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God-search never ends1

You are an eternal search for God.
    Eternally you are searching
for the ever-blossoming Beauty of the Supreme.

    God-search never ends,
    even after God-realisation.
    It never ends.

HCE 1. 10 January 2005, Qingdao, China

The Taj Mahal2

Today I was supposed to be at the Taj Mahal. My students got permission for me to play there on my most favourite instrument, the esraj, but circumstances prevented me from going. The authorities said that whenever I am able to go, I will be welcome to play.

Two students of mine from Goa went to the Taj Mahal. It was quite easy for them to get permission for me to play, because about six years ago the Taj Mahal became one of our Peace-Blossoms. The authorities of the Taj Mahal became part and parcel of our Peace-Blossoms movement.

HCE 2. 22 February 2005, Annam Brahma Restaurant, Jamaica, New York

Japan: The Rising Sun3

Japan I like so much! When I visit Japan, I feel everything is natural there — everything. There is something in the atmosphere. It is in the culture, in the spiritual aspect of life. When I look at the Japanese people, I see something unique. I have a special feeling for Japan.

During my first visit I was there for about four or five days. An assistant editor came to interview me at the hotel. The following day there was an article in the Japanese daily newspaper. I asked a policeman if it would be possible for me to buy a copy of the newspaper. He left his post, ran one hundred metres and got me a copy of the newspaper, and he did not charge me for it! That incident I will never forget.

Then it started raining. An elderly woman saw me in the rain, and she gave me an umbrella.

The Japanese people I see are ready to mould their culture. They can give it shape, as a potter shapes a pot. Japan is not fossilised!

Some countries are now making progress in science and technology. They have their own depth, and there is a synthesis between the inner and the outer, no doubt. But some of those countries may not accept anything deeper from any other country. They feel they are self-sufficient. But with Japan, I do not feel that is the case. Japan is still hungry, hungry, hungry! Japan is like a child who is in a garden. He runs from one plant to another, and he is ready to appreciate everything.

When I think of Japan, I feel it is a fresh flower. When I think of some other countries, the flower is already fully blossomed. To me, a flower that is blooming and blossoming petal by petal is sometimes more beautiful than a flower that is already fully blossomed. Japan is blooming, and it will be blossomed.

It is like the rising sun. In the morning when the sun is rising, its beauty gives me much more joy than at noon, when the sun is fully risen. The power-aspect of the sun is there at noon; we cannot deny the power-aspect. But the beauty-aspect gives me much more joy. In the morning, such joy I get from the rising sun.

Again, the setting sun also gives me much more peace than the noon sun. The rising sun gives me boundless joy; the setting sun gives me boundless peace. In between, when I look at the sun, it is all power. The power-aspect is very difficult for human beings to appreciate. We are always afraid of the power-aspect. We admire the power-aspect at a distance, but we are afraid of nearing the power. But the rising sun and the setting sun have something very, very special to offer: joy and peace.

When we look at the rising sun in Japan, we feel something new, a new creation. We all like a new creation. The new creation in Japan is most inspiring. It is more visible than in some other countries. The rising sun in Japan is something very, very special.

I have seen the rising sun in India also countless times. And when I used to observe the Indian moon, it was not because I was young, but there was something special. When I observed and appreciated the full moon, I used to feel that everything was calling me. There also I looked at the sun and I saw that somebody was beckoning me, beckoning me. I saw beckoning hands, and something was calling me, calling me, calling me.

I am an Indian, so I think of India! One appreciates one’s own country more than any other country. In my case, Japan is not my native land, but I do feel something special Japan has, and something special it is offering to mankind.

HCE 3. 22 February 2005, Annam Brahma Restaurant, Jamaica, New York

Fate can be changed4

For many days I have made it a point to meditate on your ailment to bring down light. I leave the results at the Feet of my Absolute Lord Supreme. I have not missed one day, but the results you are not yet getting. In the Bhagavad-Gita, our Song Celestial, Lord Krishna said that we have the right to pray, but we have no right to the fruits of our prayer. The fruits you are not yet getting, but my prayer I do continue.

I have not given up, because I never take anything as a hopeless case. We feel that fate can be changed. There is nothing impossible in God’s creation. “Impossibility” is found only in the dictionary, and in the mind. Once we can go beyond the domain of the mind, there is no such thing as impossibility. With regard to your ailment, I still keep the same hope. More than that, it is determination, or will-power. As far as the regularity of my prayers for you is concerned, I have not failed even once. I do hope that something will happen.

There are two types of surrender. One type is the surrender of a lazy man. He has already given up. His surrender is only to say, “Let Thy Will be done.” He does nothing to make any improvement. Another type of surrender is to work very, very hard for improvement, for progress. If someone works very hard for his success and progress, even if success does not take place, in the inner world he gets real Blessings from Above.

One individual gives up; another individual continues and continues. There may be no success as yet, but the Inner Pilot is truly pleased with the one who has not given up. The first individual may declare, “I have not given up,” but is he consciously doing anything to meet his objective? Sometimes we do not give up, but we only keep a kind of wishful thinking that some improvement will take place. But on a regular basis if we pay attention to what we actually need in our life, then I feel that, even though God may not fulfil our desire in our own way, He has His own Plan. In His own Way He can accomplish in and through us something most special.

Let us say that I want a mango, my favourite fruit. For some reason, although the mango is my most favourite fruit, God feels that some other fruit will be good for me. Again, perhaps it is not that some other fruit will be good for me — God is examining me to see how much surrender I have made to His Will. I can say that, if a mango comes for me, well and good; in this case I am not making any effort. Again, if I sincerely strive for a mango, and God gives me another fruit, I may not be satisfied, but somehow in the inner world I will be much more fulfilled. When I dive deep within, I will feel that God did not give me the mango, but He examined me to see whether I was ready to accept what He wanted to give me, happily and cheerfully. If we get something unexpected from God, and if we can accept it happily and cheerfully, then He does something special in and through us — something infinitely more significant than giving us the mango.

One thing is to say, “Let Thy Will be done.” But for how many hours, for how many seconds do I consciously offer that prayer to God? Early in the morning, when I get up, I say, “Let Thy Will be done.” Then again at night, before I retire, I say it. But if I say it only twice a day, it is not going to register in my conscious memory; whereas if I say it a few hundred times, it will register. If I turn the knob of the stove only to a certain extent, there will be no flame. But if I turn it a little more, and still more, then I will see the flame; the fire will start. Similarly, if I say, “Let Thy Will be done” only once or twice a day, nothing may happen; whereas if I do it many more times, then it is as if I am turning the knob to such an extent that there will be a flame.

