden Shore.

12 June 2006

A true miracle:
Each joyful thought
By stark ignorance
Not caught.

13 June 2006

I shall not expect,
But I shall adore.
At God's Feet
My soul shall roar.

14 June 2006

I am a chosen
God's Victory all-where
I cheer.

15 June 2006

O desire-world,
I am no longer your citizen —
God has given me a special role
In His global Plan.

16 June 2006

I am a God-slave
Therefore, my life

17 June 2006

How can you ever
Declare God's Victory?
You live always
In your mind-factory.

18 June 2006

When the heart
Is all sweetness,
The life becomes

19 June 2006

Truth I speak;
I please and fulfil God.
Truth I speak;
The world comes to me
With an iron rod.

20 June 2006

My Lord, I do not know,
Alas, what to say.
"My child, saying is not needed.
Just pray and pray."

21 June 2006

Shout at your self-doubt, shout!
In your heart, faith will sprout.

22 June 2006

God's Will to save my life
Shall prevail.
To my Goal my life-boat
I shall sail.

23 June 2006

I love the beauty of my heart-dreams,
I love.
I need the fragrance-bliss of my soul

24 June 2006

No failure, no failure, no failure!
Just beg and beg your heart to endure.

25 June 2006

We run not a perilous but
A precious race
To see our Supreme Lord's
Gold Beauty-Face.

26 June 2006

We are all lost without a dream.
God blesses us with His life-saving Scheme.

27 June 2006

Sooner or later pride wears away;
We enjoy our God-blessed oneness-play.

28 June 2006

I raise my life, I raise and raise,
Singing my Lord's sleepless, breathless praise.

29 June 2006

O stay not deaf and blind!
Darkness shall devour mankind.

30 June 2006

My Lord is always His beckoning Hand
To help us live safe in His Heart-Bounty-Land.

1 July 2006

Every day I must give my Lord
A surprise-thrill
By pleasing and fulfilling
His Vision-Will.

2 July 2006

My Lord can be felt and seen
When I silence my world-din.

3 July 2006

Each step is my God-journey's joy.
Each good thought is my Lord's great envoy.

4 July 2006

My lost opportunities have come back today.
I am joining my Lord's Cosmic Play.

5 July 2006

I came into the world
To rise and rise
And not to be
A world-surprise.

6 July 2006

When God is seen,
World-blunders are thin.

7 July 2006

I am beckoned
By my Supreme's Heart-Home.
Alas, I still
In my life-desert roam.

8 July 2006

I am the best, I am the best, I am the best!
God has chosen my heart to be His nest.

9 July 2006

I am the best, I am the best, I am the best!
God has chosen my heart to be His treasure-chest.

10 July 2006

I am the best, I am the best, I am the best!
God's Eye, Heart and Feet on me rest.

11 July 2006

I am the best, I am the best, I am the best!
Every day I climb up my Lord's Compassion-Crest.

12 July 2006

I am the best, I am the best, I am the best!
Sleeplessly my breathless life is at God's Behest.

13 July 2006

I am the best, I am the best, I am the best!
I passed very well my God-realisation-test.

14 July 2006

I am the best, I am the best, I am the best!
My Lord always comes first, and then the rest.

15 July 2006

Right, right,
Whatever I do is always right.
Why, why?
Because my Lord is ever Compassion-Light.

16 July 2006

My life is all my Lord's Concern-Grace.
In everything I see His smiling Face.

17 July 2006

For perfection I strive;
On God's Command I thrive.

18 July 2006

I am not what the world thinks of me;
I am my Lord's Joy-Pride constantly.

19 July 2006

I am so happy to be on God's Side.
God is so happy to give me a ride.

20 July 2006

Every day in God's Compassion I bask,
And He gives me to fulfil a new task.

21 July 2006

When God is my Pilot,
Faster than the fastest my life-boat sails.
When I am my life-boat-pilot,
Alas, invariably, it sinks and fails.

22 July 2006

My Lord, my earth-oneness
Has made me so sad.
Helpless, worthless, I am
Getting really mad!

23 July 2006

The mind-map is too limited.
The heart-map is God-extended.

24 July 2006

I was born of a special dream:
In every way to please my Lord Supreme.

25 July 2006

When I breathe purity-strength,
My life becomes unlimited length.

26 July 2006

My heart is a rose-garden rose;
Therefore my life flows and glows.

27 July 2006

Twinkling, twinkling stars fill my life;
Therefore my life is empty of strife.

28 July 2006

My happiest days are yet to come,
When my heart
Will be able to beat
The God-ecstasy-drum.

29 July 2006

My life was so insignificant,
But my Lord has made it His Pride-monument.

30 July 2006

God tests my heart and face
Before He lavishes His Grace.

31 July 2006

"I know nothing" is, indeed, a lie.
It will break your God-oneness-tie.

1 August 2006

Calm down, my mind — calm down, calm down!
If not, you will be shattered by the world-frown.

2 August 2006

God looks for the best in us always;
We can please Him daily in so many ways.

