Journey's goal, part 7a

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My Lord in Silence

My Lord in silence hears
My helpless cry.
My Lord in silence helps
My vision fly.
My Lord in silence kills
My human pride.
My Lord in silence gives
My heart a ride.

My Heart-to-Heart Talk with My Lord

My heart-to-heart
Talk with my Lord Supreme
Cancels my darkness-dream.
Am I not smart?
My heart-to-heart
Talk with my human souls
Takes me to eyeless goals;
Ere me death-dart.

I Plumb My Selfless Life

I plumb my selfless life
To mirror God.
I brook no sleepless strife,
No terror-rod.

With a Sleepless Smile

I give,
With a sleepless smile I give.
I live,
With a breathless cry I live.
I sow,
The seed of peace I sow.
I row,
My golden boat I row.

I Need a New Beginning-Light

I need
A new beginning-light.
I need
A new transcending height.
I need
A new fulfilling joy.
I need
A new God-loving Chinmoy.

A Big Mistake

A big mistake:
I love my face
Of black disgrace.
A big success:
I love my dream,
Sky-blue Supreme.

He Practises What He Preached

He practises what he preached:
He purchases what he sold:

Lift Up Your Eyes

Lift up your eyes.
Beautiful they are
From near, afar.
Lift up your arms.
Powerful they are,
Duty’s tower.
Lift up your head.
Watch Heaven’s dance,
A oneness-trance.

O Master, Hide My Soul

O Master, hide my soul;
It is not doing its task.
It cares not to unmask
My heart’s pure, crying role.
Therefore, I have no goal;
A flood of increasing dole.

I Was a Chainless Soul

I was a chainless soul
And now a fruitless life.
I was a vision-goal
And now a ceaseless strife.

Helpless Is My World Within

Helpless is my world within,
Hopeless is my world without,
Soulless is my mind’s desiring night,
Goalless is my body-vital-fight.

Strengthen Me, My Heart-Faith

Strengthen me, my heart-faith.
Enlighten me, my mind-choice.
Awaken me, my body-sleep.
Quicken me, my vital-voice.

Easy to Cry

Easy to cry,
Easy to fly.
Easy to fear,
Easy to spear.
Easy to sow,
Easy to grow.
Easy to think,
Easy to sink.

A Single Human Cry

A single human cry
Can easily bring down God the Grace.
A single smile divine
Can swiftly transform a mortal face.

To Be a Cosmic God

To be a cosmic god
I soulfully pray
And tearfully cry.
To be another God
I smilingly play
And sleeplessly fly.

I Dearly Love My India

I dearly love my India
And its age-old silence-peace.
I dearly love my America
And its child-heart’s beauty-increase.

In Silence-Love I Cry

In silence-love I cry,
In silence-joy I fly,
In silence-song I give,
In silence-dance I live.

Although In Despair-Night

Although in despair-night it gropes,
One soulful hope forever hopes
To muster my Lord’s binding ropes.

A Single Heaven-Flame

A single Heaven-flame
Gave his life boundless fame,
A single Heaven-flame.
A single Heaven-flame
In silence taught him God-Game,
A single Heaven-flame.

My Song, My Song

My song, my song,
My song is my heart-offering-joy.
My song, my song,
My song is my God-cherished toy.

A Garland of Soul-Victory

A garland of soul-victory
Has made him dance.
A smile of silence-sky
Has granted him trance.

I Fly from Sky to Sky

I fly from sky to sky,
I run from clime to clime,
Soulfully to do God’s Will
And play with His Vision-Time.

When I Take Shelter in My Master's Eye

When I take shelter in my Master’s eye,
I see star-twinkling sky.
When I take shelter in my Master’s heart,
I devour death-dart.
When I take shelter at my Master’s feet,
Ignorance-dream I quit.

Silence-Tears I Weep

Silence-tears I weep,
Silence-smiles I smile,
Silence-man I adore,
Silence-God opens my door.

For Love You Bind

For love you bind,
For love you blind,
For love you find one thing:
Earth-bound oneness-night,
Heaven-free oneness-light.

One Gleam of Faith

One gleam of faith
Can end ignorance-play.
One streak of ray
Can usher in timeless day.

He Challenged Man

He challenged man only to annoy,
He challenged earth only to enjoy,
He challenged Heaven only to dare,
He challenged God only to share.

Life Is My Philosophy-Sight

Life is my philosophy-sight,
Heart is my religion pure,
Yoga is my preparation-light,
God is my only Friend-Love sure.

I Think, I Think Only to Sink

I think, I think
Only to sink.
I pray, I pray
Only to decay.
I meditate, I meditate
Only to mediate

Each Man

Each man is a new dream of God,
Each man is a new life of truth,
Each man is a new soul of love,
Each man is a new flood of ruth.

Deep Compassion

Deep Compassion of Your Face
Saves me, my life, my all.
I shall obey Your Call.
With me start a new race.

Why Do I Cry?

Why do I cry?
Why do I sigh?
My Lord I love,
I am His dove.

How Many Blessings?

How many blessings
I really enjoy?
Two, only two:
I daily destroy
Constantly I vote
For the Supreme.

The Song of Freedom Divine

The song of freedom divine
Smashes the pride of death.
The song of human freedom, lo,
Loses precious breath.

Slowly and Steadily My Prayer Ascends

Slowly and steadily
My prayer ascends,
Like a blue bird.
Softly and divinely
My service descends,
Like a heavy rain.

Are You Dying for a Dream?

Are you dying for a dream?
Then quickly come to me.
Beyond the welkin-rim
I shall set your vision free.

Your Childlike Faith

Your childlike faith
I love, I enjoy, I treasure.
Your saintlike heart
I worship beyond measure.

I Fear No More

I fear no more;
I am now completely free.
I doubt no more;
My mind, a sheltering tree.

A Sudden Thought of God

A sudden thought of God
Has freed his human life
From the world of clamour-din.
He tastes God-freedom within.

To See My Pilot Supreme

To see my Pilot Supreme
In vain I tried,
In vain I cried,
In vain I sighed,
In vain I died.
My dream remains the dream.

Star-Like You Soar

Star-like you soar,
Lion-like you roar.
Child-like you stay,
God-like you play.

Lost in Stormy Vision

Lost in stormy vision,
Caught in murky mission,
Dead in ignorance-dream;
Yet he loves his Supreme.

One Lightning Hope

One lightning hope
And he became
One surrendered thought
And he became

In the Smile of Man

In the smile of man
I see my blossoming future-soul.
In the Smile of God
I see my own Eternity’s Goal.

My Sweet Lord Loves My Hope

My sweet Lord loves my hope.
Smiling I soar.
My sweet Lord feeds my faith.
Dancing I roar.

Although I Tried

Although I tried
Time and again
To raise your life
From sorrow’s pain,
I failed to succeed.
Yet I shall proceed.

In Rapture of Service-Dance

In rapture of service-dance,
My boat I sail.
An ancient cosmic mask
I shall unveil.

I Sing through My Heart-Tears

I sing through my heart-tears,
I smile through my soul-flame,
I love with my service-life,
I cherish surrender-game.

Vaster Than the Sky

Vaster than the sky,
Deeper than the sea,
Purer than the moon,
Man’s God-Oneness-Tree.

Truth Is a Shield

Truth is a shield,
Love is a field.
Man is a song,
God is a gong.