Every day we do the same thing; we do this much. This is what we human beings do! But if it is necessary for us to go farther, we do not go that far. Our problem is that our effort is limited.

Every day I am ready to walk half a mile; then I am fully satisfied. But I am not getting the result that I need for my body. If I go one full mile, then I will see that there is a great difference between half a mile and one mile. Similarly, when we say, “Let Thy Will be done,” consciously we are doing it; but we do not do it many times during the day. If we can say it even twenty or thirty or forty times a day, it will help us tremendously. We do not have to repeat it 7,000 or 8,000 or 20,000 times — no, no! Let us try to do it even once every hour. Out of twelve hours, if we keep our mind alert and spend two or three minutes every hour to offer this prayer, then I feel that we will get better results.

Each time we pray we can do the same thing, but the number of times is also a factor. In India when we do japa, we repeat it 108 times or more. Again, some people do it thousands and thousands of times, but sometimes it may become mechanical. At that time there is no freshness, there is no newness, there is no joy in it. That we do not want. We do not want to go to that extreme. Some people recite a prayer or mantra like a parrot. But if we can do it soulfully, most soulfully quite a few times during the day, and if we can feel that our prayer is touching the very depths of our heart, then we are bound to get results.

“Let Thy Will be done” is one prayer. But if you have some other sacred or secret prayer, you can offer it. It does not have to be a prayer to God to cure your ailment, but it can be something special. You have a spiritual Master and you practise spirituality, so if you feel that you can do something inwardly, then kindly do that very thing. You have been praying for thirty or forty years, but you are not getting the result that you need or deserve. But I wish to say that you can do a little more, a little more.

If we are not getting the result of our prayer, we can do one of two things. One approach is to say that we need patience, like a farmer. He sows the seed, but he does not expect the bumper crop overnight. The seed has to germinate and become a plant. Another approach is that if we feel we are doing the right thing, then we have to do it more.

If I feel that I am doing something absolutely correct but I am not getting the result of my action, I can say that I am leaving the result at the Feet of God. I have done my duty; what I was supposed to do, I have done. Now I say, “Let Thy Will be done.” That is true. But again, I have to know to what extent I have done the right thing. If I have the capacity to continue a little more, a little further, then I should do it.

In your case, you have been doing your regular prayer, secretly, for a long time. But after you have finished your prayer, please do not add a desire to it. Just feel that you have pleased God. You may think that, since you have pleased God, God will do the needful. That is true. But there is nothing wrong in doing more!

I will see in my body if there is anything defective. The body, like the soul and the heart, has to become perfect; everything has to be perfect. Let us say that my knees are hurting. I am praying and praying to God, but I am not begging Him to cure my knees. After I have prayed, I feel I have pleased God.

In your case, after you pray, if you consciously see that something is not perfect in your body, you can just concentrate on that defective part, that imperfect limb of your body. There is nothing wrong in it! At that time you are not praying, but the cosmic energy you are drawing upon yourself. You are not begging God, “God, I have prayed for Your Victory for so many years. Can You not cure my ailment?” No, no; that is not the way. While praying to please God in His own Way, you can draw upon yourself some cosmic energy.

When I look at your eyes, when I look at your face, I see that you do draw this cosmic energy. This cosmic energy if you just apply, what is wrong in it? It is your own cosmic energy. If you have money, you can spend it. If you have some cosmic energy, and if you apply it to your physical problem, there is nothing wrong in it. You yourself have acquired it. You did not even pray to God for cosmic energy. You prayed to God to please Him in His own Way.

While praying, you are inundated with some spirit or energy — I call it cosmic energy. There is nothing wrong in applying that energy if you feel that something is not perfect in your body. That means you are curing yourself, let us say. I see that you do have the capacity. It will help you! That cosmic energy you are so often using for your creativity. Many, many times when I look at your picture, I see that cosmic energy. You are using the cosmic energy that you have got from your prayer and meditation. It is right in front of you, in front of your eyes and nose. I see it! Even when I looked at a picture of you when you were standing in an ordinary way, I saw all cosmic energy. This cosmic energy you are using for your creative life. But there is nothing wrong if you use it for something else also, because cosmic energy cures everything. This energy cures us of all imperfections.

You say that, while playing music, you surrender. But before you surrendered, either a few hours earlier or on the previous day, you did something. You thought of what you were going to play, or you concentrated and meditated on it. At that very moment, perhaps you did not pray or meditate or do anything special, but it was like opening a door. When you open a door, immediately light goes into the room. While you are playing, you have surrendered; you have asked God to play in and through you. But before asking God to play through you, if you have made no previous preparation, God is not going to do anything in and through you. While you are playing, because you have already done the preparation, you surrender everything to God’s Will. At that time God is acting in and through you. By virtue of your surrender, you are playing. But I am saying that, to come to that stage of surrender, you need preparation. We walk a certain distance and then, when we feel that we cannot go any farther, we say, “God, help me!” But if we do not do anything, if we just say to God, “I have surrendered,” that is called the surrender of the lazy.

In your case, you are not lazy! You are a seeker. You have a Master and you have prayed and meditated for so many years. From those good things that you have been doing for so many years, you have got the message of surrender. You have got the message “Let Thy Will be done” from your prayers and meditations for God knows how many years. After so many years of sincere effort, you are offering your surrender. Your surrender will be most effective because you have prayed, you have meditated; you are a seeker.

There are many who will try to say the same thing: “I surrender.” But what are they going to surrender? What have they done, first of all, to surrender? We have to do something to please God. Then we can say, “I surrender.” In our Bhagavad-Gita it is said that we must first do the work, and then surrender. Doing the work is the preparation, not the performance. At the time of your performance, you are surrendering. But if you had not done the preparation, you would not have got the message of surrender.

Again, with regard to your physical problem, I have said that when you pray and meditate you get some energy. This energy is not coming from the body. It is coming from outside, from above. Then, you can distribute it. If you see that one part of your body is not doing well, it is not functioning well, you can apply the energy that you have acquired. You are not borrowing this energy from someone. You have pleased God by praying and meditating, and God has given you the capacity. God may not use it right away, in this particular spot, but you yourself can use it.

It is like father and child. The father has given money to the child, and the father says, “Now use it.” If the son feels like buying a piece of candy, he will buy it, because his father has given him the money. The son does not say, “My father has given me the money. Now, if it is his will, let him give me a piece of candy also.”

God says, “I gave you this wealth, and now I am telling you to use it!” But you do not use it, or you use it for something else. The thing that you feel you need most, as a child needs a piece of candy, you are not buying. You are buying something else, something else.