3 August 2006

I see a oneness-rainbow in my heart-sky.
God's Joy and my joy together fly and fly.

4 August 2006

Gratitude knows no tragedy.
It is God's Delight-Melody.

5 August 2006

If you stay always on the surface,
You will not receive God's upclimbing Grace.

6 August 2006

God descends and descends and descends,
And my hungry heart transcends and transcends.

7 August 2006

In ignorance-night no more shall I grope;
Today my Lord blesses me with a rainbow-hope.

8 August 2006

I hear my soul's lion-roar
Only when I leave open my heart-door.

9 August 2006

I must devour, I must devour, I must,
Every day my Lord's golden Feet-Dust.

10 August 2006

I must not choose, I must not choose.
Alas, blindly I choose, only to lose.

11 August 2006

I keep my inner flames burning night and day
To take a special part in God's Cosmic Play.

12 August 2006

When my mind is pure and free,
God jumps up to greet me.

13 August 2006

When my devotion is unceasing,
God's smiling Face is unfailing.

14 August 2006

My restless mind I tame
By breathing God's Name.

15 August 2006

We must train our mind, we must,
In God's Heart-Joy forever to last.

16 August 2006

God tells me never to look back, never to look back,
If I want to be on His Vision-flooded Track.

17 August 2006

Ah, when we fall!
Ah, when we fall!
In the world's eye we become too small,
But not in the Heart of our Supreme —
We still embody His Vision-fulfilling Dream.

18 August 2006

The human in me cries and dies.
The divine in me runs and flies.

19 August 2006

To defeat ignorance in the race,
I enjoy my aspiration-pace.

20 August 2006

My challenging and daring heart
Has smashed the pride of darkness-dart.

21 August 2006

When God's Will we carry out in action,
What happens?
We grow into perfect Perfection.

22 August 2006

A tiny Smile of God's Sun-Ray
Thrills all my actions of the day.

23 August 2006

Once I discovered God's Home is my heart,
I became Heavenly wise and earthly smart.

24 August 2006

God's Eye is full of tears for me
Because I claim Him not my All to be.

25 August 2006

Surprised beyond measure — my tiny earth-frame
God has invited to join His Cosmic Game.

26 August 2006

I came into the world to burst my ego-balloon,
To become power's sun and beauty's moon.

27 August 2006

I came into the world
To clasp the Feet of my Lord Supreme.
Every day, in a special way,
He fulfils my treasure-dream.

28 August 2006

To keep God busy, I cry and cry;
To keep God smiling, I try and try.

29 August 2006

No more my confusion-mind-night;
My breath is devoured by God's Light and Delight.

30 August 2006

To ring God's Victory-Bell
Is to ignorance-tree fell.

31 August 2006

God, man knows how to blame.
Man, God knows how to tame.

1 September 2006

The only way to please my Lord Supreme, I know,
Is to keep my haughty head low, very low.

2 September 2006

Be not a cave-dweller, be not!
Not the right way for God to be sought.

3 September 2006

I was stunned when I heard that God still loves me —
And what is more, He will eternally love me.

4 September 2006

I need God's Compassion-Flood,
And God needs my heart-garden-bud.

5 September 2006

My Lord loves me more than I know —
His Compassion-Forgiveness-Rivers through me flow.

6 September 2006

The material life is not for me,
My Lord tells me in supreme secrecy.

7 September 2006

What can the divine Grace do for me?
It can flood my heart with ecstasy.

8 September 2006

My Lord, I shall go with You all the way.
"My child, I shall teach you how to sing and play."

9 September 2006

My progress-life knows no limit.
My progress-heart knows no defeat.

10 September 2006

Be a true God-seeker —
Within, without, no fear.

11 September 2006

Humility knows no decay.
Divinity knows no delay.

12 September 2006

A heart of glowing purity —
Empty of insecurity.

13 September 2006

My soul's sun-power is rising.
My heart's moon-beauty is deepening.

14 September 2006

Each single time my Lord and I meet,
He blesses my head and I touch His Feet.

15 September 2006

Earth is the place for us to be brave
And not dig and live in a cave.

16 September 2006

My mind knows how to tell world-stories.
My heart knows how to sing God-Glories.

17 September 2006

Perfection-pretence human beings are many.
Perfection-achieved souls, hardly any.

18 September 2006

Pray, pray, pray on your knees;
You will find yourself on the verge of peace.

19 September 2006

Live always in God's Heart-Kingdom —
Soul's deep-rooted wisdom.

20 September 2006

No more complaints, no more complaints, no more!
I have arrived at God's Golden Shore.

21 September 2006

Each selfless action
Expedites my God-invention.

22 September 2006

Possession is darkness-import.
Self-giving is light-export.

23 September 2006

Every day in Heaven I see God's Face.
Every day on earth from God I get an Embrace.

24 September 2006

Mother Earth is my sweet home.
Why do I all the time roam?

25 September 2006

My heart, wake up this very moment!
You needs must seek enlightenment.

