Journey's goal, part 6

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1. A soundless voice

A soundless voice
I always need,
My mind of noise,
My heart of poise,
To lovingly feed.

2. O frank and baby smile

O frank and baby smile,
You have won my heart,
You have conquered death-dart
In life’s confusion-mart.

3. Your Silence I sing

Your Silence I sing.
It is my heart.
Your Sound I sing.
It is my mart.

4. You claim me still

You claim me still,
O ignorance-fool!
Don’t you know that
I have a new school?
I go to wisdom-school
To be a perfection-tool.

5. I shall not fail

I shall not fail,
I shall not fail.
My soul shall sail,
My heart shall sail.
I shall succeed,
I shall succeed.
My life shall take
The glorious lead.

6. Why?

Why, why, why, why?
Why should I take
The side of ignorance-tie?
Why, why, why, why?
Why do I fail
To please God’s Compassion-Sky?

7. To be, indeed, a cosmic god

To be, indeed, a cosmic god,
I shall try only to succeed.
To be, indeed, a real man,
I shall try only to proceed.

8. Sing me a song

Sing me a song,
My Lord Supreme.
I shall give You
My silver dream,
I shall give You
My beauty-sky,
I shall give You
My oneness-tie.

9. Farewell

Farewell, farewell,
O ungrateful world.
So much I have done for you,
So high I have thought of you.
To please you, your all,
I totally forgot
To respond to God’s God-Call.

10. The sound-music of humanity

The sound-music of humanity
For the poor and feeble souls.
The silence-music of divinity
For the lovers of myriad goals.

11. One fallen flower

One fallen flower
I see and cry;
One fallen soul
I love and die.

12. In silence we converse

In silence we converse,
My Lord and I.
In silence we build each other
A hopeful sky.

13. Give me a little time

I shall know more;
Give me a little time.
My heart shall reach,
Without fail,
God’s God-Satisfaction-Door.

14. My ancient sadness

My ancient sadness still
Haunts me, my soul.
I have not heard from God
My cosmic role.

15. You can do your task

Buddha under the tree
Drank deep the fount of Light.
You can do your task.
You fell the Titan tree
Of eyeless ignorance-night.

16. A too-familiar song

A too-familiar song:
“I do not know.”
A too-unfamiliar song:
“My life shall grow;
My heart shall glow.”

17. A silver cry

A silver cry
Has lifted my psychic sky
High, very high.
A silver cry
Tells me how, when and why
I shall in Heaven’s vaults fly.

18. Two tutors

Two are the tutors I need:
Faith-beauty’s cry,
Love-duty’s sky,
To feed my perfection-need.

19. My heart swimming

My heart swimming
In silver light.
My soul swimming
In ecstasy’s height.

20. Your lively lustre

Your lively lustre
Challenges death in life.
Your lovely life
Destroys the breath of strife.

21. Flow forth my tears

Flow forth my tears!
My promise I fail to keep.
I shall go back secretly
To ignorance-sleep.

22. Silence-speed, Silence-seed

O silence-speed,
I love your beauty’s flow.
O silence-seed,
I love your duty’s glow.

23. Lord, give me

Lord, give me Your Speed,
I need, I badly need.
Lord, give me Your Poise,
My heart’s only choice.

24. Come out and bloom

Come out and bloom:
No doom, no doom.
Come out and glow:
No blow, no blow.

25. Because I love

Because I love your soul,
You will win again.
Because I love your life,
Yours will be one life
Of constant gain.

26. Come, come to me

Come, come to me.
I shall give you
My ecstasy-sea.
Come, come to me.

27. My face tells me

My face tells me
How far I am, how far.
Your Grace shows me
How close, how kind You are.

28. Each day

Each day I die with sleep, each day.
Each day I forget my God-Vision-Ray.

29. Love and serve

There is always
A time to love,
A time to serve.
When the morning dawns,
Love, love,
Become the breath of love.
When evening starts,
Serve, serve,
And be the breath, fulfilling and fulfilled,
Of God above.

30. Give me the capacity

O Lord Supreme,
Give me the capacity to conceal,
Give me the capacity to reveal.
I want to conceal my previous life-flow.
I want to reveal my present life-glow.

31. Now I understand

Now I understand
Why God has stopped
Talking to me.
He does not talk to me
Because jealousy and insecurity
Have enveloped me totally —
Totally, mercilessly, unreservedly.

32. Alas, alas

Alas, alas, even my own heart
Will not wait for me.
Alas, alas, even my own soul
Does not care for me.
Alas, alas, even my own God
Has forsaken me.
Alas, alas, even my dream-world
Has deserted me.

33. One honest tear

One honest tear
an spear the veil
Of earth-bound night
And herald the birth
Of God’s Transcendence-Height.

