Illumination-song and liberation-dance, part 7

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Kena Kandao Kena Haso Ami Jani

Kena kandao kena haso ami jani
Ami tomar jogya nahi taha mani
Tabu tumi amar jemar ta jani
Taito tomar anchal dhare tani
Tumi amai baso bhalo jani
Ashish karo prachar kari mago tomar bani


I know why You make me cry
And why You make me smile.
I admit I am not worthy of You.
Yet I know and feel
That You are mine, Mother.
You allow me to stay near You.
You bless me, You give me
The opportunity to manifest You.

Arame Jar Jiban Kate Chinlana Se Jibanke

Arame jar jiban kate chinlana se jibanke
Byatha peye je pare se dhare tomar charanke
Adar diye maro jare janbe kena maranke
Tile tile ghum ghore sejan palanke
Tomai je jan bhalobase marena se atanke
Hasi mukhe dhare thake ma tomar charanke


He who lives a life of comfort
Knows not what the true life is.
He who suffers knows what life is
And it is he who captures Your Feet of Compassion.
He who gets boundless Affection
And Love from You
May exploit You at any moment
And his life of aspiration-flame
May totally terminate.
He who truly loves You unconditionally
Will never die.
His is the life
That will be divinised and transformed,
And fulfilled forever.

Nishidin Alo Shikha Jwaluk Prane

Nishidin alo shikha jwaluk prane
E jiban bahe chaluk tomar tane
Nayane drishti hate ghuchul kalo
Marame dekhi jena tomar alo
Shruti pathe asok tomar bani
Hridaye ma eso hriday rani
Asha mor purna habe tomar dane
E shishu thakbe cheye ma taba pane


All day and night
Let the flame of aspiration
Burn in my heart.
Let this life-river flow
Only towards You.
Let Your message of endless Joy
Enter into my entire being.
I shall do only one thing from now on,
And that thing is to search for You,
Mother, within and without.

Ore Akash Amar Bhai

Ore akash amar bhai
Tomar eman murti dekhi nai
Etai surup kothai tumi pao
Etai kurup kena amai dao
Achi base tomar chaya tale
Benche taki tomar kripa bale
Ore akash ore amar apan bhai
Ami tomar bijoy gai


O sky, you are my brother.
You are so beautiful.
How is it that I am so ugly,
Impure and undivine?
I wait and wait for you
With the aspiration-flame of my heart;
And I do something else:
I sing your victory-song.

Ore Batas Ore Amar Pran

Ore batas ore amar pran
Kothai balo pete pari tomar sandhan
Dekhini je tomai nayane
Anubhabe labhi paban parash
Thranta klanta jibane
Tumi nirakara Kali tara
Jete chai aj akashe bandhan hara
Niye jabe sathe kare
Ar parina thakte baddha ghare
Ore batas ore amar pran
Akash prane chalo kari naba abhijan


O wind, you are my life.
Do tell me, where is your source?
I see you not,
But I feel you in my tired life.
You are the formless Mother Kali.
I wish to have you in the boundless sky.
It is impossible for me to be closeted
In a tiny earth-room.
O wind, let you and I start our journey
Towards the highest sky.

Jetha Tumi Nai Jetha Ami Nai

Jetha tumi nai jetha ami nai
Shudhu ekakar nirakar
Seto parabar jyotir adhar
Gyata gyan geya kotha kichu nai
Shunye shunya mile mishe thake
Keha kare nahi dake


Where you are not present,
Where I am not present,
There is only formless reality.
That place is flooded
With an ocean of light.
There is no earth-knowledge there,
Nothing that can be known
In an earthly way;
Only an infinite expanse
Becomes one with another infinite expanse
And no exchange of human thought.

Nai Kona Rup Adan Pradan

Nai kona rup adan pradan
Nai samasya nai samadhan
Je shunye aj milebe paran
Charidike jena andhar pashan
Sei chetanai man pran sab hateche biloy
Shudhu ekakar jena nirakar


There is no exchange of beauty,
There is no problem and no solution.
There is only an infinite zero.
An unearthly darkness tries to envelop me.
A formless reality alone and absolute
Captures my life’s feeble birth.