26 September 2006

The mind has no real friend.
This world of ours is an alien land.

27 September 2006

Year follows year in quick succession.
Alas, where is the world's bondage-freed liberation?

28 September 2006

Today's failure-life will never return —
Indomitable, invincible, my determination.

29 September 2006

Today is my life's self-improvement-joy.
Today my life has become a God-surrender-toy.

30 September 2006

What is God's punishment?
The seeker's fast approaching enlightenment.

1 October 2006

God comes to us hopefully,
Only to be rejected by us heartlessly.

2 October 2006

With my love-devotion-surrender-friends,
Every day I powerfully shake hands.

3 October 2006

No surprise, no surprise, no surprise!
God comes to me at each sunrise.

4 October 2006

My Lord's Compassion-flowing Glance
Becomes ignorance-challenging lance.

5 October 2006

Dive deep within, dive deep!
Cast aside lethargy-sleep.

6 October 2006

The mind has been living for thousands of years
In ignorance-night.
Therefore it takes a very long time
For the appearance of light.

7 October 2006

Each soul enjoys a pilgrimage on earth,
Defying ever-increasing ignorance-birth.

8 October 2006

He who does not care for God-commitment,
For him there will be no enlightenment.

9 October 2006

Not my wish but my Lord's Plan,
To send messages to Heaven.

10 October 2006

The lower worlds are for the fools
Where rank deception rules.

11 October 2006

The higher worlds are for the God-seekers;
They are ignorance-world-breakers.

12 October 2006

Within ecstasy, without ecstasy,
When you banish shameless jealousy.

13 October 2006

Think of Heaven —
You will be loved by your soul.
Serve the world —
God will praise your role.

14 October 2006

Each aspiration-heart
Is a God-composed song.
Each dedication-life
Is a God-struck gong.

15 October 2006

What has God given me?
A human life.
What have I given God?
My poison-knife.

16 October 2006

My sorrow, my sorrow, my sorrow —
Forget not, there is a tomorrow.

17 October 2006

To please God, bravely challenge death.
Try your best, to the last breath.

18 October 2006

Day and night, God is flooded with Ruth.
Never swerve from the path of Truth.

19 October 2006

My soul-promise is stronger than the strongest.
My heart-hope is vaster than the vastest.

20 October 2006

My prayers are made of fears and tears.
My meditations are made of God-clapped cheers.

21 October 2006

My duty, my only duty:
To become the inner beauty.

22 October 2006

Today's inner dissatisfaction,
Tomorrow's outer frustration.

23 October 2006

Today's inner belief,
Tomorrow's great relief.

24 October 2006

When I agree with God's Cause,
I hear God's loud Applause.

25 October 2006

I need only one thing:
My heart-ecstasy.
Therefore I pray to God
To imprison me.

26 October 2006

My Lord, please save me a seat in Your Heart.
"My child, first smash the pride of ignorance-dart."

27 October 2006

When my heart is full of devotion-tears,
I see and hear God-Cheers.

28 October 2006

My ignorance-life was a nightmare.
Now I live in God's Compassion-Care.

29 October 2006

To maintain our inner peace,
We transform our lives into heart-trees.

30 October 2006

Each life is suffering incarnate;
Nowhere I see God's golden Gate.

31 October 2006

Knows how to fight.
I am now totally freed
From that plight.

1 November 2006

Spirituality is the elevation of heart-culture.
Dive deep within and be God's Rapture.

2 November 2006

Each prayer comes from earth's heart-tears.
Each meditation comes from Heaven's soul-cheers.

3 November 2006

God comes to me
My life to tame,
And helps me become
A player in His Game.

4 November 2006

Enjoy divine peace-permanence.
Cast aside the life of ignorance!

5 November 2006

When I hear God's Heart-Melody,
My life becomes the heart of ecstasy.

6 November 2006

My each heart-song
Cancels my one wrong.

7 November 2006

My each heart-performance
Keeps far, very far, ignorance.

8 November 2006

Do not live in the world of self-doubt.
Attacked, shout — loudly shout!

9 November 2006

Prayer removes ignorance-layer.
Prayer enjoys wisdom-fair.

10 November 2006

My Lord, imprison me eternally.
I shall love You unconditionally.

11 November 2006

At last, truth is spoken —
Ignorance-chain is broken.

12 November 2006

To fly in the aspiration-sky,
My prayer-life I must intensify.

13 November 2006

The heart's beauty-fragrance
Shuns life's indolence.

14 November 2006

The full-timers God's Heart feeds;
No part-timers God ever needs.

15 November 2006

One limitation I vanquished —
God's Joy and Pride I cherished.

16 November 2006

The inner power is invincible;
The outer strength is perishable.

17 November 2006

The mind has hundreds of jealousy-eyes.
The heart has twinkling oneness-skies.

18 November 2006

In the small hours
Of the morning,
At the Feet of God
I sing and sing.

19 November 2006

When I do not think,
Ecstasy I drink.