34. Only one deed

Only one deed can feed my supreme need.
I shall sow the seed of love-oneness-light
And see inside the seed the tree,
The blossoming tree of Perfection-Delight.

35. Fill my heart

O, fill my heart
With a silence-glow.
My heart is battered
By falsehood’s giant blow.

36. My teacher and my tutor

Experience is my teacher.
I love him and I love him.
Realisation is my tutor.
I love plus I need him.

37. Nothing worse, nothing better

There is nothing worse than doubt.
There is nothing better than faith.
I stay with doubt
For its fire-pure change.
I love my faith’s
Indefinitely extended range.

38. Kindle the fire

O, kindle the fire of happiness!
Therein I shall seek
The door of friendliness,
The room of greatness
And the palace of goodness.
I shall see, I shall see.

39. Dear friends

Joy has a dear friend: simplicity.
Peace has a dear friend: sincerity.
Love has a dear friend: unity.
God has a dear friend: unconditional necessity.

40. Stop!

O busy mind, stop!
O busy vital, stop!
O busy body, stop!
O drowsy heart, stop!
O silver soul, move on,
Fly up, dive deep!

41. I shall feed

I shall feed my sacred flame
Inside the living breath of my heart,
Soulfully and devotedly.
Today I shall begin my journey’s start.

42. It's too late

It’s too late.
I ask my soul to come.
I ask my heart to come,
Since time goes on
And waits for nobody,
I use the precious time
Here, right in front of me.

43. I have sung

Peace-song I have sung.
Bliss-song I have sung.
Love-song I have sung.
Surrender-song I have yet to sing.
Therefore, the master-singer in me
Remains still incomplete, unfulfilled.

44. You have given me

You have given me a full Eternity.
I have given You my heart’s gratitude-tree.
You have given me Infinity’s Light.
I am offering You my heart’s service-might.

45. Ascend and descend

My tears ascend.
My smiles descend.
While ascending, I become
The joy of Truth.
While descending, I become
The love of ruth.

46. I shall awaken you

My soulful heart,
My only all,
I shall awaken you
With God-Manifestation-Call.

47. Divine

How can I bark?
How can I shout?
Divine I am
Within, without.

48. My silence-sun

Splendid, my silence-sun.
Save you, my life
Shall always remain
Pitifully undone.

49. You are calling me

You are calling me.
I smile and smile.
I make no reply.
Why, you know;
Because I see in me
Your own Heartbeat flow.

50. Soul of endless beauty

O soul of endless beauty,
Do teach me the song:
Unity versus multiplicity.
You are the only one
Who knows the song.
Therefore, all souls
To you must throng.

51. You pray well

You pray well.
Do you know why?
Because you cry well,
Because you love well,
Because you surrender well,
In the heart of silence-night,
In the soul of silence-light.

52. Two friends

Two friends have I:
My hope-sky and my faith-sea.
They always let me fly
And swim unreservedly
And unconditionally,
Since the very day
Our friendship-banner we unfurled,
Under the sun-vast golden ray.

53. Stop not

O sweet inspiration,
Stop not,
Stop not.
Carry me farther down.
O my soulful aspiration,
Stop not,
Stop not
Until you have helped me
Reach my source,
My soul’s destination-crown.

54. My secret

My secret I reveal,
God is my pole-star-promise.
Therefore, I always dare and fulfil.

55. I spoke

I spoke to God with a soulful smile.
I spoke to man with a doleful cry.
I spoke to the world with a truthful eye.
I spoke to myself with a fruitful heart-song.

56. How I cried

How I cried
When I heard I shall not see
And Divinity-role.
How I cried!

57. Inspiration

Inspiration takes me to
God the Length.
Aspiration takes me to
God the Height.
Realisation takes me to
God the Omnipotent.
Manifestation takes me to God
Where He dances
With earth’s penury
And with Heaven’s El Dorado.

58. No haste

No haste, no waste;
Taste nectar-delight.
Then on you proceed
To fight against teeming odds
Of ignorance-night.

59. Although

Although I have failed,
I know I have tried.
Although I have cried,
I have failed.
Joy exists not
In our uncertain life.

60. My birthright

My Father has taught me
How to claim once more
My birthright.
Therefore I am divinely happy
Once more
And supremely proud
Once more.

61. My life, my heart

Mine is the life
I have committed to Thy God-Serving.
Mine is the heart
I have committed to Thy God-Keeping.

62. I kneel before Thee

I kneel before Thee in prayer
With devotion pure.
I lift my soul
For You to console.
I try to live chaste in thought
To enjoy my Godward eternal destiny.

63. Silence and sound

Silence immaculate I need,
Sound fire-pure I need,
In my life of aspiration-flame
And in my life of dedication-game.

64. Lord, keep me humble

Lord, keep me humble,
This is what I pray,
To Thy gracious Will.
Make me holy wisdom-light
So that I can always
Against ignorance fight.