My Heart's Peace-Offering

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My sleepless willingness is my heart's soulful conversation with God's Compassion-Eye. My heart's unwillingness is the very beginning of my mind's frustration-destruction-dance. My heart's hallowed willingness-strength can easily cover my mind's farthest unwillingness-length.

My despotic unwillingness is a self-styled server always unemployed. My inner life and my outer life simply do not need it or even want it. Nevertheless, alas, at times my unwillingness-mind-baggage is shockingly heavy and far overweight. To please my Lord at every moment in His own Way, what I need is a soulful willingness empty of expectation and full of sterling faith. Therefore, every morning I pray to my Lord Supreme to bless my aspiration-heart with willingness-gratitude-tears and my dedication-life with willingness-plenitude-smiles.

My Lord Supreme, the world desperately needs peace-contributions in infinite measure. Do grant me soulful willingness so that I, along with all the other self-giving hearts of the world, can offer my own heart's peace-contribution spontaneously and generously to fulfil humanity's age-old cry for world peace, world harmony and a oneness-world-home.

To my extreme joy, my Beloved Supreme has listened to my heartfelt prayer. The indomitable eagerness of my God-nourished and God-cherished heart's willingness has once and for all smashed the pride of my mind's self-doubting and God-doubting unwillingness. Now my unreserved and unconditional willingness to love God the Creator and serve God the creation unconditionally has placed me on the highest rung of my consciousness-ladder, and God is offering me His own transcendental Crown and universal Throne.

HPO 1. Columbia University, New York, New York, 9 February 1989.

Silence within, sound without2

Silence within, sound without. Silence-Eternity within, Sound-Infinity without. Silence-Eternity-Dream within, Sound-Infinity-Reality without.

Silence is God the Creator. Sound is God the creation. Silence is the progress-delight of God the Creator. Sound is the success-height of God the creation.

Silence is never, never afraid of sound, but sound is always afraid of Eternity's and Immortality's vastness-silence.

My silence-heart-life is a non-stop aspiration-flight to my transcendental Goal — the Goal of the ever-transcending Beyond. My sound-mind-life quite often carries me into a tenebrous indolence-coma.

With my silence-heart, I always claim God as my own, very own. With my sound-mind, at times I praise God and at times I blame God, depending on my success-smiles and failure-cries.

When my sound-life lives in the shackles of bondage, when I live only in my buried hopes, at that time my silence-heart comes to the fore and inspires me with new hope, new inspiration, new aspiration and new dedication to go and visit my Lord's Forgiveness-Heart, Compassion-Eye and Protection-Feet.

My silence-soul is the only teacher that teaches me how to speak to God and how to listen to God devotedly, soulfully and unconditionally.

Man's eternal question: "Where is God?"

God’s eternal question: "How to please man?"

Silence has the answer to these questions.

Indeed, silence is the answer.

Silence, silence!

HPO 2. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 17 February 1989.


Concentration is the hero-soldier-confidence of the third eye, the vision eye. Concentration is the fastest lightning speed. Concentration is the supreme secret of immediate and inevitable success.

Although determination and concentration have a close connection, concentration is infinitely, infinitely higher than determination. Determination comes from the silent mind proper. Concentration comes from the all knowing vision-eye.

Concentration silences the destruction-loving animal in me. Concentration inspires the inactivity-cherishing human in me. Concentration manifests the all loving divine in me. Concentration expedites God's all fulfilling arrival at my heart's door.

Concentration secretly intensifies my heart's God-hunger. Concentration speedily clears my mind's thought-forest and gives me discipline-joy at every moment. Concentration indomitably tames my wild restlessness-vital. Concentration vigorously energises my sleeping lethargy-body.

Concentration smilingly and blessingfully asks me: "O seeker, do you want to accomplish ten most significant things in the short span of ten minutes, or do you want to accomplish only one thing?" I tell concentration that I would like to accomplish ten most significant things in the short span of ten minutes.

Concentration blessingfully and proudly tells me: "Then come and be in my boat. I am your only boatman."

Concentration has a most significant message for me. It tells me: "Be brave within, be brave without!" When I am brave in my inner life, I breathlessly love only God the Creator in His own Way. When I am brave in my outer life, I smilingly serve only God the creation in His own Way.

Concentration tells me that I have only one Master. That Master is transcendental delight and not ignorance-night.

Each human being on earth is a God-representative, but concentration, meditation and contemplation are the most powerful representatives of God here on earth. These three representatives of God are piloting humanity's aspiration-boat to the Golden Shore of the Beyond.

