God's Vision-Promise

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1. Reject and accept

God, I am rejecting man.
Because he has the same
Weaknesses that I have.

Man, I am accepting God.
Because He has the same
Perfection that I have.

2. Mutual support

God and I support each other soulfully.
I support God
With my adoration-leaf.
God supports me
With His Compassion-Tree.

God and I support each other unerringly.
I support God
With my devotion drop.
God supports me
With His Illumination-Sea.

3. Completion

To complete my earth-life
I shall become surrender-delight.

To complete my Heaven-life
I shall become silence-light.

4. What I see in them

You ask me
What I can possibly see
In man.
I see in man
Eternity's hope-river.

You ask me
What I can possibly see
In God.
I see in God
Immortality's assurance-sea.

5. The ideal man

He is the ideal man
In his own right.
In the outer world
He sees himself as he is.
In the inner world
He enjoys himself as he is.

6. His own world

Unlike others
He has only two
Theoretical problems:
Nobody cares for him;
God does not love him.

Unlike others
He has only two
Practical problems:
Since he does not
Belong either to this world
Or to any world,
He needs a world created by himself
And not those
Already created by God.

7. Decide spontaneously

Decide spontaneously!
Make an immediate decision!
The beauty of the world-body-life
Is dancing before you.
The divinity of the soul-goal-light
Is crying for you.
Make your own choice,
But delay not.

8. God agrees with me

You say
I always drive others
And on rare occasions myself
Too hard.
I do not agree with you.
Neither does my God.

He says
I am always demanding,
I am always domineering.
I do not agree with him.
Neither does my God.

I say
I love God and God alone.
You do not agree with me.
He does not agree with me.
But my God does;
He is my Eternity's All
And not you, not he.

9. What you love and enjoy

You say
You love and enjoy
But I clearly see
What you actually
Love and enjoy.
You love sleeping,
You enjoy sleeping
In the lap of procrastination-night.

10. Charming

You are not charming.
Because you lead
An intellectualised life.

He is not charming.
Because he leads
A complicated life.

I am charming.
Because I lead
God's Love-Reality life.

11. A great man, a good man

Lord, who is a great man?
"Son, he who initiates
Is unfortunately a great man."

Lord, who is a good man?
"Son, he who executes
Is fortunately a good man."

12. Can he ever be good?

He is great.
He loves God
At others' expense.

He is great.
He reveals God
At others' expense.

He is great.
He manifests God
At others' expense.

Can he ever be good?
Certainly he can.
But when?
Only when he totally
Unlearns his mind-inventions.

13. God desperately needs him

He takes life
God likes him.

He smiles at the world
God loves him.

He accepts the world-calamities
God desperately needs him.

14. Relax!

You are nervous
You are restless.

You are restless
You are nervous.

Relax, God is coming to you
With His decision-making Vision.
Relax, you can easily go to God
With your tension-frustration capacity
And your suppression-aggression capacity.
Try, you easily can.

15. You have succeeded

You have succeeded
But others have failed.
Do you know why?
Unlike others,
You have not pressured God,
And you do not love yourself
As much as you love God.

16. We love you and need you

Don't waste time;
Don't exploit opportunity.
God the Dreamer loves you;
God the Lover needs you.
I love you and need you too.
I love you
Because you are going to be pure.
I need you
Because you are going to be sure.

17. Regression

I was a spectator
At life's drama.

I have developed envy.

I shall die with world-futility
Sleepless stupidity.

18. Your choice

Is your choice;
Your heart is satisfaction-sky.

Is your choice;
Your life is perfection-sun.

19. You know what to do

You know what to do.
You wait and watch God
Drinking His Nectar-Sea.

You know what to do.
You admire and adore
God's capacity.

You know what to do.
When God asks you
To drink with Him,
You always accept His invitation;
You never decline.

You know what to do.
You are God's first choice;
You are God's best voice.

20. Our respective roles

Lord, let us fulfil
Our respective roles.
You be
My decision-maker
In Heaven
And let me be
Your best perfection-builder
On earth.

21. My world and God's world

Father, do organise
My shapeless world.

Son, do feed
My hungry world.

Father, my world
Needs You

Son, My world
Loves you

22. Can and can't

Lord, I am affected.
Can You not forgive me?
Try, You certainly can.

Lord, I am suffering.
Can You ignore me?
Try, You invariably can't.

23. He avoids confrontations

He avoids confrontations
Not because he is weak,
Not because he is wrong,
But because he knows
That human arguments
Are worse than futility itself.

24. My future life

I was confidence-life.
I am action-life.
I shall be either perfection-life
Total frustration-life.

25. God's Vision-Promise

I had.

I have.

I shall have.

I shall reveal.

God's Vision-Promise
I eternally am.

26. They tell the truth


My American friend
Tells me how great he is.

My Indian friend
Tells me how pure he is.

My Canadian friend
Tells me how tolerant he is.

My English friend
Tells me how intelligent he is.

My Scottish friend
Tells me how friendly he is.

My Puerto Rican friend
Tells me how soft he is.

My Irish friend
Tells me how energetic he is.

My Swedish friend
Tells me how visionary he is.

My Swiss friend
Tells me how solid he is.