Shunya Hate Abar Asi Phire

Shunya hate abar asi phire
Bhalobasi abar dharanire
Sukhe dukhe gara nadi tire
Abar srote bhasai bhela
Dhula niye kari khela
Asha tarir piche piche
Chhuti nayan nire
Abar tumi nutan beshe
Amar sathe khela hese
Naba bhabe bhalobasi abar dharitrire


The Infinite will come into our earthly existence
Again and again to love this earth.
This life-river is full of joy and sorrow.
Here again we sail in the boat
Towards an unknown reality.
O Lord, I see You as my Companion sweet.
You take me to Heaven’s delight
Only to send me back
With an empty hand
To earth’s stark reality-life.

Era Kara Ghiriche Mor Man

Era kara ghiriche mor man
Charidike abar abaran
Abar mane na na katha jame
Chinta pakhi nana dike brahme
Kamana mor shata dike dhai krame
Keba jane kothai amar sharan


I do not know who are these beings
That capture my mind,
That bring countless thoughts and ideas
Into my mind.
My thought-bird flies all around.
Alas, I do not know
If there will be any shelter
Anywhere in God’s entire creation.

Karo Sathe Nai Amar Bandhan

Karo sathe nai amar bandhan
Nitya mukta nai abaran
Akasher mato ami udasin
Bataser mato akar bihin
Sabar birahe tomar biraha
Jagibe hriday khanite
Keha nahi jane bhara ache mor
Taba akathito banite
Ami bandha shudhu sathe narayan
Akash patal kalpana shudhu karije bayan


I am not attached to anybody.
I am eternally free.
I am neither covered nor caught by anyone.
Like the sky, I cherish indifference-might.
Like the wind, I am formless.
O Lord, in others’ suffering, You suffer.
You give Your Life in the twinkling of an eye
To give joy to others.
Nobody knows, nobody will ever know
Your Nectar-Message.
It seems to me today
That everything is false and illusory,
Even the Heaven and sky,
But I am sure that there is only one reality,
And that reality is my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme.

Charan Tale Asan Pele

Charan tale asan pele
Kichui ami chahibona
Rahibo cheye tomar pane
Ar kabhu ma kandibona


Out of Your infinite Compassion
If you allow me to sit at Your Feet
Then I shall not ask for anything else
In this lifetime,
And my heart’s pangs
Will cease once and for all.

Asha Diye Kena

Asha diye kena
Amai dure rakho
Hatash kare kena
Amai nahi dako
Sabar piche sabar niche
Jadi rakho tai bhalo
Jani amar sakal andhar
Karbe tumi alo


Why do You keep me away
By giving me an endless hope?
Why don’t You give me
A broken heart
And thus bring me close to You?
I am ready to be after everyone
And below everyone
If that is what You want from me.
If this is how You want to bless me
With Your divine Light,
Then I am more than prepared
To abide by Your Will divine.

Jano Tumi Sakal Katha

Jano tumi sakal katha
Ar kichu tai kahibona
Tomar katha chara ami
Karo katha shunibona


You know everything
That I have to say.
Therefore, I shall not speak any more.
From now on silence will be my name
In front of You.
But when I am in the midst of others
I shall ceaselessly speak
Of You alone.

Ogo Ashutosh

Ogo ashutosh ekti patai tomar santosh
Dekhona dosh karuna rosh ogo Ashutosh
Koti kantho gahe tabo jaya jaya he
Bale diyo tumi ke ar ami ke
Balo amake gahi taba jaya jaya jaya he
Tomar hate paramer dhaner krosh
Ogo ashutosh ekti patai tomar santosh


O Lord Shiva,
Whom we can please easily
In the twinkling of an eye,
Do bless me.
You are satisfied
Even when we offer You
A tiny leaf.
You see not
Our Himalayan mistakes.
Anger fails to touch You.
Millions of people sing Your victory-song,
Yet nobody knows who You truly are.
I do not know even who I am,
Not to speak of You and others.
In You I see Your Infinity’s