Concentration is the mind-divinity's swiftness. Meditation is the heart-divinity's vastness. Contemplation is the life-divinity's fulness here on earth.

HPO 3. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 26 February 1989.


Meditation is God-discovery. Meditation is self-mastery. Meditation is man's Eternity's progress-light in God. Meditation is God's Infinity's Satisfaction-Delight in man.

Meditation is for the truth-seeker. Meditation is for the God-lover. God's transcendental Vision-Eye blesses man the truth-seeker. God's universal Oneness-Heart embraces man the God-lover.

Yesterday's meditation-message: "Realise God." Today's meditation-message: "Realise God, plus manifest God." Tomorrow's meditation-message: "Realise God, manifest God and, finally, become another God."

My mind's good meditation is the bankruptcy of my self-doubt and God-doubt. My heart's better meditation is my vastness-fulfilment and my oneness-perfection. My soul's best meditation is my life's God-manifestation here on earth.

Before I meditate, I compel my reasoning mind to disappear. Before I meditate, I beg my loving God to appear.

After I meditate, I soulfully offer myself a new name: gratitude. After I meditate, God, out of His infinite Bounty, blesses me with a new and fruitful name: satisfaction.

Each time I meditate on God, He teaches me a new life-surrender-song. Each time God meditates on me, I offer Him a new gratitude-heart-song.

Earth meditates for man's transformation. Heaven meditates for God's Satisfaction. I meditate for my nature's complete perfection. God meditates for the universal manifestation of His own Transcendental Consciousness and Transcendental Vision here on earth.

HPO 4. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, 5 March 1989.


Perfection is aspiration-ascension. Perfection is bondage-liberation. Perfection is ignorance-illumination. Perfection is God-realisation. Perfection is God-manifestation. Perfection is God-satisfaction.

Perfection will remain a far cry if I think that my body is too old, my vital is too undisciplined, my mind is too impure, my heart is too insecure and my soul is too indifferent. Again, perfection can be within my easy reach if slowly, steadily and unerringly I develop abundant capacity for God-receptivity. Perfection easily can be within my reach if I do not try to compete with the rest of the world but just complete my own God-ordained task and Heavenward pilgrimage. Not competition, but completion: not competition with the rest of the world, but completion of my own soulful task here on earth!

The heart is a beautiful flower-child, and gratitude is the soulful fragrance of that beautiful flower-child. My soul-beauty's nectar-fragrance I shall be able to enjoy in abundant measure only when my heart becomes a constant God-lover; my mind, a conscious truth-defender; and my life, a sleepless self-giver.

O truth-seeker, O God-lover, we are all sailing in the same boat. At the end of our journey, we are bound to reach the Golden Shore. On our way towards the Destination Supreme, let us not criticise the unaspiring citizens of the world. Let us only love them more. Let us cure their ignorance-malady. Let us feed and nourish them to end their spirituality-penury.

I am a student of peace, world peace, universal oneness-home-peace. I have submitted my cheerful and complete world-possession-desire-resignation and now I only study at the perfection-fragrance-university. While studying, I do not allow myself to be buffeted by doubt-blows from within or from without. My ignorance-confession is now in the process of being replaced by God's unconditional Illumination-Benediction.

Every day my Lord Supreme, my Professor Supreme, out of His infinite Bounty, teaches me a new, illumining and fulfilling faith-song. These faith-songs make me feel that I am definitely a choice instrument of my Lord Supreme, Him to fulfil in His own Way here on earth.

God my Professor tells me: "My child, in you is My Infinity's Capacity."

I tell God my Professor: "My Eternity's loyalty I am offering only to You, only to You."

God my Professor tells me to remain always in the aspiration-class and promises that He will remain forever my Perfection-Fragrance-Professor.

HPO 5. Buchman Hall, New York, New York, 7 March 1989.


Oneness-nest is the monumental magnitude of human life. Oneness-nest is the pathway to Infinity's perfection-delight. Nothing on earth will ever be immortal save Divinity's fulness-light in humanity's oneness-nest.

Our aspiring heart easily, quickly and unmistakably finds oneness-nest. Our unaspiring mind right now does not feel the supreme necessity for oneness-nest. But there shall come a time when our unaspiring and doubting mind will be transformed into an aspiring mind and aspire just like the heart. At that time our mind also will definitely find oneness-nest.

When our mind can soar above desire-clouds, we will have peace, and inside this peace what will loom large is oneness-nest.

