Journey's goal, part 1

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1. Oh, where is hell?

Oh, where is hell?
Ah! Who can tell?
I know quite well.
Try your mind-cave.

2. I had a dream

I had a dream,
I had a dream.
God will make me
His compassion-stream.
I have a dream,
I have a dream.
God needs my smile
To support His team.

3. I see in him no more a beast

I see in him no more a beast.
His human life is released.
His divine life has increased.
He will, ere long, enjoy God-feast.

4. I do not sing, I cannot sing

I do not sing,
I cannot sing.
But I love and serve,
I cry and sigh.
God-Pride I bring.

5. No haste

No haste, no haste.
Just slowly taste
The beauty of your core,
More, ever more.

6. I have no skill

I have no skill.
I have no scheme.
I have no dream.
I have no will.
I have but one thing:

7. My mind shall not complain

My mind shall not complain.
My heart shall not explain.
My vital shall abstain.
My body shall attain.

8. Ah! Who can feed my greed?

Ah! Who can feed
My greed?
Ah! Who can lead
My speed?

9. Here is the key

Here is the key
To open my heart.
Here is the smile
To remove world-dirt.
Here is the sea
Of oneness-glee.

10. My soul shall always share

My soul shall always share.
My heart shall always care.
My life shall always dare.
I shall give God-oneness rare.

11. This is the way

This is the way.
This is the way.
To win God-Day,
With God to play,
Transform earth-clay.
This is the way.

12. I love the beauty of sleeping flowers

I love the beauty
Of sleeping flowers.
I love the purity
Of dying mortals.
I love the divinity
Of seeking souls.

13. To be a friend divine

To be a friend divine
I must be a supreme friend.
Indeed, this is the way
My stupid life I end.

14. One thing I know

One thing I know:
Heaven is unkind.
One thing I see:
This world is slow.
One thing I sow:

15. Heaven's will leads me

Heaven’s will leads me, my mind.
Earth’s will feeds me, my heart.
God’s Will removes destruction-dart.
My life nothing can bind.

16. I love because I must

I love
Because I must.
I serve
Because I last.
I pray
Because I need.
I smile
Because I feed.

17. How can I forget you

How can I forget you?
You are so kind.
Am I so blind?
How can I forget you?
You are so true
In all you do.
How can I forget you?
You are God’s choice.
You are man’s voice.

18. I think of God

I think of God
He is so kind.
I think of man
He is so sad.
I think of me
I am so blind.
I think of you
You are so mad.

19. O deaf Heaven

O deaf Heaven,
I have two ears.
You can have one.
Gladly I shall share.
O eyeless earth,
I have two eyes.
You can have one.
Sincerely I care.

20. Two distance-friends meet

Two distance-friends meet:
The finite cry
The infinite smile.
Soulfully I love the two.
Equally I greet.

21. He sang his swan song

He sang his swan song:
“Man is great.
God is good.
Life is hunger.
Earth is food.”

22. Your service-tree

Your service-tree
Is blossoming now.
Your surrender-fruits
Have kept your vow.

23. I love my task

I love my task.
Daily I unmask
My inner flame.
Daily I invite
God’s Compassion-Game.

24. I am not ready

I am not ready
To feel the heart of man.
I am not ready
To see the Face of God.
I am all ready
To give my soulful ken
To man.
I am all ready
To give my crying face
To God.

25. Great is He

Great is He
Who lives
In Heaven-charming beauty.
Good is He
Who dies for
Earth’s fulfilling liberty.

26. On my way back to life

On my way back to life,
Life offered me its blossoming soul.
On my way back to death,
Death offered me its resting goal.

27. Your need and love are one

Your need and love are one;
You see their oneness white.
In them you see and feel
Your satisfaction-light.

28. Four important failures

Four important failures:
Earth has lost its sincerity.
Heaven has lost its beauty.
Man has lost its divinity.
Truth has lost its purity.

29. I feed a flame within

I feed a flame within;
I feed a smile without.
Around I play God-game;
My animal kingdom I tame.

30. Heart, for my sake

Heart, for my sake,
Do not neglect.
Heaven, for my sake,
Do not reject.
Man, for my sake,
Do not project.
Accept, do accept.

31. Use not your tyrant-temper

Use not your tyrant-temper
To devour the world.
Use your oneness-treasure
And become earth’s perfection-soul
And God’s Satisfaction-goal.

32. Pure love's first gift

Pure love’s first gift:
Beauty’s newness-Source.
Pure love’s last gift:
Duty’s oneness-course.

33. I see no foe

I see no foe, no foe.
No matter where I go,
I see a oneness-glow,
An endless newness-flow.

34. Pure as prayer-cry

Pure as prayer-cry,
Sure as service-sky,
Rare as surrender-height,
You are empty of night.

35. Faith is its own redeemer

Faith is its own redeemer.
Confidence is its own fulfiller.
Joy is its own expounder.
Doubt is its own destroyer.
Love is its own protector.
Oneness is its own saviour.

