Garden of love-light, part 3

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Laho Anjali Mor

Laho anjali mor
Abachetanar ghor
Laho abhipsa mor
Basanar moha-ghor
Laho hema-asha mor
Chira sandeha chor


Take my heart’s soulful offering
and my stark inconscience.
Take my aspiration-flame
and the cord of my binding desires.
Take my golden hope
and my doubt-thief eternal.

Tomar Sabi Bhalo

Tomar sabi bhalo
Amar sabi kalo
Tomar sabi joy
Amar sabi khoy
Tomar sabi ankhi
Amar sabi phanki


Everything of Yours is good and divine.
Everything of mine is dark and undivine.
Everything of Yours is Victory-Light.
Everything of mine is destruction-night.
Everything of Yours is supernal Vision.
Everything of mine is earthly deception.

Phanki Diye Tomai Ami

Phanki diye tomai ami hate chahi baro
Tai bujhi ma kripa kare amai nahi dharo
Phanki deowa madhur nahe barai piradayi
Swarup bhule mitthya krore e pran shajyashayi


On the lap of falsehood, deceiving You,
I want to become great.
Is that the reason why, Mother,
You do not hold me with Your
boundless Compassion?
Deceiving is not a sweet thing; it is full of pain.
Forgetting my soul-reality, my heart
lies on the lap of falsehood.

Kanta Bane Ghure Berai

Kanta bane ghure berai chaudike mor kanta
Jiban nadir jowar je nai shudhui heri bhata
Shunya chitta purna habe tomar dake jani
Nirbhaye tai sakal byatha amar buke tani


I roam in the forest of thorns:
thorns all around.
My life-river has no high tide;
low ebb it always has.
This empty heart of mine will be filled
with Your Call, I know.
Therefore, dauntless I draw into my heart
all sufferings.

Aro Byatha Keman Kare (1)

Aro byatha keman kare sahi balo mago
Tumi jadi hiya majhe kabhu nahi jago
Jani amar dukher nishar habe abasan
Twara eso mago tomai dake chapal pran


Come, Mother, come.
Mother, how can I endure more sufferings,
tell me,
If You never awaken within my heart?
I know that one day the night of my sorrows
will come to an end.
O Mother, come quickly.
My restless heart is calling You.

Subishal Haye Hate Paro

Subishal haye hate paro chhoto ki habe ta jene mor
Shudhu jena jani tumi je amar tumi hriday bhor
Unmad se je buddhir bale je tomare pete chai
Man buddhir atite je tumi se satya bhule jai


You are vast and infinite, yet You can become
very tiny.
What do I gain by knowing this?
I only wish to know from You that You are mine
and You are the dawn of my heart.
He is insane who wants to achieve You with the
reasoning mind.
Far beyond the domain of the mind and the
intellect, You abide.
He knows not this truth sublime.

Dukhero Rajani Pohabena Jani

Dukhero rajani pohabena jani tabu kari michha asha
Parane amar hasichhe kebal danab sarbanasha
Tumi kripamoy ei bhebe toma pujichhe niyata jara
Tara shudhu pabe amulya dhan bhangibe mrityu kara


I know the night of suffering will not end,
Yet I cherish false hopes.
Inside my heart is smiling the demon of
You are all Compassion.
Thinking this, those who worship You
Will definitely get Your unique Wealth
And break asunder the prison of death.

Ja Kichu Jabar Jabe

Ja kichhu jabar jabe
Tabu kena kandi hai
Dibanishi bedanai
Ja kichhu pabar pabo
Chahi ar nahi chahi
Tabu ananda nahi


Whatever is to go will go.
Alas, why do I weep
Day and night in excruciating pangs?
Whatever is to be achieved I shall achieve,
Whether I want it or not,
Yet no joy have I.

