Garden of love-light, part 1

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Ami Gahi Gan Tumi Gaha Bale

Ami gahi gan tumi gaha bale
Tumi haso bale hasi
Banshari bajao hriday gabhire
Taito hayechhi banshi
Tumi je amar ami je tomar
Ei mor parichoy
Eka dhare tumi janaka janani
Chinmoyi chinmoy


I sing because You sing.
I smile because You smile.
Because You play on the flute,
I have become Your flute.
You play in the depths of my heart.
You are mine, I am Yours.
This is my sole identification.
In one form You are my Mother and Father eternal;
And Consciousness-Moon,
Consciousness-Sun all-pervading.

Alo Alo Alo Mukti Shikha Jwalo

Alo alo alo
Mukti shikha jwalo
Alo alo alo
Kripa sindhu dhalo
Alo alo alo
Amaratar bhalo
Alo alo alo
Laho amar kalo


O Light of the Supreme, O Light of the Supreme,
O Light of the Supreme!
Kindle the flame of Liberation within me.
Pour down the ocean of Compassion
into my heart.
You are Immortality’s Divinity.
Accept my darkness, bondage, ignorance
and death.

Asha Nadi Asha Nadi

Asha nadi asha nadi
Dure dure bahu dure
Ajanar shesh simanai
Niye chalo more


O Hope-River,
Carry me to the ultimate Beyond
Of Infinity Unknown.

Premaloker Kanane Nirabatar Swapane

Premaloker kanane
Nirabatar swapane
Ogo chira sundara
E hiya alingane


In the garden of Love-Light,
In silence-dream,
O Beauty Eternal!
This heart of mine is in Your embrace.

Chup Chup Chup

Chup chup chup chup chup chup
Hiyar majhe jwalichhe aji rupantarer dhup
Chup chup chup chup chup chup
Dyulok bhulok asim sasim mage amar rup


Silence, silence, silence!
Inside my heart is burning today
The incense of transformation.
Silence, silence, silence!
Heaven and earth, the Infinite and the finite
Are begging for my Transcendental Form.

Tomar Adesh Shunbo Ami Shunbo

Tomar adesh shunbo ami shunbo
Tomar nabhe urbo ami urbo
Tumi amar chira apan
Tumi amar hiyar ratan
Ashru sathe kandbo rate
Alor sathe hasbo prate
Tomar lagi kandbo ami hasbo


I shall listen to Your Command, I shall.
In Your Sky I shall fly, I shall fly.
Eternally You are mine, my very own.
You are my heart’s wealth.
For You at night in tears I shall cry.
For You at dawn with light I shall smile.
For You, for You, Beloved, only for You.

He Karuna Sindhu Ami Taba Bindu

He karuna sindhu
Ami taba bindu
Charan tale thai
Nitya jena pai
Jani janani jani
Tomai ami hani
Ananda indu


O Ocean of Compassion,
I am Your tiniest drop.
At Your Feet, my haven I always seek.
I know, Mother, I know,
You I strike, You I hurt,
O my Moon of Light-Delight.

Bedanare Bhule Jabo

Bedanare bhule jabo
Jedin tomare pabo
Andhiyar karagar
Heribona kabhu ar
E jiban tiyashar
Amrita parabar
Tomar charane pabo


All my heart’s pangs I shall forget
The day I get You as my own.
The prison of tenebrous gloom
No more shall I see within.
My life’s thirst for the Sea of Nectar-Delight
At Your Feet will, before long, be quenched.

Ore Amar Deha Ashru Nadir Geha

Ore amar deha
Ashru nadir geha
Ore amar pran
Pashan purir gan
Ore amar man
Gabhir nishar ban
Ore amar hiya
Bishwa prabhur priya


O my body,
You are the home of the river of tears.
O my vital,
You are the song of heartless city.
O my mind,
You are the forest of tenebrous night.
O my heart,
You are the love of the World-Lord.

Sure Sure Madhur Sure

Sure sure madhur sure
Aradhanar hriday pure
Shuni tomar nupur dhwani
He asimer mukut mani
Tomar giti tomar priti
Amaratar amar niti
Tomar sonar tari khani
Niye jabe amai jani


In a sweet and melodious tune, You sing
In the core of my selfless adoration supreme.
You I see, and hear the ringing
of Your ankle bells,
O Crown of infinity’s Height!
Your Song, Your Love,
Your Immortality’s immortal Law,
Will carry me, I know, I know,
To the shores of the Golden Beyond.

