The God of the Mind

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My Ignorance-Bills

God’s Compassion-Eye
Pays all my ignorance-bills.

A Real God-Lover

A real God-lover
Does not have to borrow anything
From yesterday and tomorrow.

Each Breathing Moment

Each breathing moment
Is a miracle.

Divine Feelings

Divine feelings
Are supreme realities.

In Your Inner Life, Never Be Sparing

In your inner life
Never be sparing in crying.
In your outer life
Never be sparing in smiling.

I Am Determined

I am determined to make God
Extremely FAMOUS
Here on earth.

Each Aspiration-Flame

Each aspiration-flame
A God-representative.

Forgiveness Means Transformation

Forgiveness means transformation
Of a human heart into a divine life.

A New Flower-Fragrance-Prayer

May my life every morning
Grow into a new

Doubt Openly Blows Out

Doubt openly blows out
The candle of the mind.
Impurity secretly blows out
The lamp of the heart.

God's Inner Message to Me

God’s inner Message to me:
God’s outer Message to me:

Do Not Blame the World (2)

Do not blame the world.
Find a solution.

Make Healthy Choices

Make healthy choices.
Perfection will be yours.

God's Protection Appears Unseen

God’s Protection appears unseen.
We see it only when it disappears.

The Landlord of My Heart-House

God tells me that He likes to remain
The Landlord of my heart-house.

How Long?

How long do you want
To keep your heart-book
Out of print?
How long?

A True Peace-Lover

A true peace-lover feels that
He can never be overworked.

A Purity-Heart

A purity-heart
Is always a champion
Of universal oneness-delight.

Humanity's Real and Only Poverty

Humanity’s real and only poverty:

Every Morning and Every Evening God Gives Me

Every morning and every evening
God gives me the same advice:
Never leave your heart unguarded.

Is There Any Human Being?

Is there any human being
Who is not the embodiment
Of opposing realities?

If You Allow Your Mind to Be Paralysed

If you allow your mind to be
Paralysed by uncertainty,
Then your heart will automatically be
Paralysed by unwillingness.


Means freedom from self-slavery.

My Eyes Weep Tears

My eyes weep tears only when
My heart enjoys ecstasy’s flood.

God Is Desperately Looking for You

God is desperately looking for you
To get from you a copy of your

It Is Impossible to Believe

It is impossible to believe
That you never get any call from Above
On your aspiration-line.

The Flickering of Optimism-Lamp

Is there any human being
Who does not enjoy
The flickering of optimism-lamp?

A Gratitude-Heart Can Smilingly Illumine

A gratitude-heart
Can smilingly illumine
A doubting mind.

God's Compassion-Eye Cries and Cries

God’s Compassion-Eye
Cries and cries
When I count my defeats
On the battlefield of life.

A God-Seeker

A God-seeker
Can never retire.

The Heart-Fitness Test

God wants every human being
To pass the heart-fitness test.

First, Be an Illumined Individual

First, be an illumined individual.
Then you can become
The creator of a fulfilled world.

Love God Sleeplessly

Love God sleeplessly.
He will grant you
Your heart’s rainbow-choices.

God Is Supremely Proud of You

God is supremely proud of you,
Because you have tamed
Your earthquake-emotion-life.

The Number of Our Beloved Supreme

I cannot believe that
You do not have the number
Of our Beloved Supreme
In your heart-directory.

On Principle

On principle,
I never allow my mind
Even to touch
My soul’s throne.

The God of the Mind

The God of the mind
Has a very short life.

The Love of the Mind

The love of the mind
Fails to reach
The supreme Destination.

Patience Is

Patience is at once
God and man’s
Sacred victory-secret.

Today I Am Not Alone

Today I am not alone.
The fragrance of my
Will stay with me.

Uniqueness I See in Others

Uniqueness I see in others.
That means
God has already blessed me
With His Fulness.

The Unloved Ones

Today I am determined
To give space to the unloved ones.

Surprise God

Surprise God!
Breathlessly tell Him
That you love Him
Only, only, only.


Is a universal experience-disease.

Perfect Happiness

Perfect happiness
Enthusiasm minus expectation.

I Have Two Teachers

I have two teachers.
My heart-teacher teaches me reliance.
My mind-teacher teaches me defiance.

Now, this Very Moment

Now, this very moment,
Is the best time
For me to retire
From ignorance-army.

My Lord, My Lord, I Beg of You

My Lord, my Lord,
I beg of You
Not to allow my unworthiness
To lead me astray.

Self-Giving Means

Self-giving means
The unmasking
Of the golden face of the future.

Who Is the Real Loser?

Who is the real loser?
He who enjoys
The superiority-inferiority-game.

There Are Only Three Roads

There are only three roads
That do not have speed limits:
Heart’s aspiration-road,
Life’s dedication-road
God’s Satisfaction-Road.

Who Serves the Server?

Who serves the server?
God the Satisfaction Infinite.

Unconditionally You Love God

Unconditionally you love God.
That means you never allow
Your aspiration to take a break.

Your Sterling Faith in God

Your sterling faith in God
Can easily brave
Numberless buffets.

The Mind Cannot Speak to God

The mind cannot speak to God,
But it can overhear
When God and the heart talk.

My Morning Aspiration

My morning aspiration
Is my best heart-satisfaction-song.

What I Call a Pure Thought

What I call a pure thought,
God calls it His Heart’s

A Pain-Flooded Future

O God-lover,
How can you dare to imagine
A pain-flooded future?