When we can leave fear outside our heart's door and doubt outside our mind's door, we will have peace of mind, and inside this peace of mind we shall find oneness-nest.

Just like the seekers of the hoary past, the present-day seekers are all longing for oneness-nest. Inside each and every seeker is a soul-bird, and this soul-bird inside us has been singing throughout Eternity for the establishment of oneness-nest, which is God's supreme Victory here on earth.

In the near or distant future, our soul-birds definitely will manifest this victory here on earth. But first, we must give to God what we have: our sleeplessly unconditional surrender. Then, in return, God will blessingfully give us what He eternally is: His Fondness-Oneness-Nest.

HPO 6. Buchman Hall, New York, New York, 13 March 1989.

Desire versus aspiration7

Desire versus aspiration. Desire binds; aspiration liberates. Desire wants to possess; aspiration wants to renounce. Desire means plus, plus, plus material wealth. Aspiration means minus, minus, minus material wealth. Aspiration means plus, plus, plus spiritual wealth — love, devotion, surrender, purity, gratitude and self-offering.

He who desires sings most pitifully his life's poverty-songs. He who aspires sings most soulfully God's Prosperity-Songs.

He who desires wants to possess each and every thing, each and every individual in the entire world. He who aspires wants only those things that will help him transcend his abundant limitations and teeming imperfections. He knows that he needs help, and the things that can help him he welcomes and invites to come to his rescue.

A desiring man prays to God to get God's all-conquering Power. An aspiring man meditates on God to get God's all-fulfilling Love. A man of desire wants to show the world his capacities, his strength. A man of aspiration devotedly and soulfully places all his incapacities — his insecurity, doubt, fear, uncomely thoughts and everything else that is unaspiring in him — at the Feet of his Lord Beloved Supreme.

A man of desire wants to dominate the world. He wants the whole world to surrender to him. A man of aspiration wants to establish his universal oneness-heart with the rest of the world. How? On the strength of his self-giving, which is the only way to bring about world peace.

A desire-intoxicated man, like Julius Caesar, wants to say to the world: "I came, I saw, I conquered." An aspiring inspiration-man wants to say to the world: "I came, I loved and I am becoming inseparably one with you."

A desire-intoxicated man at every moment wants to show his superiority and lord it over the world. An aspiring inspiration-man wants only God's Compassion-Eye to guide and lead the whole world to its ultimate Destination, the Destination that is flooded with infinite Light and Delight.

HPO 7. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 16 March 1989.


Obedience, obedience, obedience!

Obedience is acceptance — acceptance of God's Light. Obedience is rejection — rejection of ignorance night. Obedience is perfection — perfection of the human nature.

Obedience, from the spiritual point of view, is never a helpless submission. Obedience is the seeker's discovery of the inner Light, the Pilot Supreme. Obedience is not the annihilation of individuality — no, no! Obedience is the seeker's cheerful and free entrance into universality.

Obedience is the beauty of faith. Obedience is the purity of faith. Obedience is the prosperity of faith. Faith awakens the human in us. Faith leads the human in us. Faith liberates the human in us. Faith takes us to God's Compassion-Eye. Faith brings God's Satisfaction-Heart to us.

My obedience is my selfless, unconditional dedication-life to my Lord Supreme. My Lord Supreme is not far away — no, no! He is near, nearer than the nearest. He is here to grant me my full realisation. He is here to help me manifest His own Transcendental Divinity here on earth. My obedience-heart, God's Compassion-Eye and God's outstretched Arms live together, sing together and play together to manifest God's Will here on earth.

If I do not obey my Inner Pilot in this lifetime, then in my next incarnation I may commit the same blunders that I committed in this incarnation, but even sooner — perhaps at the very dawn of my earthly sojourn. If I do not obey my Inner Pilot in this incarnation, my human life will sadly miss the touch of divinity and the divine in me will starve and starve most deplorably.

Obedience reached its supreme, ultimate, absolute height when the Saviour Son's obedience-heart voiced forth: "Father, let Thy Will be done." By virtue of this obedience-prayer, man's eternal thirst, without fail, will be quenched by God's infinite Nectar-Delight.

HPO 8. Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, 27 March 1989.

My success-life and my progress-life9

The human in me wants success.
The divine in me wants progress.
The human in me wants success-might.
The divine in me wants progress-light.
The human in me wants
The divine in me wants

My success wants to subjugate the whole world. My progress wants to liberate the world from its limitations, imperfections, bondage and ignorance-night.

