My Lord's Lotus-Feet versus my devotion-heart, part 2

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My Lord,
Did You think of me
When I was swimming
In ignorance-sea?

"My child,
Definitely My Mind
Was thinking of you
And My Heart
Was missing you."


My Lord,
I have come to realise
That my mind-palace
Has no peace.
Could You suggest
Another place?

"My child,
Yes, I can:
Your heart-cottage."


My Lord,
What is more important —
For You to tell the world
That I belong to You,
Or for me to tell the world
That You belong to me?

"My child,
Let us broadcast


My Lord,
Can You enjoy Your Beauty
The way we enjoy Your Beauty?

"My child,
You do your duty
And I do My Duty:
I enjoy at every moment
Your heart-beauty."


My Lord,
Please bless me
With that kind of love for You
That will pass the examination
Of Time.


My Lord,
Please tell me frankly
If I am ready for a divine life.

"My child,
Right now if I answer
The question,
I shall say without a shadow
Of doubt
That you are ready.
But if I have to answer
The question
At another time,
Then I may have
A different opinion."

Why, my Lord?

"My child,
The time that elapses
May drag you down
And you may not then be ready
For the spiritual life."


My Lord,
I see a criminal in me,
I really do.
Please tell me
What You see in me.

"My child,
I see in you
My highest Divinity's
Sweetest dove."


My Lord,
I most sincerely
Want to manifest You,
But I do not know how.
Please tell me how I can.

"My child,
Instead of wasting your time
By manifesting Me,
Pray to Me to manifest Myself
More and better
In and through you."


My Lord,
You do not sleep.
You meditate and meditate;
You work and work.
I am Your child.
Will I ever be
As great and as good
As You are?

"My child,
I never thought that you could be
Such a fool!
How can there be any difference
Between Father and child?
Is the child not the creation
Of the Father?
I am conscious of what I have
And what I am.
Unfortunately, you are not.
This is the difference
That forces you to swim
In the seas of inequality
And unworthiness."


My Lord,
Everything has a meaning.
May I know the meaning
Of Your Compassion-Breath?

"My child,
My Compassion-Breath means
Your ignorance-death!"


My Lord,
If I have two new eyes,
Will I not be able
To appreciate You
And admire You more?

"No, My child,
You will be able
To appreciate and admire
Me more
Only if you feed
Your God-hunger more."


My Lord,
Every year my earthly years
And I lose something precious
From my childlike heart.
Is it because of the advancement
Of the years that I am losing
My divine qualities?

"No, My child,
It is not exactly so.
Your passing years have nothing
To do with it.
But every year, unfortunately,
You are over-feeding your mind.
Therefore, the tragedy continues."


My Lord,
Every word You say
Melts my aspiration-heart.

"My child,
Every promise you make
Enlarges My Cosmic Vision."


My Lord,
When You smile at me,
I see inside Your Smile
The Beauty of Your Divinity.

"My child,
When you smile at Me,
I see in you
A completely new world
In all its promises."


My Lord,
I want You
To saddle me.
Why do You
Cradle me?

"My child,
The hour is fast approaching
For Me to please you
In your own way."


My Lord,
I have started making
My gratitude-list.
But it never ends.

"My child,
So much the better
For both of us."


My Lord,
Please tell me one thing:
Do You want me to realise You,
Or do You want me to please You?

"My child,
Where is the difference?"


My Lord,
I want to end my earth-journey.

"My child,
I have given you freedom
In many aspects of your life,
But not here."


My Lord,
How I wish You would live
In the tears of my heart

"My child,
How I wish you would live
In the Smiles of My Eye


My Lord,
I was born to be
A choice instrument of Yours.

"My child,
Unlike you, I never forget."


My Lord,
Is there any special reason
Why You have come to me
So late at night?

"My child,
It is the only time
I can catch your mind
And try to tame it."


My Lord,
I am giving up everything
Until I find You.

"My child,
Instead of giving up everything,
Try to find Me in everything.
That is the real way,
The only way
That will make Me happy
And will make you happy as well."


My Lord,
If I give You
My unconditional surrender,
I am afraid You will misuse it.

"My child,
Just give Me
Your unconditional surrender first.
If I misuse it,
You are at perfect liberty
To withdraw it."


My Lord,
I am begging You
To keep me with You all the time
And not to allow me to go away.

"My child,
I have the same prayer."


My Lord,
My heart breaks into millions
Of pieces
When I do not feel You
Inside my heart.

"My child,
You are not alone in your boat.
How is it that you do not see Me
Beside you?"


My Lord,
May I dare to become
One of Your favourite children?

"My child,
I think you already are one."


My Lord,
When I was young,
You told me that I was too young
To accept the spiritual life.
And now that I am old, too old,
You are telling me
That I am not meant
For the spiritual life.
Why did You not tell me this
When I was still an adult
With my whole life ahead of me?

"My child,
Allow Me to explain.
You were meant
For the spiritual life,
But you were not ready,
You are not ready
And you will never be ready
For the spiritual life
Until you feel that the spiritual life
Is the only life,
And there is no other life for you."


My Lord,
Will my life ever be
Your sole possession?

"My child,
The moment you hand it over
To Me."