Nitya Naba Pragya Tabo Puto Jyotirmoy

Nitya naba pragya tabo puto jyotirmoy
Purna satyamoy
Kabe habe prak ashito mamo chidakashe
Rayechi basi dibas nishi
Naba pran naba janma ashe
Ki shunibo ki dekhibo
Kothai kabe ki janibo
Sei aloke praner shoke
Chale jabo jyotir makhe
Haye jabo purna satyamoy


Your Knowledge-Light is ever-new.
You are Beauty unparalleled.
You are not only Beauty incarnate,
But also Truth incarnate.
When will You manifest Yourself
In my heart’s aspiration-sky?
A new life, a new hope I need.
I need divine happiness.
Therefore, I shall go to the Source of Light
And thus become Truth within
And Truth without.

Kemane Ta Bali Ki Dekhechi Ki Shunechi

Kemane ta bali
Ki dekhechi ke shunechi
Anubhabe ki peyechi
Kemane ta bali
Sab chale jai chhali


How can I tell what I have seen,
What I have heard,
What I have felt?
How can I tell,
For everything eventually leaves me.
Wild deception runs riot
Here, there, everywhere.

Aparuper Rup Rekha

Aparuper rup rekha
Dekhte peye jaina dekha
Bakya maner atit je
Se asimer sima nirdesh
Jaha purna nirbishesh
Ki rahasya
Kemane ta bali


Beauty of the most beautiful
Can never be seen,
Can never be measured,
Can never be realised,
Even when you stand in front
Of that beauty.
This beauty is beyond the reach
Of the human mind,
Beyond human aspiration.
This is a mystery
That escapes humanity’s capacity.

Ma Nirabe Mane Tomai Daki

Ma nirabe mane tomai daki
Staber kathar maya jali
Rakhbona ar tomai daki
Shunbo bale tomai bani
Chup karechi paran khani
Nirab prane tomai daki
Dekhini mar asal swarup amar ankhi
Charidike kebal phanki
Kebal dekhi alo andhar
Makha makhi dhaka daki


Mother, I call You
With a silent mind.
I shall not repeat Your name outwardly.
I shall not try to bind You any more outwardly.
Deception-night is all around me;
I have made friends with it,
And thus I am totally lost —
My true reality-form.

Jiban Nadi Kon Pathe Jai Ke Jane

Jiban nadi kon pathe jai ke jane
Kahar pane kahar tane ke jane go ke jane
Kon sagarer kache tahar para nache
Ke jane go ke jane
Keman tahar bhalobasa
Ki tar ache prane asha
Chaleche se kahar sandhane
Ke jane go ke jane


Nobody knows which way the life-river flows.
Nobody knows to whom we ultimately go.
Nobody knows that kind of love He is going to grant us.
Nobody knows if He has any hope in my inner progress.

Jadi Dao Bandhan Khule

Jadi dao bandhan khule
Alor bandhan neba tule
Jabo prabhu tomar kache
Haito kabhu path bhule
Ghare jadi naiba thake alo
Tomar parash ghuchabe sab kalo
Dishe hara habona ar akule
Jadi nao prabhu kole tule


Lord Supreme,
If You destroy my ignorance-bondage,
I shall create knowledge-bondage in its place.
If I fail to go to You consciously,
I shall definitely go unconsciously.
I shall not be lost any more,
I know, I know,
If You only once give me the authority
To stand beside You.

Jadi Ekti Bindhu Bhakti Dite Prane

Jadi ekti bindu bhakti dite prane
Shara jiban bhese jetam tomar tane tane
Dilena prem bhakti bhalobasa
Shudhu ache duranta
Pratyasha achi shudhu duhat pete nite
Chahena pran kakeo kichu dite
Emane laja diona diona ar prane
Bishwa bhubana purna karo tomar dane


Lord Supreme,
If You had given me
Even an iota of devotion,
Then with that devotion
I would have run toward You.
Alas, you have not given me
Love and devotion.
You have given me only
The desire to expect everything from You.
I stand always before You
With two empty hands.
I never give anything to anyone;
I only want everything from everyone.
Let me not be embarrassed any more;
Let me follow You.
Let me also become like You —
The magnanimity of Your divine Heart.