20 November 2006

What do I see?
I see
My life at the foot of God-Tree.

21 November 2006

Do not blame God, do not!
Blame your mind's narrowness-knot.

22 November 2006

Alas, I am not what I used to be:
A God-lover, God-server, pure and free.

23 November 2006

Within, without, strive, strive!
You and your heart shall thrive.

24 November 2006

"No God, no God," ah, when I say,
My life's bondage-night and I play.

25 November 2006

In the heart-world we are perfect,
Never caught by ignorance-net.

26 November 2006

The soul of the heart
Loves comedies.
The life of the mind
Loves tragedies.

27 November 2006

Only when God is my home,
My mind and I do not roam.

28 November 2006

I was enslaved
By my outer success,
But now I am liberated
By my inner progress.

29 November 2006

My heart is no more
A false hope.
I have smashed my life's

30 November 2006

To be God's Beauty-dove
I need a God-hunger-love.

1 December 2006

My Lord's Victory I sing and sing
Sleeplessly within my own being.

2 December 2006

My Lord does not recognise me
When I climb up the ignorance-tree.

3 December 2006

When God-thoughts occupy my mind,
God-Beauty's Heart-Garden I find.

4 December 2006

When my heart is crying,
I see God walking.

5 December 2006

When my soul is smiling,
I see God unfolding.

6 December 2006

When I am striving,
I see God dancing.

7 December 2006

Go forward, go forward, go forward —
To win from God His highest Award.

8 December 2006

Established inner joy —
I now am God's toy!

9 December 2006

Today God is begging me
To come to His Heart-Nest.
Today God is begging me
To be His special guest.

10 December 2006

Lift your mind, lift, lift!
God is waiting with a rare gift.

11 December 2006

When I see nobody ever small,
I become a joy-bringer to all.

12 December 2006

Granted only to the purest soul:
The highest God-manifestation-role.

13 December 2006

I see God seated on His golden Throne —
No longer am I tearful and alone.

14 December 2006

No night, no stark ignorance-night.
I am inside my heart of delight.

15 December 2006

Every morning God tames my mind, tames,
To be good at playing all God-Games.

16 December 2006

O seeker, for your full enlightenment
You need to make a full commitment.

17 December 2006

If you do not stop your complaining attitude,
Your life will never be flooded with beatitude.

18 December 2006

O seeker, to fly to a higher level,
Your dry mind-tree you must fell.

19 December 2006

Day and night with God to play,
I must install newness every day.

20 December 2006

Sound is mind-intervention.
Silence is God's best invention.

21 December 2006

The outer knowledge loves flatteries.
The inner wisdom is beyond boundaries.

22 December 2006

When I am God's selfless friend,
God becomes His lavish Hand.

23 December 2006

Do not regret; just try again.
You will be blessed by victory's reign.

24 December 2006

O my mind, not enough —
What you have already known.
Just give silence
The microphone!

25 December 2006

Be careful and remain smart —
The last step is a new start.

26 December 2006

Where is peace, where is peace,
If not in your around-the-clock God-service?

27 December 2006

The emptiness of fame
Can never play God-Game.

28 December 2006

Shun, shun ignorance-dart.
Yours will be a God-cherished heart.

29 December 2006

I live in the inner heart of silence.
I need no outer protection-fence.

30 December 2006

In my aspiration-heart,
Wisdom is installed:
I come to my Lord
Without being called.

31 December 2006

We cannot please God through inaction.
Action is needed for God-satisfaction.

1 January 2007

Your mind-castle
Shall collapse one day.
Start praying for a God-heart-cottage
Of God-Streak-Ray.

2 January 2007

The morning prayer ascends;
The evening peace descends.

3 January 2007

Desire-life is perishable;
Aspiration-heart is valuable.

4 January 2007

Do not nurture your intelligence-mind constantly.
Nurture your heart-joy ceaselessly.

5 January 2007

I try and try with every breath
To give lethargy a quick death.

6 January 2007

For God there is only one correct gift:
Lift your ignorance-veil, lift!

7 January 2007

I dare, I dare and I dare —
My self-improvement-adventure.

8 January 2007

Wisdom is needed to cultivate skill.
God-surrender knows not how to belittle.

9 January 2007

The mind embodies nothing nice.
It knows only the volleys of advice.

10 January 2007

From Above light descends;
From below life transcends.

11 January 2007

Gone my ignorance-days, gone!
My life is a fresh breath of dawn.

12 January 2007

I know there is only one crown
That will forever last.
That crown is made of
My Lord's Feet-Dust.

13 January 2007

Do not stay on the surface.
Dive deep within to be blessed by God's Grace.

14 January 2007

No more my mind is overcast with cloud-confusion.
My life enjoys now God-Breath-infusion.

15 January 2007

When my heart is a God-Ocean-swimmer,
God proclaims me His Heart-Pride-winner.

16 January 2007

Be brave, my heart!
Aspire at home — be brave!
For God-realisation, needed no mountain-cave.

