O my heart’s silence-shore

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O My Mind, Why Do You Smash?

O my mind, why do you smash
My heart’s sweet dreams?

I Shall Serve My God

I shall serve my God unconditionally.
Let ignorance suffer.
Who cares?

Time Spent Seeking and Searching

Time spent seeking and searching
Can never be lost.

O Silence-Rainbow

O silence-rainbow,
You are my tomorrow’s

No Matter What the World Thinks

No matter what the world thinks,
Our world, soon, very soon,
Will be flooded with peace.

God the Creator and God the Creation

God the Creator,
God the creation:
We must take them as one.

God's Heart Gathers Every Day

God’s Heart gathers every day
Our hearts’ gratitude-petals,
Lovingly and proudly.

Every Day God Introduces Himself

Every day God introduces Himself
To each and every human being on earth.

If You Forget to Forgive

If you forget to forgive,
You will never be able to thrive.

O My Heart's Silence-Shore

O my heart’s silence-shore,
You are my Lord’s Compassion-Light.
You are my Lord’s Satisfaction-Delight.

I Do Not Have to Prove God

I do not have to prove God.
I must prove to myself
That I am for God only.

O World-Seekers

O world-seekers, I shall meet you all
In my heart’s silence-room.

My Lord's Vision-Sunrise

My surrender-life
Is my Lord’s Vision-Sunrise.

Akashe Batase Shunibo Ajike

Akashe batase shunibo ajike
Param prabhur maha bijayer gan

Ami Amar Oi Dekh Oi Shon Toder

Ami amar oi dekh oi shon toder nirbashan

Nahi Jani Hai Kena Rakhi Khule Birat

Nahi jani hai kena rakhi khule birat basana duar

Moher Sathe Mitali Kare Thakte Chahe

Moher sathe mitali kare thakte chahe
Paran mama taito eta jatana jatana

Agyanatar Habe Samapan

Agyanatar habe samapan
Ei aji kare pan amar mukta man

Jagite Jahara Chahena Tader Sange

Jagite jahara chahena tader
Sange rayechi je ami ghumiye

Man Je Amar Shunena Mor Katha Nahi

Man je amar shunena mor katha
Nahi chahe kabhu nirabata

Swapan Madhur Swapan Madhur Barai

Swapan madhur swapan madhur
Barai nithur barai nithur bastavata

Jete Chao Chale Tabe Jao Chale Anande

Jete chao chale tabe jao chale
Anande rabe ei asha rakhi

Bedana Giti Geye Geye Chetanar Aj

Bedana giti geye geye chetanar aj maran

Ghumer Deshe Thakte Chahi Shanti

Ghumer deshe thakte chahi shanti sudha lagi

Kripa Madhumoy Kripa Premamoy Kripar

Kripa madhumoy kripa premamoy kripar baridhi charidhar

Kripa Barishan Kripa Barishan Chahi Aji

Kripa barishan kripa barishan
Chahi aji ami naba jagaran

Taba Jaya Giti Gahi Jena Ami Ghume

Taba jaya giti gahi jena ami ghume jagarane
Madhur swapane jibane marane

Kothai Shanti.. Bhitare Bahire Samukhe

Kothai shanti kothai shanti kothai shanti
Bhitare bahire samukhe pichane kebal maner bhranti

Hiyar Deshe Ghure Berai Param Prabhur

Hiyar deshe ghure berai param prabhur charan dekha lagi

Naba Janamer Lagi Paramanande

Naba janamer lagi paramanande puratane aji dilam bidai

Nahi Jani Kahar Sathe Balbo Katha Kahar

Nahi jani kahar sathe balbo kathe
Kahar sathe chalbo jiban pathe

Bedan Diye Dhara Gara Keman Kare

Bedan diye dhara gara keman kare karinu hai bishwas

Dure Dure Bahu Dure Jete Habe Kripa

Dure dure bahu dure jete habe
Kripa mayir khamar charan lagi

Ashar Sathe Chalte Giye Hiya Pela Barai

Ashar sathe chalte giye hiya pela barai byatha

Ashanti Mane Kemane Hasibo Kemane

Ashanti mane kemane hasibo
Kemane darabo tomar samukhe