36. A foolish prayer-night

A foolish prayer-night:
My Lord, give me.
A wisdom-prayer-light:
My Lord, take me.

37. Life-flower quickly fades

Life-flower quickly fades.
Friend-bond quickly breaks.
God-love quickly dawns.
Ecstasy all-where pervades.

38. What about poor me?

You have given him Your pen.
You have given her Your ball.
Father, what about poor me?
“My son, just wait
At My Heart-Gate.
I shall give you my All.”

39. Beyond the reach of Heaven

Beyond the reach of Heaven:
The human cry.
Beyond the reach of earth:
A smile divine.
Beyond the reach of fame:
Beyond the reach of efforts:

40. I hope to learn

I hope to learn
The gratitude-song.
I hope to break
The self-announcement-gong.

41. What can I do?

What can I do?
With God I can converse.
What can I do?
In peace I can immerse.
What can I do?
I beckon the soul of feeble dole.
What can I do?
I produce God-soul
Pave the way to perfection-goal.

42. One promise to my Heaven-height

One promise to my Heaven-height:
My heart shall always fly.
One promise to my earth-failure:
My soul shall always cry.

43. Lord, when my song is sung

Lord, when my song is sung,
What shall I do?
“My child, do not delay,
Cry for your new dawn-dew.”

44. Do not give up

Do not give up.
Tomorrow you will pluck
Love-stars from above.
You will become within God-dove.
You will be the connection-tie
Between humanity’s sigh
And divinity’s sky.

45. O sun of my soul

O sun of my soul,
I devotedly love your duty.
O moon of my heart,
I soulfully love your beauty.
O star of my life,
I surprisingly love your purity.
O sky of my search,
I love your generosity.

46. As a seeker-soul

As a seeker-soul
You will always win and gain.
As a lover-soul
You will be the hyphen
Between freedom and chain.

47. O Saviour dear

O Saviour dear,
You are so near.
O Lover kind,
Bind my heart, bind.
O Father pure,
I am all yours, sure.

48. O winning speed

O winning speed!
You are our treasure-doll.
O losing speed,
You sadden us all.

49. My tiny boat I row

My tiny boat I row.
My little body I drag.
All-where my ignorance-blow.
Shameless! Yet I brag.

50. I prepare my faith-hunger

I prepare my faith-hunger.
I declare my hunger-meal.
I open my self-giving door.
Destruction’s dark eyes I seal.

51. My peace I treasure

My peace I treasure
Beyond all measure.
My surrender I cherish.
My ‘I’-ness I tarnish.

52. Believe it or not

Believe it or not,
I love my duty’s flow.
Believe it or not,
It spreads far and wide
Beauty’s glow.

53. In your case, what you need

In your case,
What you need
Is a life of self-control.
In his case,
What he needs
Is a life-denial role.
In my case,
What I need
Is a perfection-goal.

54. Everything that a man needs

Everything that a man needs
He surely cares
To have.
Everything that a cosmic God has
He surely dares
To have.

55. If you love God

If you love God,
You will remain
Your unburied name.
If you love yourself,
You will be part and parcel
Of your deceased fame.

56. How to know the singer?

How to know the singer
From the song?
The singer is God’s unparalleled
The song is God’s unprecedented

57. They love your compassion-heart

They love your compassion-heart.
You love their blossoming soul.
They love your God-manifesting role.
You love their God-realising Goal.

58. Nothing I do

Nothing I do
Can satisfy you.
What shall I do?
I shall love you more
Keep your body-soul
Closer to my heart-door.

59. Keep your mind-poise

Keep your mind-poise.
You will ascend.
Feed your heart-voice.
You will transcend.

60. Half experience

Half experience:
Man is man-night.
Full experience:
Man is God-height.
God’s experience:
Man is God-Eternity’s
Another God.

61. For a knowledge-teacher

For a knowledge teacher he did not care.
He had wisdom-tutor rare.
Knowledge is preparation, uncertain and slow.
Wisdom is realisation and perfection-glow.

62. Man is dear to man

Man is dear to man
Because of his failure-cry.
God is dear to God
Because of His failure-success-

63. I build my hope-tower

I build my hope-tower
Inside the smile
Of Heaven high.
I bury my frustration-shower
Inside the tears
Of earth’s loud cry.

64. Why do I fail?

Why do I fail?
No, not because
I am important.
No, not because
I am unimportant.
No, not because I am a fool
Who has had no gnostic school.
Oh, but because
It was not God-ordained sail.
Therefore, I fail.

65. One man-like God

One man-like God,
One God-like man
Can only slake
My longing ken.

66. In body and soul

In body and soul
I know.
In life and death
I grow.
In man and God
I glow.
In thought and deed
I flow.

67. Faith cures my sorrows

Faith cures my sorrows.
Love feeds my morrows.
Peace fulfils my life.
Bliss cancels death-knife.