17 January 2007

Do not force, O my heart, do not force.
Prayerfully let things take their course.

18 January 2007

Divinity's freedom —

19 January 2007

Surprise will shine upon you, surprise.
Before long your inner sun will rise.

20 January 2007

Today's God-loving and God-dreaming heart,
Tomorrow's ignorance-shattering dart.

21 January 2007

My heart's permanent God-oneness
Removes my life's utter helplessness.

22 January 2007

To converse with God perfectly,
Your heart must cry soulfully.

23 January 2007

Failure-peace is no peace at all, I know.
Real peace needed, then shun ignorance-flow.

24 January 2007

Silence invokes God-Arrival.
God-Arrival is man-festival.

25 January 2007

Do not allow opportunities to slip away;
Nowhere to be found God-Arrival day.

26 January 2007

Always dream of God, always dream;
He is your life's All Supreme.

27 January 2007

Only by God's infinite Grace
My heart shall be able to see God's Face.

28 January 2007

Only by doing the right thing,
God's Feet nearer I bring.

29 January 2007

Truth must prevail, truth must prevail,
To the Golden Shore your life-boat to sail.

30 January 2007

Everything becomes simpler and simpler
When you obey God-Whisper.

31 January 2007

Our crying eyes send messages upstairs.
God's smiling Heart sends Messages downstairs.

1 February 2007

My Lord's Heart is all Thrill
To see my sleepless faith-vigil.

2 February 2007

Study not at the deception-school;
The merciful Lord you can never fool.

3 February 2007

I am the sun-child
Of Eternity;
My heart-cries and my soul-smiles
Breathe Infinity.

4 February 2007

God's Vision-Heart-Age I shall know
When I stop my mind's ignorance-river-flow.

5 February 2007

Be not nervous before God, never!
His Heart is all for you, forever.

6 February 2007

God's Heart I can have for the asking
If at His Feet I continue basking.

7 February 2007

God is not coming to me — why?
Because my heart-cries do not fly.

8 February 2007

I do not please God — why?
Just because I do not try.

9 February 2007

Oh I need God, oh I need God
To break my head with His iron rod.

10 February 2007

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
Do bless me every night with a new dream.

11 February 2007

My Lord Supreme, where are You, how far?
"My child, I am in your heart's twinkling star."

12 February 2007

True, God loves me more and more.
True, I am now touching the Golden Shore.

13 February 2007

Strange, God tells me I am His Heartbeat.
Strange, He tells me with me He is complete.

14 February 2007

My life's slumber-chamber
I have demolished.
God-awareness I have
Utterly established.

15 February 2007

I pray to You,
My Lord Beloved Supreme,
To give me a role
In Your World-Oneness-Symphony-Dream.

16 February 2007

A traveller of thought-worlds
I am no more.
I am now at God's

17 February 2007

To deny God is to deny myself.
To accept God is to become God's other self.

18 February 2007

God closes His Eye
When I do not fly.
God opens His Eye
When I dare measure the sky.

19 February 2007

Like history, I never sleep.
Like my soul, my heart is very deep.

20 February 2007

My mind is utterly confused.
Pride is my God-Power misused.

21 February 2007

Drink, drink once again ambrosia!
No, no room in your heart for nostalgia.

22 February 2007

No more am I
My life's emptiness-heart.
My soul has smashed
The pride of stark ignorance-dart.

23 February 2007

Each thought is a God-made reality.
Each heart is a God-cherished divinity.

24 February 2007

All our failure-nights
Shall be devoured by Light —
This is our aspiration-heart's
Deathless birthright.

25 February 2007

Do not listen to the mind-microphone —
Your ignorance-night will speedily be grown.

26 February 2007

Helpless and hopeless and useless,
I used to hide,
But now my Lord gives my heart
A daily aspiration-ride.

27 February 2007

A heart of gratitude
Is, indeed, joy-plenitude.

28 February 2007

The mind has volleys of questions, we know.
Each question is an ignorance-blow.

1 March 2007

We need lethargy's death.
We need dynamism-breath.

2 March 2007

Sound-life is my greed;
Silence-heart is my need.

3 March 2007

The mind-castle is my greed;
The heart-cottage is my need.

4 March 2007

To see God in my life, I am wakeful.
To clasp God in my heart, I am watchful.

5 March 2007

My life divine has just begun;
I am blessed by God's Compassion-Sun.

6 March 2007

To receive enlightenment,
I need lifelong self-improvement.

7 March 2007

My life-gratitude is God's dove;
My heart-gratitude is God's love.

8 March 2007

Until God opens His Heart-Door,
Helpless, we crawl on ignorance-floor.

9 March 2007

A galaxy of stars welcomes my climbing breath,
Where forbidden is the presence of death.

10 March 2007

My devotion self-givingly bows;
God proudly my heart-field ploughs.

11 March 2007

Alas, God's Hour comes and goes;
My ignorance-life-river still flows.

12 March 2007

God-Whispers heeded,
Nothing else needed.

