An immediate ‘yes’ to God's every Command

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Silence-blossoms have awakened my mind.
My tears and God’s Smiles clasped I find.

My Orphan-Tears

My orphan-tears begin my day.
My princely smiles blaze the Way.

I Keep My Heart's Streaming Tears

I keep my heart’s streaming tears
Sleeplessly alive.
So that my Lord's beaming Smiles
In me can thrive.

Energised by My Self-Improvement-Task

Energised by my self-improvement-task,
In my Lord’s Transcendent Sun-Flames I bask.

Obedience Longs to Feed the Lord

Obedience longs to feed the Lord
Infinitely more.
Self-deleted, fastest it runs, arrives
And touches the Shore.

I Shall Climb Up

I shall climb up
My soul’s dream-flooded staircase.
Endless obstacles,
Dauntless my heart shall face.

Fastest Runs to the Goal Supreme

Fastest runs to the Goal Supreme
My Lord’s Love-Train.
Singing and dancing, therein my breath —
No bondage-chain.

Be Not Empty

Be not empty of light and joy,
My foolproof mind.
Heavenward race you never win,
Always behind.

His Face, My Face

His Face, my face, my Lord together saw,
And said, “Yours is perfect like Mine, no flaw.”


Ecstasy-flooded is the road of Love divine,
Divinity’s oneness-fulness-sun-shrine.

God Is Weeping for You

God is weeping for you;
Oh, do not cry.
You are bound to succeed;
Just once more try.

Each Time I Shake Hands

Each time I shake hands with hostile desires,
My God-oneness-visa-delight expires.

Battered by Teeming Doubts

Battered by teeming doubts
And blinding fears,
I compel my Lord Supreme
To swim in tears.

Break Not

Break not your God-gratitude-promise-height;
Yours will be Infinity’s Silence-Light.

The Starved Desires

The starved desires that stormed my mind
Are now deceased; left far behind.

Only in God's Orbit

Only in God’s Orbit I choose to live,
And my mind-thorns, heart-fragrance I shall give.

God's God-Deep Love-Light-Fragrance

When God’s God-deep Love-Light-Fragrance appears,
To the Golden Shore his dream-life-boat man steers.

Oh, If I Never Fail My Lord

Oh, if I never fail my Lord,
Oh, if I never fail,
His Heart will be eager to know
My life’s every detail.

Alas, Like Me, God Also Has Bad Days

Alas, like me, God also has bad days,
And more so when I doubt
His all-Compassion-Eye, Forgiveness-Heart.
Totally insane I shout.

God Comes to Me

God comes to me
Precisely in the Form I need.
Him I must feed
The way His Heart wants me to feed.

God Pressures My Mind

God pressures my mind
Because of its stark unwillingness-flow.
God treasures my heart
Because of its sleepless eagerness-glow.

Silence I Choose

Silence I choose to play with my heart-flames;
Every single day my monkey-mind God tames.

An Immediate 'Yes!'

An immediate ‘Yes!’ to God’s every Command,
O my hesitant mind, from you I demand.

Heaven Is So Far

Heaven is so far from the human mind,
But the heart is extremely close.
Heaven commands the mind to halt its journey,
And calls the heart its rose.

With My Gratitude-Heart-Tears and Smiles

With my gratitude-heart-tears and smiles,
My Lord I greet.
My Lord gives me His All, the moment
I clasp His Feet.

Delight Is Born

Delight is born of obedience-willingness;
Perfection born of sleepless, selfless oneness.

My Sunlit Path

My sunlit path, no fog, no cloud can hide.
My heart-flames enjoy God’s Sunrise-Ride.

My Soul Has Silenced

My soul has silenced my stark confusion-mind;
Peace-bliss-blossoms within, without, I find.

Life Is So Brief, Alas

Life is so brief, alas, life is so brief.
Why delay in catching ignorance-thief?

Before I Compose

Before I compose my God-worship-song,
My heart strikes His Compassion-Victory-Gong.

Since God Is God's Forgiveness-Breath

Since God is God’s Forgiveness-Breath,
I must declare my ego’s death.

Oh, Permit Not Your Ego-Lion to Roar

Oh, permit not your ego-lion to roar,
If you desire your heart-bird to soar.