This is not advice that I am giving you! All this I am saying on the strength of my oneness, oneness, oneness, absolute oneness with your soul and with your heart. I am sincerely, most sincerely trying to do something for your physical problem. Now, when I say that there is something you can do on your part, in no way is it advice that I am giving. In a tug-of-war, if two persons are on one side and on the other side there is only one individual, there is every possibility that the two persons will pull harder and win the game. In the same way, you and I are pulling together.

Do you approve of my philosophy? You are a seeker, a great seeker! That is why we are in the same boat. I am a seeker and you are also a seeker. We are in the same boat.

I know for sure there is only one Master, the Inner Pilot. Others only guide us; they take us a few steps and then they have to surrender, because they are not the Inner Pilot.

There are two ways, they say: the monkey-way and the kitten-way. The baby monkey is usually holding on to the back of the mother monkey, while the kitten is hanging from the mother’s mouth; the mother is carrying it. The one that is held by the mother is safer than the one that is seated on the back of the mother.

It is the same with father and child. If the child is holding the father’s hand and then he sees something exciting, he may release his father’s hand and fall down. Then he gets hurt. But if the father has hold of the child, no matter what happens, even if something very exciting takes place, he will not let go of his child. Then the child is safe. The father sees what is going on and the child also sees. The child has the same experience, the same excitement, but he is safe, because his father is not going to let go of the child’s hand.

In the same way, if someone has greater capacity, and if that person holds on to a second person, that second person is safe. In the spiritual life, if there is somebody who can hold on to you, then you are safer than you would be if you were holding on to him.

Do you see the difference? Something exciting is going on. But if somebody else is there to hold on to you, then you can enjoy the same experience, but you are safe. The same excitement is going on, but there is no danger. The person who is holding on to you, if he has inner strength and inner joy, may or may not be excited himself, but he is not going to release you. Then, like the child, you are safe.

That is why we use the term “Inner Pilot.” We can be seated at His Feet, but if temptation arises, then we may disappear. But again, if He ties us to His Feet, then He will not allow anything to happen to us. If we want to welcome temptation, He says, “I am not going to allow you!” But if we just sit at His Feet, or at the feet of our Master, and something happens, we may just go away, because we are not tied. This tie we call protection.

You give me immense joy — immense! — in every sense of the term. Thank you.

HCE 4. Sri Chinmoy meditated with a dear friend who had a serious health problem. 22 February 2005, Annam Brahma Restaurant, Jamaica, New York

Transformation: the most difficult subject5

Transformation — transformation of nature, transformation of life — is the most difficult subject in the entire world!

We may be sixty, seventy, eighty or even ninety years old, but if we want to see how much we have transformed our nature, sometimes we cannot give ourselves a mark of more than zero. For ninety years we may live on earth, but it may happen that, in terms of transformation, we have made no progress. Again, in the case of some people, right from the beginning, from the dawn of their life, we see that they are making progress, making progress.

Earthly age is no indication of our transformation. It entirely depends on the inner cry. Only the heart’s inner cry can transform us. Otherwise, year after year we are only adding earthly years to our life; transformation is not taking place. Transformation comes only from the inner cry.

The most difficult subject in human life is the transformation of our nature, and for that, how many centuries, how many lives we have taken, and how many more we shall have to take!

HCE 5. 22 February 2005, Annam Brahma Restaurant, Jamaica, New York

"Go forward!"6

At the cremation ground for my brother Mantu’s cremation, there were, I think, eighty-eight people. Many, many felt my presence very strongly, but one of them, who is very close to me, saw me so vividly that he could not control himself. He was telling others, “Look, look! I can see him clearly! I can see Chinmoy-da! He is clearly here, here, here!” But alas, others did not see me. Only he saw me, very vividly. He said my form was very luminous.

His brother, who is my absolutely dearest brother-friend in the Ashram, could not see me, so he said to me, “How is it that I could not see you, being your dearest brother-friend, but my brother could see you?”

What kind of answer could I give? I did not have any answer to give him.

We talked and talked and talked over the phone for about an hour. He had so many questions to ask me and I had so many things to tell him about his relatives who are not in the land of the living. Two years ago his mother passed away. Quite often his mother’s soul comes to me, only for my blessings and blessings.

There will be no end, no end. We have only to go forward. My relatives, my brothers and sisters, do not allow me to feel sad. They tell me not to mourn. As soon as I feel sad, immediately they make a special request or they command me, “Go forward, go forward, go forward!” My brother Mantu also has the same message: “Go forward, go forward! Do not think of me. Just go forward! You have so many things to do for this world.”

HCE 6. 5 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

I have played my role7

I sincerely feel I have played my role; I have done enough. I feel I have done my share. Other spiritual Masters, great spiritual figures, played their roles. Some left the earth when they were on the right side of forty, while others were on the right side of sixty or seventy.

I do not know, or perhaps I do know, when the hour will strike. But I do feel I have done a few things for the betterment of the world. When we see the outer situation, we feel that the present-day world has gone down considerably. But there is also another world. We call it the inner world. In the inner world a few things have been established, and those things are very, very solid. There the foundation is very strong.

If not this generation, the future generation will be able to derive tremendous benefit from what my students and I have accomplished here on earth.

If you can dive deep within, you are bound to feel that my statement is true, absolutely true.

HCE 7. 5 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

My tiny car8

Each time I drive around, there will be some people looking at my car. They cannot believe the car is so small, so tiny! They are quite surprised. They get tremendous joy and thrill when they see such a small car.

The car is tiny, but inside it is very compact, and I feel much more secure inside than I felt in the previous cars that I used. They were not so solid as this one.

HCE 8. 13 March 2005, Sri Chinmoy's home, Jamaica, New York

To the end I will love the United Nations9

Whoever leads the United Nations should use only the heart, only the heart. If he uses the heart, the rest of the world will connive at, or ignore, the shortcomings of the United Nations. The world will feel that the UN has a heart, a sincere heart. That sincere heart will be able to gain the confidence of the world. Now, because of unfortunate things that are taking place in various countries, the world does not have the same feeling, the same sympathetic heart.

Two things the UN can do. It can bravely speak out and say what it feels is the right thing to say, and at the same time it can beg the world to come to its rescue. It can also unreservedly take advice from the nations that are most sincerely ready and eager to help the United Nations come out of a very serious crisis.

I only love the United Nations. To the end I will love and love the United Nations. One good word if I hear about the United Nations, I literally dance in the sky.