13 March 2007

No, no!
No weak aspiration
Will ever be granted God-realisation.

14 March 2007

Never too late to be
The flames of aspiration.
Never too late to reach
The God-Destination.

15 March 2007

I only need an iota of love;
God is eager to make me His dove.

16 March 2007

When my heart is a God-admirer,
God becomes my life-supporter.

17 March 2007

I pray, I pray, all day, all night
Against ignorance-prince to fight.

18 March 2007

I sail my life-boat
Towards a goalless shore
When my body and I are not
At God's Heart-Door.

19 March 2007

We must awake at God's choice Hour
To become His Heart-Beauty-Flower.

20 March 2007

Every single human incarnation
Is a God-Arrival-expectation.

21 March 2007

I do not know what to believe —
A free life or a bondage-life to live.

22 March 2007

Delight within, all-where delight,
No more covered by the shadow of night.

23 March 2007

Every day for God I sing
A new heart-song.
God Himself strikes for me
A new victory-gong.

24 March 2007

Each seeker must be divine
To keep pure his heart-shrine.

25 March 2007

A heart as white as snow
Can easily brave darkness-blow.

26 March 2007

If you want God's Victory,
Patience is the only key.

27 March 2007

My soul, my heart and I fly and fly
My Supreme's Feet to edify and glorify.

28 March 2007

When I am all alone with God's Will,
My heart becomes ecstasy's deepest thrill.

29 March 2007

My life is a longer-than-the-longest prayer
To avoid the world's wrong question
And wrong answer.

30 March 2007

Every day just pray a little more.
Soon you will be beckoned by the Golden Shore.

31 March 2007

Rise, rise, O my heart, rise
And greet my Lord's Presence-Paradise.

1 April 2007

Seekers who pray shall know no doom —
In their hearts, peace and bliss shall bloom.

2 April 2007

Heaven's highest height we can scale,
Surrender-life-boat if we can sail.

3 April 2007

Shun, shun your failure-sadness.
Enjoy your world-happiness-oneness.

4 April 2007

Never fails us, God's Hour.
Invoke God's Compassion-Shower!

5 April 2007

Our kneeling prayers shall bring us God's Light
To conquer the strength of ignorance-night.

6 April 2007

Always my heart depends on Grace
When I increase my devotion-pace.

7 April 2007

My only goal:
To please my soul.

8 April 2007

Your life is bound to rise
When you are all sacrifice.

9 April 2007

Bravely I run towards my Destination
Without a moment's hesitation.

10 April 2007

O my mind, you are ready for jail.
God's Heart can never be for sale.

11 April 2007

The fulfilment of God's Vision:
On earth my single mission.

12 April 2007

Never to touch ignorance-plough:
This is my brave hero-vow.

13 April 2007

My Lord measures my depth and height
Before He descends with His unbounded Light.

14 April 2007

My earth-life knows no fear
When God is very dear.

15 April 2007

My step-by-step progress
Is my Lord's Wish express.

16 April 2007

Needed: immense receptivity
To satisfy Divinity.

17 April 2007

My ancient friend is my Lord's Eye.
Alas, my modern friend is my bondage-tie.

18 April 2007

My life shall no longer roam.
At last I am now in my Lord's Heart-Home.

19 April 2007

Aspiration-cries fly faster than the fastest.
Devotion-songs are sweeter than the sweetest.

20 April 2007

God feeds on my devotion-tears.
My heart feeds on God's Smile-Cheers.

23 June 2007

There is no time
When God's Eye is not looking.
There is no time
When God's Heart is not caring.

24 June 2007

There is no time
When God is not dreaming.
There is no time
When God's Life is not guiding.

25 June 2007

Each good thought radiates.
Each wrong thought vindicates.

26 June 2007

My Lord gives me His All
When I am ready to be His doll.

27 June 2007

My days and nights have only one dream:
Self-givingly I must fulfil my Supreme.

28 June 2007

My life I must properly direct
Each moment to please God, perfect.

29 June 2007

Hesitation is a hostile problem dire;
Therein a life of all-consuming fire.

30 June 2007

For God I will do anything:
Alas, am I not all joking?

1 July 2007

The Light descends, the Light,
To prove that God is all Delight.

2 July 2007

Obedience is the road,
Eagerness is the traveller,
Gratitude is the guide,
Surrender is the God-fulfilled Hour.

3 July 2007

I have tried, I have tried —
Delight can never be described.

4 July 2007

Anything I say about God is my enlightenment.
Anything I say about myself is an overstatement.

5 July 2007

In my entire life, I dare to say, I dare,
Nothing is possible without my Lord's Heart-Care.

6 July 2007

I am my selfless preparation
To please God on each occasion.

7 July 2007

Ecstasy was my journey's start.
I am destined to be a God-fulness-heart.

8 July 2007

God can be seen, God can be seen.
Prayerfully allow Him your life to spin.

9 July 2007

My vision is a vision of loveliness.
My reality is a reality of sweet oneness.

