Lord, receive this little undying cry

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1. Lord, receive this little undying cry

Lord, receive this little life.
It is all Yours.

Lord, receive this little world.
It is all Yours.

Lord, receive this little undying cry.
It is all Yours.

2. I assure you

Love earth.
    I assure you,
    The world will not
    Disappoint you.

Love Heaven.
    I assure you,
    Heaven will not
    Desert you.

Love the inner man in yourself.
    I assure you,
    He alone can and will
    Fulfil you.

3. Do you want to be

Do you want to be a ruler?
Then be just.

Do you want to be a lover?
Then be pure.

Do you want to be a teacher?
Then be sure.

Do you want to be another God?
Then be perfect.

4. He is wrong

Who told you
That Heaven is indifferent?
He is totally wrong.

Who told you
That earth is weak?
He is completely wrong.

Who told you
That God does not have
The same concern
    For earth-reality
    And Heaven-dream?
He is absolutely wrong.

Who told you
That I do not love you most?
He is shamelessly wrong.

5. They please me

Earth pleases me
With its stark hunger.

Heaven pleases me
With its giant feast.

God pleases me
With His stupendous Satisfaction.

6. Power

You had occult powers;
I adored you.

You have spiritual powers;
I love you.

You will have love-power;
I shall need you,
I shall need you only.

7. Naturally, I was flabbergasted

My occultist friend
Told me that he could run
Faster than a deer.
Naturally, I was flabbergasted.

My yogi friend
Told me that he could
Make himself stronger
Than an elephant.
Naturally, I was fascinated.

My avatar friend
Told me that he became
A faithful dog
    To carry my message to God
    And God's Message to me.
Naturally, I was happy and grateful.

8. Show me

Show me one beautiful thing
In the physical world.
I shall love you.

Show me one useful thing
In the vital world.
I shall love you.

Show me one fruitful thing
In the mental world.
I shall love you.

Show me one soulful thing
In the psychic world.
I shall love you.

9. Dreamers and lovers

Dreamers are lovers,
Lovers are dreamers.

Dreamers are lovers
    In the world of light.

Lovers are dreamers
    In the world of night.

Dreamers are lovers
    In the world of perfection.

Lovers are dreamers
    In the world of preparation.

10. A bird of the East

A bird of the East
Told me that God is beautiful
    And that God loves singing.
I believed the bird.
I am now trying to be beautiful myself
In order to sing with God.

A bird of the West
Told me that God is powerful
    And that God loves dancing.
I believed the bird.
I am now trying to be powerful myself
In order to dance with God.

11. There we are free

In the heart of gratitude-sky
My body, my soul and I are free.
    My body freely serves God.
    My soul freely manifests God.
    I freely enjoy God.

12. We are unkind

The clouds are simply unkind
When they cover the face
    Of the beautiful moon.

    I am mercilessly unkind
When I ridicule the suffering world's
    Bleeding swoon.

13. Complainers

Who complained?
The hungry animal in me.
    Who complains?
The ugly human in me.
    Who will complain?
The desperate divine in me.

14. Inner progress

My Lord is satisfied
    With my inner progress,
But I am not.
    My Lord is satisfied
With my outer success,
But I am not.


I am not satisfied
I am still unkind to my Lord.
I have not given Him
    An opportunity to rest,
Which He so rightly deserves.

15. Renunciation

Earth, I have renounced Heaven
    Only to love you.
Heaven, I have renounced earth
    Only to satisfy you.
I have renounced myself
    Only to serve God.
It seems I have not pleased
    Any of them.
Is it my poor fate
Is it God's wise Choice?

16. Gratitude

He covered the length and breadth
    Of the world
To see the face of gratitude.
What he saw
    Was ingratitude-trees.

17. Our needs

I need patience-light.
You need tranquility-height.
    I need forgiveness-might.
You need perfection-white.

18. Inner vision

My inner vision tells me
    That I am nearer than the nearest
    To my Lord Supreme.

My outer sight tells me
    That I am farther than the farthest
    From my Lord Supreme.

Whom to believe?

If I believe my inner vision,
    Pride tortures my heart.
If I believe my outer sight,
    Frustration tortures my mind.

I am not going to believe either.

19. Hope

Sweet is my hope.
Pure is the life of my hope.

With my sweet hope
    I try to reach the higher worlds.
With my pure hope
    I try to fathom my inner worlds.

    But alas,
In neither way do I succeed.
    I fail,
    I miserably fail.

20. Purity

In purity's heart
Earth's saint-life grows.

In purity's soul
God-vision expands.

In purity's goal
Heaven and earth together dance.

21. Humility

Is divinity
On the earth-plane.

Is perfection
In earth-achievements.

Is God's Satisfaction
In His cosmic Game, His universal Game,
His human and divine Self-transcendence Game.

22. Joy

Give joy;
    Earth will be yours.

Take joy;
    Heaven will be yours.

Become joy;
    God will claim you,
    Earth will need you,
    Heaven will treasure you.

23. Selflessness

I had a dream.
In my dream
I became selflessness.
My dream disappeared
I became reality-story.
In my reality-story
I discovered myself
As the perfect perfection of

24. Surrender

To earth
I have surrendered my wisdom
So that earth-heart can be flooded
With my wisdom-light.