HCE 9. 13 March 2005, Sri Chinmoy's home, Jamaica, New York

Millions of juicy stories10

Pulak said to me, “Here is an envelope, on the occasion of my mother’s birthday.” He gave me a love-offering in honour of his mother’s soul, and I thanked him.

I entered into Pulak’s car, and I invoked his mother. Immediately, most devotedly, his mother came to me. I blessed his mother unreservedly. Then I saw her soul seated on Pulak’s seat. In the inner world she started massaging Pulak’s right knee, and then his left knee. I said, “What are you doing? I do not think your son has any problem with his knees.”

She said, “No, but you have problems with your knees! I do not dare to touch your knees, so I am massaging my son’s knees with the hope that you will feel a little better.”

Pulak had not yet entered into the car, but on his seat, his mother’s soul was massaging his right knee and then his left knee. How much is happening in the inner world!

You may call it a cock-and-bull story, but I enjoy these stories, because I know they are true. I get such joy when the souls come and tell me this kind of story!

The soul’s world is as real as this world, but there is a wall between the two worlds. Then again, that wall can be transparent for some individuals. When it is transparent, you can see what is on the other side. For one eye, the third eye, everything is transparent. For our ordinary naked eyes, nothing is transparent. Even if somebody stands in front of you, there is a lid, there is a cover, so you cannot see his inner reality. But when you can use the third eye, there is no obstruction, no cover.

One day you, like me, will have millions of juicy stories in your life. When you realise God, at that time you will be able to tell millions of stories. That day has to dawn, either in the near future or in the distant future.

HCE 10. 16 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Accept and reject11

Let us have more faith in our own spiritual life. Let us have more faith in our own earthly life. And let us have more, more, more faith in our Lord Beloved Supreme. Our faith in ourselves and our faith in Him can perform countless miracles in our life.

Do not give up, do not give up, do not give up, do not give up! Since you have accepted the spiritual life, do not give up, do not give up! Be brave, be brave to accept the things that are needed to make the fastest progress, and be brave, be brave to reject ruthlessly plus immediately, immediately, the things that are preventing you from making the fastest progress.

In the spiritual life there are only two realities: accept and reject, accept and reject. Then, go beyond and beyond and beyond and beyond. Anything that has to be rejected, reject it sooner than at once, immediately. These wrong forces do not want to be rejected, so we have to reject them ruthlessly. You have seen how hard football players kick the football. Like that, you also have to kick the wrong forces that attack you. As you see the players kick the football during a game, you can take the wrong forces as a football, and kick them as hard as possible.

HCE 11. 16 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Complaint and solution12

I have received an open complaint, and I have an open solution.

Today a disciple told me that when two other disciples work together in a Divine Enterprise, they talk and talk and talk and talk. They ruin his concentration and his inner communion with his Guru while he is also working.

I wish to say that work is work. Work cannot be replaced by unnecessary talking. Please give importance to your work. When it is necessary, definitely you can talk. But unnecessary talking is not good, either for you or for others who do not want to lose their concentration or their love for work.

This request applies to all the Divine Enterprises.

HCE 12. 19 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

"Give me no freedom"13

If you really want to be an excellent seeker, then please sing our song “Give me no freedom” at least once a day. It will help your life tremendously, tremendously, tremendously. At least once a day, kindly sing the song, recite the song or think of the song. It will help you tremendously in your spiritual life.

By taking freedom, freedom, freedom from our Inner Pilot, we dig deep our inner grave. The moment He gives us freedom, we are apt to do something wrong, and that very thing will take us away from our own most sincere commitment to God’s Will.

HCE 13. 19 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Our village priest14

Every evening our village priest and a relative of his would come and sit right in front of our door. For half an hour they would chant “Aum Narayana Narayana Narayana” to bring down Lord Vishnu’s blessings. They did not talk at all. Afterwards they would smoke and have something to eat, and then they would go. Both of them were very, very sincere and devoted. They chanted only “Aum Narayana Aum Narayana” — nothing else.

This was our main priest. His son-in-law was by far the greatest scholar, astrologer, philosopher and palmist in the village.

HCE 14. 19 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

The Chinmoy Beena15

I like the Chinmoy Beena more than any other instrument! That has become my most favourite. What I need — sweetness — it has. What I need — splendour — it has. I get such a sonorous feeling from that instrument.

Ravi Shankar liked that instrument very much, so I played it for him. He immediately said that it had to be named “Chinmoy Beena.”16

Every morning, the very first thing I do is meditate, meditate. Then I play our Invocation. After “The Invocation” I play “My Lord Beloved Supreme.” Then I practise five or six instruments. First is the sitar, which I play for such a long time. Then I play the Chinese erhu. It melts my heart! Then I play a big, round, white Chinese instrument. After that I play the Chinmoy Beena, and some days the Western flute. How nicely I play the Western flute at home! Then, after a few hours, I play the cello.

Like that, daily I play seven to eight instruments at different hours. Three or four I play one after another, consecutively. I start with the sitar, and then, other instruments I play.

When I do cycling for half an hour, either I listen to my songs or to Tagore’s songs, or to other great performers. Half an hour passes by almost in the twinkling of an eye when I hear the music of superlative Indian singers. They literally melt my heart.

HCE 15. 20 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York.

HCE 15,2. Pandit Ravi Shankar asked Sri Chinmoy to call this instrument Chinmoy Beena on 10 October 2002, following the Master’s soulful performance for Ravi Shankar at P.S. 86 in Jamaica, New York

Occultism: love-aspect and compassion-aspect17

I started practising occultism not in India, but in some other country. As far as I can recollect, it was not in India. Before I studied occultism in India, I studied in another country. That country does not exist any more; it is extinct. That country was Atlantis.

In my previous incarnations, my occultism had a tremendous power-aspect. Now fire has become water. My occultism has become love-aspect and compassion-aspect. It has changed its form: love, compassion, forgiveness. Before, my occultism had a tremendously frightening aspect. Now, in this incarnation, my occultism has taken a different form.

Occultism does not mean only to threaten and frighten. It can also be used to raise the consciousness of someone who has perhaps descended lower than the lowest. As soon as I approach someone, I may lift him higher than the highest. That is also occult power. Occult power does not mean only to show fire!

HCE 16. 20 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Mantu gives away my harmoniums18

I used to buy harmoniums for my family. Three harmoniums my brother Mantu gave away!

The first harmonium Mantu gave away because somebody had an excellent singing voice, so Mantu felt that he deserved it. He came of a very poor family, and he could not afford a harmonium, so Mantu gave it to him. The second time, somebody had an excellent singing voice and he did not come from a poor family, but my brother felt that he needed a harmonium.