10 July 2007

The more I give up my life of pleasures,
The sooner I shall enjoy God-smiling treasures.

11 July 2007

Continue with your love, devotion and surrender —
God Himself will take you to His Golden Harbour.

12 July 2007

I am my soul-beauty's blue-gold sky;
In the vastness of God's Victory I fly.

13 July 2007

God's Compassion blossoms
All my divine qualities.
God tells me that they are
My Heaven-climbing realities.

14 July 2007

God-Touch immortalises;
Man-touch demoralises.

15 July 2007

God beckons me to take away
My life's fears.
God beckons me to wipe away
My heart-tears.

16 July 2007

To feel at home with God,
Surrender is the only way.
Not my will but God's Will-fulfilment
Night and day.

17 July 2007

A happy life of God-fulfilment am I;
Therefore my heart and I always fly.

18 July 2007

Life is a great balance
Of sorrow and joy.
To make us perfect,
God's Concern-Eyes them employ.

19 July 2007

A Heaven-climber my heart is —
My Lord Supreme in this way to please.

20 July 2007

Delight, delight, absolute delight —
When I transcend my yesterday's height.

21 July 2007

The mind is an ill-fated road.
Here life, heavy-burdened, we can never unload.

22 July 2007

Be careful of your self-doubts, be careful!
They force you to study in life-torture-school.

23 July 2007

My life enjoys
God's Beauty-Garden-Flowers
Because my heart and I repeat

God's Name at all hours.

24 July 2007

In my inner life I do die
When for God I do not dive.

25 July 2007

The mind is terribly afraid
Of God's Hour;
The mind is never to be found
Near God's Grace-Tower.

26 July 2007

My Lord's Concern-Heart and Hands —
Both are my life's only real friends.

27 July 2007

Immediately lock the mind-door —
Open the heart-gate wide!
God will quickly come to you
And give you a Heavenly ride.

28 July 2007

This moment is the right moment
To feel God's special Presence.
This moment is the right moment
For my self-transcendence.

29 July 2007

Sunlight-power I admire;
Moonlight-beauty I desire.

30 July 2007

God's Love is in the fullest measure.
Delay not — treasure it, treasure!

31 July 2007

If disobedience is given a free rein,
This world will suffer from untold pain.

1 August 2007

I am God's Compassion-skill.
My success gives God an immense thrill.

2 August 2007

To be all the time spiritually smart,
I must start with a receptivity-heart.

3 August 2007

Earth-touch is painful;
Heaven-Touch is blissful.

4 August 2007

My mind-prayer is my God-curiosity.
My heart-prayer is my God-necessity.

5 August 2007

Nature gives us pleasure.
Nature is God's treasure.

6 August 2007

My perfection-dream is a God-given Will.
My perfection-reality is God's Summit-Thrill.

7 August 2007

O rise and rise and rise, my will-power!
I wish to bask in the sunshine of God's Hour.

8 August 2007

God's Play is the unfoldment-vision;
Sleepless, it needs no intermission.

9 August 2007

On earth, the soul loves silence.
In Heaven, the soul is radiance.

10 August 2007

A mind-freedom-thought is dangerous.
A heart-peace-thought is most precious.

11 August 2007

Surrender needs no reminder.
Surrender is a swift God-finder.

12 August 2007

Certain blunders must never be made —
Alas, from our hearts they will never fade.

13 August 2007

My Lord shows me His brightest Radiance
When my life is sleepless obedience.

14 August 2007

My shoulder-burdens are lifted
By my Lord Supreme —
This is absolutely true
And not my idle dream.

15 August 2007

An eternal Truth sublime:
No human being can own Time.

16 August 2007

Being unkind is, alas, the mind's speciality.
Being kind is the heart's God-pleasing reality.

17 August 2007

When my gratitude-heart-room
Is all clearance,
God comes and smiles
In His full Appearance.

18 August 2007

My Compassion-Lord comes down blessingfully.
My mind blinds my heart-eye forcefully.

19 August 2007

I am gathering all my
My Lord is collecting all His
Dream-fulfilled Realities.

20 August 2007

Alas, there are many empty seats
On the peace-train.
Poor God beckons the world-citizens
In vain.

21 August 2007

The mind enjoys heavy layers of doubt;
Alas, how can happiness-seeds ever sprout?

22 August 2007

I am my life's God-search-director;
I have eliminated my mind-traitor.

23 August 2007

I live in God's Heart-Home.
No more, no more do I roam.

24 August 2007

To seek God's Compassion-Eye,
Far away is the wrong way.
He is near, very near —
With me eager to play.

16 September 2007

Although, although I am a stark fool,
God wants me to study in His Heart-School.

17 September 2007

Although you are a great friend
Of falsehood,
God is determined to make you
Kind, great and good.

18 September 2007

The whole world knows that I am not wise at all,
Yet my Lord Supreme is making my life-tree very tall.

19 September 2007

Fear not the inner life, within dive;
Your outer life will unimaginably thrive.