I Know What Is Great Is Splendid

I know what is great is splendid;
I feel what is good is candid.
Far from God, my splendour-craving mind;
My heart-candour in God’s own Breath I find.

My Doubting Mind Deserves an Early Death

My doubting mind deserves an early death.
My self-giving heart implores God’s Nectar-Breath.

No Earthly Force

No earthly force can be a true remedy.
Only a oneness-heart ready and steady.

Each Time My Mind I Give

Each time my mind I give, I fail.
Each time my heart I offer, I sail.

My Sweet Lord Is Lonely for My Love

My sweet Lord is lonely for my love;
I shall make Him my fondness-dove.

My Lord Himself Applauds

My Lord Himself applauds
My aspiration-comeback.
No more shall I run
On ignorance-studded track.

Ever Kind to Me

Ever kind to me, my Lord’s Forgiveness;
His Justice is all blind to my weakness.

Do Not Destroy

Do not destroy
The sweet fragrance of hope.
It will give you
The Heaven-climbing rope.

Earth's Hunger-Cry

Earth’s hunger-cry
One soul can feed.
Earth’s progress-smile
One soul can speed.

Mankind's Freedom-Peace-Discovery

Mankind’s freedom-peace-discovery —
Only when no God-faith-robbery.

When Our Earth-Necessities Decrease

When our earth-necessities decrease,
Our real God-essentials increase.


God-Satisfaction-Smile-Birds fly
Only when I have a silence-heart-sky.

Doubt Is Afraid

Doubt is afraid of silence-light.
Doubt surrenders to oneness-delight.

Willingness and Eagerness

Willingness and eagerness together run the fastest.
To God’s Lotus-Feet these two are the nearest.

When God Says 'No'

When God says ‘No’, my desire-mind-dog cries and cries,
My aspiration-heart-bird, high-higher-highest flies.

No More Shall I Remain

No more shall I remain
A fallen victim to desire.
Behold! I now have brought
To the fore my inner fire.

The Rainbow-Hopes

No matter where I go,
My heart carries the rainbow-hopes.
In despair-night-prison,
Mine is the mind that never gropes.

Each Time My Lord's Compassion-Eye

Each time my Lord’s Compassion-Eye I see,
A nectar-dream blossoms in our oneness-fulness-sea.

Within, Without, the Doubting Mind Lies

Within, without, the doubting mind lies.
Below, above, the praying heart cries.

Because I Want to Please My Lord

Because I want to please my Lord in His own Way,
Surrender-gratitude-game my life must play.

Freedom Complete, Perfect

Freedom complete, perfect I love to choose.
To ignorance-night no more my life shall lose.

Oh, Where Are You?

Oh, where are you, my heart’s fountain-delight?
I live in my ruthless mind’s destruction-night.

My Lord, I Need the Song

My Lord, I need the Song
Of Your Compassion-Eye
To catch my jungle-misdeeds
And quickly nullify.

In God's Heart-Garden

In God’s Heart-Garden I grow
With my obedience.
In my heart-nest God glows
With His Confidence.

No More Am I in My Tear-Flooded Shore

No more am I in my tear-flooded shore.
I am in my heart’s God-blossoming lore.

My Perfection

My perfection rests not upon my skill.
It rests upon my Lord’s Compassion-Will.

He Who Never Forgets His Goal

He who never forgets his Goal
Is, indeed, a Heaven-chosen soul.

My Lord's Sun-Smile-Presence

My Lord’s Sun-Smile-Presence is near and dear
Only when my ego-sword I smash and tear.

My Lord's Nectar-Delight

My Lord’s Nectar-Delight is not far away,
If I eat not my mind-mud and vital-clay.

In Secrecy Supreme, My Lord I Worship

In secrecy supreme, my Lord I worship;
I pride myself only on His Leadership.

All-Where the Pride-Monarch-Titans

All-where the pride-monarch-titans mushroom.
Behold, their fleeting bloom and sinking doom!

Oh, Leave No Door Open for Doubt

Oh, leave no door open for doubt, I say,
With God’s Heart-Joy-Smiles if you long to play.

