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My heart sleeps in humility-grass;
Therefore I am allowed to study
In my Lord's salvation-perfection class.


Softness is my life-tree.
Soulfulness is my life-flower.
My heart's only choice:
My Beloved's Perfection-Hour.
Only when I worship
My Lord Supreme
I am free,
divinely free,
supremely free.


What I have for God is brittle willingness.
What God has for me is Immortality's oneness.


I am God's Shelter-Grace
Blossoming into His all-illumining Face.


At last I now have peace of mind:
My fault-finding eyes nowhere I find.


My oneness with God's Delight
Is my perfection-light.


My consciousness-bird started flying
Long before the birth of time:
Therefore in me
God is creating
Triumphantly and proudly
His Perfection-clime.


With my Lord my gratitude-oneness is growing
Steadily and unerringly;
Therefore my heart-bird
Is dancing merrily.


Every day I transcend my height.
O my poor earth, do you know why?
O my proud Heaven, do you know why?
I do it because
God Himself
Has made me His choice kite of light.


Chinmoy, Chinmoy, Chinmoy, Chinmoy.
Am I God-Eternity's self-amorous boy?


Sleepless is my occult Eye;
Therefore God-Joy have I.


Lord Supreme, my ignorance and I
Are at Your mercy.
"Son, you are partially wrong.
Your ignorance is at My mercy,
But not you.
You are My Eternity's lap
To give your ignorance-foe
A smart slap."


I have transcended my self-limits:
Fear, doubt and jealousy;
Therefore I drink deep
God's ceaseless Ecstasy.


I cry to my sweet Beloved Supreme for
His constant Forgiveness.
God cries for my Eternity's brave


I love God for God's sake.
This is my greatest capacity.
God loves me unconditionally.
This is His Eternity's Beauty.


I am earth-face
I am farther than the farthest from the Supreme.

I am Heaven-lustre
I am nearer than the nearest to the Supreme.
Something more:
I am His Eternity's blue Satisfaction
His Infinity's gold Perfection.


To God I have surrendered my stupidity.
To man I have surrendered my self-created


Speed I need, I always need
To feed my Lord Supreme, to feed.


Because I am all purity,
My heart is God's necessity.


Because my life is blue-gold sincerity,
God has made me His world-transforming
Because my life belongs to God
and God alone,
Ignorance-night my soul has conquered
With my Lord's all-conquering lance.

Divine warrior

I have become a real God-lover;
Therefore He is shaping me into His
divine warrior.


My dedication
Is God-satisfaction.
Is my immediate salvation.


Eternity's love-victory
In my heart of gratitude-seed.
My Beloved Supreme is my divinity's
Supreme need, my only need.

Divine manifestation

What I call divine manifestation,
My Lord Supreme calls
my indispensable perfection.


My peerless treasure: cheerfulness.
God's matchless treasure: Thankfulness.


My selfless service-love
Has made me a blue God-dove.


Out of His infinite Bounty,
My Lord Supreme has made me
His own cosmic intuition-soul.
In me is His transcendental Height
With me is His universal Life.

Subtle grandeur

I forgive my outer world.
My forgiveness is my subtle grandeur.
I love my inner world.
My love is my all-conquering treasure.


When I am calm,
God opens His Eternity's Door,
God gives me His Infinity's Love
And shows me His Immortality's Shore.


I know, I know my life's perfection
Is the flower-fragrance
Of my supreme Lord's


Eagerness I had to see the Face of God.
Eagerness I have to feel the Heart of God.
Eagerness I shall have to be the
    Dream-Reality of God.


No more shall I live in a bondage-cave.
In Infinity's sky
With God I shall fly,
Eternally selfless, brave.


At long last I have disciplined
my ignorance-life;
Therefore my Lord Supreme
Is making me
His earth-transforming fife.
At long last I have seen
my reality's soul;
Therefore my Lord Supreme
is triumphantly playing in me
His cosmic self-transcendence Role.


My heart longs to unravel
The mystery of rebirth;
Therefore my Lord Supreme
Tells me to do two things:
He tells me to cry with earth's
excruciating pangs
And smile with Heaven's
Life-immortalising Ecstasy.

Editor's note

On the bus from Ottawa to Montreal the disciples chose folded pieces of paper with either the word 'Supreme' or the word 'ignorance' on them. Then Sri Chinmoy wrote a poem for each person, using the word he chose.


Supreme, only one supreme boon
I need from You.
Do give me the capacity
To please You
In Your own inimitable way.


Supreme, I have been studying
Your Self-form
From time immemorial.
The human in me
Wants to complete the course.
The divine in me
Wants to remain a perpetual student
Shining bright through Eternity.


Supreme, I need everyone.
Some people need me,
While others don't.
Supreme, in this life-time
I have only one question:
Do You ever need me?


Supreme Lord, I need You
To hear me speak ill of ignorance-night.
I really do!
You need me to take part
In Your cosmic Game.
Don't You?


My Eternity's Lord Supreme,
When I see You clearly
I don't feel You at all.
When I feel You intimately
I don't see You anywhere.
Why, why this supreme dichotomy,
My Supreme Lord,
My Eternity's Dream-Treasure supreme?


