Impossibility bows

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Love Is to Know Something

Love is to know something.
Devotion is to do something.
Surrender is to give something.
But gratitude is to become something.

Why Is Surrender So Great?

Why is surrender so great?
Surrender is great because it accepts cheerfully
What it does not understand remotely.
Also, it does not care to understand vaguely
Anything whatsoever.
It only believes and obeys, and obeys and believes.

What Is the Matter with You?

What is the matter with you?
You cannot even say “hello”
To God’s Forgiveness-Heart.

Believe It or Not

Believe it or not, every day
My Beloved Supreme
Gives me His Vision-Kite to fly.

With a Single Surrender-Step

With a single surrender-step
I reached God’s Satisfaction-Heart-Palace.

The Smile of Your Self-Giving

The smile of your self-giving
Inspires God to dance for you.

Love, Devotion, Surrender, How Far?

Love, devotion, surrender, how far?
How far? How far?
I am crying, I am dying for you three.
Make me a oneness-seed.
Make me a oneness-plant.
Make me a oneness-tree.

With Love I Discover God

With love I discover God.
With devotion I feed God.
With surrender I fulfil God.

I Cherish Only One Strength

I cherish only one strength,
My cheerful surrender
To God’s Will.

I Love God to See His Face

I love God to see His Face.
God loves me to feel my heart.

Love Can Tell You Where God Is

Love can tell you where God is.
Devotion can tell you what God is.
Surrender can tell you who God is.

Love Is Action

Love is action.
Devotion is practice.
Surrender is experience.

Love Is the Meaning of Life

Love is the meaning of life.
Devotion is the secret of life.
Surrender is the goal of life.

Love Will Outlive the Destruction-Mind

Love will outlive the destruction-mind.
Devotion will outlive the uncertain heart.
Surrender will outlive the negative life.

You Tell Me

You tell me that you do not want
To fall any more.
You want to rise, only rise.
I tell you the secret of secrets:
This moment cry like a child,
Next moment smile like a child.
This is the way you can rise and rise
At every moment.

Obedience Is the Perfection of the Heart

Obedience is the perfection of the heart.
Obedience is the salvation of life.

Every Day My Heart Teaches

Every day
My heart teaches my life
A new gratitude-song.

No Entrance Fee

No entrance fee is needed
To enter into God’s Compassion-Heart.

Be Always a Candidate

Be always a candidate
For God’s Satisfaction-Smile.

The Quicker I Unlearn

The quicker I unlearn,
The wiser I become,
The better I love
My Beloved Supreme.

A Sacred Heart-Flower

A sacred heart-flower
A secret treasure-fruit of God.

My Heart Needs Only One Freedom (1)

My heart needs
Only one freedom,
The freedom to dream.

A Depressed Heart (1)

A depressed heart means
A confessed failure.

The Farther Away I Am (2)

The farther away I am
From my inner hunger,
The greater is my outer insecurity.


Look, the entire world
Is in favour of your
Becoming another God.

My Own Gratitude-Heart

My own gratitude-heart
Is all that matters.

Peace Begins When Expectation Ends (2)

Peace begins when expectation ends.

Peace: Humanity's Heart-Flower

Peace: humanity’s heart-flower,
Divinity's soul-fragrance.

I Am Happy When I Love My Friends

I am happy when I love my friends.
I am fulfilled when I serve my friends.

Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest (1)

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest;
Pure, purer, purest
Are gratitude-tears.

I Want My Life's Pendulum to Swing

I want my life's pendulum to swing
Upward and inward,
Not backward and forward.

To Love More

To love more
Is to discover the Truth sooner.

Do Not Blame the World (1)

Do not blame the world;
Find a solution.

Peace Is God's Constant Grace

Peace is God’s constant Grace.
War is man’s immediate disgrace.

I Bow to the Infinite Compassion-Ocean

I bow to the infinite Compassion-Ocean
Of my Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme.

Cheerfulness Is Progress

Cheerfulness is progress.
Progress is satisfaction.
Satisfaction is God Himself.

God's Compassion-Eye Makes Me a Millionaire

God’s Compassion-Eye
Makes me a millionaire.
My happiness-heart
Makes God a multi-millionaire.

I Am a Seven-Year-Old Boy

I am a seven-year-old boy.
I am my Master’s choicest toy.

I Am a Seven-Year-Old Girl

I am a seven-year-old girl.
My Master’s light all-where I hurl.

I Multiply My Morning Aspiration-Heart

I multiply my morning aspiration-heart
By my evening surrender-life.

A Gratitude-Surrender-Specialist

There was a time when I was
An aspiration-heart specialist.
Now I am a dedication-life specialist.
Soon there shall come a time when I shall be
A gratitude-surrender specialist.

O My Mind, Why Do You Not Confess?

O my mind, O my mind,
Why do you not confess
Even once your countless

Because of Your Oneness-Heart

Because of your oneness-heart all-where,
You will soon be released from ignorance-slavery.

Soulfully Live Within

Soulfully live within, powerfully live without,
Beyond the imperfection-world’s thunder-sound.

Impossibility Always Bows (1)

Impossibility always bows
To humanity’s patience-mountain.

O My Mind, When Will You Start?

O my mind, when will you start
Praying and meditating
At the foot of my soul’s

Every Morning and Evening

Every morning and evening
I am determined to sing and dance
On the highest peak
Of my sun-flooded aspiration-mountain.

Every Day I Do Two Things

Every day I do two things:
I make a hope-garden
Inside my heart
And I create a promise-mountain
Inside my mind.

My Doubting Mind

My doubting mind deserves
An early death.
My self-giving heart implores
God’s Nectar-Breath.

Don't Expect

Don’t expect, don’t expect.
Give, give and give
If you want to really survive.

The Seeker's Confidence Heart

The seeker’s confidence-heart,
The seeker’s surrender-life,
Shall play together
The complete perfection-game
In God’s Vision-Home.

One of the Supremely Fortunate Chosen Few

Since I am one of the supremely fortunate
Chosen few,
My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Out of His infinite Compassion-Light,
Is telling me that He will definitely finish my
I just have to start, here and now:
Here, at this angel-blessed place;
Now, at this gratitude-blossomed moment.

New Year's Message for 1982

The New Year will be the man-awakening
And the life illumining God-Hour.
The eyeless will see the Vision-Eye
Of the Absolute Supreme,
And the heartless will feel the Compassion-Heart
Of the Absolute Supreme.