Bedanai Bhara Chetana Amar

Bedanai bhara chetana amar
Ghor tamasar asim pathar
Jibaner alo maraner kalo
Tomar charane ebar phuralo
Shanti sagare sudha sandhan
Peyechhe ajike trishita paran


An infinite expanse of darkness
Covers the life of my consciousness,
Filled with excruciating pangs.
The light of my life, the darkness of my death —
All, all, at Your Feet I have now exhausted.
In the sea of peace, my thirsty heart
Has discovered today Nectar-Delight.

Nayane Nayane Gopane Gopane

Nayane nayane gopane gopane
Shayane swapane madhu jagarane
Jibaner dole maraner kole
Taba prema lila amar bhubane


In secrecy supreme I see You.
You live in my eyes, in my sleep,
In my dreams, in my sweet wakefulness.
In the stupendous mirth of life,
In the abysmal lap of death,
You I behold.
Your Love-Play is my world.

Saphal Habe Swapan Amar Saphal Habe

Saphal habe swapan amar saphal habe
Samarpaner atmahutir mahotsabe
Tomar hasi tomar banshi
Bijoy ketan amar chetan
Amar bhabe nachbe
Jani amar bhabe


My dream will be fulfilled
In the great festival of my surrender’s
Your Smile, Your Flute,
Your Banner, Your Consciousness-Light,
In my world shall dance,
I know, I know.

Bandhana Bandhana Bandhana

Bandhana bandhana bandhana
Krandana krandana krandana
Spandana spandana spandana
Ranjana ranjana ranjana
Syandana syandana syandana
Mohana mohana mohana


Bondage, bondage, bondage!
Cry, cry, cry!
Thrill, thrill, thrill!
Delight, delight, delight!
Chariot, chariot, chariot!
Charm, charm, charm!
Eternity’s charm, Infinity’s Lustre.

Gahana Hiyar Andha Andhar Rati

Gahana hiyar andha andhar rati
Mora moder ashru nadir sathi
Moher deshe kende hese
Jwalai mora chhayar badhar bati
Bishwa moder nishwa shunya asha
Mora habo chirantaner bhasha
Asim khudha amar sudha
Mahakaler rupantarer bhati


O blind and dark night of our heart’s abyss!
We are the comrades of the river of tears.
In the clime of binding attachment,
Crying and smiling we kindle the lamp
of wild obstruction-shades.
Our world is an empty hope, destitute.
We shall be the language-message of the
Time eternal.
We shall grow into Infinite Hunger,
Infinite Nectar-Delight
And Eternity’s Transformation-Light.

Jago Amar Swapan Sathi

Jago amar swapan sathi
Jago amar praner pran
Jago amar chokher jyoti
Rishi kabi murtiman
Jago jago jago
Jago amar bishal hiya
Byapta jaha bishwamoy
Jago amar sei chetana
Bishwatite shesh ja noy
Jago jago jago
Jago amar dhyani swarup
Jago amar badha jib
Sarba jiber tandra tuti
Jago amar mukta Shib
Jago jago jago


Arise, awake, O Friend of my dream.
Arise, awake, O Breath of my life.
Arise, awake, O Light of my eyes.
O Seer-Poet in me,
Do manifest Yourself in me and through me.
Arise, awake, O vast heart within me.
Arise, awake, O consciousness of mine,
Which is always transcending the universe
And its own life of the Beyond.
Arise, awake, O Form of my meditation
Arise, awake, O bound divinity in humanity.
Arise, awake, O my heart’s Liberator, Shiva,
And free mankind from its ignorance-sleep.

Sundara Hate Sundara Tumi

Sundara hate sundara tumi
Nandana bana majhe
Nishidin jena antare mor
Tomari murati raje
Tumi chhara mor nayan andhar
Sakali mithya sakali asar
Chaudike mor bishwa bhubane
Bedanar sur baje
Pabo kigo dekha nimesher tare
Ei jibaner majhe


You are beautiful, more beautiful,
most beautiful,
Beauty unparalleled in the garden of Eden.
Day and night may Thy Image abide
in the very depths of my heart.
Without You my eyes have no vision;
Everything is an illusion, everything is barren.
All around me, within and without,
The melody of tenebrous pangs I hear.
My world is filled with excruciating pangs.
O Lord, O my beautiful Lord,
O my Lord of Beauty, in this lifetime,
even for a fleeting second,
May I be blessed with the boon to see Thy Face.