My success wants to challenge the world. My progress wants to illumine the world.

My success-life has a fleeting breath. My progress-life is an enduring reality.

My success life has an all-conquering thirst. My progress-life is an all-loving thirst.

My success-life has a world-devouring hunger. My progress-life is a world-illumining hunger.

The moment I enjoy success, I proudly shake hands with greedy division-superiority. The moment I make progress, I am embraced by the world's oneness-longing divinity.

My Lord, I am never happy with my success-life. No matter how many ways I am successful, I always see a beggar in myself. And this beggar in me cries and cries because he feels that there is insufficient reality in him.

But when I make progress, my Lord, I see in myself a king, an emperor. At that time I see the whole world as my own, very own, for I claim the entire world and the entire world claims me.

O my Lord, do make my success-life and progress-life inseparably one. Do give me the capacity to see my success-life as the divine beauty of my heart-rose and to feel my progress-life as the celestial fragrance of my heart-rose.

May the beauty and the fragrance of my heart-rose please You, my Lord Supreme, in Your own Way at every moment.

HPO 9. University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 1 April 1989.


Surrender, surrender, surrender!

I must surrender to my heart's sweet whispers. I must never, never surrender to my mind's loud thunder.

I must surrender to my heart's ever brightening day. I must never, never surrender to my mind's ever-darkening night.

Surrender, surrender!

I must surrender to the liberating and expanding world within. I must never surrender to the binding and limiting world without — never!

I must surrender to the dynamic smile of the world within. I must never, never surrender to the titanic frown of the world without.

Surrender, surrender!

I do not surrender out of compulsion. I surrender out of my inner necessity. From my aspiration-life I inwardly get the supreme message to surrender what I have and what I am to my Lord Beloved Supreme. This is not the slave's surrender to his master but the God lover's surrender to his Beloved Supreme. This is the surrender of the finite to the infinite, knowing perfectly well that the infinite is its Source.

Consciously, devotedly and unconditionally the human in me surrenders to the divine in me to become inseparably one with my Lord Beloved Supreme's infinite Peace, Light and Bliss.

When I surrender the human in me to the divine in me, my life does not become a demolition-derby; it becomes a glorification-palace.

When I surrender my earth-bound life to my Heaven-free existence, I become Infinity's Peace and Eternity's Light.

When I surrender my outer life to my Lord Supreme, out of His infinite Bounty He grants my outer life ceaseless progress. When I surrender my inner life to my Lord Supreme, out of His infinite Bounty He grants my inner life perfect perfection.

Only my outer progress and my inner perfection can bring about world peace in abundant, infinite measure.

HPO 10. Kurhalle Oberlaa, Vienna, Austria, 1 April 1989.


Happiness, happiness, happiness!

My happiness abides in my soul's promise to God. My happiness dwells in my heart's hope for a higher life. My happiness resides in my life's willingness to fulfil God at every moment.

I am happy when early in the morning I place my ignorance-head at God's Forgiveness-Feet. I am happy when early in the morning my inspiration-eye catches a glimpse of God's Compassion-Eye. I am happy when early in the morning my aspiration-heart is blessed by my Lord's Satisfaction-Heart.

To be happy I must not allow insincerity to stand at my mind's door. To be happy I must not allow insecurity to stand at my heart's door. To be happy I must not allow impurity to stand at my life's door.

Happiness, happiness, happiness!

To be happy, every day during my meditation I send my body to enthusiasm-kindergarten, I send my vital to dynamism-elementary school, I send my mind to obedience-high school, I send my heart to surrender-college and I send my life to gratitude-university. I send the members of my earthly existence to study these divine subjects in order to make myself a perfect instrument of my Lord Supreme, for only as a perfect instrument of my Lord Supreme can I truly be happy.

To be happy, I beg and beg my Lord Supreme to grant me a will-power-sword and to make it sharper than the sharpest. With this sharper than the sharpest will-power-sword, I shall challenge the ignorance-night that has enveloped my being for thousands of years and liberate myself.

To be happy, I pray and pray soulfully to my Lord Supreme to grant me the capacity to ring the bell of His universal Peace. I also beg my Lord Supreme not to allow ignorance-titan to touch my Eternity's dream-boat, which I have been sailing from time immemorial towards the Golden Shore of the Beyond.

My soulful God-invocation is the beginning of my happiness-peace. My sleepless self-dedication is the continuation of my happiness-journey. My unconditional God-manifestation in God's own Way is the culmination of my happiness-perfection.