Bhakti Halo Mukti Duar

Bhakti halo mukti duar
Bhakti debe prather sandhan
Bhakti diye mile bhagaban
Bhakti mahagyan
Bina bhakti nahi mukti
Bhakti nahi mane jukti
Bhakti bhagaban pane
Khule rakhe hriday duar


The door of Liberation is open only to those
Who are endowed with devotion.
The Lord Supreme grants him a free access
Who has grown into divine devotion.
It is our devotion that always keeps
A seat reserved for its Beloved Supreme.

Ami Jare Peye Basi

Ami jare peye basi
Ahantar jai khasi
Ami jane peye basi
Se jon habe guni gyani
Dhani mani maharishi
Jakhan ami hridaye jar pashi
Tar hate more thakbe aosi
Se ja likhibe balbe karbe satya habe
Amar rakta habe tahar lekhar masi


If I care for someone,
If I love someone,
Then I take away animal human pride.
I shall grant him inner wealth,
Inner height, inner vision, inner perfection.
When I enter into someone,
With my sword he stabs his ignorance-life
And then he writes down my infinite reality-names
With his heart’s ever-growing and ever-glowing

Jibane Amar Jatoi Bedan Peyechi

Jibane amar jatoi bedan
Peyechi dibasa rat
Bedanar sathe prabeshi parane
Acho tumi mor sath

Jedin Tomar Srishti Nehari Garbito Pran

Jedin tomar srishti nehari
Garbito pran hayeche bhikhari
Sedin amar jibane hayeche
Nutan alok pat

Ke Habe Mor Pather Sathi Prabhat Halo

Ke habe mor pather sathi
Prabhat halo andhar rati
Jatri chale durgam giri pathe
Ke chahe tar sathi hate

Mayer Kache Cheler Abar Rin Sabai

Mayer kache cheler abar rin
Sabai bale ami din ati din
Amar ja sab jani tomar
Ami mayer majhe amar
Jena thaki ma tomar kaje
Je kato din rakho bishwa majhe
Tomar sathe khelbo nishidin
Thakbo sada tomar kole lin

Chandra Utha Saphal Halo Kar Kar

Chandra utha saphal halo kar
Kar jibane sandhya aji ghuchai andhakar
Bane bane kusum phute kanpe nabin pata
Kar charane nata halo garbito mor matha
Kon debata khule dilo amar hriday dwar
Batas jena deke bale ami shudhu mar

Anek Diyecho Ma Katoi Tomar Mahima

Anek diyecho ma katoi tomar mahima
Kamanar shesh habena
Basana amar jabena
Diyecho jiban apanar jan
Jaha chahiyachi diyecho se dhan
Amar kemana tabu mithilana
Sab kamanai agun dhaliya
Ebar tomare chahima

Eki Saje Ele Hriday Majhe Bishwa Tomar

Eki saje ele hriday majhe
Bishwa tomar charan tale mare laje
Jethai jato kusum chilo parlo tomar paye
Sei pulaker maloy haowa laglo amar gaye
Ami tomai chini tabu janina
Tumi amai baso bhalo
Tabu tomar adesh manina
Deb debira byasta tomar kaje
Amar jiban tomar tale
Ajo nahi baje

Ache Bedan Ache Maran

Ache bedan ache maran
Ache kato rog shok dukha dahan
Tabu ache shanti tripti
Pulak shiharan
Tabu hase rabi shashi tara
Tabu name nitya jyoti dhara

Shato Kusum Jhare Pare Lakka Kusum

Shato kusum jhare pare
Lakka kusum phute
Kata taranga milaye jai
Kata taranga uthe
Kothai khoi kothai khati
Shudhu dekhi agragati
Sei purnatar kache jache sthan
Amar khudra man

Lut Kora Dhan Kare Jaro Je Hate Chai

Lut kora dhan kare jaro
Je hate chai dhan baro
Tar pather dhulai parte habe
Nayan jale bhaste habe
Dhular pare debaloy tor garte habe

Ami Thaki Epare Tumi Thako Opare

Ami thaki e pare tumi thako o pare
Madhyakhane nadi bahe achi base kinare
Ichchha jabe habo niyo pare
Jani ami sar kichu nai e sangsare
Dakbe jabe druta chhari jabo sabare
Thakbona ar ei andhare
Alo niye asbo phire e dhare