Tumi Amai Diyechho Aj

Tumi amai diyechho aj samarpaner bani
Ami tomai sanpechhi mor kusum hriday khani
Andhar rate ashru sathe
Moher karar ajanate
Simar gehe thakbona ar jani ami jani
Tumi amar jenechhi ma chirantaner rani


Today You have given me
The message of surrender.
I have offered to You my very flower-heart.
In the dark night with tears,
In the unknown prison-cell of illusion,
In the house of the finite,
No longer shall I abide.
I know You are mine.
I have known this, Mother,
O Queen of the Eternal.

Prabhu Tomar Hasi Bhalobasi

Tomar hasi bhalobasi
Tomar aghat bhalobasi
Tomar charan bhalobasi
Tomar nayan bhalobasi
Atma tomar bhalobasi
Deha tomar bhalobasi
Tomar sakal bhalobasi
Pratikhane bhalobasi
Prabhu tomai bhalobasi
Tumi amar parichoyer banshi


Your Smile I love.
Your Torture I love.
Your Feet I love.
Your Eyes I love.
Your Soul I love.
Your Body I love.
Everything that is You I love.
Every moment I love You.
O Lord Supreme, O Lord Supreme,
I love You, I love You.
You are the Flute of my existence.

Tamasa Rate Nayan Pate

Tamasa rate nayan pate
Herile jadi amar pane
Apan kare amai laho
He dayamoy karuna dane
Tomar ami abodh shishu
Ekla chali gahan pathe
Duhate more jariye dharo
Bhasiye jena na jai srote


In the dark and dense night,
You cast Your benign Eyes upon me.
Take me and make me Your very own,
Offering Your Compassion.
I am Your innocent child.
Alone do I walk on a thick, dense path.
With Your two Arms, embrace me.
Allow me not to be drowned and washed away
By the turbulent currents of life.

Ore Mor Kheya Ore Mor Neye

Ore mor kheya ore mor neye
Ore ananda bani
Niye jao mor trishita khudhita
Supta chitta khani
Mrittyu nritya heri charidhar
Dhwangsa ashani hane durbar
Ogo kandari tumi je amar
Chira asimer kripa parabar
Tomar majhare harabo amare
Jani aji ami jani


O my Boat, O my Boatman,
O message of Transcendental Delight,
Carry me. My heart is thirsty and hungry,
And it is fast asleep at the same time.
Carry my heart to the other shore.
The dance of death I see all around.
The thunder of destruction indomitable I hear.
O my Inner Pilot, You are mine.
You are the Ocean of Compassion infinite.
In You I lose myself,
My all in You I lose.

Amar Bhabana Amar Kamana

Amar bhabana amar kamana
Amar eshana amar sadhana
Tomar charane peyechhe ajike thai
Moher bandhan hiyar jatan
Timir jiban shaman shasan
Halo abasan
Nai nai ar nai


My thoughts, my desires,
My aspiration, my life’s disciplines,
Have found their haven at Your Feet today.
The bondage of tempting attachment
and pangs of the heart,
The life of darkness and the torture of death,
No more I see, no more I feel.

Jara Jabe Chale Chhale

Jara jabe chale
Chhale chhale chhale
Esechhe tader dak
Chale jak chale jak
Alor tarani khani
Niye jabe shudhu jani
Hriday gahane jara chai
Asimer amiyer hasi
Rupantarer banshi


Those who want to go with tricks
and mischievous pranks, must go.
Their call has come; let them go.
The Boat of Light of the Supreme
Will carry only those who,
In the depths of their hearts,
Want the Nectar-Smile of Infinity
And the Flute of fire-pure Transformation.

Jao Chale Jao Chale Jao

Jao chale jao chale jao
Ananda nahi tumi chao
Chaho shudhu bandhaner rup
Nahi chaho muktir dhup
Jao chale he arati ghor
Mor lagi asimer bhor


Go away, go away, go away!
You do not want Divine Delight.
You only want the beauty of bondage.
You do not want the incense-flame
of liberation.
O dark enemy, away you go!
For me the dawn of Infinity.