HPO 11. Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen, Germany, 3 April 1989.

My passport12

What do I need? I need a lifelong passport to humanity's heart-country. Before I get this passport, I must accomplish quite a few things in my life of aspiration and dedication.

I must acquire a heart full of faith-blossoms and aspiration-flames.

I must acquire a doubt-banished mind and a confusion-illumined mind.

I must acquire a vital that is always a stranger to restlessness and aggression. I must have a vital that is surcharged with energy and dynamism.

I must acquire a body that is divinely strong — as strong as a fort. I must have a body that is supremely pure — as pure as the heart of a temple.

I must say good-bye to my centuries of insecurity. I must say good-bye to my centuries of self-importance and pride. I must say good-bye to my centuries of ignorance-multiplication-game.

Every day, without fail, I must learn a new surrender-prayer that will reach the Forgiveness-Feet of my Lord Supreme.

Every day, without fail, I must learn a new gratitude-meditation that will fly into the Heart of my Lord Beloved Supreme.

Every day, without fail, I must learn to love my Lord Supreme and manifest Him unconditionally in His own Way.

In my heart-garden I must sow the seeds of patience, compassion and forgiveness slowly, steadily, cheerfully and unerringly.

In my heart-garden I must most devotedly and faithfully grow the plant of universal oneness.

In my heart-garden I must grow into a world-nourishing and world-fulfilling tree. This is the tree that aspires to reach the highest heights. This is the tree that offers cheerfully what it has within. This is the tree that becomes inseparably one with earth's excruciating pangs as well as Heaven's infinite Delight.

Lo and behold, I am now the holder of a lifelong passport to humanity's heart-country.

HPO 12. University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany, 4 April 1989.

Happiness: my dream-fulfilled reality13

Happiness, happiness, happiness!

The human in me speaks: "Happiness is somewhere else. Happiness is in something or in somebody else. Happiness is not in me. Happiness is not of me. Happiness is not for me. Happiness is a never-blossoming dream."

The divine in me speaks: "Happiness is everywhere. Happiness is in everything and in everybody. Happiness is in me. Happiness is of me. Happiness is for me. Happiness is my dream-fulfilled reality."

The Absolute Supreme in me speaks: "From happiness we all came into existence. In happiness we grow. At the end of our journey's close, into the infinite Happiness we retire."

Happiness is usefulness. When I am useful to God the Creator and God the creation, my inner being is inundated with happiness.

When my inner life is full of surrender and when my inner heart is full of gratitude, my outer life becomes transformed and perfect. With the transformation and perfection of my outer life, I grow into a sea of peace, which is all happiness.

If I want to be sleeplessly and ceaselessly happy, then I must not carry with me yesterday's unnecessary burdens and tomorrow's imaginary burdens. I must grow and glow, glow and grow, only in the immediacy of today.

Every day I must run away from my self-centred prison cell and speedily enter into God's oneness-world-centred Kingdom where Infinity's Peace, Infinity's Light and Infinity's Happiness reign supreme.

There is only one question which is of supreme importance and that question is: "Who am I?" This question itself embodies happiness. Needless to say, the immediate answer also embodies happiness in boundless measure: "I am of God's birthless and deathless Vision, and I am for God's ever-expanding manifestation here on earth."

HPO 13. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, 13 May 1989.

You have awakened me14

My Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, You wanted to awaken my sleeping heart with Your Satisfaction-Heart. But alas, I did not allow You to succeed. Therefore, You badly failed.

My Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, You wanted to awaken my sleeping heart with Your Compassion-Eye. But alas, I did not allow You to succeed. Therefore, You badly failed.

My Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, You even wanted to awaken my sleeping heart with Your Justice-Light. But alas, I did not allow You to succeed. Therefore, You badly failed.

Finally, my Lord Supreme, You awakened me with Your utter frustration, utter exasperation and utter disgust, plus Your Thunder-Blows and Thunder-Kicks. Now I am awakened, fully awakened. But alas, why did I prevent You from awakening me in Your own Way according to Your choice Vision?

"My child, you and I do not belong to the past. We do not even belong to the future. We only belong to the Eternal Now."

HPO 14. Stanford University, Stanford, California, 22 May 1989.

God the universal Beauty15

Where was I? I was inside the Forgiveness-Heart of my Lord Supreme. Where am I? I am inside the Compassion-Eye of my Lord Supreme. Where shall I be? I shall be at the Protection-Feet of my Lord Supreme.