My Lord,
Is there anything I can do
To make You happy?

"My child,
Claim Me immediately
As your own, very own."


My Lord,
Why does my body sleep so much?
And is that why I cannot meditate?

"My child,
I am also victim to the same thing,
But I force Myself to meditate.
Look how happy I am
And how proud I am!
I want you to do likewise:
Force your body."


My Lord,
Is there any secret way
For me to free myself
From my sufferings?

"My child,
There is one.
Just identify yourself
With My universal Suffering.
Lo, your suffering is gone,
Completely gone."


My Lord,
Why are You not making my life
A bit easier?

"My child,
I am asking you
The same question."


My Lord,
In the battlefield of life
When I am repeatedly defeated,
Do You feel sorry for me?

"My child,
My defeats are infinitely
More deplorable."


My Lord,
Are You not proud of me
That I have accepted You
As my Teacher
And discarded my old teacher:

"My child,
Proud is an understatement!
Only I am sad
That you did not think of Me
Long ago."


My Lord,
Do You not feel sorry that
Instead of our being
At Your Mercy,
You are at our mercy?

"No, My child.
When I am at your mercy,
I try to add more Compassion
To My infinite Compassion
And more Forgiveness
To My infinite Forgiveness.
You are giving Me an opportunity
To sing the song
Of My ever-transcending Beyond."


My Lord,
What are You doing
Inside my mind?
Do You not know that my mind
Does not care for You?

"My child,
I know, I know.
I am just paying a visit,
In case your mind
Wants to change its mind."


My Lord,
Have You any idea
How much my heart is suffering
From Your absence?

"My child,
I truly have no idea.
But I am immediately sending
My Compassion-Eye
To make serious inquiries."


My Lord,
You do not come to me.
Is it because
My heart is too insignificant,
My mind is too impure,
My life is too imperfect?

"No, My child,
Not for that, no.
I do not come to you
Because your love for Me
Is still too shallow."


My Lord,
I am extremely tired.
Please tell me a story
So that I can immediately
Fall asleep.

"My child,
I am the wrong person.
I am infinitely more tired
Than you are.
Therefore, sleep has already
Captured My Eye."


My Lord,
I am fully awake.
Cheerfully and self-givingly
I am at Your Command.

"My child,
Are you sure?
I plead with you,
This time do not
Eat your promise
Like previous times."


My Lord,
Each time I come near You,
You just run away.
Why, why, my Lord?

"My child,
Just to increase your heart-hunger
In measureless measure."


My Lord,
Every day I write heart-letters
To You.
Do You get a chance to read them?
Be honest.
Do You really like them?

"My child,
My Heart hungers
For your heart-letters."


My Lord,
Will there be a day
When I will be able to come to You,
Fulfilling all Your expectations,
And show You my delight-flooded

"My child,
What you need is a little more Grace.
Your red-letter day
Is fast approaching you."


My Lord,
I do not know how I dare
To show my face to You,
Since I displease You
In so many ways.

"My child,
How do I show My Face to you
Without fulfilling
So many desires of yours?
Even if we do not please
Each other,
Let us continue showing our faces."


My Lord,
I speak ill of You
In season and out of season.
How is it that You never
Speak ill of me?

"My child,
My Mind and My Heart
Are always fully occupied
With things
Infinitely more important
Than being your worthy rival."


My Lord,
I know world-criticism is bad.
How can self-criticism also be bad?

"My child,
Both are unmistakably
And equally bad.
Your world-criticism
Lengthens the pride
Of your stupidity-flooded mind.
Your self-criticism
Indefinitely delays
My divine manifestation
In and through you."


My Lord,
Do You really know everything
That I say and do?

"My child,
Although I have the capacity
To know
Everything that you do and say,
I prefer to do something else:
I am desperately trying
To turn you into another God
So that I can entrust you
With some of My Responsibilities."


My Lord,
Do You mind
When I do not please You
Every day?

"My child,
I am afraid
That I will never be able
To answer your question


My Lord,
I need to know
When I shall realise You.

"My child,
I need to know first of all
When you will give Me your all
And when you will claim Me
To be your own."


My Lord,
I love Your Eye so much.
Do You love anything of mine?

"My child,
I love the blooming-blossoming
Smiles of your eyes
More than you can ever love
My Eye."


My Lord,
Will my life's service-tree
Be able to inspire
One hundred seekers?

"My child,
Only one hundred?
What a shock!
What an insult to your soul
And to Me!"


My Lord,
Do You think I shall ever be able
To realise You in this lifetime?

"Yes, My child, yes.
No, My child, no."

What do You mean, my Lord,
'Yes and No'?
Please be explicit.

"Yes, when you are faith-nectar.
No, when you are doubt-poison."


My Lord,
Is it such a difficult thing
For You to make a solemn promise
To me
That You will always remain
With me,
Whether I speak highly of You
Or speak ill of You?

"My child,
I shall always remain with you,
And I have
A special piece of advice for you:
Speak ill of Me if you have to,
For this is the only way
You can empty yourself
Of your doubt-poison.
But speak highly of Me if you can,
So that I can immediately
Start singing and dancing
Inside your heart-garden."

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