Rakhal Raja Rakhal Raja

Rakhal raja rakhal raja barek dekha dao
Jiban maran alik swapan ebar niye jao
Rakhal raja rakhal raja barek dekha dao
Tomar benu alor bane sangopane baje
Tomar dhenu nirabatar asim kole raje


O King of the cowherds,
O King of the cowherds,
Just once before me appear.
My life is a false dream,
My death is a false dream.
Do take them away.
O King of the cowherds,
O King of the cowherds,
Just once before me appear.
In the forest of my inner light,
In the silent depths of my heart,
I hear the soul-stirring music of Your Flute.
I see Your divine cow grazing in the lap of Infinity’s Silence.

Sundaratama Antare Mama

Sundaratama antare mama sushama bahni jwalo
Chira sundara sundara habo sundare bese bhalo
Rudra deber pralay nachan
Bhanguk sakal simar bandhan
Plaban namuk dibya jyotir alo alo alo
Andhar kandichhe alor lagiya asime basiya bhalo
Ogo simahin parane amar asimer khudha jwalo
Bindu milabe sindhu salile
Tomare nehari anale anile
Ogo sundara hiranmayer alo alo alo


O Beauty nonpareil, O Beloved,
Do burn the fire of beauty and splendour
within my heart.
By loving You, eternally beautiful I shall be.
May Lord Shiva’s destruction-dance
destroy all shackles of the finite.
May the Light of the Supreme inundate me,
my heart, my heart, my all.
Having loved the Infinite, the heart of gloom
is crying for the bloom of light.
O Life Infinite, give me the eternal hunger,
The tiniest drop will lose its raison d’etre
in the heart of the boundless ocean.
In fire and air Your Life of the Spirit I behold.
O Beauty, O Beauty’s Gold.
O Light of the Supreme!

Tumi Shudhu Bandhu Amar

Tumi shudhu bandhu amar
Tumi amar pran
Baul haye desh bideshe
Gahi jena bhalobese
Jiban bhare tomar joya gan


You are my only Friend,
You are my life.
Like a divine mendicant,
From one country to another,
May I sing a song of You
With all my love.
May I sing the Song of Your Victory
all my life.

Jibana Nadi Tire Dhire Dhire

Jibana nadi tire dhire dhire
Oi ase mor priyatama
Benu hate madhur prate oi ase
Praner jata asha jata bhalobasa
Ranga oi sri charane sanpi aji
Tomai nami


Behold, with His Flute in His Hand,
My Beloved slowly is coming to the bank of
my life-river
In today’s morning sweet.
All my life’s hopes,
All my life’s love,
To Your Power-red Feet divine I offer,
And to You I bow and bow.

Shudhu Seidin Tomai Dekhechi

Shudhu seidin tomai dekhechhi
Khelechhi tomar sane
Janma labhechhi ama dhara bukhe
Tabu achhe mor mane
Charidike shudhu
Birajichhe smriti
Tumi aj bahu dure
Kanpichhe amar
Hridayer pakhi
Barai bedan sure


O Lord Supreme, only the other day
I saw You and played with You,
Before I came into the world of ignorance-night.
Yet I remember my golden past within
and without.
Alas, far, very far, now You are.
The bird of my heart is crying and trembling
with darkest pangs.

Kalo Baran Nai Je Kanu

Kalo baran nai je Kanu jena kancha sona
Bishwa ruper rup madhuri jyoti diye bona
Amar maner kali dhele pare dekhai tare kalo
Ta nahale priya je mor shudhui ujjwal alo
Alo andhar tahar gara Kanu bishwamoy
Sabar sathe habe amar naba parichoy


My Krishna is not black,
He is pure gold.
He Himself is woven
Into the universal Beauty, Light and Splendour.
He looks dark
Because I have spilled the ink of my mind on Him.
Otherwise, my Beloved is All-Light.
He created Light and Darkness.
He is within and without the Cosmos Vast.
With this knowledge,
I will have a new acquaintance
With the world at large.