Who was I? I was God's birthless and death-less Vision-Light. Who am I? I am God's earth-ascending aspiration-cry. Who will I be? I will be God's Heaven-descending manifestation-delight.

When I occasionally think of God, He says to me: "My son, you have to cover the length and breadth of My entire creation walking all by yourself."

When I soulfully pray to God, He says to me: "My son, My son, I am waiting for you. I am expecting you in the blue of My Infinity's Sky."

When I silently meditate on God in the inmost recesses of my heart, He says to me: "My son, My son, My son, your fond invitation-hospitality I am accepting with immense Joy."

My soul unconditionally loves my Lord Beloved Supreme. My heart faithfully loves my Lord Beloved Supreme. My mind cautiously loves my Lord Beloved Supreme. My vital dramatically loves my Lord Beloved Supreme. My body fearfully loves my Lord Beloved Supreme. And I love my Lord Beloved Supreme secretly, breathlessly, openly and sleeplessly. Secretly and breathlessly I love my Lord Beloved Supreme in His eternal Duty. Openly and sleeplessly I love my Lord Beloved Supreme in His universal Beauty.

HPO 15. McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 27 May 1989.


My Lord Beloved Supreme, I do not think of You. Yet You forgive me.

My Lord Beloved Supreme, I do not pray to You. Yet You forgive me.

My Lord Beloved Supreme, I do not meditate on You. Yet You forgive me.

My Lord Beloved Supreme, I do not serve You. Yet You forgive me.

My Lord Beloved Supreme, I do not love You. Yet You forgive me.

My Lord Beloved Supreme, I do everything wrong and I say everything wrong. Yet You forgive me at every moment. Why, why, my Lord Beloved Supreme?

"My child, I am the eternal Dreamer and you are My Eternity's Dream. In My Existence-Consciousness-Reality I am dreaming in and through you at every moment. You want satisfaction. By not thinking of Me, by not praying to Me, by not meditating on Me, by not serving Me, by not loving Me, you will never have satisfaction. You can have satisfaction only by loving Me and claiming Me as your own, very own.

"In My case, too, I cannot get satisfaction, full satisfaction, unless I can make you a perfect seeker and a perfect human being. Throughout Eternity I have been longing for humanity's perfection. This perfection needs My infinite Compassion and My birthless and deathless Forgiveness. If necessary, I shall wait throughout Eternity to make each creation of Mine perfectly perfect, for this is My Eternity's Dream.

"I forgive you because I know there shall come a time when you will become a choice instrument of Mine. Not only that, you will become My representative here on earth. In you and through you I shall bless the world with a special Message: the Message of universal oneness.

"My child, do not be sad that you do not think of Me, that you do not pray to Me, that you do not meditate on Me, that you do not serve Me and that you do not even love Me. Do not be doomed to disappointment. There shall come a time when you will be awakened, fully awakened. My unconditional Compassion will awaken your entire being, your earthly life. Then you will think of Me sleeplessly, pray to Me breathlessly, meditate on Me soulfully, serve Me self-givingly and love Me unconditionally. That golden Hour is fast approaching. I am all Love and you, My child, must be fully prepared to receive Me with all your heart's love and love, gratitude and gratitude."

HPO 16. Langholts Church, Reykjavik, Iceland, 4 June 1989.

I must and I must17

I must sleeplessly raise my aspiration-heart. I must immediately lower my resistance-mind.

I must never allow my aspiration-heart and dedication-life to fall asleep at my Beloved Supreme's God-manifestation-wheel.

I must never allow inferiority's quick and wild invasion of my heart. At the same time, I must never allow superiority's vainglory-aggrandisement to enter into my mind.

My sense of helplessness, unworthiness and uselessness definitely is my own creation. Nobody has thrust these weaknesses upon me. I must not allow them to force me to walk towards my spirituality-graveyard.

Here and now I must draw the curtain over my uncertainty-mind. I must bring to the fore my confidence-heart, which is always eager to listen to the dictates of my Inner Pilot. I must completely evacuate my mind's complaint-department, for it is only with oneness-love that I can have peace in my mind.

I must never neglect my heart's enthusiasm-fragrance-garden. I must never carry with me my yesterday's elephant-heavy frustration-burden.

In spite of my teeming weaknesses, my Lord Supreme tells me that He will before long grant me His Eternity's Peace and Infinity's Grace. "Why, why, why?" I ask my Lord Beloved Supreme. He tells me that His choice Hour has struck for me. Now I am consciously willing to listen to His Dictates. I am consciously willing to change; I am consciously willing to be moulded, guided and liberated from the meshes of ignorance-night by Him.