To Heaven
I have surrendered my ignorance-night
So that Heaven can claim me
And Heaven can utilise me
As its very own.

To God
I have surrendered my 'I-ness';
God declares
Not only with His infinite Bounty,
But with His utmost Sincerity,
That I am another God.

25. Perfection

On earth
Perfection-plant grows.

In Heaven
Perfection-river flows.

In God
Perfection-sky glows.

26. Aspiration

There was a time
When I and my aspiration
Tried and cried
To see the Face of God.

But now my aspiration-God and I
Try and cry and cry and try
To see the face of one single real man.

27. Illumination

Earth-illumination is another name
For earth-transformation.

Heaven-illumination is another name
For Heaven-transcendence.

God-illumination is another name
For the liberation of earth-bound consciousness
The perfection of Heaven-free concern.

28. Compassion

He answered
Millions and millions of questions,
Earthly questions
Heavenly questions.
But one day
He was asked
What compassion was.
He remained silent,
For compassion is

29. Inner beauty

Your inner beauty
Lies in your surrendering to God,
Your Beloved Supreme,
All that you are:

Your outer beauty
Lies in your unconditional smile
For suffering earth-life
Bleeding world-heart.

30. Concern

With my unlit and unconscious
    Human concern
I break God's cosmic Rhythm
And ruin His cosmic Game.

With my illumined and conscious
    Divine Concern
I not only serve God in His cosmic Game
But also add beauty and satisfaction
To His cosmic Game.

31. Simplicity

Is God-Quality
In our inner life.

Is God-Capacity
In our outer life.

Is God-Beauty
In God's own Life.

32. Delight

My body's delight
Is my ignorance-sleep.

My vital's delight
Is my aggression-sword.

My mind's delight
Is my suspicion-eye.

My heart's delight
Is my oneness-embrace.

My God's delight
Is the message of
    My Self-transcending Beyond.

33. Heaven-reluctance

Earth is the mother
Of four billion things.
She gladly gives them away
To Heaven.

Heaven is the father
Of only one thing: smile.
He is reluctant to give it away
To earth.

34. Let me love

Let me love.
God will give me
His eternal Name.

Let me serve.
God will make me
A member of His Eternity's Game.

35. What never dies?

What never dies?
The dissatisfied animal in me.

What never lives?
The satisfied human in me.

36. I call them something else

What you call
An emancipated life,
I call that very thing
God's Compassion-Smile.

Whom you call
A realised man,
I call that very man
God's Concern-Experience.

37. We are great

Heaven has received
My aspiration;
Heaven is great.

Earth has received
My dedication;
Earth is great.

My life has received
My liberation;
My life is great.


Earth follows Heaven;
Earth is entitled to be happy.

Heaven follows earth;
Heaven is entitled to be brave.

39. Heart-conclusion

Is not heart-conclusion.
Is life's realisation
God's Victory-Satisfaction.

40. Unpleasant truth

Unpleasant truth exposed:
You are reviled.
Unpleasant truth concealed:
You are revered.
Be wise.
Act not like a first-class fool.

41. If you have to fly

If you have to fly,
Then fly for the highest Truth.

If you have to run,
Then run for the brightest Light.

If you have to dive,
Then dive for the deepest Delight.

42. Ages in his face

When I saw
Age in his face
I cried and cried
It was I who was responsible
For the age in his face.

When I saw
Ages in his face
I danced and danced
It was I who had helped him
And made him the possessor of ages.

43. Do you have anything else?

O earth,
Do you have anything else
Save and except
Your blind God?

O Heaven,
Do you have anything else
Save and except
Your callous indifference?

O God,
Do You have anything else
Save and except
Your unknowable Sacrifice-Life?

44. Yours is the God

Yours is the body
    That sleeps.

Yours is the vital
    That strikes.

Yours is the mind
    That envies.

Yours is the heart
    That bears.

Yours is the soul
    That dreams.

Yours is the God
    Who has a quenchless Thirst.

45. Tears

Tears that reveal your heart
Thrill God's Heart,
For that is the only time
When God can make you feel
That you are His own,
    Very own.

46. How far can you take me?

O hope,
How far can you take me?

O faith,
How deep can you take me?

O cry,
How high can you take me?

O God,
How near can You make me?

47. No difference

Where is the difference
My earth and a warrior?
No difference,
Absolutely none.

Where is the difference
My Heaven and a dreamer?
No difference,
Absolutely none.

Where is the difference
My God and a lover?
No difference,
Absolutely none.

48. Choices

Here on earth
I had to choose either
The soul or material wealth.
I chose the soul.

There in Heaven
I had to choose either
God-manifestation on earth
God-enjoyment in Heaven.
I chose God-manifestation on earth.

49. Always be busy

Always be busy.
    Earth's indolence
Will surrender to you;
    Heaven's superiority
Will surrender to you.

50. Be pure

Are you not sure
That God is everywhere?
Then just do one thing:
Try to be pure.
If you become pure,
Then you will see
That it is not just God
Who is everywhere
You, too, are everywhere.
Be pure, like God.
Your existence-light
Shall shine everywhere.