My Italian friend
Tells me how sweet he is.

My French friend
Tells me how polite he is.

My Japanese friend
Tells me how sincere he is.

Needless to say, they all
Tell the truth.
Of course, their own version
Of the truth.

27. My secret life, my open life

You want to know
About my life.
I tell you secretly:
I am a big nothing.
A beggar desires
To be a chooser.

I tell you openly
Mine is a life
Of eternal sacrifice
For the Truth
Of the ever-transcending Beyond.

28. One thing I shall never know

I know where I am going.
I know what my goal is.
I know who my God is.
But one thing
I shall never know:
If God really needs
My service-life.

29. As they see you

You do not see yourself
As Heaven sees you.
Heaven sees you
As a God-promise.

You do not see yourself
As earth sees you.
Earth sees you
As a God-failure.

You do not see yourself
As God sees you.
God sees you
As another God.

30. Don't go to extremes

Don't go to extremes.
A cave-life
Is not meant for you.

Don't go to extremes.
A pleasure-life
Is not meant for you.

What is meant for you
Is God-discovery
In self-mastery.

31. Divine friends

An unhurried mind
An unworried heart
Are divine friends.
I always enjoy
Their soulful company.

A surrendered life
A satisfied soul
Are divine friends.
I always enjoy
Their fruitful company.

32. I need

Patience I need
To feed the earth-body in me.

Speed I need
To feed the Heaven-soul in me.

Surrender I need
To feed the God-Eye in me.

33. Never leave me

Faith, my faith,
Never leave me.
You know, without you
I am a rudderless boat.

Surrender, my surrender,
Never leave me.
You know, without you
I shall reach a goalless shore.

34. The life you live

Alas, yesterday you lived
A superficial earth-pleasure life.

Today you are living
A non-essential darkness-pressure life.

Tomorrow you will try to live
The most essential God-Treasure life.

35. He gives everything away

He gives everything away
Save and except one thing:

He accepts everything from others
Save and except one thing:

He feels his advice will be
Both meaningless and fruitless.
He feels others' admiration will be
Worse than useless.

36. Our dreams

You belong to earth;
You dream of fame and glory.

He belongs to Heaven;
He dreams of love and service.

I belong to God;
I dream of compassion and perfection.

37. Success and progress

Move forward!
Movement is success,
Movement is progress.
Success you want;
Progress you need.

Success is your assessment
Of your dormant and bound life.
Progress is God's assessment
Of your awakened and illumined life.

38. I am happy

I am happy
My body is obedience.

I am happy
My vital is confidence.

I am happy
My mind is concentration.

I am happy
My heart is dedication.

I am happy
My soul is satisfaction.

39. A disciplined life

A disciplined life
Is a perfect life.
A perfect life
Is a God-blossoming dream,
An earth-nourishing reality
A Heaven-manifesting divinity.

40. Now that I am trying

When I was aloof,
God forgave me.

When I was reserved,
God forgave me.

When I was cynical,
God forgave me.

When I was skeptical,
God forgave me.

Now that I am trying,
Trying to be good and divine,
God is examining me.
Alas, alas,
What kind of fate I have!

41. How to end conflicts

You want to end conflicts
Through compromises.
What a fool you are!

He wants to end conflicts
Through brutal physical strength.
What a fool he is!

I want to end conflicts
Through helpless surrender.
What a fool I am!

There is only one way to end conflicts:
Love the world before you,
Love the world around you,
Soulfully and unreservedly.

42. It amazes me

It amazes me
That you never offend anybody.

It amazes me
That he never dislikes anybody.

It amazes me
That I never need anybody.

43. Favours

Why do I not like you?
I do not like you
You ask favours.

Why do I not like him?
I do not like him
He grants favours.

Why do I not like myself?
I do not like myself
I do not know what favours
Actually mean.
Who needs favours?
Not I, definitely not I!

44. From surprise to surprise

My earth-ignorance leads Heaven
From one painful surprise to another.

My Heaven-light leads earth
From one cheerful surprise to another.

My God-love leads my life
From one fruitful surprise to another.

45. Changes

Changes, even for the better,
You unreservedly hate.

Changes, even for the worse,
He sincerely loves.

Changes, even for a second,
I desperately need.

46. I shall become

Heaven-dreamer I was,
I really was.

Earth-doer I am,
I truly am.

God-lover I shall become,
Unerringly I shall become.

47. Our respective knowledge

God knows how to work;
I know how to play.
Neither is inferior.

God knows how to give;
I know how to receive.
Neither is superior.

48. The birth of self-destruction

A corrupted mind
Is the birth of self-deception.

A corrupted heart
Is the birth of self-confusion.

A corrupted life
Is the birth of self-destruction.

49. They must be endured

What cannot be cured
Must be endured:
Your lack of purity-vital.

What cannot be cured
Must be endured:
His lack of sincerity-mind.

What cannot be cured
Must be endured:
My lack of security-heart.

What cannot be cured
Must be endured:
The world's lack of spirituality-body.

50. Easy and difficult

Easy to lead!
I lead my heart.

Easy to drive!
I drive my mind.

But difficult to reach!
I cry;
I sigh.