Dake Amai Dake Dake Akash Dake Batas

Dake amai dake
Dake akash dake batas dake shashi tara
Dake shyamal nibir kanan dake jharna dhara
Hasi dake ashru dake dake khina sur
Dake prabhat sandhya dake dakichhe dupur
Sabai khunje khelar sathi dake amai ai
Charidike ekiy dhwani bela baye jai


The sky calls me.
The wind calls me.
The moon and the stars call me.
The green and dense groves call me.
The dance of the fountain calls me.
Smiles call me, tears call me.
A faint melody calls me.
The morn, noon and eve call me.
Everyone is searching for a playmate;
Everyone is calling me, “Come, come!”
One voice, one sound, all around.
Alas, the Boat of Time sails on.

Shanti Shanti Hridaye Shanti

Shanti shanti hridaye shanti parane shanti raje
Chira manohar Kanur banshari dyuloke bhuloke baje
Ghor danaber hingshar chhaya
Andhar nishar agyana-maya
Hariye phelechhi amar e tanu mana prana antare
Akuti amar taba kripa nire nirabadhi santare


Peace, Peace,
Peace within my heart reigns supreme.
The soul-stirring flute of Lord Krishna
is being played
In my Heaven and on my earth.
The destruction-shadows of dark demons
And the ignorance-delusion of sombre night
Lie long-buried in the depths of my
body, mind, heart and life.
My aspiration-flames ever swim across
the expanse of Your compassion-waters.

Kalpana Go Kalpana

Kalpana go kalpana
Tumi amar bandana
Dure tomai rakhbona
Kalpana go kalpana
Mithya mohe kandbona
Kurup prane dakbona
Khudra jaye hasbona
Kalpana go kalpana
Mrityu dake jagbona
Atma ami marbona
Bhul pathe ar chalbona
Kalpana go kalpana


Imagination, O Imagination!
You are my life’s adoration.
You I shall not keep afar.
Imagination, O Imagination!
In false, binding lies I shall not cry.
I shall not welcome the life of impurity’s
With paltry victory I shall not smile and
Imagination, O Imagination!
To death’s call I shall not respond.
The soul am I, no death have I.
No more, never, shall I walk along the
wrong path.
Imagination, O Imagination!

Na Pari Tomai Bahite

Na pari tomai bahite
Na pari tomai sahite
Na pari tomai khamite
Pari shudhu hai bandhite


Carry You I cannot.
Suffer You I cannot.
Forgive You I cannot.
Alas, only bind You I can.

Sukh Chahina Man Chahina

Sukh chahina man chahina chaile pete pari
Tomar kripa pete kebal jhare chokher bari
Ei dharani hase kebal chahe amar pane
Mugdha ami hoy jena ma tomar joya gane


I do not want happiness, name and fame.
If I want them, I can get them.
What is most difficult to get is Your Compassion.
And for that I am crying, I am shedding
bitter tears.
I am not getting Your Compassion.
The world is smiling and laughing at me,
But I wish only to be enamoured of Your Victory.

Shesh Kathati Shunbe

Shesh kathati shunbe tumi ei bharashai achhi
Sukhe dukhe tomar prane nitya jena nachi
Dukher cheye sukher pira barai tibra jani
Sukher dine tomai bhule tomar prane hani


My last word You will hear:
With this hope
I still exist on earth.
Let me dance in Your Heart always,
in the nights of sorrow and in the days of joy.
I feel that the torture of happiness is more
painful than the torture of sorrow,
For when I am in joy I forget You,
I hurt Your Heart.

Je Besechhe Bhalo Ei Dharanire

Je besechhe bhalo ei dharanire
Se peyechhe shudhu byetha
Parane tahar dhelechhe abani
Kuruper malinata
Tabu nirbhoy chale sei bir
Prithir bojha niye
Ahaba ante habe upanita
Prabhur charane giye


He who has loved this world
Has only got excruciating pangs.
The world has thrown on him all ugliness,
filth, dirt and impurity.
Yet the hero marches along,
Carrying the burden of the entire world.
At the end of his teeming struggles
He will go and stand at the Feet
of the Lord Supreme.

Ar Katokal Kandbo Mago

Ar katokal kandbo mago ar katokal kandbo
Andhar ghare ekla base tomai bhalobasbo
Tumi jano gopan katha
Amar hiyar byakulata
Nitya kena kalo shaman
Prane amar kare dahan
Ar karona deri mago ar karona deri
Tumi amar bishwa mata Jishur jeman Meri


How long more shall I cry, Mother?
How long shall I cry
In a dark room alone, loving You?
You know my secret thought.
You know my heart’s eagerness.
Why does dark death torture me every day?
How long will You delay, Mother?
How long will You delay?
As Jesus had Mary,
So are You my World-Mother.