Oh, Never Trust Your Mind's Desire-Train

Oh, never trust your mind’s desire-train!
No goal it has — just bondage-chain.

Ecstasy's Flood

Ecstasy’s flood will soon arrive.
You keep your inner flames alive.

When I Invoke My Lord's Compassion-Face

When I invoke my Lord’s Compassion-Face,
His Heart forgives my disobedience-case.


World-withdrawal is no solution.
It thickens the jungle-mind-confusion.

Breathe the Fragrance

Breathe the fragrance of your heart-tears.
Yours will be God’s Summit-Pride-Cheers.

O My Clever, Trust-Fractured Mind

O my clever, trust-fractured mind,
You have made me totally blind.

Do You Love Me, My Lord?

Do You love me, my Lord? If so, give me
Your Thunder-Feet,
The only way to keep my vital and mind
All clean and neat.

God Never Wants You to Be the Loser

God never wants you to be the loser.
He always wants you to be His Smile-chooser.

A Self-Giving Joy

A self-giving joy when I earn,
Every heart-message-light I learn.

In Each There Is a Little of All

In each there is a little of all;
The same God-Heartbeats — big or small.

God Is Available

God is available in your own heart-clime.
God is approachable — select your own time.

Embark Upon Your Inner Pilgrimage

Embark upon your inner pilgrimage.
Your life will grow into God’s own image.

My Sound-Producer-Mind

My sound-producer-mind, be silent, mute!
My Lord Supreme arrives with His Golden Flute.

If God You Want to Know

If God you want to know,
Never, never be slow!

Be Cheerful!

Cheerful, cheerful, cheerful — be cheerful!
If not, your life-breath will be fearful.

Compassion Supreme

Compassion Supreme, at You when I look,
Your tearful Heart I fail to brook.

If Your Heart Is Prayerless and Weak

If your heart is prayerless and weak,
How can the Lord God ever speak?

My Sweet Lord's Victory-Song

My heart, my sweet Lord’s Victory-Song sing!
My soul, ecstasy-bird is on the wing.

My Doubting Mind Deserves

My doubting mind deserves
The God who reprimands.
My heart rightly needs
The God who commands.

High Hopes

High hopes, high ideals, high will, I dream
To claim here and now my Lord Supreme.

Love Not, Trust Not Your Vital-Train

Love not, trust not
Your vital-train.
It carries nothing
But torture-pain.

My Mind-Roar

My mind-roar can never silence
My God-whispers.
My Lord Supreme dances in my

Daily My Promise Rises

Daily my promise rises like the sun:
My ignorance-pleasure-dream I shall shun.

To See Beyond Time

To see beyond time, faith is the telescope.
Faith shatters mind-doubts’ strongest bondage-rope.

Impossibility Is Empty of Meaning

Impossibility is empty of meaning.
God’s God-Pride in me is blossoming.

The Pulse of a Purity-Heart

The pulse of a purity-heart I need,
My Supreme Lord’s Heart-Breath-Book to read.

A Shocking Decline

A shocking decline in my devotion am I;
Yet my Lord Supreme remains His Compassion-Eye.

My Lord, No More Ignorance-Worship

My Lord, no more
Ignorance-worship, no more.
Mine is the heart-boat
Bound for the Golden Shore.

God Does Not Mind

God does not mind
If you stumble, even fall.
Just ignore not
His Heart’s Compassion-Call.

A Heart Replete

A heart replete
With oneness-fulness-love,
Indeed, a fond
Blessing-blossom from Above.

Only at Man's Heart-Station

Only at man’s heart-station stops God-Train
To carry man’s sleepless and breathless pain.

Needed: Surrender-Stamps

Needed: surrender-stamps to mail God-letters.
Once sent, we see no more bondage-fetters.

What Is God-Loving Dedication?

What is God-loving dedication?
The oneness-love-joy in action.

With Pure Obedience-Bliss

With pure obedience-bliss
On my wings I fly.
God gives me His own

My Heart, My Only Aspiration-Shrine

My heart, my only aspiration-shrine,
In you God’s Hope and Promise shine.

Each Uncomely Thought

Each uncomely thought is ignorance-breath.
It leads our lives to destruction-death.