Lord, I thank You for Your Smile

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Lord, I Thank You for Your Smile

Lord, I thank You for Your Smile.
I thank You for my heart’s cry.
I thank You for all that You have done for me
And all that You have not done for me.

Awake, Awake You Lazy Sleepers!

Awake, awake, you lazy sleepers!
Sing a song to the morning sun.
Appreciate, admire and adore the inner flame,
The flame that is known as the sweet land of liberty.

Here I Cry for God

Here I cry for God in desert-heart.
There God cries for me in Perfection-Palace.

You Are So Near

You are so near to me.
I shall fulfil You.
I shall and I can.
I can and I shall.

One Who Truly Loves God

One who truly loves God
Need not ask God for any favour,
For God knows what is best for him.

I Live in God's Forgiveness-Sun

I live in God’s Forgiveness-Sun.
God lives in my fulness-sky.

How to Start?

How to start?
When to start?
Why to start?
To see the Face of Truth
Here and now,
To be the Grace of God
Now, always now.

If You Take Aspiration-Vitamins

If you take aspiration-vitamins,
Your heart will reach, infinitely sooner,
God’s Satisfaction-Heart-Home.

A Life of Surrender-Perfection

A life of surrender-perfection
Is a daily full-time job.

A Constant Gratitude-Heart (1)

A constant gratitude-heart
Is a way of loving God
In God’s own Way.

Can You Not? (1)

Can you not give your Master
Your aspiration-snack,
Since he is going to give you
His full realisation-meal?

What Can Poor God Do?

What can poor God do?
You never listen to Him!
Therefore, God has deliberately moved
Out of your neighbourhood.

I Have Never Calculated My Loss and Gain

I have never calculated my loss and gain.
Therefore, my Lord Supreme
Has made me the manager
Of His own spiritual shopping centre.

I Cry Because I Am So Imperfect

I cry because I am so imperfect.
I smile because my Lord tells me
That I am not a hopeless case.

God's Expanding Forgiveness-Garden

Where do I live? I live in God’s
Expanding Forgiveness-Garden.
Where does God live?
He lives in my thickening mind-forest.

God-Doubters Do Not Know

God-doubters do not know
Where God is.
God-lovers do not know
Where God is not.

Each Thought Is an Atomic Power

Since each thought
Is an atomic power,
You can give each thought
A diplomatic death.

Wherever Your Compassion Takes Me

My Lord,
Wherever Your Compassion takes me,
I shall go.
My Lord,
Wherever I go,
Do allow Your Forgiveness
To follow me.

I Have Seen Two Things (2)

I have seen two things:
God’s Compassion and God’s Forgiveness.
But I have become only one thing:
A gratitude-life.

Your Heart's Morning God-Hunger

Your heart’s morning God-hunger
And its evening God-thirst
Are the perfect Satisfaction-Smiles
Of your Beloved Supreme.

The Only Way to Surprise God

The only way to surprise God
Is to tell Him,
“Beloved Lord, I love You only
And need You only.
Not for my sake,
But for Your sake only.”

One Solemn Oath

One solemn oath:
I shall go far beyond
The domain of expectation!

God's Vision and His Compassion

God’s Vision and His Compassion
Are His Eternity’s two Wings.

Do You Remember?

Do you remember
That once upon a time
You used to listen to God
Sleeplessly and breathlessly?

I Still Think That God Loves Me

I still think
That God loves me.
God still thinks
That I need Him.

O True God Lovers

O true God-lovers,
Come and join together
And build a road
For God’s Peace-Descent.

You Have Forgotten

You have forgotten to love God,
But God has not forgotten to forgive you.

Advance, Advance!

Advance, advance,
To the inmost core
Of your soul’s radiance!

Cry Within and Smile Without

Cry within and smile without:
This is the only message
That God gives to human beings.

My Mind Likes Long Journeys

My mind likes
Long journeys.
My heart loves
Uncharted shores.

May My Heart-Garden Grow

May my heart-garden grow
Beauty’s rose-hopes.


Builds its nest
Only for God-dreamers.

Sincerity Is My Heart's Silver Dawn

Sincerity is my heart’s silver dawn.
Purity is my soul’s golden sunrise.

I Pray to God for His Absolute Vision

I pray to God for His Absolute Vision
And not for His Possession-Universe.

Because You Are a Childlike Believer (2)

Because you are a childlike believer,
Your God is a constant Giver.

Each Aspiring Life

Each aspiring life
Is a prolonged and
Extensive Dream
Of God.

Success Is an Incident

Success is an incident.
Progress is an experience.

God-Seekers Feast

God-seekers feast
On God’s great Silence.

Although There Is Nobody in the Audience

Although there is nobody
In the audience,
God the Lecturer
Every day delivers a lecture
On peace.

I Do Know Who You Are

I do know who You are,
But will I ever know who I am?

Greatness-God I Adore

Greatmess-God I adore.
Goodness-God I love.
Fulness-God I need.

My Life Is Stationed In Between

My life is stationed in between
My tearful heart and my cheerful soul.

I Shall Not Mind

I shall not mind if I am behind everyone
And below everyone,
As long as in life’s battlefield
I do not lose.

Aspiration Begins

Aspiration begins.
Surrender continues.
Gratitude concludes.

Because You Are a Childlike Believer (1)

Because you are a child-like believer,
You are God’s constant giver.