68. Death, be not ruthless

Death, be not ruthless.
Life, be not helpless.
Man, be not soulless.
Journey, be not Godless.

69. My silence speaks

My silence speaks.
My sound is mute.
I sing God-song.
God plays my flute.

70. My feet have wings

My feet have wings,
They fly.
My hands have eyes,
They cry.
My thought has God,
It shines.
With God-delight
It dines.

71. Your rising glory

Your rising glory:
A beauty-game.
Your setting glory:
A purity-flame.

72. My heart's only friend

My heart’s only friend:
The humble grass.
My mind’s only friend:
The crystal glass.

73. Some are born to ecstasy's light

Some are born to ecstasy’s light,
But I am not.
Some are born to freedom-height,
But I am not.
Some are born to perfection-right,
But I am not.
Some are born to satisfaction-flight,
But I am not.

74. Since you are a candidate

Since you are a candidate
For power, you will succeed.
Since I am a candidate
For light, I shall not only succeed,
But also proceed.

75. God opens His morning Eye

God opens His morning Eye
And it is all Duty.
God closes His evening Eye
And it is all Beauty.

76. O endless night

O endless night,
I have a new friend,
A new leader-guest,
A new leader-light:

77. One aspiration-drop

One aspiration-drop
Fills the vast immensity.
One dedication-flame
Kindles the unlit mortality.

78. Some men were destined to fly

Some men were destined to fly.
I am not one of those
Who flew.
Some Gods were meant for knowledge-sun.
I am not one of those
Who knew.

79. I loved yesterday's unconditional grace

I loved
Yesterday’s unconditional grace.
I love
Today’s winning race.
I shall love
Tomorrow’s perfection-face.

80. Yesterday I loved

Yesterday I loved
Today I love
Tomorrow I shall love

81. I longed to give my heart and soul

I longed to give my heart and soul
To the animal world.
My ex-friends were confused.
I longed to give my heart and soul
To the human world.
My human fellows
Were not enthused.
I longed to give my heart and soul
To the worlds divine.
My divine friends
Were quite amused.

82. I shall obey You

I shall obey You.
I shall be at Your Feet.
Constantly loving You
And serving You.
In You perfection I shall meet.

83. A new world of peace

A new world of peace,
A new world of light,
A new world of height,
Can alone give me

84. I know the secret desires of your heart

I know the secret desires of your heart:
You want to bind,
You want to blind
This world of beauty’s glow.
Good luck!
Indeed, you are so smart.

85. Power influences my life

Power influences my life.
Light inspires my soul.
God loves my seeker’s role.
Man augments my strife.

86. Faith is a secret way

Faith is a secret way
To go and see God’s Face.
Surrender is an open way
To win God and God’s Grace.

87. Heavenly time

Heavenly time
Earthly space
We must measure,
We must treasure.
Meaningful is time,
Beautiful clime.

88. Ancient night

Ancient night,
I salute your soulful cry.
Ancient light,
I salute your fruitful sky.

89. Speak, silence, speak

Speak, silence, speak.
Teach me how to seek.
Stop, sound, stop!
You are soulless,
You are fruitless,
You are weaker,
You are poorer
Than a tiny drop.

90. O piercing ray

O piercing ray,
Do pierce this body of clay.
O illuming light,
Do illumine this life of night.

91. Breathless with adoration

Breathless with adoration,
Sleepless with aspiration,
Thoughtless in meditation
You are.
Therefore, not far,
From liberation-strength
And realisation-length.

92. Blissful solitude

Blissful solitude,
Peaceful plenitude,
Truthful beatitude:
To you three
My soulful gratitude.

93. Ecstasy of my psychic fire

Ecstasy of my psychic fire
No soul can endure.
It is so sweet and dire,
So soulful and pure.

94. Always to be inside

Always to be inside
The heart of life
Sleeplessly I shall pray.
Some day a cosmic ray
Shall embrace my selfless way.

95. I take the endless way

I take the endless way,
I play the endless game,
I cry the endless cry,
To see God-Compassion-Flame.

96. There is a star

There is a star
Not far, not far,
Inside my silence-heart.
Its beauty’s reign
Redeems my pain.
An express train
Of love, its domain.

97. Cease not fighting

Cease not fighting,
The inner fight!
Must kiss the dust.
And God-hunger forever
On earth must last.

98. Life, what is it?

Life, what is it?
A soulful prayer.
Love, what is it?
A fruitful power.
Death, what is it?
A journey to the silence-clime
In the heart of vision-time.

99. My eyes behold

My eyes behold
God-Beauty’s Eye.
My ears hear man-beauty’s

100. Give me a little time

Give me a little time.
I shall tell you, my friend,
Where our Lord Supreme is.
He is at the very end
Of your desire-train
Before your bondage-chain.

101. My heart shall die

My heart shall die
In Your Silence long.
My life shall fly
With Your Compassion-Song.