My God-Master is the only one

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My Absolute Lord Supreme

My God-Master is
My Absolute Lord Supreme.

My God-Master Is the One Master

My God-Master is
The one Master,
The real Master,
My only Master.

My God-Master Has Given Me His Own Map

My God-Master has given me
His own Map to study
So that my life’s journey
Most successfully reaches
Its destination.

A Talking Miracle

My God-Master
Does not want me to be
A talking miracle,
But a living gratitude.

Not to Act Like a Fool

My God-Master is telling me
Not to act like a fool.
My greed for greatness
Will end in helpless uselessness.

My God-Master Is Telling Me

My God-Master is telling me
That His Closeness to me
Is all that I need
In my entire life.

My Pride-Flooded, All-Knowing Mind

My God-Master is advising me
To discard my pride-flooded,
All-knowing mind
Once and for all.

A Purity-Flooded Surrender-Heart

My God-Master is telling me
In supreme secrecy
That if I have a purity-flooded
Then I can easily have Him
For the asking.

Not to Blame Anybody

My God-Master is telling me
Not to blame anybody,
Not even myself,
But to open my heart’s eye every day
To a new horizon.

My God-Master Wants Me to Surrender

My God-Master wants me
To surrender to Him alone
If I want to heave a sigh of relief
From the world’s untold tension.

My God-Master Wants Me to Make Friends

My God-Master wants me
To make friends with adventure
So that every day I can grow
Into something more beautiful
And someone more perfect.

My God-Master Wants Me to Stop

My God-Master wants me
To stop criticising
His Body — mankind —
If I want to please Him
In His own way.

My God-Master Wants Me to Become

My God-Master wants me
To become a good listener.
But I must also try to become
An iota of wisdom-light.

My God-Master Wants Me to Know

My God-Master wants me to know
That the desire-life
Anybody can have,
But the aspiration-life
Is always meant for the few.

Unless I Accept My God-Master

Unless I accept my God-Master
As my own, very own,
Useless nothingness
Will never leave me.

Behold My God-Master

Behold, my God-Master is blessing me
With His own plane
So that I can fly far above
My stupidity-mind’s confusion-turbulence.

My God-Master Is Telling the Whole World

My God-Master is telling
The whole world
That a oneness-purity-heart
Can easily prove
His Existence on earth.

I Want Happiness

I want happiness
From my God-Master.
My God-Master wants from me
A heart of blossoming faith.

My God-Master Does Not See

My God-Master does not see
Any difference between
A needless life and a faithless mind.

Because I Have Given

Because I have given my God-Master
My undivided attention,
He is blessing me with
His unreserved Compassion.

My God-Master

My God-Master is telling me that
My mind is His own experiment,
My heart is His own experience
And my life is His own progress.

Too Much Importance

My God-Master is telling me
That I give not only too much importance
But also exorbitantly useless importance
To my failure-heart.

Stabbed by Fear

My God-Master is asking me
Not to allow my heart
To be stabbed by fear.

On the Way to the Golden Shore

My God-Master is telling me
That if I live inside His Heart,
I will never be lost
On the way to the Golden Shore.

My God-Master Is Not So Cruel

My God-Master is not so cruel
As to tell me
That I have to find
My own way.

My God-Master's Dream-Seed

Today my heart is
My God-Master’s Dream-seed.
Tomorrow my heart will be
My God-Master’s Reality-tree.

Each Time I Think of My God-Master

Each time I think of my God-Master,
I try to feel that it is
A new awakening-flash
Of inspiration-light.

My God-Master's Heart-Prosperity-Fragrance

I am my God-Master’s

My God-Master's Limitless Heart-World

I cannot measure my God-Master’s
Limitless Heart-World
With my tinier-than-then-tiniest

My God-Master Asks Me

My God-Master asks me
To share my doubt-demon
Only with Him
And with nobody else.

I Am Listening to My God-Master

I am listening to my God-Master.
He is telling me that I do not have
And can never have an ugly heart.

My God-Master Is So Happy with Me

My God-Master is so happy with me
And so proud of me
Because my willingness-heart
Is never empty.

My God-Master's Satisfaction-Dream-Fulfilment

I am my God-Master’s

My God-Master Is So Sad

My God-Master is so sad
Because my heart has eloped
With despair-ignorance-beggar.

My God-Master's Supremely Chosen Instrument

I can be my God-Master’s
Supremely chosen instrument
Only when my heart
Hungers only for Him.

I Am Asking My Mind to Cry

I am asking my mind to cry
For my God-Master’s light,
Like my heart.
My God-Master will definitely
Forgive and illumine
My mind’s countless crimes.

My Unconditional Surrender-Life

My unconditional surrender-life
Is my God-Master’s fondest pride.

My God-Master Does Not Want Me to Be

My God-Master does not want me to be
A desperate cry
Inside my mind’s desire-jungle.

At Least for One Solitary Day

At least for one solitary day
I shall show my God-Master
My divinity’s enthusiasm-heart.

A Loser in the Spiritual World

My God-Master tells me
That neither I
Nor anybody else
Is a loser in the spiritual world.

In Secrecy Supreme My God-Master Comes

In secrecy supreme
My God-Master comes to me
To enjoy my heart-rose-fragrance-petals.

My God-Master Wants Me to Take

My God-Master wants me
To take every day
Soulfulness-heart-lessons from Him.

I Am Listening

I am listening to what
My God-Master is telling me.
He says that my mind’s volcano-eye
Is not worth even a penny!

If I Become a Heart-Sprinter

If I become a heart-sprinter,
My God-Master Himself
Will amazingly increase
My enthusiasm-stride.

My God-Master Is the Only One

My God-Master is the only one
Who wants me to stop carrying
My heavy imperfection-load.

According to My God-Master

According to my God-Master,
My mind’s insincerity-boat
Will definitely capsize
Long before the destination.

My God-Master Does Not Want Me to Play

My God-Master does not want me
To play with
My restlessness-thought-monkeys.

Inside My God-Master's Compassion-Eye

Inside my God-Master’s
I must feel
My devotion-bliss.

Why Do I Not Feel?

Why do I not feel
That I break My God-Master’s Heart
When I deliberately enjoy
My mind’s cyclone-confusion-fury?

It Is My Bounden Duty

It is my bounden duty
To ask my mind’s sincerity
And my heart’s purity
To breathe inside
My God-Master’s Heart.


My God-Master wants me
Only to live
Inside my own aspiration-heart
And not die
From expectation-greed.

My God-Master Proudly Treasures

My God-Master
Proudly treasures
My gratitude-heart-blossoms.

Can I Not Hear?

Can I not hear what
My God-Master is telling me?
He wants me to stop playing

My God-Master Wants Me to Be Only One Thing

My God-Master wants me to be
Only one thing:
My heart’s happiness-fountain.

My God-Master's Love-Sky

My God-Master’s Love-Sky
I can easily span
With my gratitude-rainbow-heart.