My Lord Supreme to please in His own Way is the sole reason I came into the world. I must and I must please and fulfil Him at every moment. His Satisfaction can be my only satisfaction. There is no other way. This solemn promise of my entire being I am now offering to my Inner Pilot Absolute Supreme.

HPO 17. Chiles Auditorium, Portland, Oregon, 12 June 1989.

You are our All18

This morning I offered my body's awakening to my Lord Beloved Supreme. I offered my vital's determination to my Lord Beloved Supreme. I offered my mind's willingness to my Lord Beloved Supreme. I offered my heart's surrender to my Lord Beloved Supreme. I offered my life's readiness to my Lord Beloved Supreme.

My Lord Beloved Supreme said to my body, "My child, I am so proud of you. I am so proud of your wakefulness. Never, never go back to ignorance-sleep — never! For you is My infinite Compassion."

My Lord Beloved Supreme said to my vital, "My child, I am so proud of you. I am so proud of your determination. I am now transforming your determination into adamantine will-power."

My Lord Beloved Supreme said to my mind, "My child, I am so proud of you. I am so proud of your willingness. I shall definitely make you a choice instrument of Mine."

My Lord Beloved Supreme said to my heart, "My child, I am so proud of you. I am so proud of your surrender. I shall inundate you with My boundless Delight."

My Lord Beloved Supreme said to my life, "My child, I am so proud of you. I am so proud of your readiness. Now that you are ready, I want you to serve Me in My entire creation."

This evening I offered my soul's fulfilled fragrance-promise to my Lord Beloved Supreme.

My Lord Beloved Supreme said to my soul, "My child, I am so proud of you. I am so proud of your patience-light. For aeons you have been dreaming in and through the physical consciousness, the vital consciousness, the mental consciousness, the psychic consciousness and the life-river to manifest Me here on earth. I am exceedingly proud of you, My child."

Then my Lord Beloved Supreme said to my body, vital, mind, heart, life and soul, "My sweet children, I began piloting My Eternity's Dream Boat with you, and now with you I have reached My Infinity's Reality Shore. To you all I am offering My Immortality's Blessings."

My body, my vital, my mind, my heart, my life and my soul all said to our Lord Beloved Supreme, "O Supreme, You are our Eternity's All, All, All."

HPO 18. State Sports Centre, Sydney, Australia, 5 July 1989.

I need19

I need Forgiveness from God. But alas, where are my faith-blossoms, where?

I need Compassion from God. But alas, where is my aspiration-heart, where?

I need Love from God. But alas, where is my oneness-world, where?

I need Affection from God. But alas, where is my surrender-life, where?

I need Peace from God. But alas, where is my silence-mind, where?

I need Encouragement from God. But alas, where is my intensity-eagerness, where?

I need Concern from God. But alas, where is my readiness-response, where?

My Lord Supreme, I have now come to realise that I have not pleased You in any way at any time. I feel that mine is a hopeless case.

"No, My child, yours is not a hopeless case, no!"

My Lord Supreme, do tell me what I must do.

"My child, purify your heart, simplify your mind, energise your vital and awaken your body-consciousness. My child, do not allow yourself to be struck down by stupidity any more. Do not allow yourself to enjoy ignorance-sleep any more. Do not allow yourself to be paralysed by self-doubt — no, never! Do not allow your mind to remain inside the dark cave within you. Do not offer even an iota of affection to your insecurity. Be a constant prayer-cry and a constant meditation-illumination."

My Lord Supreme, I do not know how to pray. I do not know how to meditate. Is there any way You can teach me how to pray and how to meditate? Is there any way You can shorten the distance to my destination? Is there any way you can expedite my spiritual journey?

"My child, I am telling you the supreme secret: cry like a child, sleeplessly cry; and smile like a child, sleeplessly smile. If you can cry sleeplessly for My Compassion-Eye, then you will learn how to pray. If you can smile sleeplessly inside My Satisfaction-Heart, I shall teach you how to meditate. Only cry and smile, smile and cry, My child!"

HPO 19. Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, New Zealand, 7 July 1989.

Stupidity, insecurity and fear20

Stupidity, insecurity and fear are three foes of our inner life. Stupidity includes insecurity and fear. As a matter of fact, stupidity encompasses everything that is unaspiring and negative in our life of aspiration. Why am I stupid and why do I remain stupid? I am stupid because I have not yet seen my true form and I have not yet realised my own highest height. I remain stupid precisely because inwardly I cherish stupidity.