Amar Je Sab Baki Andhare Alote Ache

Amar je sab baki andhare alote
Ache makhamakhi
Bhebechinu mane alote alote jabo ghare
Charidike aj andhar nehari
Kanpiche paran bhore amar je sab baki
Praner thakur dekhe nai mor ankhi
E jagat jena mayar srijan sab phanki
Jibaner jato pap sanchoy tomar charane rakhi
Prabhu ebar amare nao daki

Akash Amai Dake Batas

Akash amai dake batas amai dake
Ke ar amai dhare rekhe
Ami pakhi uri akashe bhasi batase
Sabe more bhalobase
Shudhu dake shudhu dake dare nahi rakhe
Ami dhara nahi diye thaki kake
Dhare achi shushu prabhuke

Dine Rate Sukhe Dukhe Rakho Amai

Dine rate sukhe dukhe rakho amai kole
Khane khani dulabe bahu dolar dole
Har menechi kiser bhoy
Prabhur joy to amari joy
Akarani bhasi nayan jale
Marke tomar bhoy karechi bale
Dehe prane aghat lage pache
Tai bale ki jabona tor kache
Dulbona mor bahu dolar dole
Dine rate rakho amai kole

Ami Ki Dekhechi Ki Shunechi

Ami ki dekhechi ki shunechi
Ki karechi ki peyechi
Ki diyechi ki niyechi
Tahar hisab tomar kache thak
Shunechi ki tomari dak
Hayechi ki tomar pujar phul
Bhengheche ki amar jato bhul
Tomar sebar jago ajo hayechi ki
Hriday asane niyata tomai pujechi ki

Amake Amar Jana

Amake amar jana ar shesh habena
O janari sathe sathe tomai chena
Jato kari kripa pan
Tatoi kende uthe pran
Tomar kache barbe dena
Karbo jatoi beche kena
Ebar sabi diye mukti
Shunina ar praner jukti
Ami habo tomar kena tomar sena
Tumi habe chiro apan amar chena

Amar Apan Paran Jage Prabhu Jatoi

Amar apan paran jage
Prabhu jatoi tomai daki
Jatoi dekhe tomai amar ankhi
Amar apan prana jage
Tomar bani amar kane lage
Amar apan paran jage

Dakiche More Pather Sathi Ar Jenai

Dakiche more pather sathi
Ar jenai andhar rati
Shatek khato payer tale
Chale jatri tabu o chale
Man prabhur nam janena
Asha bedana bichhaye diye
Rekhechi tar asan pati

Charte Habe Malin Ahankar Samoi

Charte habe malin ahankar
Samoi to nai ar
Eman byatha dei se prane
Mukh dekhano bhar

Ami Ami Ami Kare

Ami ami ami kare
Ami kothai chai
Prabhur lila sakal prane
Anya kehai noy

Manda Malir Tare Ebar Ghatye Habe Har

Manda malir tare ebar
Ghatye habe har
Dite habe sei malate
Sakal munda sakal ahankar

Katobar Ma Dak Diyecho Shunte Ami

Katobar ma dak diyecho
Shunte ami paini
Bahir pane kan petechi
Praner dakto shunini
Amar sakal chhele khelai
Sakal byathai sakal ashai
Tumi chhile kache kache
Tomar pane chaini
Jabo jabo kare mago
Tomar kache jaini

Kena Hetha Ami Esechi Kena Deha

Kena hetha ami esechi
Kena deha niyechi
Ar katokal bhule rayechi
Kato prashna mane jage
Katoi bedan prane lage
Kandi jyoti lagi anurage
Gahi joy gahi joy bishwa pitar joy
Sarba jiber joy

Pathe Chale Jete Jete Kakhan Ke Jane

Pathe chale jete jete kakhan ke jane
Ke amare tane kon pathiker kon gane
Kon ban phul gandhe
Kotha khi anande
Jabe ghoche sakal pather chinna
Sakal asha jabe chinna
Shudhu aghat lage prane
Tomare karuna ashe kakhan ke jane


While walking along Eternity’s road,
I know not who calls me.
I know not whose song
And whose heart-flower of delight
Will take away my weariness
And fulfil my hope.

