I am my life's God-hunger-heart, part 4

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I am
My life's


Only by bringing the positive qualities,
And not even one negative quality,
Of human beings to the fore
Will this world be able to make
Abiding progress.


In the long run
It is the haters of mankind,
Not the lovers of mankind,
Who will be the really miserable losers.


When I sincerely pray
And soulfully meditate,
I feel that I am only
A mere instrument.
There is a higher Power
That is coming to help me,
And that higher Power
Is God's Grace.


When we pray and meditate,
We are not taking away
God's Strength;
Only we are establishing
A free access
To everything God has and is.


We have so many friends
Within us and around us.
It is we who have to accept the world,
Not as our enemy
But as our true, illumining
And fulfilling friend.


Look only at the bright side.
The bright side means
To have implicit faith in ourselves
And in others
And to feel oneness-light
And fulness-delight.


The answer to the problems
Of this world
Is for every one of us
To go far beyond
Our present capacity-boundary
And become better citizens
Of the world.


Contemplation is something
Far beyond the vastness
Of meditation.
Contemplation is God-oneness itself.


In your absolutely best meditation,
Your entire being offers itself
To the Supreme —
Your soul with its illumination,
Your heart with its aspiration,
Your mind with its clarity,
Your vital with its determination,
Your body with its alertness.


Once we have peace,
We feel that
We have everything
In the outer world
And we have become everything
In the inner world.


We have to gratefully help
The inner world —
The world that wants to supply us
With the light, joy, peace and oneness
Of the Beyond —
To come to the fore.


In this world we are all
Running after satisfaction.
He gets satisfaction
By doubting me.
I get satisfaction
Because God's Grace is acting
In and through me.


If I become a better person,
Mother-Earth will be so happy
Since She will be blessed
With one less undivine
And unproductive soul.


When we allow the doubting mind
To come forward,
Our imagination-bird's wings
Are clipped
And its flight is all over.


At your journey's start,
Have a pure mind,
A receptive heart
And a willing life
To surrender to God's Will
To expedite your journey.


Every day we have to go
To our heart-garden
To see a beautiful inspiration-rose —
Not yesterday's rose-beauty
But today's rose-divinity.


Your heart and your life
Must know
What prayer and meditation are.
Prayer and meditation
Are the Life-Breath of God.


We have to believe in a higher Power.
Only by believing in a higher Power
Can we go beyond and beyond
Our limited, human capacity.


In my case,
It is not a matter of decision;
It is a matter of obedience.
I simply listen to the dictates
Of my Inner Pilot.


Just a little
Of the soul's illumination
Washes away
All the undivine things you have done
Over an untold period of time.


In the spiritual life
There is no rest.
Either we have to go forward
Or nature will force our unaspiring life
To go backwards.


Do not allow your mind
To take your heart
Out of the soul's faith-garden
Into the mind's doubt-forest.


Dive deep within.
What more do you need to accomplish,
As long as God is inside your heart
And you are inside God's Heart?


Your cheerful joy
Is the expression
Of your gratitude-heart
To your Inner Pilot.


Gratitude is something very sweet
That makes you feel
Your whole existence has offered
Something great and precious to God.


Many will come and many will go.
But why do you have to be
One of those who leave God?
Can you not be one with your heart
For God-embodiment and God-fulfilment?


Cultivate your heart's oneness with God
And you will see:
Life is not a mere dream;
Life is not a tragic error;
Life is a touch of magic —
Miracle after miracle.


Do not reject the doubting mind.
Make your mind clear and pure;
Teach it to think positively.
Your mind will eventually become
A real help to you.


Peace will take you
Closer to God.
Bliss will keep you
In God.


Because of our wild human nature,
We need God's Forgiveness
At every moment.
We cannot move an inch forward
Without having
God's Forgiveness-Heart.


Heaven is around us
When we meditate.
And when we do not meditate,
Everywhere is hell.


He barks and barks
At his spiritual children.
But inwardly
They see a fountain of peace
And an ocean of love.


You are not valuing
Your Heavenly Father's spiritual wealth.
What are you valuing?
Your lethargy-idleness-ignorance-tree.


Life is expectation,
And expectation can be either
Illumination or frustration.
There is practically no difference
In the eyes of a God-realised soul.


Feel at every moment
That you have a few new names:
Cheerfulness, soulfulness, devotedness,
Closeness and oneness.
These names will satisfy God
Far beyond your imagination.


A new wave of opportunity,
A new wave of determination,
A new wave of satisfaction
God wishes to see
In each of His seeker-children.


While practising meditation soulfully,
Remember that
The heart of regularity-joy
Makes us perfect.


O seeker, dive deep within.
Inside peace
Is our Perfection-Lord Supreme.
Inside oneness
Is our Satisfaction-Lord Supreme.


I will always prefer my inner school,
For the Teacher is none other than
My Lord Supreme.


Who says
Meditation is a lack of activity?
On the contrary,
Meditation intensifies activity
In a divine way.


Increases life's intensity
And shows us life's true purpose.


When we meditate before we act,
We get satisfaction
Because we know we are working
Not for ourselves,
But for our Inner Pilot.


Not to value God's Compassion-Light
And God's Justice-Height
Is to make a serious blunder.


Every day try to sing
At least one obedience-song
To love and please God
In His own Way.


The life-breath
Of spirituality-hunger
Is obedience.


My Beloved Lord Supreme,
So many of your choice instruments
Have failed, failed badly.

"My child,
There is only one answer
And that answer is disobedience,
Inner and outer disobedience."


To transcend
Our heart-capacities
Means to transcend
Our life-qualities.
Capacity and quality must go together.


For many years, my Beloved Supreme,
You have brought into my inner life
Your boundless Compassion, Concern,
Affection, Love and Blessings.
Yet far beyond my own imagination,
I continue to disappoint You.


Call it obedience
Or call it oneness,
But try to feel the necessity
Of listening to your own highest self.

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