God’s Perfection-Choice

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A Oneness-Heart

A oneness-heart
A fulness-life.

Be Pure Within

Be pure within to be claimed
By God’s Fondness-Heart.

Concentration Is the Lightning-Speed

Concentration is
The lightning-speed
Of my third eye.

Danger! Danger!

Danger! Danger!
Is knocking hard
At my mind’s door.

Eagerness Is Victory's Harbinger

Victory’s harbinger.

Fear Expedites

Fear expedites
Everybody’s death-journey.

God the Creator Earns Within

God the Creator earns within.
God the Creation spends without.

Humility Is Wisdom-Light

Humility is
Par excellence.

I Was Born to Be

I was born to be
God’s Perfection-choice.

Joy, Tell Me

Joy, joy, joy, joy, tell me,
Where do you live,
On earth or in Heaven?


Kindness, kindness, kindness, kindness!
You are my oneness-fulness-journey’s start.

Love God Only

Love God only
To be happy.
Serve God only
To be perfect.

Man's Gratitude-Heart

Man’s gratitude-heart,
God’s Satisfaction-Eye,
I know not where they live.

God the Dreamer

No difference between
God the Dreamer
And man the lover.

Oneness Never Competes

Oneness never competes.
Oneness only completes.

Eternity's Self-Transcendence-Song

Perfection is Eternity’s

Endless Questions

Questions, questions, endless questions.
Only one answer: God is my Eternity’s All.

Remember, My Heart, Remember

Remember, my heart, remember,
Only God’s Love is all you need.

Surrender, Surrender

Surrender, surrender,
If you want God to be
Your secret Admirer.

Take Me and Bless Me, My Lord

Take me and bless me, my Lord.
My volcano-pride is sitting
At Your Forgiveness-Feet.

Under Your Compassion-Protection

Under Your Compassion-Protection,
My Lord, I live.

My Heart's Sweeping Victory

Victory! Victory! Victory!
My heart’s sweeping victory
Over my mind.

War No More

War no more, war no more, war no more.
A sea of peace, a sky of peace
I see within, I see without.


Xanthippe, Xanthippe,
We have come to learn
You were an easy victim to anger.

Yule Days Arrive

Yule days arrive
To make me a child-heart,
Like the child of Mary.


Zero, zero, zero, zero,
I am larger than the largest zero
Without my Lord’s Compassion-Eye,