Tomar Bani Hrid Kamale

Tomar bani hrid kamale
Pran je kande kolahale
Sabar prane sabar majhe thako
Tomar chabi sabar majhe anko
Amai sada jyoti diye dako
Asha jena na dake mor man


Your Message is inside the depth of my heart.
Therefore, my life cries with joy.
I see You inside each human heart.
I see Your beautiful creation
Inside each human heart.
You cover me with Your endless Light.
I do not need any hope
To transform my present possessions.

Tomare Ami Cheyechi Tomare Seba

Tomare ami cheyechi
Tomare seba karechi
Katobar ta je balechi
Mane mane manere chhalechi
Dhara pari karte taba kaj
Kemane mukh dekhabo aj
Diyecho laj byartha sakal kaj
Kichui karini jante shudhu perechi

Bahir Haite Antara Mukhe

Bahir haite antara mukhe
Phiraye niyecho pran
Bare bare tumi apanar hathe
Diyecho kripar dan


From the outer life,
You have brought my heart
Back into its own home.
With Your own Hand, time and again,
Unconditionally, You are granting me
Your Compassion-Boons.

Sathi Jadi Nahi Mile Kena Pathe Tene

Sathi jadi nahi mile
Kena pathe tene nile
Eka jete prane jage bhoy
Sakal asha haini ajo koy
Jiban jadi sathi nahoy
Mrityu habe sathi
Deha jabe bhashwa habe
Jalbe shato bati

Pathe Pathe Shunya Hate Phiri Dware

Pathe pathe shunya hate
Phiri dware dware
paran amar ke balibe chahe kahare
Jatri sabe gela chali belabelo
Cheye achi ami nayan meli
Jabar tara amar prane nai
Pathe ja pai pathe ta harai
Bhasi ashru dhare bhaba sindhu pare
Ebar mago niye chalo opare

Prabhur Tare Shunya Hathe Larte Habe

Prabhur tare shunya hathe larte habe
Larai kari marte habe darkar hale marte habe
Tor hriday habe akash sama sabar baro
Prabhur shakti tor hridaye habe jaro

Prabhu Dilam Amai Tomar Hathe Phulti

Prabhu dilam amai tomar hathe
Phulte jeman phute shashi jeman uthe
Teman kare tomar hathe
Phuti jena tader sathe
Amar jiban maran tomar hathe
Tomar ashish amar mathe
Bhakti bhare janai pranam nutan prabhate

Path Dekhabar Lagi Kena Bhikkha Magi

Path dekhabar lagi
Kena bhikkha magi
Jakhan ami chali
Tomar jyoti chale age
Kabe prabhu basbo bhalo
Tomai anurage

Premer Hoina Har Ja Ache Sab Dhele

Premer hoina har
Ja ache sab dhele diye karbe adhikar
Asena se bhikkha nite
Juddha kare nebe jete
Prem garai bishwa sangsar
Manusher dan kabhu nahe prem bidhatar
Maya andha prema jyoti har
Prema mayi ami je tomar

Pather Parichoy Sthayi Kichui Noy

Pather parichoy sthayi kichui noy
Jatrir habe joy
Egiye chal egiye chal
Charidike shudhu chhal
Pete habe amar parichoy
Hok bidhatar joy
Andhakarer khoy

Praner Pran Je Shunchi Gan Theke

Praner pran je shunchi gan theke tomar prane
Jago jago he atithi chuta tahar pane
Ganer gan je bajiche tor prane
Ore jatri bhese ja sei ganer tane
Jiban je tor dhanya habe ganer dane
Bishwa pita asbe chhute ganer tane

Sabai Jakhan Nichche Lute Ami O Ebar

Sabai jakhan nichche lute
Ami o ebar niye pheli
Amar jaha pabar ache
Niye ni na bela beli
Na hoi debar belai diyni kichu
Nebar belai matha kena karbo nichu
Buke niye mayer charan
Nebar khela ebar kheli