On the third occasion, Mantu gave a harmonium to somebody who had scored higher marks and transcended my record in the decathlon. He also had a good singing voice, and he did not have a harmonium. My brother gave the third harmonium to that fellow who had defeated me!

When I was doing sports, all the worries and anxieties fell upon my Mantu. On my sports day he had absolutely no peace of mind. On this occasion Mantu was so happy, not because that fellow had transcended my performance, but because he saw that the ashramites were progressing. When people progressed, whether it was his brother or somebody else, Mantu got such joy.

The third harmonium that Mantu gave away was really an excellent one. When Mantu told me, “He defeated you,” I said, “You suffered so much on my sports days!”

Mantu replied, “I want progress.” Our philosophy my brother was teaching me! “You want progress, you want progress. This fellow has done much better than you in the decathlon, so he deserves the third harmonium.”

I could not believe it! Mantu was giving me a lecture on progress, and he was the one who used to worry so much during my sports competitions.

During one of my visits, an ashramite said to me, “I taught you how to play the harmonium.” He taught me a quite a few songs — twenty or thirty, or even more. He said, “Now you have to give me absolutely the best harmonium available in Calcutta — the very best!”

I said that I would soon be leaving, so I gave him the money. The very best harmonium, according to him, he bought for himself.

We were like members of the same family, that gentleman and I. He had nobody. When he passed away, naturally the harmonium would come back to our family. But somebody took the harmonium away. My brother Mantu did not have the inclination to get it back. He said, “Since somebody has taken it, perhaps that person needed it.”

Somebody who was jealous of the person who had taken the harmonium away came to my brother and said, “Now take it back! You must get the harmonium.”

Mantu said, “It is too late. I cannot do this.”

So that man went and fought with the man who had taken the harmonium. He brought the harmonium back to my brother, because he was jealous of the person who had taken it away.

Again, the very best harmonium went to the person who had defeated me in the decathlon.

This is my brother Mantu!

HCE 17. 26 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Not humiliation, but illumination19

How Sri Krishna used to smash Arjuna’s pride! Arjuna was Sri Krishna’s dearest, dearest friend and disciple, but when necessity demanded, he used to smash Arjuna’s pride most powerfully.

Once Arjuna went to Sri Krishna’s place, Dwaraka. Sri Krishna was so happy to see Arjuna. They were chatting and chatting about everything — cabbages and kings.

A middle-aged brahmin came and pleaded with Sri Krishna to fulfil a strong desire of his. He and his wife had had very bad fortune. His wife would give birth to a baby and then, in a few hours, the baby would die. It had happened twice. He and his wife were so miserable. The brahmin came to Sri Krishna for the protection of his third baby. His wife would soon give birth to another baby, so he was begging Sri Krishna to save the baby this time.

Sri Krishna was only interested in talking about family affairs with Arjuna. Sri Krishna was not paying any attention to the Brahmin, but Arjuna felt very sad for this man. He was begging and begging Sri Krishna to help the man. Finally Arjuna said to the brahmin, “I am going to save your baby! I am coming to your place. As soon as the baby is born, I will protect him. Nobody will be able to kill him, nobody on earth! And if I cannot protect your son, I will kill myself.”

The brahmin said, “No, not that kind of promise! I cannot accept that kind of promise!”

But Arjuna said, “I know I will be able to protect your child. There will be no problem! I will come and protect him. But in case I cannot keep my promise, I will commit suicide by throwing myself into a burning fire.”

Again the brahmin said, “No, I cannot allow you to do this.”

Arjuna said, “I know what I am doing. I will be able to save your child. Do not worry!”

Sri Krishna gave his sanction, and he made the brahmin feel that Arjuna would be able to protect his child.

Arjuna had full confidence. He was a warrior; everywhere he could protect everybody! He could kill any enemy; he could protect anyone; he could do anything. Arjuna went with the brahmin to the brahmin’s place.

The following day the brahmin’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby. After four or five hours, right in front of Arjuna, the little one died. The mother was crying, the father was crying, but the father was begging Arjuna not to take his life. Arjuna said, “No, I am a kshatriya! I want to, I have to kill myself. I have to keep my promise!” Although the brahmin had lost the child, the brahmin was begging Arjuna not to take his life, but Arjuna did not want to listen; he wanted to kill himself.

Arjuna was all ready; he was about to enter into the fire. Then who appeared? Sri Krishna appeared, and he stopped Arjuna. Arjuna said, “No, I must keep my promise.”

Sri Krishna said, “Yes, I want you to keep your promise, but let us do something first.”

Arjuna said, “I do not want to hear anything! I want to keep my promise.”

Sri Krishna said, “Can we not do something first? The Creator is Brahma. These three little ones are Brahma’s creation. Let us go and ask Brahma why it happened, why these newborn babies died. What was the reason? What has the brahmin done, or what has his wife done, or what is wrong with the family?”

Sri Krishna and Arjuna went to Brahma. Sri Krishna asked Brahma, “Please tell us, O Creator, why, why that poor brahmin family has to suffer? You created these children. Are you not responsible for the death of these babies? Please tell us the reason for their death.”

Brahma said, “The reason is very simple. Inwardly I have been begging you, Krishna, to come and visit me, with your dearest friend-disciple Arjuna, but you do not listen! You do not listen to me, and I have been dying to see you. I wanted you both to come here, so I created everything. There was no other way to bring you here. Only in this way was I able to bring you to my palace.”

They all talked and talked, and Brahma was so pleased. Then Brahma said, “Not only the last one, but the previous two children also I am sending back to the family.” One child was six years old, one was four years old, and one was a newborn baby. They all came back to that family.

This is our Indian mythological story! In order to see Sri Krishna, Brahma created this whole situation. The wife gave birth, but Brahma the Creator would not allow Vishnu to preserve the child. He would give life, and then he would take it away. Why? Only because Sri Krishna was not listening to Brahma’s request in the inner world. Although he could go to Sri Krishna in the subtle body, Brahma wanted to bring Sri Krishna to him, because Sri Krishna at that time was in the physical world. In order to see Sri Krishna and Arjuna, Brahma did all this.

From time to time I will tell you stories. I will be very happy if you can dramatise them. And you can embellish them in your own way, the way you have done during our Christmas Trips. I used to tell two-line jokes and you made them into two-page stories! You showed your extraordinary talents, and I was so proud of you.

