The Golden Shore will beckon you

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No Truth Too Small

No Truth too small
To illumine me.

No Bliss Too Little

No Bliss too little
To immortalise me.

Earth Is God's Battlefield

Earth is God’s battlefield.

I Need the Thought That Loves God

I need the thought
That loves God unconditionally.

When God Invented His Dream-Moon

When God invented His Dream-Moon,
He also invented His Reality-Sun.

The Dreamer from the East

The dreamer from the East
Tells me: God is Peace.

The Dreamer from the West

The dreamer from the West tells me:
God is Power.

The Dreamer from Heaven

The dreamer from Heaven tells me:
God is an eternal Child.

The Dreamer from Earth

The dreamer from earth tells me:
God is an ever-descending Light.

For Whom Do I Cry?

For whom do I cry?
I cry for my forgotten half:

Your Dreams

Your dreams have not forgotten you.
Be cheerfully patient.

Do Not Delay!

Do not delay!
Your Master may journey
Without you.

Upheavals Will Test You

Upheavals will test you,
But cannot shatter you.

The Golden Shore

The Golden Shore will beckon you.

The Golden Boatman

The Golden Boatman will carry you.

Only When You Surrender

God comes to you
Only when you surrender.

Sanctitude and Multitude

Sanctitude and multitude
Do not mix.

Insecurity Is a Slow Death

Insecurity is a slow death.

Who Am I? A Rich Lover of God

Who am I?
A rich lover of God.

O Bird of Perfection

O bird of perfection,
Will you ever be born?

My God Declares

My God declares:
“My child, for Me
You are more than enough.”

O Lord of Love

O Lord of Love,
All that we are is You,
Is You.

Some Call It Evolution

Some call it evolution,
While others call it man-transformation.
I call it God-Perfection.

Silence, Silence, My Lord Is Coming

Silence, silence,
My Lord is coming.

Sound, Sound

Sound, sound,
My Lord is going.

The Dance of the Sea

The dance of the sea
Inspires me to be dauntless.

The Dance of the Sky

The dance of the sky
Inspires me to be sorrowless.

I Stand on the Balcony of Peace

I stand on the balcony of peace
To devour the hungry, war-mad world.

Your Jealousy-Tree

Your jealousy-tree
God will one day fell.

Your Thunder-Pride

Your thunder-pride
God will one day break.

Your Doubt-Sky

Your doubt-sky
God will one day rend.

Rainbow-Songs of Evening

Rainbow-songs of evening
Make my life leap.

Star-Songs of Night

Star-songs of night
Make my life fly.

In the Morning, Short Is My Road

In the morning,
Short is my road.

In the Evening, Endless Is My Road

In the evening
Endless is my road.

When You Doubt

When you doubt,
You are contagious.

Oh, Give Me the Body That Serves

Oh, give me the body
That serves only God’s Feet.

Oh, Give Me the Vital That Spreads

Oh, give me the vital
That spreads only God’s Wings.

Oh, Give Me the Mind That Builds

Oh, give me the mind
That builds only God’s Palace.

Oh, Give Me the Heart That Sings

Oh, give me the heart
That sings only God’s Songs.

Love Shelters My Heart

Love shelters my heart;
Therefore, I am safe.

Clarity Shelters My Mind

Clarity shelters my mind;
Therefore, I am safe.

Joy Shelters My Vital

Joy shelters my vital;
Therefore, I am safe.

Purity Shelters My Body

Purity shelters my body;
Therefore, I am safe.

I Appreciate Prayers Without Words

I appreciate prayers
Without words.

I Admire Meditations Without Thoughts

I admire meditation without thoughts.

I Adore Realisation Without Sound

I adore realisation without sound.

I Love Perfection Without Expectation

I love perfection without expectation.

Earth Has Shown You Earth's Patience

Earth has shown you
Earth’s patience.
Pass it on.

Heaven Has Shown You

Heaven has shown you
Heaven’s Compassion.
Pass it on.

Do You Love Man?

Do you love man?
Then give him a cheerful smile.

Do You Love God?

Do you love God?
Then give Him a soulful cry.

Do You Love Yourself?

Do you love yourself?
Then give yourself
A powerful assurance.

Only One Need

Only one need:

Only One Deed

Only one deed:

A Human Life Neglected

A human life neglected,
A cosmic plan unfinished.

Secret Sorrow Is Sacred

Secret sorrow is sacred.

Heart, Do Not Worry

Heart, do not worry.
Mind will love you.
Give it another chance.

God, Do Not Worry

God, do not worry.
I do need You.
Give me another chance.

Lord, I Have Come to You as a Son

Lord, I have come to You as a son.
“Then sit at My Feet.”

Lord, I Have Come to You as a Friend

Lord, I have come to You
As a friend.
“Then let us shake hands.”

Lord, I Have Come to You as Another Lord

Lord, I have come to You as another lord.
“Then embrace Me; let Me embrace you.”

Every Day the Human in Me

Every day
The human in me
Is becoming sweeter.

Every Day the Divine in Me

Every day the divine in me
Is shining brighter.

Use It or Lose It

Use it or lose it.
What is it?

Build It or Break It

Build it or break it.
What is it? Hope.

Love It or Hate It

Love it or hate it.
What is it?

God Has No Hands of His Own

God has no hands of His Own.
We are His hands.

We Have No Eye of Our Own

We have no eye of our own.
God is our Eye.

My Hidden Failure

My hidden failure:
My dark ingratitude.

My Hidden Success

My hidden success:
My climbing love for God.

At God's Heart-Door

At God’s Heart-Door the sign reads,
“Only the willingness-seekers are welcome.”

The Buddha's Message

The Buddha’s message:

My Message: Heart-Expansion

My message:

Never Overestimate

Never overestimate your mind’s

Never Underestimate

Never underestimate your heart’s

Hope Shows the Way

Hope shows the way.

Promise Shortens the Way

Promise shortens the way.

Aspiration Reaches the Destination

Aspiration reaches the destination.

To Fulfil Your Eternity's Dream

To fulfil your Eternity’s dream
You need your Infinity’s courage.

What I Have Is a Daring Mind

What I have
Is a daring mind.

What I Am

What I am is a weeping heart.

You Do Not Have to Explain

My Supreme Lord, You do not have to explain
For I shall no more complain.

My Aspiration-Heart, Cry, Cry

My aspiration-heart, cry, cry!
I want to see you crying.

My Dedication-Life

My dedication-life, smile, smile!
I want to see you smiling.

Readiness Runs

Readiness runs,
Oneness flies,
Fulness dives.

To Lose Material Things

To lose material things
Is to lose the power of earth.

To Lose Spiritual Things

To lose spiritual things
Is to lose the Beauty of Heaven.

My Prayers Know How

My prayers know how
To touch God’s Feet.

My Meditations Know How

My meditations know how
To feel God’s Heart.

An Unconditional God-Lover

An unconditional God-lover
Never wants to be off duty.

Unlike Us

Unlike us, God’s Heart
Does not believe in
“Do Not Disturb” signs.

Shatter Your Mind's Insecurity-Cave

Shatter, shatter your mind’s

Come Out, Come Out

Come out, come out
Of your heart’s impurity-cave.