Amare Diyecho Dinatar Bojha

Amare diyechho dinatar bojha tumi chira subishal
Simahin haye mor lagi tumi srijiyachho moha jal
Lalate amar ashesh jatana tumi anandamoy
Shamaner bhiti dhelechho e prane tumi chira nirbhoy


You have given me the burden of poverty,
Although You are the eternal Strength Infinite.
Being boundless, You have created for me
the binding attachment-net.
Ceaseless pangs flow across my forehead;
You are Delight Infinite.
The fear of death You have poured into my heart,
and You remain eternally fearless.

Chinta Amar Amai Kare

Chinta amar amai kare jagat sera bir
Prane ane mukti hasi bishwa bidhatrir
Sabar majhe chahi jakhan pete amar tai
Ek nimeshe sabar adham haye ami jai


My thoughts make me the greatest hero
of the world.
In my heart is the smile of liberation from
the Mother of Universe.
When I want to affirm my supremacy over
all human beings,
In a twinkling, I become worse than the worst.

Ghrina Jato Kari Amai Keuto Karena

Ghrina jato kari amai keuto karena
Bhalo jato basi amai keuto basena
Bhalobasa ghrina majhe jiban bina nitya baje
Alo andhar chaudike mor keuto chahena
Hiya pakhi sabare chai keuto asena


Nobody hates me the way I hate myself.
Nobody loves me the way I love myself.
Inside the heart of love and hatred,
the vina of my life plays.
Around me are light and darkness.
Nobody wants them.
The bird of my heart wants everyone,
but nobody comes, nobody responds.

Kalpana Diye Je Kare Srijan Bhabishyater

Kalpana diye je kare srijan bhabishyater byatha
Kemane se pabe e jibane kabhu madhumoy nirabata
Jaha achhe sathe taha amader jaha nai lagibena
E gopan katha je manab jane se je kabhu kandibena


He who creates through imagination future pain,
How will he get, in this lifetime, ambrosial silence?
Whatever we have is ours.
Whatever we do not have, we do not need.
He who knows this silent message will never cry.

Sabai Ase Amar Kache Sabai More Chai

Sabai ase amar kachhe sabai more chai
Sabar prane sanpi ami tomar ranga pai
Tumi jano dainya amar kothai amar bhul
Sabai bhabe mahat ami ami jani tumi amar kul


Everybody comes to me, everybody wants me.
At Your lotus-red Feet I offer everyone.
You know where my poverty lies,
You know where my mistake is.
Everybody knows that I am great,
But I know that You are my only Shore.

Tomar Lagi Kandena Pran Tai Bujhi Pai

Tomar lagi kandena pran tai bujhi pai byatha
Na chahile daona bujhi shanti nirabata
Ke cheyechhe tomar kachhe ke chahite pare
Kripa kare diyechho sab bhalobaso jare


My heart does not cry for You, do I therefore
get pain?
Is it true that You do not give peace and silence
without being invoked?
Who has invoked and who can seek?
It is through Compassion that You have given
everything to him whom You love.

Hiya Chale Jai Ati Druta Bege Tanu

Hiya chale jai ati drutabege tanu chale ati dhire
Tanur lagiya hiyar chinta kebal takai phire
Tanu hese koy jao tumi chale samoy jakhan habe
Moreo bidhata dibe darashan e jiban kalarabe


The heart is running very fast,
But the body is running very slowly.
The heart worries about the body; it looks behind.
The body smilingly says, “'Run at your own speed.
When the time comes, the Lord will present
Himself before me in this life of turmoil.”

Sab Asha Mor Churna Halo Purna Habar

Sab asha mor churna halo purna habar age
Taito kandi nirab bhashai barai anurage
Byatha diye tripti pabe e bhebechho prabhu
Bhul kare o tomai ami bhulbona je kabhu


All my hopes are broken into pieces before
they are fulfilled.
Therefore I cry in silent language, with
devoted eagerness.
By torturing me You will get satisfaction.
O Lord, this is what You think.
Even through oversight I shall never go to You.