These kinds of stories have their own inner significance. The inner significance you know. Sri Krishna’s absolutely dearest was Arjuna, but Sri Krishna wanted to smash Arjuna’s pride. He did not want Arjuna to have pride. For hours and hours Arjuna would pray to the Highest, with countless flowers. But so much pride entered into Arjuna! You know the famous story about Bhima. Bhima used to put his fingers to his third eye for two seconds. Like that, before he ate he used to invoke Lord Shiva. People were carrying carts of flowers for the worship of Lord Shiva, and Arjuna was praying for hours and hours. But Sri Krishna smashed Arjuna’s pride by appreciating Bhima. Not how many hours, but how sincerely and how devotedly we pray: that is of paramount importance.

Many, many times Sri Krishna smashed Arjuna’s pride. Why? Because pride is our worst enemy. When our pride is smashed, it is not humiliation; it is illumination. The human in us will take it as humiliation when our pride is smashed into pieces. But the divine in us will take it as the most significant experience of illumination.

If somebody scolds you or insults you, do not take it as humiliation. If you dive deep within, you will find that it is not humiliation, but illumination. That illumination can come from a street beggar or from somebody else who appears to be infinitely inferior to you. God can give us illumination in His inimitable Way.

HCE 18. 26 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Forever his inner guru20

Recently, somebody came to one of our Divine Enterprises. That person is no longer with us, but he played a role of utmost significance in our spiritual family. His sleepless self-giving to our manifestation and to the heart of our Centres I shall forever and forever treasure in the very depths of my gratitude-heart and my oneness-pride. In how many ways he served the Supreme in me, God alone knows.

This individual came to our Divine Enterprise with boundless enthusiasm, inspiration, joy and pride. While looking at one of my pictures, he said to the workers that I shall forever remain his inner Guru. I am the one who will remain his inner Guru, but he does not know who his outer Guru is.

We all have the same outer Guru: the mind. In our outer life we do not have to go very far to find our Guru. Our outer Guru, the mind, is omnipresent. But our heart’s Guru is our Lord Absolute Beloved Supreme. The Guru of our outer life, the mind, we must grab and forcefully place at the Feet of our inner Guru, who is none other than the Absolute Supreme.

The outer Guru, the mind, is giving us such painful experiences almost every day. The inner Guru, the Absolute Supreme, our Beloved Father, comes to us every day, every hour, every minute and every second. He pleads with us only to do one thing: to be one with His Will. He begs us to be one with His Will in our outer life and in our inner life as well. He pleads with us not to have our self-styled pride-will, but only to be one with His Will.

HCE 19. 2 April 2005, Jamaica High School, Jamaica, New York


Yesterday Ila’s soul left the body. Since then, she and I have had quite a few conversations.

Needless to say, Ila’s humorous aspect we have enjoyed immensely over the years. Outwardly she was an iron rod. Inwardly she was as soft as marshmallow. Her softness-heart was most remarkable, and her outer strictness was also most remarkable.

Let me say something about her humorous aspect. Ila’s soul was here for a long time. Only a minute ago she left. While you were singing the song Jibaner bhar_ <html><a href="#fn22" id="fnref22">22</a></html> so soulfully, she said to me, “My Guru, if this kind of appreciation and adulation your children are going to offer me, then I am ready to take birth every morning and die every evening!” This is Ila! So many things I can tell about her. If I do so, it will be a huge book, with hundreds of pages. My soul, my heart and my life shall forever treasure her, for among those who think, feel and know who I truly am, perhaps she stands foremost. She continuously felt my inner heights, and for that I shall remain eternally, eternally grateful to her. <html>

<hr /> <p id="fn21"> HCE 20. 2 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York.<a href="#fnref21">↩</a></p> <p id="fn22"> HCE 20,3. <em>Jibaner bhar</em> is the song Sri Chinmoy composed for his disciples to sing at the time of an individual’s earth-departure<a href="#fnref22">↩</a></p>

</html><html></div></html> <html>


Choose your partners wisely23

Tonight we shall have a performance. It will be a competition. Choose your partners wisely. Be merciless! If you think only of your friendship, then you will run into serious difficulty. Do not say, “I have to select my friend!” By selecting your friend as your teammate if you get no votes for your performance, then your friendship will be of no avail.

Please choose someone who is either of your own standard or of a higher standard. Friendship will not help you at this time. If you feel that you have to choose your friend, then you may be the loser. Keep your friendship inside your pocket, not in the competition.

At the Sri Aurobindo Ashram I saw what happened when people chose their teammates for friendship’s sake. In the tug-of-war you may select your friends, only to lose. As soon as the competition starts, you may be dragged away. That kind of friendship will prove to be nothing other than lack of wisdom.

HCE 21. 9 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Madal Circus gives me the utmost joy24

Dear ones, Madal Circus gives me the utmost joy, purer than the purest joy. Our philosophy is progress, progress, progress, progress. Let us not change our philosophy! I am begging you to remain young, young, young. Only the young in spirit will realise God. Remember, no matter how old you are, whether you are sixty years old, seventy years old or an octogenarian, if you are not participating, then you are not doing the right thing.

Cast aside lethargy, cast aside unwillingness! I will never, never make fun of your performance — never. That I do not do. When there are clowns we laugh, but as far as serious performances are concerned, I do not expect you to be like a Chinese circus or another professional circus. Your standard will not be examined. Your willingness is the most essential thing. Your willingness is the only thing I need. I do not expect you to be acrobats or performers of the highest order. That I do not expect. What I expect from you is only willingness, willingness, willingness — cheerfulness and willingness. If you have cheerfulness and willingness, then you have given me everything, everything, everything.

If you have already performed and you have more energy at your disposal, then please perform again! If you feel that you can do something else, then please do it, by all means. Be a flowing river! I will be very happy.

HCE 22. 10 April 2005, Madal Circus, York College, Jamaica, New York

The supreme necessity of a oneness-heart25

In many countries we have been able to spread the Light of our Lord Supreme. At other times, the inner heart of a country we were able to conquer, but the outer life as such we could not fathom. Their inner heart, their love, their sweetness and their eagerness for a new life: those very things we were able to approach. The inner existence of the country we were able to approach, but the outer existence we could not approach, because they did not want anything. They felt they were self-sufficient. At times the inner heart is open, but the outer mind is stronger.

Everything happens at God’s choice Hour. At God’s choice Hour, the outer life of those countries also will open up. Right now they may think that something new will be harmful for them. I am sure one day that opinion will change.