Tumi Sundara Purushottama

Tumi sundara purushottama
Ami je tomar das
Tomar bijoye amar bijoy
Ananta ullas
Tomare janite asim jatana
Labhechhe e pran jani
Tai ami hai abhiman ban
Tomar bakkhe hani
Bhranti mukta chinta lupta
Nahi kona abhilash
Ogo aparup ami je tomar
Amiya karuna das


You are beautiful, O Being Absolute;
I am Your slave.
In Your Victory is my victory,
My endless rapture.
My heart has suffered
infinite pangs to know You.
Therefore, I hurl the arrows of my sulk-venom
at Your Heart.
Freed from errors, thought abolished,
No desire have I now.
O Beauty Transcendental,
I am the slave of Your Nectar-Compassion.

Swadhin Ami Amar Prane Sabar Kachhe

Swadhin ami amar prane sabar kachhe das
Purna ami parane mor sabar upahas
Ei abanir byetha jani barai piradayi
Agyanatar andhar nishai sabai shajyashayi


I am independent, I am all free in my heart.
But at the same time I am everybody’s slave.
I am infinite, I am complete in my heart.
But everybody laughs at me, ridicules me.
The torture of this world is most hurtful.
Not only I, but all are bedridden
In the night of ignorance.

Nai Je Kichui Nai

Nai je kichhui nai
Dekhabar mato shunabar mato
Nai je kichhui nai
Sadhan bhajan dhyan aradhan
Nai je kichhui nai
Charidike achhe shudhu hahakar
Dhuli kardama chhai
Bishai basana swalpe tushti
Nai je kichhui nai


I have nothing.
I have nothing to show or tell.
I have no spirituality, no worship,
No meditation, no adoration;
Only around me are inner pangs and
Dust, clay and ash.
I am satisfied with the world of
matter and desire.
I am compelled to be satisfied with little,
very little.
I have nothing.

Ekti Katha Ekti Sur Eki Jhankar

Ekti katha ekti sur eki jhankar
Nam dhare ke dakchhe jena amai barebar
Kothai achhi kothai jabo nai jena thikena
Ghumer ghare karchhi shudhu ami becha kena
Kata bhangi katai gari katai kari asha
Hiya khani dhekechhe mor andhar sarbanasha
Alor pakhi alor pakhi abar eso phire
Jyotir dhara bahan kare namo amar shire
Dak ditechho urdhe jete jabo keman kare
Bandhi je mor paran khani ekti andhar ghare
Alor pakhi alor pakhi alor pakhi alo
Prane amar rekhona ar ektu andhar kalo


One thought, one tune, one resonance:
Who calls me ever and anon?
I know not where I am,
I know not whither I shall go.
In dark amnesia,
Myself I buy, myself I sell.
All I break; again, all I build.
All I hope to be mine, mine alone.
Alas, my heart is eclipsed by dark and wild
O Bird of Light, O Bird of Light,
With your glowing and flowing flames
do enter into my heart once again.
You are calling me to climb up and fly into
the blue,
But how can I?
My heart is in prison in the strangled breath
of a tiny room.
O Bird of Light, O Bird of Light,
O Bird of Light Supreme,
In me, I pray, keep not an iota of gloom.

Bharat Dulal Bharat Dulali

Bharat dulal Bharat dulali
Jagichhe abar agni mantre
Oi je bajichhe Bharat mayer
Abahan giti gabhira mandre
Nikhil janabe Bharate pranati
Bajibe Bharata bijay danka
Agni pujari jyotir senani
Duribo amara bishwa shanka
Bharat Bharat e maha Bharate
Rajibe achire charama shanti
Mitthya dainya pabe samapti
Bharat hridaye phutibe kanti


The sons and daughters of India are arising again
with incantation-fire.
The deep and sonorous notes are being played
to invoke Mother India.
To India the world shall offer its salutation.
Once again India’s Victory shall be proclaimed.
We are the soldiers of light and the worshippers of
the fire-god.
Away we shall chase world-fear.
India! India! In this great land of Mother India,
Before long the Peace of the Beyond
shall reign supreme.
Falsehood and emptiness forever shall end.
Beauty’s light and delight shall blossom, grow
and sport
In the love of India’s heart.