Jibana Samare Akula Parane Kata

Jibana samare akula parane kata shatabar dekechhi
Darashana taba pai nai kabhu britha shudhu mago kendechhi
Ashesh jatana ashesh bedana sahibare dao shakati
Tumi na janale swarup tomar kemane janabo bhakati


In the battlefield of life I have invoked You
With an eager heart hundreds of times,
yet I have not seen You even once.
In vain I have been crying, Mother.
Give me the strength to bear endless sorrows
and endless pangs.
If You do not show me Your Soul-Form,
how can I offer You my heart’s devotion?

Kata Shatabar Bejechhe

Kata shatabar bejechhe parane madhumoy taba banshi
Tabu o jageni supta paran andhar gabhire rayechhe shayan
Mor abhiman bujena chahena asimer taba hasi
Bedana jatana peyechhi ashesh peyechhi dukher mala
Dyuloker alo mor kachhe kalo samasya se je bhalo ati bhalo
Chahibar jaha nahi chahi kabhu shudhu kahi abahela


How many hundreds of times in my heart’s depths
I have heard the nectar-notes of Your Flute!
Yet my heart is lying fast asleep in the abyss
of darkness.
My sulking does not understand or want the smile
of Your Infinity.
Sufferings and pangs endlessly I have endured.
I have received the garland of sorrow.
The Light of Heaven is darkness to me.
Problems are good, very good.
Whatever I need to ask for, I ask not.
I just while away my time.

Birat Bishwa Sabha Majhe

Birat bishwa sabha majhe dukhi kebal jara
Daki ami tader hethai pete shanti dhara
Sakal nidhir sera nidhi mayer mauna hasi
Mayer hate ore shudhu rakhal rajar banshi


In this great assembly of the universe
I invite those to have peace
Who are suffering most miserably.
To them I say that the most precious wealth
Is the silent Smile of the Mother Divine
And in Her Hand is the world-enchanting Flute
of Lord Krishna.

Dibanishi Tomai Mago Keno Daki Jano

Dibanishi tomai mago keno daki jano
Tumi amai dekechho ma ei kathati mano
Tumi jadi nahi dako sahas karo nai
Tomar paye garba bhare pete kabhu thai


Mother, do You know why I call upon You
day and night?
Do You believe that it is You who called me
If You do not call, nobody is brave enough
to come to You.
Nobody has the pride to take shelter at Your Feet.

Katha Nai Kaj E Madhur Bani

Katha nai kaj e madhur bani hridaye jagai bal
Karmer majhe rayechhe gopane kusumer parimal
Karmai hok antara bhasha amader parichoy
Unnati shudhu lakya moder nahe joy parajoy


Not word, but work:
This sweet message awakens strength
in our heart.
Inside work remains hidden the fragrance
of flowers.
Let work be the language of our heart and
our proclamation.
Our only aim is progress, not victory and failure.

Nai Kichu Nai Tabu Tomai Dakbona

Nai kichhu nai tabu tomai dakbona ar dakbona
Bhalo tomai ei jibane basbona ar basbona
Sneha tomar lagbena mor jadio ami nishwa
Aj hate mor prabhu ami ami amar bishwa


I do not have anything, yet I shall not
call upon You.
I shall love You no more in this life,
I shall love You no more.
I do not need Your Love, although    
I am destitute.
From today on I shall be my Lord,
I shall be my universe.

Churna Kare Amar Praner

Churna kare amar praner shata khudra asha
Ankhimani gabhir karo tomar bhalobasa
Tomar lagi dharar buke amar asa jaowa
Tomar alor purnata je amar sakal paowa


Break asunder hundreds of little desires
Of my vital.
O Jewel of my eye, make Your Love intense.
I come into the world and depart only for You.
The Infinity of Your Light is my sole achievement.

Amar Prane Aghat Hani Jabe Jara Chale

Amar prane aghat hani jabe jara chale
Tara ki hai pabena thai tomar charan tale
Diyo tader thai janani diyo tader thai
Tader sukhe sukhi ami tader hasi chai


Striking my heart, all those who will go away,
Alas, will they not get shelter at Your Feet,
Mother, give them shelter, give them shelter.
I am happy only in their happiness.
Their happiness I want.