We are all together. We belong to one family, so we cannot go on suspecting our brothers and sisters. Otherwise there will be no peace, no harmony. We shall accept the world with all its weaknesses. Everybody has weaknesses. In spite of our weaknesses, we love one another. The rest of the world is like our brothers and sisters. We stay together in spite of our weaknesses. We have come here to become happy. If we want to be happy, then we must have an open heart. Nobody can be happy without an open heart, an all-embracing heart.

A day will come when everyone will consciously feel the supreme necessity of a oneness-heart. But the inner heart, the heart that we need to pray to God, to meditate on God, to love God and serve God, that heart is beautiful, always beautiful.

HCE 23. Sri Chinmoy spoke with a dear friend about his travels. 12 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

The God that he can see26

Ustad Sultan Khan: where can one find such a kind, compassionate heart, such a loving heart?

Once when he was performing at the Royal Albert Hall, Yehudi Menuhin came up to him after he had played for ten minutes and said that he could not prevent himself from shedding tears. Such appreciation Ustad Sultan Khan has received for his music!

We became such close friends. So much affection, love and oneness he offered to me. He said that his wife had recently passed away, after a long illness. Then what did he say? When you have affection, love, sweetness and fondness, you can say anything you want to say! He was telling me that the God that he cannot see is not God for him, but the God that he can see is God for him. Then he said, “I am so happy. I have not seen God, but I have seen somebody who has seen God.” This was his feeling. The last thing he said to me was, “You are my God, for I can touch you, I can feel you. The God that I cannot see, wherever He is — how can He be my God? If I cannot touch Him, if I cannot feel him, then He cannot be my God. But the God whom I can touch, whom I can feel, He is my God. You are my God.”

When one has such affection, love, oneness and fondness, one can say anything he likes! My heart was so deeply moved.

When Ustad Sultan Khan started playing, right from the beginning his music was so soulful, so haunting. Some musicians take a long time to perform their real music. But Ustad Sultan Khan immediately, in just a few minutes’ time, brought us into the ocean of music. I am so grateful to him.

HCE 24. Sri Chinmoy made these comments after honouring the eminent sarangi player Ustad Sultan Khan with the Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart Award. 12 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

The day of smiling27

All of you kindly smile at me! Today is the day of smiling. Today I came to America, I came to the West, so I expect a smile from all of you. Smile, smile, smile! You have no idea how much strength I get from your smiles! If you do not smile at me, I feel that you weaken me. Since you are so kind to me, I expect only smiles and smiles from you.

It seems that some people have never learnt how to smile during their entire life. Once upon a time I was one of those! In my Ashram life I did not know how to smile. One picture was taken of my boss, Nolini, his wife and me — the three of us together. In that picture I smiled broadly. Nolini said that it was the first time he had seen me smiling!

I had two other names at the Ashram. One was “Fire.” Always people used to see fire inside me. And because of my delicate movement, people used to call me “Japanese Girl.” My movements were delicate, specially when I played ping-pong.

HCE 25. 13 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Day and night always follow each other28

Some of my belongings I recently offered for the disciples to buy. Yesterday something remarkable happened. I was deeply, deeply moved.

Somebody bought one of my bags, and inside the bag was five hundred dollars! Neither the seller nor the buyer noticed the money while the bag was being sold. Soon the disciple who had bought the bag found the money and came back to the sale table to return it. There was no way for anyone to have known about this lost money.

I would like this visiting disciple to come and see me. I do not know her name and I do not know which Centre she belongs to. I am so proud of this disciple!

[Sri Chinmoy invited the disciple to come forward to have a photograph taken with him.]

I am very, very, very, very proud of you — a million, billion, trillion times proud of you, proud of you.

Alas, recently a visiting disciple’s wallet was stolen somewhere while he was in New York. Day and night always follow each other.

HCE 26. 13 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

My father's indulgence29

As you know, our family lived in a village. I have told you many, many times that before I used to go to town, I was in the habit of “stealing” money from my father’s pocket, almost every day. As a matter of fact, I did it every day, without fail! My father was so kind. He perhaps inwardly enjoyed my mischief. Never did he scold me. When he would go out of town, he took a different coat. He left his regular coat behind and put more money inside his pocket for me to take!

My mother was different. She worried all the time. She was so miserable that I had developed the unfortunate habit of taking my father’s money. My mother used to tell my father not to put money inside his pocket. But my father said, “No, no, no — I must continue.” My mother said, “I am worried. Today he will take from your pocket, and tomorrow the neighbours will make complaints!” Then my father said, “I know my son. He will not go that far. He will be confined to my pocket.”

My father’s prophecy was correct. He was indulgent to the extreme. That is my family story — father and son.

HCE 27. 13 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

Keep your direct connection with me30

Some of the visiting disciples are so kind and so devoted to me. At times, their hearts compel them to go to the length of giving up their jobs so that they can be here for our Celebrations. Again, some disciples literally plead with their bosses to grant them a leave of absence. I have such good disciples!

The more you value me, the more I will be compelled to value you. It is mutual. The more we value our aspiration, the more God gets satisfaction. Similarly, the more you value my physical presence here on earth, the more you will get from me. If you value me, then you are bound to be valued by me.

Dear ones who come here from far-off lands, if other disciples can be a source of inspiration to you, I will be so proud of those disciples. Again, do not be doomed to disappointment if you see that some individuals are not aspiring. Please try to feel that you come here for me, for me. Your inspiration, your aspiration and your dedication must not suffer in the least if you see that some others are wanting in inspiration, aspiration and dedication. If you see disciples who are not aspiring, you must not think or feel even for a fleeting moment, “Oh, perhaps we shall also be the same eventually.” No, you do not have to become like that!

Ask your heart, and your heart will tell you that you come here for me and not for others. Keep your direct connection with me, with my soul, with my heart. I am sure I will not disappoint you, and I am sure you also will not disappoint me. Let us go forward, forward, forward with those who are ready, willing and eager to go forward.

Again, I wish to say that those who have lost their inspiration and aspiration can revive their inspiration and aspiration in the twinkling of an eye!

HCE 28. 13 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

I will be successful in and through you31

All the Centres can do one thing at the same time, and then see the results. It will be like putting out candles: here is one candle, there is another candle. Please think of something that you can do jointly. That will be so good! In addition to your specialities, whatever you are doing in your respective cities, if you can all do something at the same time, that will be very good.

I will be very happy if tomorrow you can give me ten significant items that you will undertake, or ten events. I will read them out. I am not going to blame you if you cannot succeed! I will never, never blame you. I will put my inspiration and my enthusiasm into all the items that you give me. But my inspiration, my aspiration and my enthusiasm will depend on your self-giving. I will be successful in and through you only on the strength of your self-giving.