20 September 2007

Life is beautiful when God we need.
Life is perfect when God we feed.

21 September 2007

Imagination runs to aspiration.
Aspiration flies to realisation.

22 September 2007

Nothing ultimately ends in despair —
God's Compassion-Eye is beyond compare.

23 September 2007

My Lord, I need Your sharpest Lance
To destroy my long-lasting ignorance-dance.

24 September 2007

My goal, my goal, my only goal:
To climb up my silence-role.

25 September 2007

In ignorance-forest I shall no more roam.
I am beckoned to my soul's Sun-flooded home.

26 September 2007

I have buried the stark darkness
Of my past.
In God's Wisdom-flooded Heart-Home,
I shall forever last.

27 September 2007

I am crawling like an infant
Towards my Lord Supreme.
At long last I shall fulfil
My Lord's choicest Dream.

28 September 2007

My aspiration-heart
Is breathlessly in rapture —
In the blue-vast sky
It has seen God's Signature.

29 September 2007

May each and every God-experience
Descend from Above
To make my dedication-life
God's fondest dove.

30 September 2007

Today what we need
Is a new aspiration.
Tomorrow what we shall need
Is God-manifestation.

1 October 2007

The doubting mind sighs and sighs and sighs.
The aspiring heart flies and flies and flies.

2 October 2007

Poor mind —
It talks incessantly,
It thinks unnecessarily.

3 October 2007

When desire-possession starts,
We lose our aspiration-hearts.

4 October 2007

Hope, hope!
Never give up hope.
The day will come for you —
There will be no ignorance-rope.

5 October 2007

A sincerity-heart I forever need,
Every day my Supreme Lord to feed.

6 October 2007

Ignorance-night I ever strike, again and again,
To regain my Lord's Light-Kingdom, regain.

7 October 2007

The heart is close to God
Because it tries and cries.
The mind is far from God
Because it denies and defies.

8 October 2007

I am all thrill, all thrill!
My God-obedience is my only will.

9 October 2007

Stop the roar of your desire-mind!
God's Compassion-Eye you are bound to find.

10 October 2007

Where is my aspiration-height?
It is in my dedication-delight.

11 October 2007

Get ready to pray to the Lord Supreme.
Stop your mind's absurd hallucination-dream.

12 October 2007

With ignorance-night I no longer dine,
To embark on God's Compassion-Boat divine.

13 October 2007

I revolt against my fate
To reach my Lord's Home-Gate.

14 October 2007

God-existence becomes sure and sure
When our faith in God grows more and more.

15 October 2007

The aspiration-heart is the divine choice
To hear our Lord Supreme's Voice.

16 October 2007

When I climb up to the top
Of the aspiration-tree,
My life swims across
The meditation-sea.

17 October 2007

Finally I am liberated from the tyranny
Of my doubting thoughts.
I have destroyed my mind's
All-thickest noughts.

18 October 2007

Two things every day I do:
I swim in God's Compassion-Ocean;
Ignorant deeds I vehemently shun.

19 October 2007

In God's Heaven-Light forever to last,
We must discard our worst distrust.

20 October 2007

Cast aside your mind's distrust-clay
To enjoy God's Feast every day.

21 October 2007

To envision God's Beauty
All the time in all
Is to become in the inner world
Instantly tall, very tall.

22 October 2007

Alas, we cannot join
In God's Cosmic Game.
Our cherished ignorance-night
Has to take the full blame.

23 October 2007

O my mind, be stretched not!
By God's Will you will be caught.

24 October 2007

When God beckons,
Run, run, run!
Your cosmic play is done.

25 October 2007

In vain, ignorance-night tries to kill Light.
Light is God's Darling-Delight.

26 October 2007

God-obedience-boat never fails.
It sails to the Golden Shore, it sails.

27 October 2007

Wait a while, wait a while —
You are bound to see God's Blessing-Smile.

28 October 2007

Obedience, obedience, obedience:
The key to self-transcendence.

29 October 2007

God nears us, God nears,
When He sees the flow of our tears.

30 October 2007

Heart-climbers shall scale
The summit-height.
Mind-climbers shall plumb
The darkest night.

31 October 2007

My heart thrives on God's Nearness,
And I thrive on God's Forgiveness.

1 November 2007

Alas, my whole body has started to decay.
But I am so happy that every day
My Lord is getting younger day by day.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

These uniquely charming and supremely wise rhymed poems were written by Sri Chinmoy between October 2005 and October 2007. They were originally published as weekly cards illustrated with his bird drawings, and were placed in many shops to be given free to customers.

On 31 May 2006, Sri Chinmoy said of this series, "When these poems come out in book form, I will put them in perfect metre. Now I am more interested in rhyme, but in a few months when we publish them, I will put them in perfect and perfect metre."

Sri Chinmoy ultimately did not have the opportunity to review these poems, so they are reproduced here as they were first printed, with minor corrections.

There were no poems from 21 April to 22 June 2007 and from 25 August to 14 September 2007.

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