Nirab Bhashai Pranam Janai Tomar Ranga

Nirab bhashai pranam janai tomar ranga charan tale
Ami ebar habo rishi prabhu tomar jadu bale
Bishal haye diner byatha bujhbo ami ei je mor pan
Tomar sneha kangal sabai tumi sabar praner ratan


In silent language I bow at Your power-red Feet.
I shall now become a sage, O Lord,
with Your miracle-power.
My promise is to feel the pangs of the poor,
having become vast and infinite.
Everyone is the beggar of Your Love.
You are everybody’s inner wealth.

Je Shuneche Taba Charaner Dhwani

Je shunechhe taba charaner dhwani je herechhe taba hasi
Swalpe tushta kemane se rabe tomare na bhalobasi
Patanga sama anale bhasma hai jadi deha pran
Tomar sakashe labhibo janani nishchoy ami sthan
Je paini taba kona parichoy se pare rahite bhule
Chena achenare ek sathe laho janani anke tule


He who has heard the sound of Your Footsteps,
He who has seen the Smile of Your Face,
How can he remain satisfied with little things
on earth,
How can he remain without loving You as his
very own?
Like an insect inside a blazing fire, if my body
and vital are burned to ashes,
I know yet for certain I shall have a place
in the depth of Your Heart.
He who knows nothing about You can remain
forgetful of You, but not I, never.
O Mother Divine, do place us, the knowers of You
and those who know You not,
In Your ambrosial, Elysian Lap.

Ore Amar Praner Priya Basana

Ore amar praner priya basana
Chaudike tor hase pralay jatana
Mitthya khudhar dabanale
Pari ami tori chhale
Sudure mor alor swapan
Tare ami kari smaran
E prithibir tikta hasi
Dilo amar prane phansi
Ebar ami khunjbo amai
Amar hiyar supta guhai
Ami habo amai paowar sadhana


O dear desire of my vital life, around you
laughs thunder-torture.
Your world-tricks throw me into the blazing
fire of false hunger-life.
I know my dream-boat is far, very far,
far beyond the farthest horizon.
The bitter smile of this world is crucifying
my vital life.
Now I shall search for my real self
in the dormant cave of my heart.
I shall become my self-discipline and
my self-discovery.

Nirabata Nirabata Ogo Nirabata

Nirabata nirabata ogo nirabata
Tomai shudhu dake amar hiyar byakulata
Tomar prane ghumiye achhe bishwajayi bani
Tumi shudhu tumi amar prabhur charan khani
Amar praner alo pakhi tomar hasir sathi
Amai karo tumi ebar maran bihir rati
Ami amar agyanata andhakarer rup
Tomar jyotir plabane aj habo ami chup


Silence, silence, silence!
My heart’s eager cry always longs for
you alone.
In your heart is resting the world-conquering
You alone are the Feet of my Beloved
Lord Supreme.
The illumination-bird of my heart is the comrade
of your smile supernal.
O silence, make my entire being free from
the ignorance-night of death.
I was the self-form of ignorance-life,
the self-form of darkness;
Today I am all silence In the flood of
your nectar-effulgence.

Ebar Ami Jante Chahi

Ebar ami jante chahi bhalo kothai bhalo
Agyanatar sabar prane dekhe andhar kalo
Alor pane barek takao takao alor pane
Bibhu tomai dakbe hese mrittyujayi gane
Mitthya bhitir bibhishika tomar prane hane
Nayan mani prabhu moder jane sabi jane
Dhruba rupe phutao tomai ar karona deri
Chaudike aj shunbe dhara tomar bijoy bheri


This time I wish to know what is good
and where is good.
Ignorance sees darkness in everything
and in all.
Open your eyes to the supernal Light!
The Lord Supreme invites you to sing
His Song of Immortality.
The fear of false dragon-torture is torturing
your heart.
Our Beloved Lord Supreme is fully conscious of it.
It escapes not His Vision-Light.
Try to awaken and fulfil your life in the divine
way supreme.
Delay not! The whole world is bound to hear
the loud proclamation of your victory-drum.