There is not a single day when my mind does not cherish authority and supremacy. In my outer life I try to exercise supremacy over others; I show my undue and unauthorised authority. As soon as I show my authority and supremacy, I separate myself from the rest of mankind. With the disappearance of my oneness-life, my stupidity begins.

Why am I insecure and why do I remain insecure? I am insecure because I have not yet felt my inseparable oneness with the rest of the world. I remain insecure because inwardly I cherish insecurity in a very strange and peculiar way: I think that my insecurity is keeping me alert and cautious. I know that I have countless superiors but very few inferiors. But because of my insecurity I am always afraid that even these inferiors are going to dethrone me and start dominating me.

As long as I do not have confidence in the purest sense, I feel that I have to keep insecurity at my heart's door to protect me, which is absurdity on the face of it.

Why am I afraid? I am afraid of certain people for various reasons, but the main reason is that I dislike them. When I dislike anyone, I feel that the person I dislike is always speaking ill of me; I feel that sleeplessly and breathlessly that person is counting my shortcomings. I feel that he is leaving no stone unturned to expose me to the outer world. Because I dislike others, because I have no love for others and feel no oneness with them, I am afraid of the world. Where there is division and lack of oneness, there is always fear. But if I like the world, the world will also like me. If I love the world, my love will be reciprocated. In the life of a person who does not feel oneness with the rest of the world, stupidity, fear and insecurity can never come to an end.

Stupidity, insecurity, fear: these are my problems. But do I sincerely, soulfully and bravely try to liberate myself from these problems? No! I feel in a very peculiar way that my countless problems are keeping me alive. I feel that if I had no problems, by this time I would have become lifeless, inactive, and my life of sloth and inertia would have made me even more miserable. I feel that because I have problems to face, my inner energy comes to the fore. Alas, these are the strange ideas that I cherish.

At times, when I am beset with problems, I go to my friends and dear ones in the hope that they will be able to free me from my problems. But, like me, they too are loaded with problems, and they cannot help me.

Each problem is an inner ailment, an inner disease, and only an inner doctor can cure me. My inner doctor is my Inner Pilot. He tells me, "My son, I can cure you of all your problems, but I have to charge you a fee. The fee that I need is your constant prayer-life. The fee that I want is your constant aspiration-life. If you give Me your prayerful heart and your aspiration-life, I shall cure you of all your centuries-old maladies. Only a life of prayer and a heart of meditation can cure you of your long-cherished ignorance-dream."

HPO 20. University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, 8 July 1989.


What is the thing that I like most about myself today? My utter helplessness. I never knew that genuine helplessness could be so pure, so soulful, so useful and so fruitful. Up until now, I thought that the entire world was at my behest. I thought that everything I could have for the asking, that everything was within my easy reach. Like Napoleon, I thought that impossibility was not born in my life. Like Julius Caesar, I thought I could utter: "I came, I saw, I conquered." But alas, now I see that my feeling about myself was utterly wrong.

When I studied world history, I identified myself with all the supreme heroes of the world, and my complete imagination-identification made me feel that I was one of them. I felt that I belonged to the galaxy of contemporary great souls. This is how my imagination, which is nothing other than mental hallucination, ran riot. But now, alas, I see that helplessness is my name, inner and outer.

What do I learn from my helplessness? I learn a most significant lesson: surrender to a higher Power — the Power that acts in and through me and in and through all, the Power that does and the Power that eternally is.

I wanted to get satisfaction by lording it over the world, by becoming something. But now I see that abiding satisfaction can be achieved only by constant, conscious and cheerful surrender to God's Will.

I also realise that I must sincerely and genuinely accept the world and not expect anything from the world, for expectation is nothing other than frustration and frustration is synonymous with destruction. No expectation, no frustration and no destruction. Willingness, constant willingness to serve God the Creator and God the creation unconditionally must be my new name. If I can serve God the creation and love God the Creator soulfully, sleeplessly and unconditionally, only then can I have satisfaction and peace infinite. Pride must be banished from my mind-territory and humility must surcharge my heart. Inside this humility I must sleeplessly feel my utter helplessness, which is nothing other than my conscious awareness of my Inner Pilot Supreme. Him to serve in His own Way I came into this world: this is what I must remember at every moment, for this is the key to my life's perfection and my heart's constant satisfaction.

HPO 21. Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, 20 July 1989.

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