Never think of who is doing what. Whatever you wish to do, just do it! If some people are not helping you or cooperating with you, then please be more determined to do it. Collectively you will try to do things, but if collectivity does not work, then go to individuality. If you work individually, the Centre itself will get the glory.

Talking has to surrender to acting. Action, action, action! If one individual comes forward with tremendous inspiration, aspiration and determination, I do not see why you cannot succeed.

Two evenings per week you have for your Centre meditations. Please think of the other five days. Each day do something — either the same thing on all the five days, or something different, in the evening. Evening is meant for spreading our light. At least two hours every evening you can spend.

It gives me such joy, unimaginable joy, when I get good news from your country or from any other country! Then my joy enters into you as strength, and I feel that each disciple can develop indomitable strength.

You can give concerts in various places. I am sure each Centre has at least three musicians. If you have three good singers or musicians, there will be a few others who will support you. You do not need twenty singers or musicians. Music can help! In some countries, young disciples go here and there, giving concerts. They may get thirty, forty or fifty people in the audience, and those people get tremendous joy. In that way you also can inspire people. It will make me so happy!

I really, really want your country to run fast, very fast. Receptivity is needed to receive my light, plus determination, determination, determination. Only one thing is needed in the outer world: determination. In the inner world, receptivity is needed. And that receptivity if you have, then I am inside your heart. You are welcoming me to be inside your heart. But again, in your outer life you need determination. Each and every individual needs determination.

I cannot imagine that people can really be happy with their material life. No individual can be really happy unless inside him there is happiness. Inspire them! I am using the words “determination,” plus “readiness,” “willingness” and “eagerness.” Let us take the word “eagerness.” Readiness and willingness are first and second. But if there is eagerness, then how can you not inspire others? They will see the difference between the inner happiness, which is the real happiness, and the outer happiness.

You can have many projects. It is like a supermarket! Please keep your store full. You do not know which item an individual will like. If you sell only mangoes, some people may not be interested in mangoes. But if you have a large variety of items, it will be good. We have no idea which item will appeal to an individual. And again, as I said before, let all the Centres try to do one thing at the same time.

Please do not depend on disciples from other Centres. It may be impossible for them to come and help you. Your own Centre can have tremendous eagerness and determination.

Please start your journey with adamantine will-power. Then you are bound to succeed, you are bound to succeed! In August I would like to hear from each Centre what you have done. Each Centre will give me a report about what you have achieved. Each Centre has at least three or four solid members. If four solid members can work very, very hard, I do not know how it can be possible for you not to succeed. If those disciples work hard, very hard, then you are bound to succeed.

HCE 29. Sri Chinmoy encouraged the disciples of his Australian Centres to think of activities that would inspire seekers in their country. These are excerpts from his remarks. 14 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

I need your soul's indomitable spirit32

Please sing loudly! Only one thing I need: your spirit, your soul’s indomitable spirit. From here the recording will go to so many nations all around the world. You are the source. Your performance is more than excellent.

I have played my role. Now kindly make it as dynamic, as cheerful and as powerful as possible. The spirit of this song must enter into millions of people the runners are going to encounter. This recording will inspire them.

I expect loudness from you, plus spirit and dynamism. Please take it as a very spirited song.

“Marvellous” is an understatement! The enthusiasm, dynamism and correctness are all excellent. I am so moved! I gave you an unripe fruit. You have blossomed it fully into a most delicious fruit. This most delicious fruit everybody should enjoy.

HCE 30. Sri Chinmoy taught his disciples the song for the World Harmony Run. 15 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

His Compassion is everything to us33

This time I meditated only on compassion, bringing down compassion. Here quite a few disciples — about twenty — have received abundant compassion. Somebody has received the most, although she is not here physically, and that is Sarama.

At one point I was looking just at the front of the room, where the disciples are not supposed to sit, and Sarama’s soul was there. I said to Sarama, “What are you doing? Why are you sitting in the ‘forbidden area’?” In a joking manner I said it.

She said, “I am not the body; I am the soul.”

I said to her, “Where is the difference, good girl, between the body and the soul? For me there is no difference between the body and the soul, the substance and the essence.”

Sometimes when I see the body, inside the body I immediately see the soul’s entire divinity; and sometimes when I see the soul, I see inside the soul the qualities and capacities of the body. There is no difference between the body and the soul.

This was Sarama’s message: “I have come here to swim in the heart-sea of your compassion.”

I said, “Swim as long as you want to; swim to your heart’s content. I will let you swim inside the heart-sea of my compassion.”

This was Sarama’s soul.

Nineteen other disciples have received compassion in profuse measure, but her soul has definitely received more than anybody else. When we meditate, the soul of somebody who is not physically present can come and receive. It happens; it has happened many, many times. I am very grateful and very proud of Sarama’s achievement.

Compassion, compassion! It is the divine compassion that keeps us in this boat, in the Boat of the Supreme. The moment the Supreme takes away His Compassion, we are worse than useless. In every way we become the worst possible failures. But when the Supreme’s Compassion works in and through us and we receive it devotedly and cheerfully, then the mightiest power enters into us. Adamantine will enters into us when the Supreme’s Compassion we receive and utilise for the Supreme.

Of all the Powers the Supreme has, His Compassion-Power is the most powerful Power. It is the miracle of miracles. No other miracle-power is as powerful as the Supreme’s Compassion-Power. When we receive the Supreme’s Compassion-Power and value it, then everything in us can be illumined, no matter how long it has remained in darkness within us.

Always we should pray to the Supreme — all of us — for His Compassion, more than anything else. His Compassion is everything to us. Once we lose His Compassion, we have nothing, we are nothing, we will remain nothing. But once we feel His Compassion and utilise it in a divine way, we have everything and we become everything.

Let us always pray to the Supreme for His unconditional Compassion. Let us pray to Him to inundate us with His unconditional Compassion. Let us pray for His Compassion and let us receive His Compassion. If we soulfully pray, then definitely He will grant it. And if we receive it and utilise it properly, then not only do we get something divine, supreme and immortal, but we do become that divine, supreme and immortal reality.

Always we should value the Supreme’s Compassion more than anything else. Everything He has, He is and He gives us, for He is all unconditional Heart; but if we can receive His Compassion, then everything we have.

HCE 31. After the last of three meditation sessions held on 29 May 1978 at Progress-Promise, Jamaica, New York, Sri Chinmoy told this anecdote about Sarama, who was in the hospital at the time recovering from a cycling accident. Sarama, who became Sri Chinmoy's disciple in 1967, left this world on 15 July 2013.

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