Ami Kandi Tomar Lagi Tumi Ki Hai Kando

Ami kandi tomar lagi tumi ki hai kando
Bhakti dore tomai bandhi tumi ki hai bandho
Habo phankir sakal kichhu sanpi tomar kare
Keno mago tomar kripa amai nahi dhare


I always cry for You. Do You ever, alas,
Cry for me?
I bind You always with my devotion-cord.
Do You ever bind me?
I am ready to become a beggar destitute,
By offering to You all that I have and all that I am.
Tell me, Mother, why Your Compassion-Sea
Fails to embrace me?

Apan Tumi Chira

Apan tumi chira apan kothai thako dure
Dekha tomar paina kabhu amar manas pure
Tomai diye basana mor
Karbo binash jatana ghor
Tomar premer bishal akar
Tomar kripar mukta adhar
Habo ami tomar gane mrittyu bihin sure


Dear, eternally dear You are.
Where do you live, O sweet One?
In what far-off land?
Never do I see You in the city of my mind.
To You I shall offer my teeming desires and
thus destroy all my heart’s excruciating pangs.
I shall become the enormity of Your Love.
I shall become Your freedom-receptivity,
singing Your Song of immortal Tune.

Jader Ami Apan Bhabi Tarai Amar Par

Jader ami apan bhabi tarai amar par
Aghat hane amar prane haye gupta char
Bhalo manda bichar kara barai kathin jani
Tabu keno amai bhabi buddhiman ar gyani


Verily, they are not my own whom I claim
to be my very own.
Like a secret enemy they smite me, my heart
and my life.
I know, hard it is to judge bad and good.
Yet I always style myself as a man of knowledge
and wisdom-sky.

Eso Nikhila Pati Nayana Pate Eso

Eso nikhila pati nayana pate eso
Parane neme eso
Dake tomai dake
Akash dake batas dake dake mrittyu jara
Neme eso bishwa prane dake basundhara
Naba aruna sama timira dali phutaye chitta kali
Eso akhila pati nayana pate eso
Parashe taba milabe sab bandhan sangshoy
Hiranmoy ogo jyotirmoy habe sakali madhumoy
Eso jagata pati nayana pate eso
Jibane neme eso


Come, O Lord of the world,
Do appear before my vision-light,
do enter into my heart.
Sky calls You, air calls You, death and lifeless
energy call You.
They all call You. Mother Earth calls You.
As the morning sun chases away
So do chase away the darkness of my inner world
and awaken the lotus of my heart.
Your magic touch shall melt away all my blinding
and blighting doubts.
O golden One, O transcendental Beauty universal,
In You, with You and for You everything will grow
into a nectar-flood.
Come, O Lord of the world, do appear before
my vision-light,
Do enter into my life.

Sundara Jadi Kurupe Na Base Bhalo

Sundara jadi kurupe na base bhalo
Kuruper prane kemane rajibe alo
Dhruba tara jadi adhruba pane phire kabhu nahi chai
Mitthya kemane labhibe mukti nahi jane keha hai
Atma tripti lakya moder noy
Rupantari moder shreshta joy


If beauty does not love ugliness,
How can Light abide in ugliness-core?
If the pole-star does not look at falsehood
With compassion-flood,
How can falsehood achieve liberation?
Alas, it is beyond, far beyond the imagination of all.
Self-satisfaction is not our goal.
Transformation-perfection is our victory's highest goal.

Naba Barasher Pratam Pradoshe Janate

Naba barasher pratham pradoshe janate sadar sambhasan
Bishwa chetana srashtar pane nayan karichhe unmochan
Dure bahudure chhila jei nidhi kabhu jare nahi dekhi
Sei priyatam antare mor atai nikate eki
Antare gele nimesher tare bujhibe sarbo jib
Tumi chinmoy tumi akkhoy tumi anadi Shib


In the twilight hour of the New Year,
To offer a cordial invitation to the Lord Supreme,
The consciousness of the universe is opening
its vast eye.
I see a wonder-stream flowing through my body
And my Beloved Supreme, residing in it,
stands before me.
No matter who is endowed with this experience,
He will discover himself as consciousness immutable
And birthless and deathless Lord Shiva.