Beloved Supreme,
The divine dreamer in me
Thinks that You need me;
The divine lover in me
Feels that I need You.
Who is right?
Are we both right?


Supreme, I want to challenge You.
I bet I can easily defeat You
In ignorance-game.
Do You want to accept my challenge?
I bet you won't.


Sweet Supreme Lord,
Do You care for my heart-food?
If not, my i-ness shall die
In You to see what food
You regularly eat
So that I can please You,
Your earth-tongue


Supreme Lord,
Since I shall not be able
To cover Your Infinity's length
With my physical strength,
I need Your Silence-Height-Power
To please You in me.


My soul sees the Face
Of my Supreme Pilot
Alas, my own stupid mind
Fails to believe it,
Let alone the suspicion-world.
Alas, alas!
But my only consolation is
That my Lord Supreme will one day
That I am not an inch far
From real Reality's life.


Supreme Liberator,
We perform our respective tasks.
You think of Your Smile's Infinity;
I think of my cry's Eternity.
Because we do fulfil
Our duties unconditionally,
We own Immortality's Reality-Light.


Supreme Father,
In Your Immortality's
I shall one day see
Your supreme Reality-Face.
And then I shall unconditionally be
What You have been
Sempiternally dreaming through me.


Supreme God of my soul,
Your Height
I dare not scale;
Your Depth
I dare not fathom.
But I do know
On the strength of
My inner cry
I claim You as my very own.


Supreme, Supreme, Supreme
Do You think I can be near Your Feet?
Do You think I can be inside Your Heart?
Do You think I can ever
Please You the way I love You?
I know these are very difficult questions.
But You can take Your own time.
After all, I am not in a hurry.


Ignorance, you may need me.
Believe me,
I don't need you.
Ignorance, you may love me.
Believe me,
I don't love you.
I hate you and hate you and hate you!


Ignorance, my child, don't cry.
When my Lord Supreme feeds me,
I shall not forget to feed you
With His all-transforming Light.


Ignorance, who will conquer whom?
Will you conquer me
Shall I conquer you?
I don't think you will ever be able
To conquer me.
I shall undoubtedly conquer you.
Do you want to know when?
Well, I shall conquer you
Only when I take you
As my little lightless brother
And not my dauntless foe.


Ignorance-prince, have some
Common sense at least.
Don't be a shameless creature.
I am no longer in love with you.
Now I am desperately
In love with my saviour, God.


Ignorance, I cared for you
My Father-Lord cared for me
Divinely and supremely.
He has won the game.
He has won me for His Eternity's use.
His Eternity's care
With you I shall share.
My God-realisation soul
Shall complete
Your God-realisation role.


Ignorance, I needed you
To feed my earth-bound hunger.
You did please me.

Now you need me
To feed you with my present food:
Divinity's Light infinite.
I shall definitely please you.


Ignorance, I warn you,
Dream not to blind my earth-eyes
Any more.
I am with my Lord Supreme.

Ignorance, I warn you,
Dream not to bind my Heaven-heart
Any more.
I am for my Lord,
And my Lord alone.
Within my earth's easy reach,
my illumination-soul.
Within my infallible ken,
my perfection-goal.


Ignorance, do you think you are
really powerful?
I tell you, you are not.
My heart's cry is infinitely stronger.

Ignorance, stupidity's height,
futility's night,
Do I have to hear from you
How far or how close
My Beloved Supreme is?
I know where He is.
I know who He is.
I know why He is.
Where is He?
He is inside my heart-life.
Who is He?
He is my Eternity's Lord Supreme.
Why is He?
To fulfil Himself in and through me.


You taught me.
Now I am teaching you.
Cleverly you taught me
How to be self-sufficient.
Compassionately I am teaching you
How to be God's transcendental
Height specialist
And His universal Light specialist.


Who was I?
My Lord Supreme says,
"Definitely not."
Who am I?
My Lord Supreme says
"I hold a different opinion."
Who shall I be?
My Lord Supreme says,
"You are all wrong."
He tells me I shall be
The sea of His Consciousness-Light.


Ignorance-child of mine,
Millions and billions and trillions
Of miles you have covered with me.
Are you not tired?
I think you really are.
Let me walk alone for a while.
I assure you,
If and when I reach
My salvation-liberation-
I shall definitely come back to you
To feed you,
Transform you
And immortalise you.


You smiled at me;
Today I am smiling at you.
Yesterday you smashed
My God-oneness pride divine.
Today I have devoured you,
My ignorance-sea,
And supremely.


Ignorance-fool, eternity's beggar,
Don't you see
That my intuition-light
Cares not for you at all?
Ignorance-fool, divinity's slave,
How dare you disobey
The commander supreme in me?


You know how to tempt me
I know how to devour you.
Now I give you
My absolutely last warning:
If you once more
Even dream of tempting me,
I shall devour you completely
Sooner than at once.


Ignorance dear, I know who you were,
Who you are,
And who you will be.

Who were you?
You were my self-imposed lord.
Who are you?
You are my surrendered slave.
Who will you be?
You will be my God-perfected soldier divine.

Editor's note to the first edition

These spiritual words were given to Sri Chinmoy by the disciples who travelled with him on the bus from Montreal to Ottawa on November 16, 1974.