Aghat Hani Bare Bare

Aghat hani bare bare tader komal prane
Tabu ase dake amai bhalobasar gane
Jatai tader dure theli tatai apan hoy
He bidhata amar majhe tader hauk joy


I hurt them mercilessly;
Their soft and delicate hearts I hurt,
I strike.
But they come back to me again and again
With the song of love.
The further I throw them out of my
The closer they come to me.
O Lord Supreme,
May their victory alone be proclaimed
in my heart.

Amar Sakal Asha Churna Kare

Amar sakal asha churna kare
Dao shudhu ma ekti asha
Samarpaner majhe jena
Labhi tomar mauna bhasha
Shanta habo purna habo
Tomar mukta nabhe
Hiya pakhi nache aji
Alor mahotsabe


Break asunder all my hopes,
Only keep one hope,
And that hope is to learn
The language of Your inner Silence
In my utter, unconditional surrender.
In Your clear and free Sky I shall be calm
and perfect.
The bird of my heart is dancing today
in the festival of supernal Light.

Tomar Hasi Dekhte Giye

Tomar hasi dekhte giye pelam ami byetha
Kichhui mago nahi pelam jyoti nirabata
Jogyata nai tai bujhi ma raho dure dure
Tumi bina sabi timir amar manas pure


I went to see Your Smile,
But I got only sorrow, suffering, blows
from You.
I have got nothing, no light, no silence in me.
It seems I don’t deserve anything.
That is why You are far, very far.
But I wish to tell You that without You
My life is a barren desert;
It is all darkness.

Hari Jadi Ma Tor Kache Seito Amar Joy

Hari jadi ma tor kachhe seito amar joy
Tor hate ma ja diyechhi ta shudhu sanchoy
Ar baki sab mulya bihin kebal apabyoy
Piradayi pather bojha kajer kichhui noy
Atmagyaner pare amar tor kachhe ma har
Hale jani pabo ami shreshtha puraskar


Mother, if I lose to You,
That is my only victory.
Whatever I have given into Your Hands,
Is my only savings.
To me, the rest is of no value, a mere waste,
And it only tortures me and stands as
a burden on my way.
I cannot put it to use.
When I lose to You,
After I have achieved my full realisation,
I know, my greatest reward I shall receive.


Jatri jatri jatri jatri jatri
Mora bidhatar asimer patha jatri
Badhar duar bhengechhi ebar
Ghor tamasar abachetanar
Chira durbar mrityu bhitir ratri
Dakichhe tarani alor bhorer
Bhaba kandari premer dorer
Mukti dishari maha ajanar sindhu
Pijush desher paran jiniya
Param prabhur pataka bahiya
Phiribo amara rupantarer bindu


We are the Pilgrims of the Lord Supreme
on the Path of Infinity.
At this time we have broken asunder
Obstruction’s door;
We have broken asunder the Night of
tenebrous darkness, inconscience
and the eternal, indomitable fear of death.
The Boat of the Supernal Light’s Dawn
is beckoning us
And the World-Pilot of the hallowed bond
of Love Divine is beckoning us.
The Liberator’s Hands are drawing us
to the Ocean of the Great Unknown.
Having conquered the Life-Breath of the
Land of Immortality,
And carrying aloft the Banner of the
Lord Supreme,
We shall return: we, the drops and flames
of Transformation-Light.

Bidai Bela Hiyar Khela

Bidai bela hiyar khela
Ebar suru habe
Premer nishan urbe aji
Bandhan hara nabhe
Rabi shashi amar chetan
Asimatar gopan ratan
Bishwa prabhur charana khani
Dur amarar ashish bani
Mukti plaban sudha niloy
Jukta moder bhabe


It is farewell-time.
The play of the heart will now begin.
The banner of Divine Love will fly today
In the boundless sky.
The sun, the moon,
The deathless consciousness,
Infinity’s secret wealth,
The World-Lord’s very Feet,
Far Heaven’s Blessing-Message,
The flood of liberation,
The Abode of Divine Nectar,
All will be united in the heart of our world.