Kata Dure Tumi Niye Jabe More Asha

Kata dure tumi niye jabe more asha
Priya kata bhalobasa
Tomar hiyar kusum kalite bhore
Sanchoy kare dekhechho amar tore
Juge juge shudhu tumi achho chira sathi
Andhare ujjwal bati
Jibane marane tomai smariya chali
Paini je kul tareo jaoni chali
Tumi achho tai achhe ei mukhe bhasha
Rangin swapane dubiye rekhechho asha


O my hope, how far will You carry me?
My Beloved Sweet, how much love and
Have You culled for me in my heart?
For aeons You have been my Companion eternal.
In my darkness-life You appear in Your Light’s
I invoke You at the dawn of my life,
During my life-course and at the end of my
journey’s close.
You neglect not even the one who is nowhere
near the Shore.
You exist; therefore I speak.
O my hope, You have enveloped Yourself
in my rainbow-dream.

Mor Mana Bane Taba Madhu Banshi

Mor mana bane taba madhu banshi madhu sure oi baje
Alor lahari sanjhe ar bhore mor prane ghire raje
Taba madhu nam japi abiram amar sakal kaje
Shesh anurodh dibanishi rabe hriday gahan majhe


In the forest of my mind,
Your sweet Flute You are playing
Most melodiously and hauntingly.
The waves of light in the morning and
in the evening
Are dancing below, above and around me.
Your Nectar-Name I repeat at every blossoming
In all my multifarious deeds.
My last plea is that I shall feel Your Presence
In the depth of my heart.

Andhakare Chilam Mago Sethai Je Ar

Andhakare chhilam mago sethai je ar thakbona
Bhul kareo lobh o mohe kabhu ami dakbona
Ja peyechhi andhar hate barai piradayi
Ami habo aj hate ma tomar stanyapayi


Mother Divine, in darkness I was.
No longer shall I remain there.
Even by mistake I shall not call upon
temptation and attachment.
Whatever I have received from darkness
is most excruciating.
Mother, from today on I shall be Your
babe in arms.

Ebar Ami Jabo Tomar Kache Ghor

Ebar ami jabo tomar kachhe ghor andhare basbona ar bhalo
Tomar kripa prane amar nache chaudike mor alo tomar alo
Mitthya moha churna halo aj dur digante shuni tomar joy
Tumi habe ebar amar taj tomar pele ami je nirbhoy


This time I shall go to You.
I shall no longer love darkness-night.
Your Compassion-rays dance in my heart:
Light, a flood of Light within and without.
Falsehood-attachment is smashed asunder today.
I hear Your Victory-trumpet in far-off lands.
From now on, You will be my crown divine.
In You I grow into my will adamantine.

Nabin Barasha Nabin Barasha

Nabin barasha nabin barasha
Parane enechho asim harasha
Amarar dak prashanti barabhoy
Alo saranir alor jatri
Abachetanar timir ratri
Bilupta aji mora chira akkhoy
Kothai dainya kothai klanti
Dure bahudure manas bhranti
Usha debabala samukhe moder raje
Ananda ghana kagol dipti
Moder akuti moder tripti
Param pitar banshari hridaye baje


New Year, New Year,
Into our heart you have brought
Infinite Delight,
Peace and Compassion and the Call of Heaven.
We are the pilgrims of Light Divine marching
along the road of Light.
The night of tenebrous gloom and stone-inconscience
is extinguished today.
We now are growing into the everlasting life.
Where is poverty, inner and outer?
Where is the sense of depletion?
Where are the errors of the mind?
Far, very far are they.
Dawn, the daughter of the gods, before us stands.
The Light of Heaven, filled with nectar,
Is our aspiration-cry and our satisfaction-smile.
The Flute of the Absolute Father plays in the
breath of our heart.