God wants to read this book

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1. Dedicated to God

God wants to read this book, and then?
Will He treasure it?
No, definitely not.
Will He burn it?
Yes, a million times.

— C. K. Ghose


God answers prayers.


God loves to meditate.


God's Ears are very big.


God's Eyes do not know how to sleep.


God's Heart is God's Promise,


God does not care for His Head.


God simply adores His Feet.


God's Hands are for man to use.


God's only enemy is God's Justice.


God is all gratitude to His Compassion.


God's only Lord is man's surrender.


God has forgiven His disobedient son, ignorance.


God's greatest treasure is man's smile.


God and indifference never rhyme.


God does not know the last day of His Duty.


God is different from us because He feels that He is never busy.


God's constant Declaration:
"Each man is a supreme Emperor."


God has yet to learn how to measure His Greatness.


God has passed humanity's examination: ingratitude.


God's Forgiveness does not allow Him to rest.


God's Heart of Compassion and man's mind of suspicion every day exchange their greetings.


God has sent His Compassion from heaven to beg on earth.


God does not want to tell even one lie by saying that there is a single man on earth who is not God Himself.


God quite often sends His Cosmic Laws out on vacation.


God hides only when man does not search for Him.


God has no control over His Compassion.

Poor God, I pity Him.


God has peace of mind because He has thrown aside expectation.


God is extremely anxious to know the man whose life is an unbroken chain of sincerity.


God yesterday cared for His divine Justice.

Today He cares only for man's grievances against Him.


God's Love. When God's Love is taken away from God, what remains in God is God's Compassion.

God's Compassion. When God's Compassion is taken away by man from Him, man's grave is ready for him.


God wants to make a confession. His confession is that He has not seen any human being on earth who has always been happy.


God must not be blamed by me. I must by this time realise that He is sincerely trying to please me.


God made my realisation easy. How I wish Him to make my nature's transformation also easy.


God, where do You live?

"I really don't know, but you can give Me a chance to remember where I live. It seems to Me that I live in your soul's aspiration and your heart's gratitude."


God concentrates. He concentrates on His own capacity and on man's real necessity.


God feels that He has been badly defeated by man's frustration.


God's Love man measures.

Man's love God treasures.


God is Beauty in heaven.

God is Duty on earth.


God receives our ignorance-night.

We achieve God's highest Height.


God's way of punishing us is to love our ignorance more.


God's height is God's Vision.

Man's height is man's mission.


God has forgotten.

He has forgotten the animal in me.


God has forgiven.

He has forgiven my incapacity to love Him.


God remembers.

He remembers that He and I were good old friends.


God cries.

He cries because I do not like Him anymore.

God cries.

He cries because my ignorance has placed me inside my coffin.


God thinks of me. Hence He is good.

I think of God. Hence I am great.


God uses His Illumination to love me.

I use my imagination to love God.


God is pleased with me. His loving acceptance is the proof.

I am pleased with God. My total surrender to God's Will is the proof.


God says to me that He does not need His transcendental Height.

But what He needs is my constant satisfaction.


God has shown me everything He has and He is except two things: His irregularity and His unpunctuality.


God loves me. I believe it.

I love God. I know it.


God loves me. No hesitation, no suspicion about that.

I love God. No exaggeration, no illusion about that.


God is with me. This is what I know.

God is for me. This is what I feel.

God is of me. This is what God tells me.

I am of God, with God and for God. That is what my realised surrender tells me.


God is very far. This is the declaration of the mind.

God is very near. This is the realisation of the heart.


God, how many times have You betrayed me?

"Son, I have never betrayed you because My Heart has been too occupied with your love, and My Mind too involved in your ignorance."


God sings every day a new song.

Our soul joins Him; our heart hears Him singing.

But our mind does not even want to be in the audience.


God is not sick of man's insincerity and stupidity.

But man is sick of God's Concentration on him and God's Compassion for him.


God cares for me. My mother blessed me with this realisation.

I care for God. God's Realisation cannot exclude this fact.


God sails His Boat.

The animal in man hates to sail in God's Boat.

The human in man hesitates to sail in God's Boat.

The divine in man constantly and cheerfully sails in God's Boat.


God tells man that his weakness puzzles Him, and his cleverness amuses Him.

Man tells God that His Compassion confuses his insecure mind and surprises his secure heart.


God needs man to reveal His Light.

Man needs God to conceal his night.


God's Compassion feeds my soul.

God's Wisdom needs my role.


God's contribution to man is only one thing: Forgiveness.

But man's contributions to God are two big things: forgetfulness and unwillingness.

Since man has offered more things to God, his contribution is greater. Naturally in his own way!


God, if You break my head for me, I shall break my heart for You.

God, since I shall not disappoint You, I cannot expect disappointment from You either.

God, You start the game and I shall end it.


God, I cannot swim across the sea of ignorance.

"My son, you don't have to do that. You just believe that I can and shall do it for you. I respect your sincerity, so please try not to suspect My capacity."


God and I go together and can always go together because He likes my sincerity and I like His credulity.


God is my bird. Naturally I shall always keep my bird inside my heart's cage.

I am God's kite. Naturally He always likes me flying in His boundless Freedom-Sky.


God, like me, do You have any goal? In case You have one, what and where is it?

"My Son, what is My Goal? My Goal is your constant satisfaction. And where is My Goal? My Goal is in your sleepless and deathless aspiration."


God, please tell me if You are proud of Your Creation?

"My son, why do you ask Me such a difficult question? I can tell you only this much: I am always fond of My own Creation."


God, do You need me?

"Yes, I need you."


"I need you because you are My very own. Son, do you need Me?"



I don't know why, but I do need You.


God, congratulations! You know how to silence Your Mind. Congratulations!

"Son, congratulations! You know where your incapacity lies. Congratulations!"


God is partial to me. That is why He loves me most.

I am partial to God. That is why I love Him only.

God devotedly tells me that He does not deserve me.

I frankly tell God that I deserve not only Him but also His All. God smilingly agrees with me.


God's Life-Story liberates me.

My life-story fascinates God.

In this way we share our experiences.


God is not bound by anything except by His endless length of Compassion.


God's other name is Perfection-Sky.

Man's other name is imperfection-sigh.


God's Love lives in man's insecurity.

Man's love lives in God's constant Assurance.


God is thought to be cruel by man when man's expectations are not fulfilled.

Man is cruel to God when he says that he is only one of His lovers and not the Lover.


God's realisation affirms that each man is truly important.

Man's experiences confirm the fact that each man is unmistakably impotent.


God, I wish to hear from You something significant about the soul.

"My son, the soul in the body is a drop, and the soul beyond the body is the sea."


God, what will a man do when he is physically hungry and when he is spiritually hungry?

"When a man is physically hungry, he must eat Me for I am the only food on earth. By eating Me he will be happy.

"When a man is spiritually hungry, I shall eat him up. He will be happy if I eat him instead of his eating Me."


God, most men love You. How is it that they are at the same time terribly afraid of You?

"My child, your statement is ridiculous. Most men do not love Me. If they really love Me they cannot be afraid of Me. Real love and fear are opposed to each other. Where one is, the other simply cannot be."


God, please tell me the difference between prayer and meditation.

"The difference is so clear, My child. When you pray, you talk and I listen; when you meditate, I talk and you listen."


God is man's pure and sure essence.

Man is God's aspiring and fulfilling substance.


God, what is the future of doubt and what is the future of fear?

"Doubt will grieve. Fear will perish."


God solemnly declares that in the human nature the thing He likes best is vigilance and the thing He likes least is indifference.


God tells me that if I want happiness in my life, then in my inner building I must keep only two tenants.

He also mentions the names of the two tenants: a pure mind and a sure heart.


God, I wish to free myself from all earthly ties.

"Wait for a second. Let Me offer you My heavenly tie to untie your earthly ties."


God's Love conquers man's fear-power.

Man's love conquers God's Compassion-Power.


God can and will perfect man's sincerity, but man should and must perfect his stupidity.


God's Duty is God's Age.

Man's beauty is man's age.


God has allowed me to speak much, provided I never dare to judge others.


God, tell me frankly, please, who is actually the real God, You or I?

"My son, we both are real Gods. You are a tired God and I am a fired God."

I am tired, it is true. But who has fired You?

"The empty sea of the world's faith has fired Me."


God, what are You going to do with human jealousy?

"I have taken care of it. I have already sent a messenger to jealousy informing it that it will never be able to see the Face of My Divinity."

God, have You ever been jealous?

"Yes, I have been and I still am jealous of man's cherished ignorance."


God, can You tell me what I was in my previous incarnation?

"Easy, in your immediate past you were My unfulfilled Promise and unmanifested Reality."


God says that man's disobedience is younger than His Concern and older than His Forgiveness.


God, how is it that You can always be happy?

"Easy. You can also be like Me, always happy, if you turn your inner life into a compassion-road and your outer life into a service-boat."


God's prayer to man: smile.

Man's answer to God: "Wait, God, it takes time to smile."


God, too, has to meditate three times a day:

In the morning on man's depression;

At noon on man's frustration;

In the evening on man's destruction.

From His morning meditation

He achieves 3% success.

From His noon meditation

He achieves 2% success.

From His evening meditation

He achieves 1% success.


God has taught me how to smile sincerely and soulfully.

I have taught God how to cry insincerely and ceaselessly.


God has taught me how to swim with Him.

I have taught God how to drown for me.

Editor's note to the first edition

Who is it who is reading this book?
Is it these hands which turn the pages?
Is it these eyes that follow the printed words?
Is it this mind that tries to understand their meaning?
Is it even this heart which feels joy and inspiration?
No, the one who is really reading this book is God.

— The editor